Sunny Happiness Episode 3 Recap

It appears that I am to blame for the recent spate of sleepless nights and tired eyes caused by an uncontrollable urge to watch more and more Sunny Happiness. Fine, I’ll take the blame, but I suggest everyone develop more self-control, starting of course with myself. In recapping episode 3 of Sunny Happiness, it was hard for me to stop at the end of the episode and not keep going. There is a flow to the drama, a sense of steady forward momentum that drives this bus.

Many dramas are constructed around heightened moments of awesome scenes sandwiched between dull and plodding filler. I confess to wanting to skip any scene not involving our OTP, but when I calm down to watch it in its entirety, I discover that every moment is well thought out and presented. And the best part is how the pace moves at a brisk canter. This is a drama that does not drag in the least. The plot may be wafer thin, but the story is genuine and the chemistry is explosive.

Episode 3 Recap:

Yun Jie tells Wan Lan that he is being sincere about wanting to talk with her some more. She feels the same way, so they decide to stay behind and catch up. The producer, whose name is Si Han, looks back at them with a knowing look on his face. I’m glad that Si Han is a perceptive and polite guy – Wan Lan definitely does not deserve him either.

Yun Jie asks Wan Lan point blank if the son is hers and her producer husband’s? She outright lies and says yes, and then lies even more by telling him Xiao Nian is six (as opposed to eight). Wan Lan compliments him on becoming a successful heir to the Tian Yu Group, which is what he always wanted, right? He responds that its the exact opposite, what he always wanted was to be a good father, and she deprived him of that possibility.

Wan Lan laments that he is still the same self-abosrbed Xian Yun Jie that he was years ago, and he tells her that likewise she is still the kind of woman who will sacrifice her son and husband to become a successful news anchor. She’s accomplished everything she wanted, hasn’t she? Wan Lan asks that they not discuss their lives, and just accept that each have gotten to this point now. She leaves without a backward glance.

She heads outside and meets up with Si Han. She wants to shorten the trip and leave Taipei as soon as possible. Si Han guesses the reason is Yun Jie. She doesn’t want to answer, but Si Han says that if she thinks of him as a friend, she should be honest now. Wan Lan concedes that he is right, and she drops the bombshell that Yun Jie is Xiao Nian’s father.

Yun Jie is brooding in his office when Yun Chao comes in to deliver some project specs. Yun Jie is not interested, and tells Yun Chao to manage the entire project himself. Yun Chao notices that his brother is uncharacteristically uninterested in business matters today, and reveals that he knows Yun Jie met with Wan Lan today.

Yun Chao wonders why Wan Lan still bothers Yun Jie years later? Yun Chao asks if Yun Jie is feeling guilty for divorcing Wan Lan years ago. Yun Jie confesses that he was not the cruel and heartless party in that marriage. He reveals to Yun Jie that years ago, it was Wan Lan who didn’t want their child.

Wan Lan refused to have the baby, and she forced Yun Jie to sign the abortion papers. Yun Jie signed the papers, and agreed to divorce proceedings. He regrets not saving the baby, and seeing Wan Lan with her son and new husband, he feels like he loved the wrong woman back then.

Yong Yong is reading to Xiao Nian about beans. She confesses being a bad-tempered bean, and Xiao Nian confesses to being a lying little bean. Wan Lan comes back to the hotel, and thanks Yong Yong generously with a large paycheck. She is happy to pay Yong Yong a lot as thanks for taking good care of Xiao Nian. Wan Lan confesses that as a working mom, all she can do is be generous with the compensation in hopes of Yong Yong treating her son well.

Before Yong Yong leaves, she reads Xiao Nian’s diary where he confesses that he lied about not wanting to meet his father, and worries that perhaps his dad doesn’t want to see him. Yong Yong rides her bike home, but Xiao Nian’s words and her own memory of being left at the orphanage by her father swirl around her mind. Her heart hurts for this boy and her younger self, and she makes a decision, turning her bike around.

Yong Yong goes back to the hotel, and rushes to see Yun Jie. She knocks on his door forcefully, and then enters to find it empty. She had hoped to help Xiao Nian, but it doesn’t appear that she can. Suddenly a cellphone on the desk rings, and she answers it. Yun Jie is surprised to hear Yong Yong picking up his cellphone, which he left on his desk.

