Jung Woo Sung makes J-Dorama Debut in Good Life with Takashi Sorimachi

Jung Woo Sung isn’t just in a new relationship (with you-know-who), he’s also making his Japanese television debut next month in the upcoming Fuji TV J-dorama Good Life – Arigatou, Papa. Sayonara. Crap, the title already does not bode well for the happiness meter.

The drama is based on best-selling Korean novel Kashikogi by Cho Chung In, which has already been adapted into a stage play and drama in Korea. Takashi Sorimachi is back in his first J-dorama in three years, playing the role of a workaholic-turned-devoted father. Co-starring with him will be Nana Eikura, Haruka Igawa, and Tsuyoshi Ihara.

Sorimachi plays the part of Daichi Sawamoto, a newspaper reporter who has always prioritized his work over his family. When his wife suddenly leaves him, he finally notices the love he has been receiving from his son. Just as he decides to answer back, it is discovered that his son has leukemia (shit, see what I told you about the title giving me the sadness vibes). Igawa plays Sawamoto’s wife, Eikura plays a pediatrics specialist, and Ihara plays a doctor.

Jung Woo Sung’s character will enter the drama in episode 6, and will be a doctor who is a great support for the father and has great influence on the sick son. Jung Woo Sung has spoken quite enthusiastically about this opportunity to work with Sorimachi, and to continue to expand his acting projects. Guess this means I need to bust out the tissues, cuz there is no way in hell I’m going to miss my I Lub You speaking Japanese and being all emo-doctor-like.


Jung Woo Sung makes J-Dorama Debut in Good Life with Takashi Sorimachi — 11 Comments

  1. Glad to hear that Takeshi is back to the drama world and acting along with one of the hottest K-drama male Jung Woon Sung. Haven’t seen any decent J project recently, looking forward for this one. This sounds sad but pretty promising.

  2. Woah Jung Woo Sung sure is making expainding his presence all over Asian entertainment scene!….First China now Japan!…..and the premise sounds interesting…I guess I could do witha good cry now and then….Do you know which Korean drama was an adaptation of the novel that this is based on?

  3. Holy wow! Who’s the guy with the green/blue eyes and most importantly why have I never seen him before? *__*

    And Yay for JWS!

    • Takashi Sorimachi? He’s a A-list star in Japan. And he’s married to Nanako Matsushima. Swooon, the perfect celebrity marriage – they have two beautiful daughters and they are soooo purty together.

      • I just checked his dw profile and no wonder he didn’t look familiar. I’ve never seen any of his projects! Heh. OTOH, I know his wife.

    • It was just a guest starring role in Gold (he also had a cameo in BOSS) – Good Life is his first starring drama in 3 years since Lotte 6.

  4. It’s the guy from GTO and Overtime….aww I miss those dramas XD It’s a sad japanese drama…damn it I swear Japan does some of the saddest dramas with little to no romance….1 Litre of Tears anyone?

  5. OH YES. I need me some Sorimachi fix. Saw him in GTO and Beach Boys, and mookie, I’m sorry, but you can’t have Takenouchi Yutaka all for yourself. I saw Beach Boys two years ago at veoh, and the video is really bad (subs are good though), but it’s worth watching it to see some bromance between the two.

    And Sorimachi and Matsushima are like one of THE GOLDEN COUPLES of Jdorama world. But I’m a Matsu Takako and Kimura Takuya fan, so they come first.

    BTW, I dislike Igawa Haruka because of her character in Sora kara and played Kimura’s gf (spoiler? not really). I also don’t like Eikura Nana because she acted with Jun in I love my little sister film and Mizushima Hiro in Mei-chan no shitsuji. She was adorable in Proposal Daisasuken though. But still. She acts too cute.

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