No Min Woo as the Most Interesting Character in Midas

I’ve been half-heartedly following Midas (damn you, SH-addiction!), which is good enough, I guess. I dunno, it’s not bad, but it’s not good to the point that I feel any desire to watch it, except out of my Jang Hyuk love and loyalty covenant. Currently, the only character who I find interesting and want to see more of is No Min Woo. He’s like the only person who feels alive and spontaneous in that drama, and everyone else is just going through the motions. With that, bringing you a No Min Woo piscpam update from Midas. He looks good, ladies.

Three episodes in, and my prediction is totally coming true. No Min Woo has sizzling chemistry with Lee Min Jung (well, the chemistry is 90% on his part, she’s kinda just there). I’m totally rooting for the uncanon (and doomed) OTP already.

I can’t say anything about Midas, plot- or character-wise, feels refreshing or unique. When it gives off the sense that its sampling so many elements, without blending it in a way (yet that I see) that adds it own flair, it makes me watch it with a detached eye and not feeling engaged at all.

The execution is quite solid, and it’s yet early to say that the drama won’t click for me anytime in the next few episodes and suddenly turn me into a rabid viewer. I hope the story kicks it up a notch soon, since I would hate to have to drop it.


No Min Woo as the Most Interesting Character in Midas — 20 Comments

  1. I’m SO glad to hear about NMW’s character. o/ Can’t wait to see his acting again.

    So this is my linup for today/tomorrow/in the next couple of days: finish the last 2 eps of MP, watch a few more eps of SH and watch ep 1 of Midas. Maybe start the Duo? Hmm. *ponders*

    • if you just want to watch no min woo start from ep 2 and GOD!!!! you will love it when he comes in the screen
      i dont know if just die of watching him with ur mouth open or killing those girls who are around our oppa!!!!!!!!!

      love the sizzling chemistry between MM (min woo & min jung) cant wait for more
      lov ya min woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know Min Woo as former drummer of TRAX, kind of indie rock band. He looks different now, with dark hair and short style 🙂 I find a good impression when I saw him taking a role in drama My Girlfriend is Gumiho. Can’t deny that Jang Hyuk always into the character for every drama, that makes me fall to him. But we will turn our head when Min Woo passing by 😀

  3. Honestly, my eyes are literally glued to my screen whenever NMW is in a scene, but as soon as he’s off-screen I start multitasking. Boy is smokin’. But maybe the plot will tighten once the revenge stuff starts going.

  4. i’ve been watching this drama primarily because of Hyukkie (precious #1) and Minew (precious #1.5)… but the sizzle, I found with Hyukkie and KHA. That first meeting was electrifying and I knew that instant that I’d be cheering for them… and so I ship them even without the romance thing. ^_^ They’re the team to beat. =p

    I kinda agree with you that MJ fades beside Minew… actually, uhm she also fades beside Hyukkie (I didn’t find any chemistry, sorry LOL or maybe not enough chemistry like the instant chemistry Hyuk has with KHA or even with former co-stars LDH and even Kim Ha Eun). Just me though… I don’t know about the others. 🙂

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who is he!!!? and why i don´t know him until now!!!?
    WOW!!1 such a goodie!!!!
    i´m in love ladies! i´m in lovE

    • 🙂 friend you have got to start watching “My Girlfriend is a 9 tailed fox”! He leaks yumminess all over the screen! Well, next to Lee Seung Gi :p

  6. Watched ep 1 and did not really feel any chemistry between LMJ and JH. So this is good news. Can’t wait to see NMW with LMJ!

  7. Yay! You finally mentioned No Min Woo! He IS the only life in that drama to me. The two lead ladies are pretty good but that lead actor keeps reminding me of the Joker in Batman. Is there something wrong with his mouth and where are his lips?

    NMW has chemistry with a chair, table or anything/anyone else in the room. I watch this drama without subs cause he is worth it. Thank goodness Softy is translating so now I know what is going on and I am feeling sorry for LMJ character although the actress doesn’t leave much of an impression with me.

    I am predicting the ending to be: lead character gets all powerful rich but decides it is not worth it for the sake of LMJ and she welcomes him back with open arms. The drama is cliched to the max. I hope they prove me wrong.

    • “NMW has chemistry with a chair, table or anything/anyone else in the room.”

      LOL…I 100% agree with that statement 🙂

  8. I watched Midas ep. 1 and I got hooked….not that I’m obssessing over it..just that I think its a solid drama. The first episode was very informarive of characters backgrounds and some element of mystery was also throw in to the mix. However, for those who have seen the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” with Keaune Reeves and Al Pacino….will get the vibe that Midas is touching on the same subject as in the movie and that is that money can become an evil tool, if person is not really prepared to deal with it.

  9. OMG ockoala, I love you more for giving No Min Woo a post/thread. lolol. Hes among my pretty boys biases.
    I gave Midas a watch purely because of him. xD Anyway, LMJ and NMW did make a pretty good couple.
    He actually make me thinking that its kinda hard to choose one perfect role to suit such perfect face. Huhuu.
    Wonder if I can see him doing rom-com in future? =)

  10. It’s good to see NMW getting recognition. He’s waaaay too hot to stay unnoticed. Especially in Midas where everyone else looks so surly or serious.

  11. I’m a Jang Hyuk and Lee Min Jung fan and I’ve been wanting to watch this but busy at work so been waiting for the end of the week to watch ep 1, 2, 3 all at once but I keep reading things about it on allkpop and dramabeans about how no min woo’s bed scene and etc and I’m like grr.. want to watch but need to be a good girl and wait!

    I will have to start watching this soon otherwise I won’t be able to catch up with everyone else!

    Thanks for the info! 🙂

  12. I was surprised how his character blended with the story.. Im watchin midas now because of no min woo .. Lol! Though now i think the episode is not that catching the love story is gettin bored..

  13. well, since Midas is set in a business framework (and the stock market at that), it’s pretty safe to assume that not a lot of people would be drawn to (young women and girls, more like) it. It’s not for everybody. But yeah, I admit he is one gorgeous and attractive young man. I wish he and Lee Min Jung would have a drama together 🙁

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