Sunny Happiness Episodes 23-25 Recap (The End)

So I lead off my last recap saying that I was loathe to recap Sunny Happiness quickly since I wanted to spend more time with it. I then go and ruin my own strategic plans by recapping the final three episodes in one sitting. Clearly I have a problem stopping, but really it’s because these final three episodes flow seamlessly into each other. When all is said and done, Sunny Happiness is the most satisfying drama I have watched in ages. This drama fills me with joy and contentment, the best feeling a great rom-com can do.

Recapping SH has been like when the sun comes out after a rainy day. All my previous recapped dramas ended on whimpers or sighs, leaving me working hard to find validation in the hours I spent on it, and consoling myself with whatever nuggets of satisfaction gleaned from an otherwise limpid drama. SH was a drama that got better and better as it went along, and the ending was as complete, thoughtful, and practical as could be hoped for. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Episodes 23-25 Recap:

Yun Chao walks outside to let Yong Yong’s stepmom and step sisters know that she’s awake. They go inside, and gingerly ask how she is doing. She reassures them that it’s just some cuts and scrapes, but first sister is so upset she can’t hold back the truth from Yong Yong. First sister is angry at Xin Jie for arguing with Yong Yong, and accuses Xin Jie of purposing causing Yong Yong to miscarry so that she cannot bear a grandchild for the Xian family.

Stepmom and second sister are crying, and try to reassure Yong Yong that she’s young and will have more opportunities in the future to have another baby. Oh lord I love her step family and how much they care for her and treasure her. Everyone cries their eyes out, and Yun Chao is outside holding back his tears. He walks out of the hospital and sees Xin Jie still sitting outside. He sits down next to her, and she asks if Yong Yong is fine.

Yun Chao tells her that Yong Yong is fine but lost the baby. Xin Jie tries to explain that she didn’t push Yong Yong, she would never try to hurt her. Yun Chao reassures Xin Jie that he believes her explanation, since Yong Yong also said they were just arguing. He explains to her that he took a picture of Yong Yong that day because he thought she was so amusing when she was asleep. He apologizes for the picture causing a misunderstanding.

Xin Jie apologizes as well, explaining that she loves him so much which is why she is so jealous. Yun Chao asks if she wants to know the real him – and confesses that he initially approached her for her family’s wealth and connections. He tried to make himself fall in love with her for real, but no matter how hard he tries love cannot be forced. He apologizes to her and tells her that he doesn’t want to keep hurting her anymore.

He doesn’t want to live a lie and he asks to break up with her. She’s devastated and realizes that he’s willing to give up the ticket to success. He understands that, but he would prefer not to hurt her anymore. Xin Jie tries to keep him by saying she’s willing to be used and lied to. She promises to change her behavior, but he keeps apologizing. He tells her that she deserves someone who truly loves her and he would only bring her more pain. He tells her to hate him if it makes her feel better. He returns the engagement ring and walks away.

Yun Jie gets a call in the middle of the night informing him of Yong Yong’s accident. Yong Yong leaves her hospital room and sits in the hallway, talking to her baby. She wonders if perhaps she wasn’t worthy of the baby. But she promises that one day they will meet again. She asks the baby to give her strength, so that she can face the challenges that lay ahead. Yun Chao spent the night in the hospital corridor, and he finds Yong Yong in the hallway dazed. He crouches down and asks how she’s doing? She says that she’s fine. After crying last night, she feels clear headed now, and knows what to do.

Yun Jie rushes to the hospital, and is told that Yong Yong has checked out of the hospital. Yong Yong is packing her suitcase at the Xian house (leaving the watch and red string behind), and she informs the poor stricken parents that her marriage with Yun Jie was always just a contract. The parents are upset at Yun Jie, but Yong Yong totally stands up for Yun Jie and says that he wanted to take care of her and the baby. Yun Jie’s mom says that she can tell they have feelings for each other, but Yong Yong refuses to admit that.

Now that she’s lost the baby, there is no reason to stay married anymore. Yun Jie walks through the front door at that very moment, and he runs and grabs Yong Yong in his embrace. He apologizes for not being there and having her endure everything by herself. She pushes him off her, and calls him President Xian, and tells him that she’s confessed their contract marriage to his parents. His mom chastises him for hurting a wonderful girl like Yong Yong. She immediately tells the parents that Yun Jie has never hurt her. He has been kind and generous, always looking out for her. She thanks Yun Jie for the things he did for her, telling him she will not forget any of it.

Yun Chao stands up to take Yong Yong home. Yong Yong thanks Yun Jie’s parents for their care these past few weeks, and she walks out the house with Yun Chao. Yun Jie chases after her, asking to speak with her some more. Yun Chao comes up to him, and punches him in the face. He accuses his older brother of crossing the line this time. Yong Yong’s stepmom and stepsisters are rushing to the house to bring their Yong Yong home. They yell at her for enduring such treatment for the orphanage, and they are angry that she’s suffered.

Yun Chao takes the entire family home. Yong Yong walks him out, and she asks him how she can repay him for his help. He says that the best way to repay him is if she allows him to pursue her. She tells him to stop kidding around, and he says that at least she smiled. He tells her that he will work hard so that she can become the happiest person on earth. She tells him not to talk like this, but he tells her that it should be obvious to her. He tells her that he likes her.

Yun Chao confesses that he’s liked her a long time now. But she was involved with his brother back then. But now, she’s ended things with Yun Jie, and he’s ended things with Xin Jie. He reminds her that they met ten years ago, and she considers him half her boyfriend back then. Yong Yong says that it’s ancient history now, and Yun Chao says that they should start from today then. He says that he will take his time with her.

Yun Jie looks at the watch Yong Yong left behind in his room. Yong Yong is unpacking in her room and she gets text from Yun Jie, apologizing for coming home late. He asks her for a chance to talk, he refuses to accept what she said the last time they saw each other. Second sister takes Yong Yong out to the garden to eat snacks. Second sister said that when Yong Yong first came home from the orphanage, she would fight second sister for snacks and talk about the orphanage all the time. Second sister chides Yong Yong for not sharing her feelings right now like a good sister ought to.

Second sister says that Yong Yong still loves Yun Jie. Since Yong Yong is always talking about courage, she needs to step up now. Yong Yong reveals Wan Lan’s paralysis and how she needs someone to take care of her at this time. Yong Yong plays a snack eating game to change the subject and lighten the mood. The sisters play the game, with Yong Yong tossing the snack and second sister catching it in her mouth.

Yun Jie is having breakfast when Yun Chao comes down to join him. Yun Jie asks if Yun Chao has apologized, and Yun Chao thinks his punch doesn’t warrant an apology. Yun Jie says that he was talking about Yun Chao apologizing to Xin Jie for breaking her heart. Yun Chao accuses Yun Jie of doing the same thing with Yong Yong. Yun Jie tries to explain how its not the same, but Yun Chao disagrees. He has the courage to stop himself at the end from going any further, so what about Yun Jie?

Both brothers are driving and they notice each other stopped at the same light. Looks like someone is in a rush to get to Yong Yong’s house. Outside the house, Yun Chao parks his car and calls Yong Yong to come outside. Yun Jie drives up and walks over to Yun Chao’s car. He asks why Yun Chao is here, and Yun Chao throws the same question back at him. Yong Yong walks out and Yun Jie rushes to talk with her. Yun Chao tells her they should just leave.