He wonders why she is back at the hotel, since she said that she was taking a leave of absence. She tells him that she is back to do him a favor. She brings his phone to the headquarters of the Tian Yu Group. Yun Jie is dismissive and tells her that she sounds like a broken record when she tells him that she’s got something important to talk to him about. Yong Yong tells him to stop being so full of himself in today’s discussion.

Yun Jie starts to mock her, and Yong Yong gets fed up. She blurts out that a man as cold-blooded as him does not deserve such as sweet child. Yun Jie stands up, accusing her of cursing him, but Yong Yong tells him that he ought to take some time to go see his own son Xiao Nian. Yong Yong leaves, and Yun Jie chases after her.

He catches up to her at the elevator bank, and asks her to explain herself! She says that her words were clear enough already, but she can curse him a few more times. All these years, he never cared about Xiao Nian, he is not worthy to be his father.

She rushes into the elevator and Yun Jie prevents the door from closing. He screams at her to explain why she thinks he has a son, which is when Yong Yong realizes that he does not know about the existence of Xiao Nian.

They head back to the office to talk. She is doubtful that he did not know, since Xiao Nian is already eight years old. Yun Jie realizes that his age makes him the child that Wan Lan supposedly aborted. Yong Yong tells him that Xiao Nian clutches his picture to sleep every night. She calls him irresponsible.

Yun Jie wonders why Wan Lan is keeping Xiao Nian from him, and Yong Yong says that clearly Wan Lan would rather be a single mom than spend another moment with Yun Jie. She leaves, but not before noticing that Yun Jie appears to be utterly shocked and upset.

We flashback to bespectacled college-age Yun Jie, who approaches Wan Lan and picks her up. Wan Lan tells the story to Si Han, and the story goes to when Yun Jie proposed to Wan Lan. He gives her his watch in lieu of a ring, and gets down on one knee to propose. They were happy, except when Wan Lan got pregnant. Only Yun Jie was ecstatic about having the baby, and Wan Lan admits to Si Han that she was the one who didn’t want the child.

Everything happened so quickly for her, marriage and then pregnancy. She was overwhelmed, and asked Yun Jie to consent to an abortion. Yun Jie signed the abortion papers, but he also left her. Wan Lan then sent him divorce papers in anger, but she really wanted him to come back to her. In the end she decided to have Xiao Nian and it was the best decision she made. She tells Si Han that she feels guilty towards Xiao Nian, she owes him a father and a proper family name.

Si Han asks Wan Lan whether she would be willing to consider a new person who loves her and is willing to accept Xiao Nian. She demurs and tells him that she doesn’t want to think about what ifs. Yun Jie goes to the hotel and sees Xiao Nian having a meal with Wan Lan and Si Han. He sits down next to their table and hears Xiao Nian calling Si Han “uncle”.

Back at the Xian house, daddy objects to Yun Chao being named a vice-president. Yun Jie tells daddy that he approved the promotion already. But daddy belittles his second son as incompetent, having once started an internet start up that flopped. But daddy eventually relents and says that he’s willing to let Yun Chao take a chance.

Daddy wants Yun Jie to meet with the Kong family, a rich financier. It’s clearly a set up, since the Kong family has a daughter, and daddy wants Yun Jie to meet with her. Yun Jie asks to take care of his marital situation himself. He doesn’t want his parents to pressure him. But Yun Jie does agree to attend the meeting.

Yun Jie thinks about the Xiao Nian situation, and he decides to go to Yong Yong’s house that night. He calls her and tells her that he is outside her house. He asks her to help him. She doesn’t believe that he is outside her house right that moment and hangs up the phone, refusing to pick up subsequent calls from him.

He walks into her courtyard and ends up spending the night outside her window. When she wakes up and opens the window, she screams upon seeing Yun Jie right before her. He asks her to come outside to talk, and tells her that he will not leave until he sees her. He asks for her help so that he can see Xiao Nian.

Yong Yong tells him that to ask for help, one ought to be sincere. She tells him that if he stopped being so arrogant, she will agree to help him. He finally swallows the attitude and asks nicely for her to help him. She says that she will consider, and then finally relents. She tells him to leave, and she will call him from Xiao Nian’s place.

