I am a Sunny Happiness Addict and I Need Download Links

Fess up. Who is a Sunny Happiness addict? Plenty of you have outed yourselves already in various SH posts, but here is your chance to meet fellow addicts. As a treatment plan, I’m bringing the much requested download links for SH episodes.

The links for the first 3 episodes are for the TW-airing, and the links for the rest are for the C-airing (since sadly the C-episodes quality isn’t as good as the TW-episodes, which have only aired up to episode 3).

I’ll amend the post if there are better quality episodes somewhere down the line.For now, this is step one of the twelve step plan – watch SH on repeat until you get it out of you system. The next step is to congregate here and discuss why you are so addicted. The final step is to pray to the drama gods that another crack drama comes our way, preferably tomorrow.

Sunny Happiness Download Links:

Episode 1 (TW episode)

Episode 2 (TW episode)

Episode 3 (TW episode)

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

SH has reinvigorated my interest in TW-dramas, even though deep down I know this is the anomaly. Regardless, it’s been such a treat to have found this drama.


I am a Sunny Happiness Addict and I Need Download Links — 44 Comments

    • Hi…haven’t chat with you for a while,hope all is well…Glad that you are enjoying the latest “crack” 😉

  1. I’ve been an addict for a week already.yup,right after reading your post about it I went str8 checking it…and now I can’t help myself watching it over and over again.am never a fan of mike he and never heard of Janice before but now I adore both of them~~..kyaaa~
    their chemistry in the drama is really what made me stick to it till the end…cutey yi feng definitely a bonus tho.hehe…
    Thanks ockoala for recommending this drama..
    (go to check other drama of mike he n yi feng~~)

  2. it was you, you playful koala you…. i started watching when you first mentioned it and marathon-watched it until i finished. how can you do that to an unsuspecting lurker?????????????

    loved loved loved it… going through my second watch… geez, did it have to end?

  3. Thank you so much, koala! Now if only we can convince someone to do the subs for non Chinese-speaking people like me! Meanwhile, I’ll just have to watch these and try to learn a new language. Thanks for your wonderful recaps, and please keep them coming. They’ll help me understand what’s going on. I’ll have plenty of time, I think because now nothing’s showing that interests me.

    • Viki has it all subbed, so if you can handle streaming, I suggest you watch it there. The dialogue is so spot on at times, I hate to have you rely on my recaps and miss out on the sparkling chemistry of their conversations.

      • Ockoala,….I need the reckap please……cuz this week im still busy watching Dh n my princess on dvd…maybe next 2 or 3 week i will bought t dvd of Sh…but right now i need you reckap please…please..please….

      • thanks for the info, koala. I’ll try streaming even if I have to wait the whole night per episode.

  4. sigh. You and mousie got me. sigh again. Why am I so addicted? WHY!? I don’t find any of the leads particularly awesomely handsome. The OTP is cute as kittens. I think it’s because the OTP tends to have actual rational adult conversations in the middle of this typical set up.

    • I’ve stopped deconstructing my behavior/psyche. I found out it is such a waste of time and effort. I end up regressing anyway . Better to watch the drama instead.

  5. I started watching it last night in mysoju.com, too bad, I wasnt feeling too well, so I have to stop and continue it when I’m well.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Thank you thank you ockoala! This sure cheer me up. As of last night my phone, PC (the works) is dead due to lightning! Hope and keep my fingers and toes crossed, you can keep the links for awhile until I get my internet/PC working again. Too bad I won’t be able to spazz about SH with you.

  7. You’re actually the reason I even knew the drama existed (been under a rock recently, it seems), but the drama itself is the reason I stopped bothering with a search for the raws and sat through all of it… on viikii. Reload the page every ten minutes? Are you kidding? …well, this time, it was worth it. Rarely is it ever, but when you have to have the next episode like ten minutes ago, you do whatever it takes!

    • I know someone who watched many 10 min eps on their cellphone during the day bc the person could not stop watching during work.

      SH addiction is one of the worst I’ve ever had, or seen happen to mass quantities of people. Heh. In the end, it was all worth it.

      • to be exact it was watched mute undertable in btn thighs during meeting on impt lists and reports….or so I’ve heard.

        and said lunatic has to nicely treat underlings to coffees and sweets and be nice and sweet him/herself a whole day going over every detail of said meeting as if he/she cares so freaken much so as not to get heads chopped and ppl murdered later on for SH induced work hazards.

      • @mookie
        hmmm…I wonder who said person is o_O…LOL on “it was watched mute undertable in btn thighs during meeting on impt lists and reports….or so I’ve heard.”….Oh my Lord…am I glad I was not “infected”….yet,hehe

  8. outofcontrol,

    You’re not alone.

    I loved the comments/subs on top of the video. 😀

    Thank you again Ockoala for your work, have you seen my question? I am still curious, but never mind. 🙂

    • What questions?

      And I’m not happy that Sugoi took all of Viki’s subbed videos and embedded it in their site. Totally douchey move, and clearly without any credit to the awesome SH Viki subbing team. Tsk tsk.

      All the comments and subs are from Viki editors and subbers. Sigh. Go directly to Viki if you want to watch, I don’t want to promote sites that take others subbed work.