Yun Jie stops her and takes out the signed divorce papers, which he tears up right in front of her. He says that they are not getting a divorce, and from now on, everything between them is real. She is Xian Yun Jie’s real wife. Yong Yong swallows back her tears, but she throws the divorce paper shards on the ground and walks past him. She gets into Yun Chao’s car to leave, but her eyes are glued to Yun Jie standing in her garden. Yun Jie can’t stop his tears from falling, and he literally cannot stop her from pushing him away.

Yun Chao takes Yong Yong to the beach. She thanks him for taking her here, and he thanks her for getting in his car, which he considers a date. She apologizes, telling him that she cannot consider another relationship at this time. Yun Chao is perceptive enough, and asks her if its because of Yun Jie. Yong Yong compares her marriage and deepening relationship with Yun Jie like being on an unmoored ship when she was a kid and it was floating away and no one could save her.

She tells Yun Chao that leaving Yun Jie, it feels like her heart has a hole that can’t be filled. She tells Yun Chao that she can’t fall in love with him. The hole in her heart is so big, it can’t possibly be filled up by anyone else (at this time). Yun Chao says that he has been missing her for ten years and there is no rush. He’ll wait tens and hundreds of years for her. She smiles and thanks him, and he smiles back and says you’re welcome. Gah, I LOVE their friendship.

Si Han is helping Wan Lan pack for her trip to Taipei. He tells her that after he goes back to Taipei, he won’t see her again. She’s gotten the ending she wanted, and he doesn’t want to keep tormenting himself. He tells her that Yun Jie doesn’t love her, and has only care for her now, but she keeps grabbing onto him and not letting go. Si Han says that she’s no longer the same Wan Lan he knew, and he says goodbye to her then and there and walks out. GOOD FOR YOU, SI HAN!

Yun Jie takes Wan Lan and Xiao Nian to their new apartment which is customized for someone in a wheelchair. They ask about Yong Yong and Yun Jie demurs and doesn’t explain why she’s not there. Yun Jie takes Wan Lan to visit a specialist who is not sure whether she can ever walk again. Yun Jie is outside in the hospital corridor when he sees Yong Yong walking towards him, her attention on reading the medicine she is picking up for her dad.

They make pleasant conversation and when Yong Yong moves to leave, Yun Jie reminds her that he will see her the day after tomorrow. He reminds her that she promised to be an assistant to the pastry chef making the dessert for the press announcement party for the new Tian Yu shopping center. She says that she still remembers and wants to do it. Yun Jie tells her that everything he told her is valid, except for that last conversation between them at the beach. He tells her that its hard to forget her, that leaving her hurts him, so he’s not just going to let them end like this.

Yun Jie tells Yong Yong that her lies were quite transparent back at at the beach – he throws all her ridiculous words back at her. He tells her to be honest, that the kiss between them is how she really feels. Yong Yong wants to say something when they notice that Wan Lan has fallen off the wheelchair. She tries to be friendly with Yong Yong, who declines her dinner offer. Back at her place, Wan Lan thinks back to what she heard between Yun Jie and Yong Yong at the hospital.

Xin Jie’s parents find out that their daughter has been dumped by Yun Chao, and in their fury they threaten to withdraw their investment in the Tian Yu Group. Yun Chao is desperately trying to reassure the other investors that the project will be completed, and Yun Jie returns to the office to help calm the situation. Yun Chao watches as his older brother helps him calm down the investors. The brothers agree that tomorrow’s press conference for the shopping center is their first challenge.

It turns out that the French pastry chef they hired can’t show up, so they go to find Yong Yong to make all the pastries (instead of just helping out as an assistant). Yong Yong doesn’t think she can do it, and both brothers gang up on her and convince her left and right that she can do it. Oh jeez, Yong Yong is in a Xian brother’s double sandwich attack. She has no chance against them. Yong Yong agrees to do it, if both brothers assist her in the kitchen.

Yong Yong is bossy and in charge in the kitchen as she directs the two guys in the fine art if whisking and stirring. After a hard night’s baking, Yun Chao has fallen asleep on the table, and Yong Yong is nodding off against the wall. Yun Jie wakes her up and takes her outside, where he’s made breakfast for her to try. She happily eats the breakfast (which he decorated, heh). He also gives her a new watch, reminding her that he saw that she purposely left his men’s watch behind. He reminds her that a good pastry chef needs to keep correct time.

At the press conference for the new shopping mall which is held at the amusement park, Yong Yong’s desserts are a hit. The reporters only want to ask about the lack of investment from the Kong family, but both brothers reassure the media that the shopping mall will be completed on time. Yong Yong runs into Yun Jie’s friend, who owns the amusement park, and he reveals that Yun Jie waited for Yong Yong all night at the amusement park. Yong Yong realizes that Yun Jie lied to her back then.

The reporters wants to interview Yong Yong, and Yun Jie extricates his wife and tells the reporters that she’s not used to the media attention. They walk away, and Yong Yong realizes that Yun Jie is wearing the same watch as her now. He tells her that their relationship is not over, he wants to restart their story again. He has decided to quit his job, and become her boss at the restaurant in China. He reminds her not to let this opportunity to pass her by. He tells her not to be afraid of the future.

Dad is furious that the brothers kept the looming investor crisis from him. Yun Jie takes the blame, as does Yun Chao. Yun Jie tells Yun Chao to sincerely apologize to Xin Jie, and perhaps he can resolve the situation. Yun Jie announces to his family that he’s leaving Tian Yu soon and Yun Chao will have to handle it all by himself going forward. Yun Jie says that if he doesn’t leave, Yun Chao will never get a chance to earn his father’s trust and validation.

Yun Jie tells Yun Chao to prove himself and stop being such a tragic younger brother. Mom supports Yun Jie’s decision to quit his job, telling him that she wants her smiling, happy Yun Jie back. She wants Yun Jie to go find his happiness. She also wants Yun Chao to step up and prove himself. Wow, what a great family discussion, it’s crazy how mature and reasonable this family is.

Yun Chao goes to apologize to Xin Jie at her atelier, barging right in. She tosses a glass of water all over him. OMG, wet YC = I seriously forgot to breath for a second there. Xin Jie has Yun Chao tossed out, and he leaves without being able to explain himself anymore.

Yun Jie comes to to see Xin Jie, and she tells him that she really hates Yun Chao now. She tells Yun Jie that Yun Chao never loved her. He tells her that it’s rare to meet someone who she can love. He reminds her that hating someone is too tiring. He asks her to stop torturing herself, because it’s easier to actually forgive someone and let go. At the Tian Yu boardmeeting, their finances appear to be in dire straits and most of the investors have not shown up. Suddenly Xin Jie walks in, as the investor representing her family’s bank.

Xin Jie announces that her family will continue to invest in the shopping mall. After the meeting, Xin Jie walks away, and Yun Jie urges Yun Chao to go talk with her. Yun Chao rushes after her, and she tells him that they are just colleagues now. He thanks her, and she tells him that there is nothing to thank. Yun Chao says that he wanted to thank her for once loving him, because he could feel the warmth and her true emotion. Xin Jie tells him that it’s over now, and she accepts that he doesn’t love her. Going forward, they don’t owe each other anything. She tells him to work hard from now on, and don’t let her regret having once loved him.