Yong Yong arrives at Xiao Nian’s hotel room, and once Wan Lan leaves, she checks to see if the coast is clear. Then she asks Xiao Nian if he really wants to meet his dad, who is downstairs right now. He tells her that he wants to meet his father, and is happy to hear that his dad also wants to meet him. Yong Yong makes Xiao Nian promise not to let his mother know.

Yun Jie, who is adorably wearing a Mazinger t-shirt, goes up to meet Xiao Nian. Both father and son are overcome with emotion, and Yong Yong suggests that she leave, and let them get to know each other. Yun Jie looks at his son with tears in his eyes, and Xiao Nian asks if he is the same man who rescued him from the pool? Yun Jie apologizes for not knowing his existence for the last eight years.

Xiao Nian cries, looking at the picture of his parents, and Yun Jie promises that he will always be with Xiao Nian going forward. Yong Yong waits outside and overhears this tender reunion. Yun Jie keeps telling Xiao Nian that he didn’t mean to have not been by his side for the last eight years. Yong Yong smiles and swallows her tears.

Xiao Nian shows his dad the diary where he wrote to his father anytime he missed him. Wan Lan and Si Han come back, and burst into the room to discover Yun Jie meeting with Xiao Nian. Yun Jie accuses Wan Lan of keeping his son from him for eight years, and she tries lamely to pretend she has no clue what he is talking about.

Even Xiao Nian screams at his mom for lying to him that his dad was dead. Wan Lan sits down with Yun Jie and concedes that Xiao Nian is indeed Yun Jie’s son. But that is it, and she has raised him just fine by herself. Yun Jie says that he will never miss another moment with his son, and he will do everything in his power to raise him.

Wan Lan says that Yun Jie’s existence will upset Xiao Nian, and Yun Jie says that it was all caused by Wan Lan’s lies. Wan Lan accuses him of running out on their marriage when it hit a speed bump, and tells him that he can’t take care of a child. She confesses that she failed the marriage as well, but she has proved herself a good mother.

Yun Jie says that he wants to be a father, and it was Wan Lan who stole his right to be a father. Wan Lan says that when Yun Jie left that day, he lost all rights to his son. Yun Jie tells Wan Lan to talk about rights with his lawyer, and he gets up and leaves. Yong Yong is waiting outside for Yun Jie, who walks right past her and gets into the car.

She gets in and asks him how the discussion went. He’s silent, and she notices a giant teddy bear in the backseat. Wan Lan goes back to the hotel room and tries to mollify Xiao Nian with lame excuses like she was afraid Xiao Nian would leave her side if he knew he had a dad. Xiao Nian is like the most mature human being in that relationship, and tells his mom that he would forgive her despite her lies.

Yun Jie is reminded to attend the lunch with the Kong family today. Yun Chao arrives first, and he sees her outside and introduces himself. She clearly thinks that he is the person she is supposed to meet today. They sit down first and start chatting. The girl, whose name is Kong Xin Jie, tells Yun Chao not to butter her up too much just because of her family’s wealth.

Yun Chao has an amazing ability to see right through her princess persona, and he knocks her down a peg with his incisive commentary about her delusions of self-worth. Xin Jie is taken aback, but intrigued by him. She calls him Xian Yun Jie, and tells him that he passed the test today.

Which is when both sets of parental units arrive, and Xin Jie is surprised to hear that he’s the younger brother Yun Chao. Yun Chao smirks at her for her mistaken assumption. Heh. I expect lots of fireworks between these two.

Thoughts of Mine:

Watching SH gives me this warm feeling in the pit of my stomach – a cross between butterflies and feeling content. I cannot stress how the drama is perfectly scored, every musical cue is well placed and each scene rises and falls musically in sync with what is happening. Who fell complete and madly in love with the Yun Jie who is desperately longing to be a daddy and carries around the guilt from believing that he agreed to have his baby aborted 8 years ago?

Wan Lan is shaping up to be a easy-to-hate (but still human) second female lead. I understand her motivations (selfish and self-serving) even as I am completely on the side of Yun Jie in parceling out fault for the divorce. She gives her husband (who is over the moon with happiness about their impending child) an ultimatum about granting her an abortion, and when he signed the papers but can’t stomach her and leaves, she sends him divorce papers. WTF Wan Lan!