      • Oh, I didn’t know that, sorry. Delete the link from my previous comment then. 😉

        That was my question:
        May I ask a question? Wan Lan, I mean the actress, does she have a speaking problem? I don’t know how to say it in english, but her pronunciation sounds different to the others, it sounds like she can’t say some or one letter properly. I’m just curious, but have no clue.

    • Done.

      Wan Lan – the actress Zhou Zi Han has a slight lisp, which anyone speaking any language can have.

      Also, SH is not dubbed, so its the real voices for all the actors. Mike and Janine (Yun Jie and Yong Yong) are from Taiwan, so their Mandarin has the Taiwan accent.

      Li Yi Feng is the outlier – he’s from China but his Mandarin sounds likes he’s from Taiwan. Weird, but I love it.

      Zhou Zi Han (Wan Lan) has a very strong Mainland Chinese Beijing accent. Perhaps her accent and the lisp combined make it seem like she can’t pronounce her words to someone who doesn’t speak Chinese. I can assure you that Zhou Zi Han does not have a speaking problem.

      • Thank you for your kind explanation!

        I like the sound of languages, and that was the first time I felt that there might be other reason of the differences between the actors pronunciation. I am hungarian and in my language, there is a same “speaking problem” when someone can’t say our SZ letter properly.

        That is why I was curious, so I thought I might ask you, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

      • Li Yi Feng is speaking his own dreamy Terrytongue *swoonswoonswoonswoon*

        Ahhhh I’m so glad u dun disown me on linking him to Terry as u feel the same *happydance*

        my ex roomie had enough of me and my Terrisms. When I flipped and txted her LYF is TERRY!! DID U SEE HIM IN HIS COLONEL NECKTIE THINGIES THAT I WANT TO UNTIE?!??! THAT’S MY TERRY!!

        And his head tilt and how he leans his princely body against some rotten piece of metal and makes it all sparkle…

        *and I did reread bits of CC specifically 46 the dance and… and stick LYF’s face in my imagination*

        Apparently according to her I have epic proportion of can’t get over my first love psychosis like Stephen Chow and he’s omnipresent first puppy love trope in every one of his movie. Mine is much less grand an invention, but as annoying and silly and OLD.

        **please delete this post if this is too disturbing to all AKP dearies**

      • I think LYF’s Mandarin sounds that way because he’s from the south part of China. My parents come from another southern province of China as well, and they also speak like they’re from Taiwan.

      • Maybe I’ve just been watching too many dramas. 😀 But there are just soooo many good dramas out there!!!

    • Irene – you asked a good question and it didn’t offend me in the least. 🙂

      I think Zhou Zi Han (Wan Lan) is a terrible actress with very stilted line readings, but sadly, I can’t blame it on any speech problems.

  9. *de-lurks*

    Thank you so much for the links!
    I´ve actually already finished watching the show and loved it of course! It´s just that I wasn´t able to watch two parts on viikii since their videos are uploaded via youtube I guess and the German youtube has the very annoying habit to block certain videos for legal reasons (even if it´s just because of background music or something like that). Anyone want to guess which parts weren´t available for viewing in my country? The “bedscene” and the confession scene – that´s just cruel isn´t it?

    The reason why I am rambling on like that is that now thanks to you I´ll be finally able to watch those very important scenes, so again: THANK YOU!!

  10. Yes, I’m proud to say that I’m SH-addicted! Just listening to the opening credits makes me smile and do my happy dance! Haha!
    I was sick when I watched it for 2 days and somehow it made me feel better. REALLY!
    I just love everything about it! It’s light and heartwarming without being overly dramatic!
    Thanks so much for the links!

  11. SH is such an addictive drama, I tell u. My hubby completely warn me to stop watching drama 24/7 LOL. But what can I do? I can’t resist my self not to open my notebook n watching them streaming :p. Thnx ockoala, i keep following ur recaps anyway though I just finish watching the last episode :). Mike he, and li yI feng are sooooo adorable

  12. I love Mike & Janine chemistry.. I’m done watching SH by online and now waiting to download english subbed version for my collection because i love to replay the sweet scene between Yong Yong & Yun Jie awww…

  13. :O i stated to wact it just 4 u! i trust your opinion!
    and i really like sunshine happines! it make me believe that we still have hope with TW dramas!, and i´m hoping and waiting 4 u to recap the chapters that i want to disscuss! i don´t want to spoil the fun!

  14. I’m loving your recaps… but I’m restraining myself from watching it until the TW version finishes… it seems like they are less strict on what they show – less censors. Heh. Plus I’m out of the country for a few months… internet connection is too slow.

    Do you think you’ll be updating this DL list with the TW versions?

  15. I already watched it before coming here, it’s good, even though a little easy to get the ending. I am surprised that Mike and Jannie are both very natural acting in this series. Mike does not look very overacting (like he did sometimes). good pick.

  16. I don’t know how I missed getting into this, but boy, am I not regretting it, though it’s kind of my big exam year, with the A levels looming and my grade 8 piano exams. However, it’s just 3 episodes in and I’m completely sure that this drama will make my year. And in one night, I finished 8 episodes, and got panda eyes. I can’t do this again, my results and future is at stakeeeee. Anyway, thanks for all the download links. 😀

  17. lol~
    i havent whatch this show…..but sounds interesting~
    and i really miss to watch mike dramas
    thanks x sharing the links
    deffinitely it would be awsome to have it with subs to download

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