Yun Chao goes and gets drunk at a bar. He heads over to Yong Yong’s house and she comes outside to find him slumped against the wall. She asks why he’s here so late, and he grabs her and pins her lightly against the wall. He stares at her intently, and leans in for a kiss, which she turns her head to evade. He lets go and steps back, asking her if it really can’t be between them. He steps back further and says that it really must not be possible between them.

Yun Chao tells Yong Yong that he’s decided to let her go. He looks at her, and she smiles and nods at his decision.

He sits down, and she sits down next to him. She tells him that if he’s willing, she’ll be his best friend in the entire world for the rest of their lives. He tells her that the last thing the rejected party wants to hear is the best friends line. But the world is unfair like that – she loves him, he loves another, who loves another. He asks to borrow her shoulder for a moment. He asks her to promise him one thing – he asks her to be happy. She simply must promise that she will be happy. Yun Chao closes his eyes and rests on her shoulder


Yong Yong goes to see Xiao Nian, wanting to say goodbye since she’s leaving for China in a few days. Xiao Nian asks her to come with him to his mom’s place to spend tome together. Wan Lan tells Yong Yong that she’s doing fine now, and its better that she can see Xiao Nian anytime. Wan Lan accuses Yong Yong of supporting Yun Jie’s decision to quit his job and go to China to be with her and manage the restaurant.

Wan Lan accuses Yong Yong of being the reason why she has not gotten back together to Yun Jie. She uses her paralysis to say these mean things to Yong Yong. When the water boils, she tells Yong Yong not to turn it off, and threatens to die in this apartment, leaving Yun Jie sad and guilty about how he treated her. Ugh, I hate you, Wan Lan. Yong Yong turns off the water, and Wan Lan apologizes for what she said.

Yong Yong wants Wan Lan to return to the person she once was, a happy, confident, and kind person. Yong Yong promises to leave, and hopes that her leaving will help Wan Lan regain her self again. She tells Wan Lan that she will say goodbye to Yun Jie for good. She confesses to Wan Lan that she loves Yun Jie, but Wan Lan needs Yun Jie more at this time.

Yong Yong heads back to her room and snuggles against the giant teddy bear. She voiceovers that she’s experienced so much with Yun Jie, and she’s discovered that she can wait in the rain for him, because each time he appears the rain stops. They have seen each other’s true selves, but neither are afraid of being with each other. They make each other feel safe. She tells all of this to Wan Lan, how everything that happened between her and Yun Jie will be her memories for life. Wan Lan goes to her computer and starts typing.

Yong Yong goes to see the orphanage director. The director tells Yong Yong that she’s thinking about opening a bakery for the kids to learn a trade and become self-sufficient. She reminds Yong Yong to see everyone she needs to say goodbye to. Yong Yong confesses she’s seen everyone, except for one person. She calls Yun Jie, and invites him to her house to treat him to some food.

Yun Jie arrives and finds Yong Yong playing the piano for him. He sits down and watches her as she plays. This is just so lovely my heart melts. She finishes and asks her teacher of the student passed the exam today. He says that she barely qualified, but that’s fine since he’ll keep teaching her. Yun Jie reminds her that he’s going to China with her. Even if she doesn’t accept his feelings, at least they can start over. She stops him and brings out a cake for them to say goodbye to Taipei with.

She first tells him that she knows he lied about not going to the amusement park that day. He concedes that he went that day, but she didn’t show up. Yong Yong says that she’s giving him an amusement park today, and he sees that she’s decorated the cake like an amusement park. He stares at the cake, telling her that he will remember it forever, because she hand made it for him. She cuts him a slice and tells him that the cake is a Black Forest cake.

He tells her that he’s not scared of getting lost in her forest. Yun Jie says that he knows where she’s going, and he booked the same flight she’s taking to China. He will not be saying goodbye to her because he doesn’t know how to say goodbye to her. She kneels down next to him to gently wipe away the cream from his lips.

He smiles at her, and she gets up to grab some mini-fireworks for them to light and celebrate. She asks him if he cried when he watched the fireworks by himself that day. He tells her that he cried all night because of her.

Wan Lan has printed out a book she wrote, and she calls Yun Jie to come over. She tells him that she wants to become a writer, and she wrote a short story these last few days. She wants him to be the first person to read it. She tells him that if she becomes a writer, she will be self-sufficient and he can go find his happiness. She tells him that he might be disappointed in her after she reads it, because he’ll find things that she’s concealed from him.

The nove is called “Sunny Happiness”, and she tells him that the hero of the novel is him, and the heroine he will discover after he reads the story. Yun Jie reads the story and realizes that is his story with Yong Yong. He calls Wan Lan to thank her, and she asks if he can forgive her for trying to break up his relationship with Yong Yong. She blurts out a sincere blessing that he live a good life with Yong Yong, and she hangs up the phone. Xiao Nian comes over and they hug, telling each other how much they love each other.

Second sister is a new maid at the hotel, and runs into Yun Chao. She lets slip that Yong Yong didn’t leave for China, and Yun Chao gets her real whereabouts from second sister. Yun Chao runs to the airport to catch Yun Jie before he gets on the flight. OMG I love you, Yun Chao! I’ll take you, come to noona! Yun Jie is waiting for Yong Yong when Yun Chao finds him and lets him know that Yong Yong is not coming.

Yong Yong is by the beach somewhere, watching a plane fly overhead. She says goodbye to Yun Jie by screaming out that she loves him. She grabs him from her heart and tosses him away. Good luck with that, sweetie. Yong Yong heads to the bakery, and she sees a man sitting outside on the patio, facing the ocean. She walks out to find Yun Jie waiting for her there. He tells her that she’s late.

She asks why he’s here, and he tells her that he is the new manager of this bakery. Yun Jie says that everyone helped him find her. He walks up to her, and tells her that he wants to start over with her. He asks if she’s willing to hire him to work for her, and they can manage their first store together. He doesn’t want to keep playing cat and mouse with her anymore. He wants her to stop sacrificing for people anymore.

Yun Jie cries as he tells her that he’s so tired after everything that has happened. He asks if she can just allow the sun to come out now. He hugs her, and she cries out, wondering how he got back here so quickly since she just threw him away. He warns her to never throw him away again. She walks into his hug, and our beloved OTP finally find their happiness together. Yun Jie looks so happy and content, nothing like that cold and arrogant man we met in the very beginning.

Wan Lan is at a book signing, and Si Han comes and shakes her hand. Clearly he can see that the real Wan Lan has returned, and he asks her what the real ending of the story is. Yong Yong voiceovers about the real ending of the story – her two stepsisters both work as maids at the hotel and fight over Yun Chao’s subordinate.

Xin Jie and Yun Chao work together but fight and argue all the time. What lies in the future for them only time will tell. Yun Jie and Yong Yong’s parents are perfect mahjong playmates.