Then she gets self-pitying that he actually SIGNED the divorce papers. What did you expect, delusional cow, that he would come crawling back to you? Taking her warped thinking one step further, because he agreed to divorce, then he doesn’t get to know that he has a son and have the rights to be a father? The reason he divorced you is because he thinks you aborted his baby! It’s the worst type of selfish circular logic that drives me crazy, but for the fact that self-absorbed people in real life actually think that way.

It does mollify me a teensy bit that Wan Lan loves Xiao Nian, and that Xiao Nian adores his mother, she is clearly not in contention for worst mother of the year. I understand hiding a child from a man who doesn’t love you or want the child, but in the case of Yun Jie, he loved you, married you, and desperately wanted that child. Wan Lan has zero justification for what she did.

Changing gears a bit, this was the episode that took Yun Jie and Yong Yong out of their employer-employee relationship for the first time since they met, and I loved every minute of it. I don’t think Yong Yong’s abrasive attitude towards Yun Jie is unrealistic. She doesn’t care if she gets fired by him for her insubordination, which is why she doesn’t temper what she says in front of him. She can’t stand him, and refuses to be cowed by his superiority complex.

This is why Yong Yong gets under Yun Jie’s skin, because she is right, he doesn’t have to be so full of himself in the way he sees everything around him. It’s not always about you, Xian Yun Jie, is her point, and he finally sees a glimmer of what she is talking about. What’s so great about SH is that it doesn’t make a big deal about moments and scenes, allowing it to unfold naturally and the impact to hit because it connects with us.

Take for example Yun Jie’s big scene with Yong Yong in the office and the elevator, when he discovers that Xiao Nian is his son. It wasn’t overly melodramatic, and the emotion comes from Mike He bringing the awesome amounts of angst over believing he lost a child only to know that he simply was deprived of 8 years worth of memories with the kid. When Wan Lan goes off on her self-pity speech later, and Yun Jie just tells her to talk with his lawyer from now on, and gets up and leaves, I was all “oh hells yeah” and excited that he was going down that path.

Yun Chao continues to be simmering in the adorable and intriguing. Like Xin Jie, who hears the boy make one conversation and is immediately seeing stars in her eyes, who can resist the combination of boyish rogue charm with the hidden emotional angst just waiting to pop up. I like just introduced second female lead Xin Jie, who is a princess but has quite a sassy attitude that doesn’t veer into annoying from what we’ve seen so far.

But really, this drama rises and falls on the together awesome of Yun Jie and Yong Yong. I love how Yong Yong finally gets to see a human, flawed, and vulnerable side of Yun Jie. Can I just say how hot Mike He looked in all his scenes in this episode – it’s mindboggling that Wan Lan would drive Yun Jie away. She must really be bird brained. I’m just so happy to know that Yun Jie has met Yong Yong, and that the universe is about to right his life again.


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  1. But self-control is no fun! I, for one, kinda enjoy being in the throes of a drama-crack addiction because it means that it is that good. It adds to the excitement and the experience!

    I’m not blaming you….more like, am very grateful you did a SH pimp post in the first place because it is awesome!

  2. Wan Lan is TOTALLY mental. You’re exactly right, koala-unni, who in their right mind would give a hot, totally adoring, baby-wanting man an ultimatum like “I want an abortion” and then divorce him? Clearly crazy. Wan Lan, if you’re going to continue being crazy like that…I’ll take him. ^v^

    One of the things I love most about Mike He’s portrayal of Yun Jie is that you can just see on his face and in his every move how much he desperately wanted his baby. In the only other drama with a kid I can think of, Autumn Concerto, I did like Vanness Wu, and the kid was too adorable for words, but I think that Mike He has Vanness beat all holy in that regard. He has great chemistry with the little boy who plays his son, and it really shows. I think I remember watching somewhere that he put a lot of time into trying to understand being a parent, even talking with his “son”‘s parents. I really admire that, that the kid isn’t just a prop and a motivation.

    Like I said, Wan Lan = mental. ~shakes head~

  3. Hey, we not blaming you but thanking you.. And thanking you some more lol

    I like this drama because even though I watched so many episodes at once.. It never felt boring.. It flowed smoothly w/o many boring scenes. Omg!!! totally loved the reunion…so sweet.. And mike he was awesome!!

