Midas Holds Press Conference to Discuss Upcoming Plot Developments

The SBS Mon-Tues drama battle has been lackluster, to say the least. None of the three dramas have gained much buzz, and all hover within a few ratings points of each other, with The Duo leading, followed by Midas, with Crime Squad bringing up the rear.

The production of Midas held a press conference yesterday, and it’s notable only for it being so rare for any drama to hold a press conference mid-way through its run. Midas is hoping to gain a second half surge, and trotted out barely seen onscreen second lead No Min Woo to announce that the poor boy has lost about 15 lbs to play the dying-of-cancer Myung Joon.

Myung Joon has been akin to a 10th lead in this drama for all the (lack of) screen time he’s gotten so far, and apparently that has been deliberate both to lay the requisite groundwork for his character and burgeoning friendship with Lee Min Jung’s Jung Yeon, as well as to have him lose more weight so that he can stun the audience with his wan and wasting away visage. I’m waiting for cancer boy-nurse to actually have a meaningful story develop between them, even if its not going to end well.

I’ve been falling asleep watching Midas recently, but the ending of episode 12 totally jolted me awake. Jang Hyuk’s Kim Do Hyun has not been a very memorable role for him, and I sit around just waiting for the real Hyuk to, well, Hyuk-out. I appears I’m to get my wish soon, because ambitious Do Hyun is about to transform into revenge-minded Do Hyun (see the picture of crying Hyuk above, which always mean he’s about to unleash hell on the world). And Jang Hyuk out for revenge is about the best version of Hyuk there is. Kim Hee Ae better watch out, my man is not happy with being jerked around and then tossed under a bus.


Midas Holds Press Conference to Discuss Upcoming Plot Developments — 11 Comments

  1. I really like Midas — have from the beginning. It actually would be better as a longer drama, because so much groundwork was laid in the first 10 episodes. (Plus there would have been more time for more romance.) If done right, the final episodes should be spectacular.

  2. am so saddened that no one is really liking this drama cause I only started watching it for NMW but now I am so into it and have to wait weeks for the subs.

    Yes there is hell a comin. The premise of this drama was told at the beginning but I did not listen.. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Jang Hyuk could have become a brilliant prosecutor but that was taken away from him by the most evil and conniving of all drama women. I did not expect what I got to see but now if he doesn’t kick butt then they will have wasted a perfect opportunity to make the drama even more interesting.

    Thank you for this post koala, I am really loving this drama and yes NMW’s talents are not being used a lot but I hope that changes cause he is a good actor.

  3. I also follow Midas halfheartedly and was supprised that 11 episodes has passed!!! For a supposedly 16-episode drama, isn’t it too much groundwork has been laid??? I am worried that the end will be rushed through with all the revenge/romance still to come.

    And thank ockoala for your insights, your playground has become my favourite spot although I am still a passerby 🙂

  4. I don’t get it
    I’m a rabid fan of NMW but what’s the point to make another press con: do you start a new drama? I dounbt it
    producers and PD had their chance to take advantage of No Min Woo presence in the drama: waw a miracle they discovered that when they had him 30 seconds from 70 minutes on screen…errrm they lost about 2 points ratings? or they plan to minimize the 3 dads (which I FF) Secretary Kim with Papster in the same screen – yawn again Secretary Kim and a girl this is another story… or when he is saved by the bodyguard(His real OTP?maybe)

    they need to make Jang Hyuk’s char a lil better – more dramatic – he had almost nothing to do – business?not that interesting: bring on the drama pls and a lil more screen time

    more than anything they need to develop the story between Myeong Jun and the lil nurse and as I saw the last episode she was back on the same track with DoHyun… oh well – and of course more screen time for both

    I don’t like it that they said smth in synopsis and they gave me a very different thing on screen

    Kim Hee Ae’s char isn’t as cunning as her father wants her to be

  5. I like so much Jang Hyuk in this drama , a lot much than in Chuno . I think he is awesome – as well as his opponent , whom I have discovered here although I apparently had seen him before .
    I like these stories about finance .
    I think the drama would be better if it were longer than just 16 episodes . I am sorry I don’t like at all No Min woo neither the actor nor his character . His expression is always the same , all wooden .

  6. I think this drama is not as complicated as it may seem to some. They do have to wrap up in 5 more episodes so there is some worry but if you ask me who is pulling strings..Choi.

  7. I may be in a minority here of actually liking the slow burn it’s done to get to this point. Ok, so maybe they could have rolled it up a little faster, but I rather enjoy all the business maneuvering, although some of it has been a little OTT. I really am quite enjoying watching JH play a controlled character. Ok, I’m a bit of a fangirl, but really, I like!

  8. Oh I like Midas. I know it’s bit boring and too many characters are involved, but somehow I feel like this reminds me of business centered HK TVB dramas.

    NMW is doing good so far, I feel sympathetic with his character, and I really want Lee Minjung’s character will fall for him. Jang Hyuk’s Kim Dohyun doesn’t need a woman. If he does, he needs someone as powerful as Kim Hae Ae, that’s why I didn’t feel bad when he broke up with LMJ.

  9. YESSSS!!! All hell is about to break loseeee ppl. The end of ep. 12 left me speechless I was not thinking it was going to end that way, or the drama was going to to a 180 on us, butttt boy HD shackle going to prison was awesome to see and his crying wow.
    Actually Midas, is the only drama i’m following rite now, all the other dramas on this same time slots are boring to me, even Midas was going snail pace I love how each character was laid out and really see what each are capable of doing.
    The second 1/2 of the drama is going to be all about pure, hell revenge and I can’t wait!!!….. 😀

  10. yes.. I love Midas too.. and I agree that 16 episode isn’t enough to wrap out this drama perfectly, So I think they should add more episode so Midas wouldn’t end up hurriedly or unsatisfying, I would want to see all end up well.. Do hyuk can revenge against He Ae (the evil woman who sent him to jail), as much as I really want to see MM couple get together in the end but if not I think the nurse will get back to her firs love Do hyuk.

  11. Jang Hyuk was never one of my favorite actors, I watch MIDAS because I am bored,
    I like NMW now. I have started watching ROCK, ROCK, ROCK.
    Can someone suggest some good Japanese drama for me, please.

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