Yun Jie and Yong Yong run the bakery, and she’s pregnant. Yong Yong says that when a person runs into the chance to love, the sky always turns sunny. She shares a hot drink with Yun Jie out on the patio deck, and they both look at each other and simultaneously say “to be this happy, who can stand it?”

Thoughts of Mine:

I love Sunny Happiness, without reservations and without limitations. It’s a wonderful drama from beginning to end, and each re-watch convinces me that it’s subtlety and attention to detail is astonishing. SH is also the first drama I thought was too short – the last scene rolled and my heart screamed out that it wanted more. I wanted to spend more time with Yong Yong and Yun Jie, whose love story was heartfelt and honest in all its flawed and confused glory.

The last few episodes were so chock full of amazing moments, great parallels to an earlier scene, and satisfying resolution on ALL issues. This drama doesn’t just allow our OTP to get getogether while the rest of the plot goes to pot. The consistency of SH just brings a smile to my face, in part because so many dramas I’ve watched recently lack this ability to deliver organic plot resolution that fits the story and is logical to the viewers.

First off – SH is a drama without an emphasis on a dysfunctional family. Yes, Yong Yong was left at the orphanage and her dad picked her up in her teens and dropped her into a stepmother and two stepsister situation much like Cinderella. But that’s the façade, and what is real is that her family loves her and cares for her in a way that just brings tears to my eyes.

When she lost her baby they cried and raged for her, when stepmom and first sister found out she was in a contract marriage they rushed to the Xian house to bring her home. This is family, the deepest most unbreakable bonds that means Yong Yong always has someone to lean on. Most of the time her confidante is the wonderful second sister, who is full of so much win I was sad she wasn’t in more scenes of this drama.

The Xian family is equally non-dysfunctional, with its major issue being Daddy Xian’s reluctance to trust his second son over his firstborn. But how brilliantly was it resolved at the end, and how well it ties back to the very beginning. Yun Jie never wanted to take over the business – remember how he told Yong Yong that all he ever wanted was to be a father and lead a happy life – he took it over after Wan Lan broke his heart with her refusal to have his baby.

Yun Jie was never the cold man we met in episode 1, and Mama Xian referenced that when she supported Yun Jie’s decision to leave Tian Yu Group, because she wants her real son back, not this shell of a man he had become in recent years. I love how Yun Jie actually called his father to task for the unfair way he had been treating Yun Chao, and how his father actually stopped and reconsidered his long held assumption that Yun Chao wasn’t as capable as Yun Jie.

Yun Chao wants to run Tian Yu Group, and Yun Jie wants re-start his life again from when it was halted back when he got a divorce from Wan Lan. SH sets up this professional reversal in a way that’s integral and believable to all the characters, and had everyone talk about it and accept the decision in a mature way.

Yun Chao has become one of my favorite second leads ever, and it’s not just because of his relationship with Yong Yong. I LOVE the relationship of the two Xian brothers. Love it. They argue, but they always have each other’s back. You notice that Yun Jie never overtly found out that Yun Chao likes Yong Yong (though I’m sure he intuitively knew it), and it never becomes a point of contention between them. Yay for the drama not throwing in confrontational angst for the heck of it.

Yong Yong’s relationship with both men have a different meaning and purpose that only she can resolve with them, and neither influences the other. Yun Chao’s willingness to always be upfront with Yong Yong is refreshingly adult behavior, even if it doesn’t make her love him. I love how he got drunk and got up the courage to try one final time to see if it could ever be possible between them.

Yun Chao told Yong Yong at the beach that he would wait for her for as long as it takes, but really he knew that her heart was already with Yun Jie. He just needed to finally let her go, and her immediate and instinctive rejection of his attempted kiss was the final confirmation so that he can walk away. He could be like those second male leads who stick around for months and years hoping the heroine changes her mind, but instead he’s the kind of man who dares to love and let go when it’s clear it’s never going to happen.

I teared up when he sat down and asked if he could rest his head on her shoulder, and she immediately said yes (because they are friends, forever and always), and then he made her promise that she would be happy. At that moment Yun Chao demonstrated that he understood what love is (because he does genuinely love Yong Yong – though I argue it’s more true friendship love than romantic love) – love is helping and hoping the person you love find happiness, even if it’s not with you.

Yun Chao and Xin Jie’s resolution was perfect for them. She grew up, he grew up, and they stayed friends who bicker the way they did the first time they met (when she thought that he was Yun Jie and her date). He used her and broke her heart, but he knew when to stop and feel remorse for his actions. She learned to forgive, and perhaps they got a second chance to start over without any deceit and mistaken assumptions on each other’s part.

As much as I dislike Wan Lan, by the end I was happy to watch her find her way again in life. The whole paralysis plot was the only blip in SH’s plot department, but at least it wasn’t milked to within an inch of its life. I guess I finally learned to stop hating on Wan Lan because through it all, she was a good mother to Xiao Nian, who loved her dearly. I’m glad she got a second chance with Si Han, even though she doesn’t deserve him. But Xiao Nian definitely deserves a great stepdad – and the Yong Yong story with her stepfamily shows that parenting doesn’t need to be bound by blood.

But through it all, SH was first and foremost the story of Yong Yong and Yun Jie. A girl afraid of rejection and searching for acceptance and love finds it with a man who had stopped his emotional growth years ago. I love how neither characters are caricatures, written with extreme tics and dramatic traits. Yun Jie and Yong Yong feels like living breathing (albeit utterly gorgeous) people, which is why their love story works.

The drama knows that it has assembled these great characters, so even when the characters encounter clichés and tropes one after another, their reaction is sublimely understated. The director really understands how to keep the camera moving without wasting frames on static reaction shots, but rather like voyeurs peeking into a riveting story.

Like I said before, I loved how SH wove so many parallels into the drama in such deft ways. Probably the most telling was that at the amusement park Yong Yong never thought to wipe the ice-cream off Yun Chao’s face, but in the garden with Yun Jie she makes the move herself to use her hands to wipe the cream off his lips. Not that anyone needed confirmation that she loves Yun Jie but thinks of Yun Chao as a friend, but even in the subconscious gestures it illuminates how she feels.

I loved the ending – it was high on the sappy teary confessions, but dang it our OTP worked so hard to get there. It was fitting that everyone who loves Yong Yong helped her find her sunny happiness with Yun Jie, second sister, the orphanage director, and of course, Yun Chao.

I can’t rate or rank SH because it’s in a class of its own. Quality-wise it lacks a K-drama’s slickness and snappy attitude (though it was incredibly well-executed with impeccable music cues), but heart-wise it PWNS legions of rom-coms. SH delivered the one unassailable truth – a successful rom-com is making me understand and sincerely believe in why these two people fell in love.


Sunny Happiness Episodes 23-25 Recap (The End) — 51 Comments

  1. Omg you finished, jie jie! I’m going to save this to read for later, but wow! Recapping 3 eps in one sitting? Only the addicting power of SH could do that to anyone. I’m so glad you recapped this because it certainly exposed a lot of people to this little gem. It’s going to be a while before my SH high wears off since I’m the last episode I rewatched was 14. ^^ It’s candy that I want to savor slowly so savor it I will.