    I think the second leads suit each other.. And Wang lan is the one our hateneeds to be directed at..ughh her logic is screwed up!!

  4. Psh, who would blame you? I think we’re all getting in line to thank you for bringing this gem of a drama to us. God, just thinking about SH brings a huge smile to my face. There are very few dramas out there that I can easily write about. I’m such a snail when it comes to organizing my thoughts. It doesn’t help that I get impatient if I think too long, which is why a lot of my rants have been put aside because I just can’t force myself to say anything about it. I may like the drama, and I may be able to talk about it a lot, but when it comes to actually writing my thoughts, that’s a totally different story. The fact that I’m leaving you a comment on your recap and how my thoughts aren’t as jumbled as usual means that Sunny Happiness has made an everlasting impression on me to the point that even I cannot ignore its awesomeness. I must now share why I love this drama to the world.

    I’ve been a fan of Mike He for a long time, but my love for him dwindled in the past two years because of his horrible project choices. I enjoyed watching him in Bullfighting with S.H.E’s Hebe Tien but suffered through Why Why Love and Devil’s Beside You. His projects tend to be misses for me. I liked him for very shallow reasons and thought his acting was passable. It wasn’t until I saw him in SH that I realized just how much his acting has matured. He’s still not great, but he’s not bad either. What makes this drama Mike’s best performance is his natural chemistry with his co-star Janine and his ease with the camera. But I guess that’ll be more apparent later on, so I’ll save that for later.

    Anyway, in this episode, Yun Jie’s reunion with Xiao Nian is absolutely well done. It was an emotional and happy scene, convincing enough and smoothly executed. It’s not everyday a father finds out that his aborted child wasn’t actually aborted but alive. I would never have believed that Mike would be able to carry out the emotions needed in that scene if I hadn’t seen it myself.

    As for Wang Lan, I hate her. Yes, I can understand her motives and whatnot, but that doesn’t excuse her from keeping her child a secret from YJ. I loathe her self-pitying and find it quite aggravating. I don’t even see how one can place blame on YJ at all, since he assumed that she didn’t care enough for their child.

    On the other hand, I am so glad I discovered Li Yi Feng. He was perfectly casted as Yun Chao and is a compelling leg in the love triangle. I spoke to soon when I said that I relinquished any claims on him. Can I take care of him on the weekends? I’ll just borrow him and return him to you. Let me know when his next drama airs. (The one where he’s the main lead. Was it “White Lies”?) I will be watching the first episode for him so I can stare at his awesomeness some more. Now I need to find a thesaurus ’cause I can’t think of any other adjective besides “awesome” to describe this drama. Heehee. For all you people who haven’t tried out SH, do so when you get the chance! Why? Because it’s awesome!

  5. I don’t like Wang Lan since her show up in episode 2 (mainly because what her appearance looks like), but seeing her in episode 3 is the ultimate thing that makes me, like everyone here think : “Lady, are you mental?”

    I really like how the drama reveal piece by piece that Yun Jie actually not THAT cold hearted man everyone in the drama think he is. And may I say that I really surprise to see the real Mike He in BTS, he is so cheerful that making him potraying Yun Jie even more awesome than I already think. His facial expression is making my heart ache inside when his sad and teary moment regarding his son is so breathtaking!

  6. I think I’m in the minority for the fact that in the first four or five episodes (of the C-version) my sympathy was with Wan Lan, and not Yun Jie. My understanding is that in public arenas such as the media, Wan Lan wouldn’t have gotten very far had she been a divorced single mother. I was willing to accept her mother-as-aunt cover as the remnants of a rash decision from the start of her career, and one she couldn’t undo now that she’d reached some security. With Yun Jie walking in like he was Mr Entitlement and summarily demanding custody, it hit too many of my buttons of wealthy men using their wealth to run roughshod over ex-wives, who — as the way this world turns, unfortunately — are more likely to have less financial security/resources to fight their ex-husbands. With the lawyer playing major hardball (and questionably ethical, at that), I had real trouble seeing any good in Yun Jie even as I did empathize with his grief/regret/anger over having been left ignorant.

