Upcoming K-Dramas City Hunter and Goodbye Miss Ripley Start Filming for its May Premieres

Following on the heels of the start of script-reading and filming of Jang Nara’s Pretty Young Woman, two other Spring dramas have also commenced production. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s City Hunter (SBS Wed-Thurs drama to follow 49 Days) and Mickey Yoochun and Lee Da Hae’s Goodbye Miss Ripley (MBC Mon-Tues drama to follow The Duo). Honestly, I’m not particularly interested in either drama, but I’m sure plenty of fans of the above four stars are eagerly awaiting both projects.

City Hunter is the supposed K-drama adaptation of the famed manga of the same name by Tsukasa Hojo, except the released plot synopsis bears zero resemblance to the manga story. When I say zero resemblance, please believe that I am not exaggerating. Lee Min Ho plays an MIT-educated computer science Ph.D who works for the Blue House, and Park Min Young is a plucky taekwondo expert who becomes a bodyguard in the President’s service. Lee Joon Hyuk as an uptight rule-abiding prosecutor and Goo Ha Ra as the first daughter rounds out the main cast.

Yoochun and Lee Da Hae’s Goodbye Miss Ripley is about an ambitious woman who tells one lie to get ahead, and that lie continues to compound itself until her entire life teeters on the brink due to her duplicity. With this drama, I’m way more in love with the second leads played by Kang Hye Jung and Kim Seung Woo. The former plays Lee Da Hae’s sister from the same orphanage who wants to expose her tower of lies, and Kim Seung Woo plays a hotel manager who falls in love with Lee Da Hae and forms the love triangle with Yoochun’s Japanese chaebol heir. 

BUT, Kang Hye Jung and Kim Seung Woo are known for being very picky and selective about their projects and roles, and perhaps they see something truly compelling about this script. Bearing that in mind, I’m keeping tabs on this drama and will form an opinion based on what I see after the drama airs.

Lee Min Ho tweeted a picture yesterday of himself heading for Thailand to start location shoots for City Hunter. I have to say that his hair is really bugging me, insofar as I can’t see any professional employee of the Blue House sporting that sort of trendy high-maintenance coif. Anyways, if either drama starts looking more interesting to me, I’ll bring more news in the coming weeks as teasers and stills start to drop.


Upcoming K-Dramas City Hunter and Goodbye Miss Ripley Start Filming for its May Premieres — 12 Comments

  1. Actually for Miss Ripley, I think Yoochun is the second male lead and not Kim Seung Woo because other releases I have read make it seem that Kim Seung Woo and Lee Da Hae’s characters are the central characters of the story. I am actually surprised that Lee Da Hae got top billing over Kang Hye Jung, since the later is the stronger actor and hasn’t done a drama in a long while and has been primarily in movies.

    • Yeah, that’s what I heard also. Kim Seung woo is the male lead. I think he would later helping LDH’s character do her schemes. The drama is inspired by Shin Jung Ah’s scandal. Shin was helped by his 19 years old younger boyfriend. It seems in the drama they would change from older woman-younger man to younger woman-older man couple.

    • Well, if Yoo Chun is second lead, it is okay. Because with his schedule of JYJ world tour, starting in April, may exhaust him a lot if he is the first lead.

      And I’m afraid that Yoo Chun will be overshadowed by Kim Seung Woo (if he is the first lead), due to his lack experience than his sunbae. So, if his position is second lead, it’s good for him. Because he will get a lot of experience working with senior actors. Like in SKKS, he got a lot of advises from Kim Gab Soo.

      And, yes, I’m his fan now. As crazy as I can be, I even follow his twitter.

      • That’s what I think also. Yoochun (and his manager, of course) knew how to pick his project. Working with experience actors will surely benefit him.

        And you’re not the only one. I became his fan after watching SKKS and also follow his twitter ^^ A big change for someone who didn’t care about k-pop before, and didn’t even know that DBSK and TVXQ are actually the same.

  2. I was interested in City Hunter when it still bore some kind of resemblance to the original script. Not that I’ve ever read the manga, but…IDK, I kind of wanted to see LMH as a womanizer.

    This new premise? Bleerrrgggh.

    The fact that LMH kind of doesn’t know how to pick his roles has me worried. Same thing with Lee Joon Hyuk, who I’d like to see in a lead role for once (and sorry, but I am legend doesn’t count imho) and for some reason is underrated. I think I’ll tune in for him. I DO love LMH but I think one of the few ppl who dropped BBF despite being charmed by his performance and I did like (sort of) Personal Taste, but I don’t see myself compelled by this drama, but hey, you never know. And…I’m ranting, sorry. I don’t know why I always do that here.

    As for the other drama, omo omo Kim Seung Woo! ♥__♥ \o/ Unfortunately, I’m so not interested in Goodbye Miss Ripley either.

  3. All the fan girls out there, my sincere apology. But i gotta admit it. Any project Lee Min Ho is on, does excite me even one bit. I hated Boy’s Before Flower big time (they ruin the amazing Japanese version), and Personal Taste (i still don’t get why did Son Ye Jin choose the drama). I get it Lee Min Ho is very good looking and decent actor but his choice of drama scares me. And to top it all Park Shin Hye as a kick ass women in City Hunter, Seriously!!!!!! City Hunter….. Let my prediction be wrong.

    I am a big K drama lover, and who doesn’t love surprises. I would love it if City Hunter make me eat my words.

    As for Good Bye Ripley. I don’t know. I am so looking forward to it. For some reason this is the drama i am most looking forward to this year. The funny thing is i am not a big fan of Lee Da Hee and Mickey. And Kang Hye Jung and Kim Seung Woo in second lead. Come’on even if it doesn’t reach the level of my expectation or excitement it cannot be that bad. P.S I lpve Lee Da Hee character description, very intriguing.

  4. I am a fan of all 4 leads and I absolutely love Kang Hye Jang but neither drama interests me much though admittedly Ripley sounds way more appealing now though initially I was all about CH…also I actually really like LMH’s hair…he looks adorbs and is channeling a bit of the Kim Hyun Joong’s college perm from PK

  5. Thanks for the news and pics, ockoala!
    I’m looking forward to both shows, mainly for the cast rather than the premise of each. With these two series plus the new Hong Sisters’ drama, May is shaping up to be a (hopefully) awesome drama month. Can’t wait!

  6. I just wanna know how Kim Seungwoo can look freakn great at a READING! I mean seriously does the man just really look that wonderful all the time!
    I do have to say, I’m not excited AT ALL about Non-City Hunter, no matter how much I love LMH. However, I am looking forward to KSW and KHJ. I don’t really care what the show is about. I trust those two immensely! I can only hope LDH and Mickey step it up a bit and the others get tons of screen time.

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