    • I’m done, mei mei! It was an insane recapping schedule (25 eps in 3 weeks), but well worth it if more people end up watching SH. I expect you to leave a very long comment later after your rewatch, you got that? Yes, I am giving you homework (on top of your non-drama related homework).

    • And Yong Yong’s family’s house is where the sisters lived in Down With Love, and the restaurant at the end is the same restaurant-space used in the final episode of Wish to See You Again. (But other than major redecorating indoors & out for the family’s house, the other two locations were shot at very different angles from the previous productions, and clearly intended to distract/cover — as much as possible — that it’s an already-used location, with some pretty distinctive architectural features in each. But I gave props for the camera-folks at least trying to use different angles/directions and framing.)

      • The house Yong Yong and Yun Jie stayed in when the were faking as husband and wife, was also the same as in The Fierce wife 😀 i think its cool to see the same locations

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful little drama! And thank you for the insightful recaps. You are a talented writer and I enjoy your work so much. Good stuff all the way around.

  3. thank for your wonderful recap 🙂

    i totally, truly and titilattingly agree with you!!! SH is my all time favorite TW drama! i will never know it and Mike He without You! I’ve been a big fan of your blog since mary went out last night.

    please keep it up!

    xoxo 🙂

  4. Thanks a million koala, I really love this drama and also your recaps it’s make more enjoyable to watch the drama, 2x, 3x or even 4x. I enjoyed reading all the comments too. Have a Blessed day everyone. Love…Love…Love…..

  5. “…heart-wise it PWNS legions of rom-coms. SH delivered the one unassailable truth – a successful rom-com is making me understand and sincerely believe in why these two people fell in love.”

    Perfectly said! That’s why we all love SH! It’s such a rare gem in rom-coms! I love how it’s so subtle in leaving us with that feel good truly wonderful happy feeling after it ended. SH will certainly be one of my cherished dramas for years to come! I’m so glad I have you gals to spazz with my SH addiction. Now, off to sleep. Sunny Happiness dreams everyone! ^^

  6. The only thing I would have changed about SH is Wan Lan’s characterization and story arc. I felt like her characterization wasn’t very consistent, and the wheelchair bit came completely out of left field and wasn’t really necessary. But it definitely could have been worse, so I won’t whine about it too much.

    I love SH for all of the same reasons you mentioned, unni, but the two biggies for me are the awesome family relationships and the honestly and lack of contrived drama. It’s so nice to see the stereotypical “rich family” portrayed as a functioning one, just going to prove that you don’t have to have all that drama to have a drama, if you catch my drift. None Yun Jie’s issues stemmed from his family – he didn’t have any mommy or daddy issues at all, which was a nice, refreshing change from the trend. And even though Yun Chao did, it was an entirely believable conflict, one that didn’t cause unreasonable and overly melodramatic angst between the two brothers.

    And how much do I love that Yun Jie stepped down as president? I loved that the writers kept his character consistent, while also showing us that “Cinderella” doesn’t have to marry a rich, important man for him to be the prince. In the end, all Yun Jie really wanted was her, not the kingdom, too. And he’s perfectly happy that way. What a powerful message in this “gimmemore” generation.

    Thanks for sharing SH with us, unni! I’m so glad you did, because I loved this drama to bits and enjoyed it immensely. Yong Yong and Yun Jie will always be one of my favorite couples in all of dramadom, and a shining example of how to make a compelling drama without cancer, hateful parents/families, or dire revenge plans.

    • My little dongsaeng, I am so happy you ended up watching your first(?) TW-drama, and having it be the wonderful sublime SH. It’s not perfect, it’s not a masterpiece, but it’s just a lovely love story that was executed with remarkable heart and sincerity. YY-YJ FTW! 😀

      Agree with all the comments you’ve written for each of my recaps (sorry, didn’t have time to respond to each of them). I find SH works because it doesn’t try very hard to make you love it by throwing in flourishes and tricks. It’s simplicity is what I love the most about it – like how natural and effortlessly beautiful Yong Yong always looks in this drama.

  7. Thanx for recap.first I do hate wan lan guts for saying harsh words to yong yong but glad they don’t drag her too long.yes they resolved and focus on the conflict to 2nd lead make a threat for OTP,main lead sway because he still holds feeling for her and lead female then come 2nd male lead.the same old boring plot.SH is the drama I’m looking for,the focus more on the bonding process and execute the trouble well and not dragging it up.when I read the end.gosh I want more!I can watch it for hundreds ep and will find it interesting because can’t get enough of yong yong-yun jie love story.thanx dear koala chingoo for introducing this wonderful drama because I need one.cheer.

  8. There were a lot of things I liked abt these last few episodes: Yun Jie crying scene when he tore up the contract, Yun chao and yong yong scene in fron of the house and xin jie’s decision. I confess, Xie Jie may be annoying just because.. But I never disliked her character, it was believable and not really the screech worthy types. I actually liked the possibility that the other two have a chance to startover.

    The only thing I ever disliked about this show is the toned down atmosphere.. I sometimes miss the jealous confrontations (Yun Jie got jealous only once abt amusement park date) and such. But Overall, it was definitely a nice drama with awesome characters

  9. Ockoala,

    I enjoyed reading your recaps/analysis more than the drama itself, actually. I have lost interest in following a whole drama since Doctor Champ, plus the on-going Japanese situation has me very worried about a dear MIA friend of mine living in the Tokyo area, thus I don’t enjoy “fluffy stuff” the way I used to.

    Maybe this drama will appeal to me much more in a while. Honestly I had been reading your recaps with much interest thus went ahead and watched ep 9, which I enjoyed much. Having no time for a drama-watching-marathon, I went straight for ep 25 (so eager to see the ending) which disappointed me, I must say. I snapped out of fantasy for a few things:
    – Wan Lan’s paralysis — so cliché!
    – Wan Lan’s uncomfort and awkwardness towards her son while in her wheelchair, or should I say that the actress herself just didn’t know how to behave?
    – the empty restaurant — no vehicle, no customers;
    – the fake tummy — seriously, it was so obvious that it got me to laugh, which really shouldn’t have happened.

    Then again, I am so fond of perfection, which is more likely to happen in dramas than reality, although most dramas imo really s**k.

    Thanks for promoting this drama, though, for “expanding our horizons”. 🙂

    Btw, couldn’t help but notice that Yun Jie’s words (summarized as He doesn’t want to keep playing cat and mouse with her anymore ) were EXACTLY the same as Park Shi Hoo’s character in his latest drama, Queen of Reversals, in ep 31 (the last one), although in a different language. Coincidence? Maybe.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, denali. Foremost, I’m sorry to hear about your friend, and hope you receive good news soon.

      As for SH, this drama honestly can’t be episode skipped (though its true of most dramas). And frankly, episode 25 was purely a cherry on top of the cake conclusion whipped topping, i.e. just fluffy goodness. It works as a last episode, but it’s actually my least favorite episode taken alone, if you want my honest opinion.

      If you wanted to randomly watch an episode, one of my faves is ep 22. As for the empty restaurant in the last episode – it was empty because it wasn’t open for business yet. The orphanage took over this out-of-business restaurant and was planning to turn it into a bakery. YY went there first to set it up and get things in order. Hence, no customers or vehicles outside.