    What clinched it for me — in my sympathy for Wan Lan — was in the flashback, where Yun Jie greets her pregnancy with an apparent one-sided decision that they should head to Taibei, where he’ll work for his father’s company and Wan Lan will be, if not in so many words, a good little chairman’s wife. I respected the fact that Wan Lan wanted her own career, and wanted respect for that, and I’m also aware of the environment in many countries in Asia that her pregnancy would’ve been seen as grounds for immediate termination — and there would go her dreams. Her reaction, of wanting an abortion, seemed mature, if difficult. His reaction was to throw a temper tantrum and run away.

    I also spent several episodes coming this close to ditching any respect for Yong Yong, that she’d willingly go along with Yun Jie’s plans to effectively destroy an existing family. His wish to be part of his son’s life meant he was willing to destroy his ex-wife’s career and reputation, and I was frustrated that the show never had anyone call him on it. Not even Wan Lan, who by rights should have, the same way she never called Yun Jie on the way he treats their kid like he’s some kind of possession. Wan Lan implies it, but she never comes outright and says that Xiao Nian is not a prize in a cracker-jack box, and the script/characterization was really begging for that, I thought.

    (I might’ve accepted it better if Yun Jie had, say, been willing to compromise with seasonal visits but the lawyer had turned it into hardball, which would’ve displaced the gender issues onto a lawyer-scum rather than letting Yun Jie look like an entitled, spoiled, pig.)

    Given Yong Yong’s supposed sensitivity to Family, I couldn’t swallow that she’d be so blind to the apparent, if not easily assumable, distress such spoiled behavior on Yun Jie’s part was causing his own ex-wife and son. Sure, sympathize with the wish to know one’s child, but that doesn’t grant one the right to destroy another person’s entire life. Yong Yong had no fear of calling Yun Jie on his other flaws, so it made for a huge characterization hole on her part that she remained blissfully blind to the ramifications of her involvement. That, though, I might’ve forgiven had there been a bit more emphasis on what Yun Jie held over her — or if I’d seen a little more rationalization on her part, ie, “what is one wealthy child in the course of things, compared to forty orphans? it’s not like he’ll ever go hungry,” or some such.

    All that said, I still adore Janine, and enjoy that she’s getting to play someone with a bit more range. I absolutely loved her kick-ass character in Black & White (rescues herself — twice, no, three times!!) but in general, that character was both strongly introverted and restrained, so her characterization had to be very subtle. Here, she gets to show a little bit more liveliness, and it’s really thanks to her very humane portrayal (despite script flaws) that kept me watching through the problematic parts.

    • I see your point about Yun Jie. And while I don’t think he was entirely in the right to do what he did, I also think that the reaction is both in character and not that extreme, given the circumstances. Going back to when Xiao Nian was conceived, if Wan Lan didn’t like the “Let’s move back to Taipei” idea, she could have negotiated — it’s not like anything he says, goes. I’m sure he would have been willing to work with her on it. Relationships are two-way streets, after all, and Yun Jie seems pretty well adjusted, not to mention totally in love with Wan Lan (at that point). I think her demand that he let her get an abortion solely for her career is a horribly selfish thing to do — really, you’re going to “terminate” aka kill, a life so you can have the career you want? Especially when your husband desperately wants the baby?

      For as badly as Yun Jie wanted to be a father, I wonder if he wouldn’t have agreed to stay at home and take care of the baby while Wan Lan got on her feet career-wise. Or they could have hired a nanny and both worked. Whatever. In the end, I think they both overreacted, but given how deeply they each felt about their point of view, it doesn’t really surprise me.

      • By the 5th/6th episode, Yun Jie was starting to get more of my sympathy, because the show did emphasize more the rather… questionable notion of pretending to be the kid’s aunt, and refusing to tell anyone that she was a single mother. After hammering on that (and downplaying Yun Jie’s own possessive approach), it did start to tilt things. Plus, the more you think about the premise — that she wanted career, not kid — the less and less it made any sense for her to have the kid after all. I mean, if the entire point was that pregnancy = no work, didn’t she completely disprove her own argument by having the kid anyway? That just made no sense, and we don’t even get a tossed-off, I don’t know, something mental like, “I had the kid to spite you!”