      Anyways, as for the same dialogue use in SH as in QoR, SH was filmed from June to October of 2010, so it’s purely coincidental that the same dialogue from SH was seen first in QoR in Jan of 2011, since QoR was filmed after SH but aired before it (due to K-dramas having a live shoot system). 🙂

      • Thank you very much, Ockoala, for taking time to answer that comment of mine and for your thoughts, on the drama and my friend. Still no news from her but still praying.

        Now back to the drama. Actually, after the disappointment of ep 25, I patiently waited for all your recaps to be available to get the whole picture and answers to my questions. 😉 Thus I find this drama to be rather original indeed and I do understand the reasons for its addiction. ^^ I have just enjoyed “the most difficult video to find” which does show some sweetness and tenderness (and Mike He’s skills ^^).

        About the absence of customers, I was referring to the empty parking lot and restaurant when she was preggy, having a meal with her hubby outside, supposedly several months after the opening had occurred. 😉

        The coincidence of the same line in QoR and SH reminded me of either plagiarism or a wise saying: “Great minds think alike”. 😉

  10. Congratulations Koala!!!!… You did really god job:)

    SH became one of my favorite T-Dramas thanks to you. When I find enough time, I will watch all episodes, promise:)

    Note: I (I think everybody) am looking forward your marvellous recaps for other dramas -_~

  11. It is really so sad to say goodbye to something that made me so happy. Although the drama is not perfect, it radiated so much love. Like you, I wanted more. Thanks for bringing this drama to my attention, koala.

  12. Agreed on the whole thing. o/ I seriously can’t wait for the dvds. I’d like to rewatch SH right now!

    If I have to criticize a technical aspect of the drama, which, come to think of it, is not a flaw of SH per se, but of tw-dramas in general? Voice-overs that sound like they were recorded in the Batcave. GAH! Thank goodness SH didn’t have many of those cos they can distract me so much I even stop paying attention to what’s happening on screen (and to think they’re soooo easy to fix! *sighs*). Then again, maybe it’s a problem of mine. I’m not much fond of voiceovers even when they’re perfectly recorded.

    Anyway, you have no idea how much I cried when YY found out she lost her baby. There was a moment in which she was completely still, she looked numb and then, she lost it and omg, I’m tearing up again.

    YY+YJ are one of my favorite OTP ever! Thank you again for reccing SH!

  13. love that it’s not too overly dramatic and all the elements seemed to fit together.
    Mike He how i love oppa even more!

  14. Wow, you are on a roll and high on the Happy! 😉

    Haven’t read this recap yet because would you believe it, Real Life has kept me so busy that I haven’t had enough time to finish SH as the choices have been SH vs. sleep, SH vs. work, SH vs. subtitles duty, etc. *shakes fist*

    I’m making a must that I watch SH to the sweet end by the end of this week. LYF, wait for me!!!!!!

  15. “I can’t rate or rank SH because it’s in a class of its own. … heart-wise it PWNS legions of rom-coms.”

    AGREE . it was beautiful to watch . i wasn’t ready for it to end :]

  16. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this already, but at the last scene when Yong Yong calls Yun Jie to meet up before she leaves they were coincidentally wearing semi-matching outfits! 😀 Maybe I am overspeculating this but that made me go kyahh~ Its so cute! <3
    And once again, I apologize if someone mentioned this already 🙂
    Also SH has really been a good opening for my "drama of 2011" I can sense that this year will be great! 😀

  17. Dear ockoala, thank you so very much for recommending this ‘hidden’ and rare gem. SH deserved so much more publicity. I dunno why its not so highly promoted like FTLY. SH really brings out the warm feelings in the heart and I find myself smiling countless times while watching it.

    I marathoned the whole drama in less than a week and finished ep25 this morning at 12.30am. I am having a bad headache now. Due to my limited understanding of mandarin I had to rely on your recaps and keep on referring to them (a million thanks) to understand more. In the midst of watching I had to check your recap and sometimes I wish (sorry, greedy of me, but just so frustrated that I can’t understand what they say) you do the important dialogue parts. Lol

    Now I’m in a dilemma to rewatch or wait to buy the Spore set with eng subs. Please keep us updated asap once its available.

    I wish you had written a little more of Xiao Nian. At first I find it hard to ‘accept’ him as an eight year old (as every time I see him he’s like a 10yo) but his character is well written and well played. I like many parts that are so natural like what an 8yo will react in the situation. Also I love that he has such a sunny/cheerful disposition. One of my favorite scenes is when he ran away from home and played the game with the children. When he scrambled to find a chair to sit and he could not get it, he said cheerfully, “I guess I have to do it again” (or something like that). I wish I can go inside the scene and hug him! I replayed that scene many times. And YY’s scenes with him are so beautiful and natural.

    The only contention is I hate Wan Lan but not as much as the 2nd lead of FTLY. She really looks too old to partner Yun Jie which in a way its good, that our OTP is never really threatened! Lol I loved how Yun Jie is so firm with Wan Lan all along about his non-existant feelings. But all in, there is not much wickedness in SH and I think SH has the least.

    I have so much thots that its screaming inside my head but I’m not good at expressing in words. I so envy y’all who can just write and express all you feel.

    Thanks for all SH fans who share and I get to read and enjoy all your opinions. Lets spread this sunny happiness everywhere, this world sure needs it. Jia you everyone! 🙂

  18. Thank you Ockoala for the wonderful recaps of SH, TBH I have been dreading for this day to come, I did not want this to end… but I’ve also been anticipating you recaps… I’m so addicted to this drama that I don’t know how many times I rewatched my fave scenes… I hope that we get another drama that we can get addicted to soon…

    I love that this drama was so refreshing, it did not make me irritated like other dramas that just simply have angst without any reason…it was simple yet logical…That I don’t think I will find another drama as lovable as this in the near future…

    Again Ockoala many thanks!!!….

  19. Thank you so much, ockoala for introducing SH and for your superb recaps. You helped me find my way back to watching Taiwanese drama and rekindled the Mike Hee fan girl within me. It was ages ago since I watched T-drama and that was Why Why Love. And yes, though SH lacks a K-drama’s slickness and snappy attitude, it’s undoubtedly a rom-com which is very refreshing to watch. I can’t recall seeing a drama wherein the stepmother and stepsisters are that lovable and caring. The very rich parents-in-law are neither oppressive nor vicious as well. Even the second lead characters are not that unbearable though Wan Lan at some point pissed me off. But what makes SH memorable for me is Li Yi Feng. Thanks to SH most especially to you, my dear ockoala…. I came to know him. Woah!!! I never thought I’d be hooked with him too. I suddenly feel the urge of wanting to see more of him that I want to watch Happy & Love Forever. It’s just that it’s a 30 episodes drama and I’m afraid I’ll be spending sleepless nights again and find myself skipping meals. Omo…. ottoke?!?!?!?!

  20. Thank you so so so much for all those recaps that makes me wanna watch this taiwanese drama you are such a virus that spread rapidly to us! Lol and you know what i found the taiwanese version in youtube but does not have subtitle! So anyone wanna start watching with me again? 🙂 cheers and please recap some more interesting drama in the future!

  21. Dear Ockoala, Thanks for sharing this gem with us. I had been Mike-He-allergic and wouldn’t have watched it in the first place although I like Janine Chang (not the best actress but there’s something very enchanting in her). Li Yi-feng is now also becoming my fav 2nd lead and will watch out his new projects.

    The 25 epidsodes went by so quickly. It is light but consistent, heart-warming but not cheesy, subtley romantic, and the ending is perfect. Agree with all your analysis. Ready for a rewatch now. Thanks once again for the recommendation!

  22. Dear koala,

    It’s been a week since I watched the show non stop and I still find it hard to get over SH; I have been thinking why the show has affected me so much. What are the things that really matter in this lovely lovely drama? It does show familiar plots and tropes. There are dramas and there are dramas that say the same things and so arrive nowhere, never connecting with our hearts. But here, the actors’ habit (with the help of the director and a wonderfully written script, of course) is to make actions speak the things themselves. Actions, small gestures, glances and facial expressions are the means- the way to meaning. The meanings do not come from words, they come from the lives we see being lived. We catch on and are moved with the gradual developments as the story unfolds gently.

    The drama is without eccentricity, without experiment. It has no pretense, either of device or stratagem. It is full of rhetoric but the rhetoric is invisible. It is full of all the words that are not there (wordless eloquence, to borrow an apt term I recently read). Truly a nice piece of work.

    I hope there will another one so touching coming soon. Thanks once again for showing the way.

  23. Dear Koala,

    I just finished a marathon run of SH, it took me a little over a day, nearly non stop. It was hard to turn of my computer because every episode was great and left mean craving for the next episode. I totally agree, this drama is in a league all by itself. The chemistry between the OTPs were incredible. The acting from the cast was top notched. I enjoyed every thing about it. The beginning, middle and the end. I cried numerous times watching this drama because it was just so touching.

    I’m going to watch it again, but this time 1-2 chapters per day so I can absorb every word, frame and gesture.

    Thanks so much for the recaps.

  24. Ok, so I admit that before you – I had not come near a TW drama in years. I think the first and last TW drama I ever saw was Magicians of Love. I just could not stand the histrionics and over the top cutesiness of most TW actresses and I may be neutered and quartered but what little I saw of ISWAK on youtube MV – I abhorred!!! BUT I LOVED PLAYFUL KISS!!!

    so the point here being – I watched SH solely – and I mean solely on your recommendation and loved it so much that I have watched 4 more times since. I know it’s a bit much but since I am not fluent in the language at all and have to rely on subs – suffice to say it has been well worth it.

    So – 2 questions –
    [1] will you be putting up DL links – pretty please – a treasure trove of sorts and
    [2] as I understand it, SH is part 2 of a trilogy – is Part 1 – Happy & Love Forever or some sort [don’t really know the title] – worth watching.

    I do not want to have my perfect drama experience in SH shattered by watching the first part – and you have not said anything about it…….so?

    Thanks ockoala!! Eternal gratitude!

  25. Sunny Happiness was definitely my favorite taiwanese drama, and as others stated, I watched it straight (marathon). I could not stop. The ending is so uplifting that when I’m down I watch it over and over again, original version, english subtitled version and spanish subititled version. It puts a smile on my face and I throughly enjoy He & Chang as the leading characters. I would love a continuation or another drama with these two champs @ making us “feel good”. Sunny Happiness stops the rain in my heart and makes the sun shine. Definitely a must-see and I will rewatch when I complete my conversational mandarin course.

  26. hi,

    i just marathon-ed 25 Eps of SH in 2 days, so I came here to read ockoala’s thoughts on the last few episodes.

    i’m 2 months behind the release of this drama, but that’s considered “early” for me cos by the time I usually find enough motivation to watch a drama, it can be as long as 1 to 2 years after its release! The first 2 episodes really turned me off though, being chock-full of clichés! The typical rich boss-maid plot, kind-Cinderella story… Even the meeting between Yun Jie and Yong Yong – urgh! On a bicycle being almost knocked down by a car?? Didn’t that appear in Down with Love with Jerry Yan and Ella? The only thing that kept me going through the first few Eps is I recall ockoala’s review saying that SH is very, very good. I thought, ockoala cannot be wrong – I trust her judgment and opinion when it comes to drama reviews! And thank goodness, after that more originality and interesting plot appeared. But really, why do they put such a clichéd first 2 Eps? It’s enough to bore anyone!

    I love the OTP – the chemistry between Mike He and Janine Chang, and they look so good together! I don’t love it as completely as ockoala does “without reservations and without limitations”, but it’s a wonderful romance story that really made me feel there is love (a great accomplishment for a cynic as me who thinks true love is very rare).

    The only thing I want to mention about the ending is, I think it’s too brief and rushed, and does not do full justice to the drama. I particularly dislike that part about how Tian Yu Group’s financial crisis was resolved and the abrupt change in Xin Jie’s behaviour from a spoilt rich man’s daughter to a suddenly amazing growth in her maturity – what? After one talk with Yun Jie (a person she’s not close to) who tells her that forgiving is easier than hating someone, she grew up so fast? That’s quite unconvincing to me. And as for the happiness between the OTP in the final ep that I was looking forward to, well, the sweet, sweet period is simply too short! I wish I could see more of their loving moments!

    One last comment, by the way, does anyone else think that Mike He looks absolutely NOT-handsome when he cries? Just stick to cool or smiling please….

  27. omg, I can’t believe I just discovered your site! Finally, someone who recaps decent taiwanese/chinese dramas. Your recaps are absolutely wonderful!!! I also LOVED SH. A lot of times, I feel TW dramas are a bit lacking when compared to Korean dramas, whether it’s the acting, or the production, but SH is by far one of the best ones I’ve seen. The story was SO fulfilling, and I love the OTP. Keep up the nice work 🙂

  28. Finally watched this drama. Marathoned it through Hurricane Irene! Irene was no match for my Drama Obsession 😉 (Luckily the power and internet did not go out).

    I really enjoyed this drama. The first 18, 19 episodes flew by which is unusual for me when I’m in a marathon. The last episodes got dragged out. I couldn’t believe our OTP didn’t accept each other till the last 5minutes of the last episode. Other than that though it was a great drama.

    >I liked that it talked about issues of divorce, abortion and remarriage in a really sincere way. I do wish it approached disability in the same way, but oh well.

    >Xiao Nian was such an awesome little boy! (The actor looks like G-Dragon when he was a kid) The actor did a great job. Very talented.

    >I loved the families in this drama. They really love each other and that’s so refreshing to see. 2nd sister is my favorite. She so loves her little sister 🙂

    >Some of the places they filmed were so beautiful, it makes me want to visit Taiwan and wherever they used for Mainland China. The view out of the apartment Yun Jie got Yong Yong in Mainland China was just beautiful with a little island out in the bay…

    >At times I loved Yong Yong and at other times I wanted to strangle her. I don’t know anyone so self-sacrificing that they hurt themselves and the person they love (Yun Jie) for such an undeserving person (Wang lan). Her case of Noble Idiot Syndrome was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It was like she was incapable of believing she had a right to Yun Jie for the simple reason that Yun Jie had chose her.