        Me, I ended up revising the original argument in my head to something like:
        WL: I’m pregnant.
        YJ: Great! Give up your career and we’ll move home and you can be a housewife.
        WL: But I want a career.
        YJ: Your career is to be a mommy.
        WL: I can be both!
        YJ: No mother of my children will work. You must be housewife! My way or the highway!
        WL: Fine, then I’m getting an abortion!
        YJ: *reluctantly agrees, storms off, whatever*
        WL: *tears up abortion agreement once YJ’s out of the picture*

        Because then she wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to get an abortion except as the lesser of two evils (being trapped in no-career for the rest of her life), and having the kid anyway would’ve been proof of her own argument, that she could have career AND kid. Instead, having kid effectively guts her entire argument.

        Do screenwriters not think these things through? Or is it just (as I get the impression sometimes) that they think women don’t make sense anyway, so they don’t see reason to apply logic to a female character’s backstory or motivation?

  7. Just finished watching this drama. I gotta say, I loved it a lot. I think I’ll probably go back and rewatch it during Spring Break, because I really can’t get enough of it 😛

    Thanks for the recaps! Even though I’ve seen everything already, I still will look forward to reminiscing of my favorite scenes from SH 🙂

  8. i’ve been on the prowl for a TW embroidered crack pipe and when i saw you were recapping this drama, i hoped i had found it. i watched ep1 last night and i wasn’t sure if this pipe was the style and shape i wanted, until just now. i’m in the middle of ep2, exhausted, thinking i need to see ep3, knowing i will regret it in the morning, because you are right: “There is a flow to the drama, a sense of steady forward momentum that drives this bus.”
    there is definitely something great about the pace and flow of this show. i truly appreciate you recapping it.
    thank you.
    i’m going to the counter to make a purchase:)

  9. yeah, you’re right, maybe yong yong really doesn’t care if yun jie terminates her or not. i guess, it’s so easy for her to get a new job once she gets fired. she doesn’t have big responsibility after all so nothing to fear really.

    i’m somewhat confused. i’m watching it in viki and the episode doesn’t seem to match with your recap. your latest recap is ep 3 but in viki, this is already ep 4 and 5. i dunno, am really at lost!

  10. Hi Okcoala, since you posted this drama i check it out and recommended to my mom and she likes it. But i just have one question maybe you can help me…is there a websites that i can download the whole drama? So i can watch it marathon..i know its in viikii but somehow my connection is not that good it keeps on dropping and hanging…anyways only if you know a websites that they offer download for free.
    Thanks again…and more power….

  11. just finished SH after 2 days of marathon…
    I was highly entertained and loved every moment of it, well that is until around ep19. that is where the story spiraled from bland to irritating for me.
    the onscreen chemistry between the leads wereAWESOMEtastic during their bickering stages that I had very VERY high hopes that it would be GREAT, but when it came to the dramaric side i can clearly feel the disconnection or the lack of dramatic talent of the leads, especially Mike HE. he was a real disappointment in the pull for me to root for them. IN the end I rooted for the brother, though only a little cause he was such an ass to his GF. I clearly put major blame on him for his fiancee going jealous bitch commando style. I mean he kind of ruined her with her inattention and scheming to get ahead of his brother. he was such a user. I mean truthfully at the start I so LOVE them together, bickering in their i-am-a-spoiled-brat vs i-am-the-BEST-guy-elitist attitudes.
    anyway I am Not saying it was only Mike’s fault but the whole run around with the whole broken legs scenario or the ex-wife was really awful, they really needed to shoot the writer for that badly formulated scenario…

    hmmnnn, I so wanted to love THIS drama based from ockoala’s enthusiasm but I have to say, I had hoped that they didnt pull the broken legs-irritating dramatics of the ex wife couple with the fated to love you scenario. THat just killed it for me story wise.

    still think that in TW dramas that i have watched so far, autumn’s concerto, mars and fated to love you rocked my world. coming next are smiling pasta, meteor garden and It started with a kiss…

    • additionally the whole fake marriage, get the child at all cost annoyed be a bit but then that was what lead together so i let it pass…
      but still there are so many loopholes in the whole writing that lead me to believe that the writing was way off the line in reality.
      the selfishness in both sides of WL and XY was so obvious that i was pulling hairs every time they have a scene, the only redeeming quality was the chemistry between YY and XY and additionally XC. and in the end they cut that off, hmmnnn, i am a little let down about this drama…

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