    >Wang Lan was the character I had the biggest problem with. She was just so weak and selfish throughout the whole drama. I disliked that Yong Yong still only accepted Yun Jie after Wang Lan “gave her permission to” via Wang Lan’s book. Wang lan just didn’t make sense to me. I know people like her exist, but she was very frustrating.

    Overall just loved this drama. It was filled with really wonderful and memorable characters.

  29. First of all i just want to say that I’ve read a lot of your recaps and you have helped me form one obsession after another. The most recent ones: dream high, you’ve fallen for me (although there was room for improvement) and SH.
    But this is the first time I’ve actually placed a comment. I Have to say I simply love/adore/ (whatever you want to call it) your recaps!

    That being said I also love this drama. I’ve seen a lot of drama’s with mike, but this is one of my favorites. The only problem I had with this drama, besides the obvious wheelchair fiasco and the miscarriage, was the actor who played yong yong’s father. I don’t have anything against the character itself, but I couldn’t get over the fact that it was the same actor who played the creepy stepfather who sexually herassed his stepdaughter and the stabbed the male lead in autumns concerto. I kind of feel bad for the actor, but I’ll never be able to see him as any other character. I’d probably run away screaming if I we ever to meet him, but that’s never going to happen, so the poor man can go on with his life without a lunatic who may even kick him :p

    It’s kind of strange cause I’ve never had a similar problem, but he just really creeps me out.

    Anyway……. I’ll stop talking now 🙂

    Once again good job on your recaps!

  30. Thanks for your recommendation and recaps, it helped me go through the parts where I just wanted to ffwd. I loved it at the beginning, but the novely wore off towards the end. At the beginning I found that I was enjoying the cliche (Cinderella, marriage contract, etc) because the cliches aren’t typical ones. For example how the step-mother and step-sisters aren’t acting like Cruella deVil. Towards the end, however, the cliche became too typical and I got disappointed for each curveball that came along. The clingy ex with added clinginess by unfortunately caught herself in a wheelchair-bound accident, the miscarriage, the “I don’t care how I feel and how my other half feels, I am a saint so I have to behave as such, self-sacrificing for all” attitude from our heroine, it was too much in the end. I had to admit I ffwd quite a lot the last 5 episodes. Your recaps did help otherwise I would have gone crazy. I was even expecting Wang Lan to turn around saying “Ha ha! I was faking my disability this whole time, you suckers!” just to add insult to my woes.

    What I think is excellent was Xiao Nian’s portrayal of an 8 year old boy. Lots of dramas tend to make the little kids talk like big kids and understand a lot of things. This one wasn’t. It was very close to reality as possible, in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching how adorable he is.

    What I also find lacking is the chemistry between our hero and heroine. Yes, I find myself believing he loves her. Yes, she’s also proving to be loving him. However I didn’t get the whys and the attraction. In the middle of the story I almost half expected him to sway towards Wang Lan for whatever reason (pity, guilt feeling, responsibility, or what not). He used to love Wang Lan, and Yong Yong could very well be another one of those past love. I felt the chemistry forced and not natural. Matching clothes does not always equate to good chemistry.

    The ending. Oh how it killed my spirit. Must they go through the checklist to make sure they don’t leave out anyone else? I hate it when they do that. A little bit is okay to tie up loose end, but they sure overdid it with this series.

    What I also enjoyed was the sibling relationship between the brothers, and the step-sisters. The bit when the orphans were crying was also tearing me up.

    The drama has its moments, it could have been better.

  31. Koala,

    I am truly an SH fanatic.I dont know how many times I’ve watched and read your recap yet I feel so giddy and happy everytime. It is really a feel good drama. I truly missed Yong yong and Yun jie. I wish they’ll have a sequel.
    I would also like to thank you for all your hard work. I became your avid fan should I say.



  32. Hello! I just finished marathoning Sunny Happiness, after reading you mention it so much in your recaps for Drunken to Love You. Ten years ago I was the biggest TW-drama fan (I started on Meteor Garden) and over the years I watched a lot of Rainie Yang. I got hooked on Devil Beside You and Why Why Love — but as the years passed I forgot about my T-drama days. 😀 Thankfully I got into it again because of Rainie, this site and… wow, Sunny Happiness!!

    Truly, I love a great love story. That line you said about rom-coms, that rings true for me too… that in books or tv or movies, it doesn’t matter what plot they used to get there. Actually, there aren’t that many truly “original” plotlines to use in this day and age. What truly matters is that they are believable and sincere, and in this case Mike He and Janine Chang were really great in that respect.

    I also loved that they made the secondary characters also as believable and not cartoonish. They could have easily made the stepmom and stepsisters evil and make them mistreat Yong Yong, but instead they gave Yong Yong a true family. I think it’s wonderful that they made the characters in this drama real people, and not just characterizations of stereotypes.

    Thank you Koala for recapping this and praising it to the high heavens, because if you didn’t I might not have lasted the 8 episodes it took for the story to really get into gear. And I might have missed half my life.. who can stand it? LOL. Anyway, thanks and jia you on your future recaps and news… I’ll just be lurking around. 🙂

  33. Thanks to your 2011 review of sunny hapiness I just marathoner all 25 episodes of is amazing drama. Now I’ve even learned how even to say I love you in Taiwanese mandarin.

    Like you this drama was never over the top and treated all the issues in a very mature and subtle ways. There wasn’t drama for dramas sake everything just fell into place. The reactions and actions of the characters made sense.

    Gosh I loved the brotherly love in this drama. I’m so happy that they didn’t make the brothers hate each over yong yong.

    Tis drama will hold a special place in my heart and your right its comfort drama. Similar to that fool every time I watch it just makes me smile and love life, gives me strength to keep living.

  34. Thank you so much for recapping! The last episode was blocked in the USA and it was so frustrating because I loved this drama and then I couldn’t get the last episode with English Subtitles. Thank you again, it is great to know that everything turned out well.

  35. Had a small drama drought feeling recently, and so I’m still re-watching in 2015! I remember watching this when it first came out and absolutely loving it for the amazing thoughtful characterization and having no one else to share it with! Mike He was truly great in this and I love that each of the characters (apart from Wan Lan) had their heads on right and were mature about their relationships. So happy to see that other people had enjoyed this little gem of a show too 🙂

  36. I just finished marathoning it again over the last two days, and Sunny Happiness has worn well over the last 5 years. I don’t know where Mike He is headed with his career, but this will surely stand as a testament to his Drama King title. <3

  37. Hi! Found your blog while desperately searching for Episode 25. What a disappointment that I couldn’t find it on youtube. However, I did find your recap which I Loved! I would have appreciated seeing the ending for myself,but at least I found out what happened in this drama. Totally agree with all of your opinions of the drama and loved reading some of the comments. I can see that here I will have good company because obviously everyone here is as freakishly addicted to these dramas as I am!

  38. I obviously am coming very late to this drama. I pretty much gave up on T-dramas and then figured out I needed to go back a ways and thus ended up watching MARS, Devil Beside You etc. This no drama drama, while not perfect, shows such a grounded, nicely paced love story. Yes, there was some unnecessary angst and noble idiocy in the last 4 or so episodes, but even those issues were dealt with in a low key way. Probably Mike He’s best performance I’ve seen thus far. I feel fortunate to have found it subbed on You Tube.

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