Teasers Released for the Upcoming Yamapi Winter Dorama

Next Thursday sees the premiere of Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~, marking Yamashita Tomohisa‘s return to dorama land since Code Blue 2 back in early 2010. The teasers have been released, and it’s clear that whomever styled Yamapi is going ALL OUT in making him looking as much as young KimuTaku as possible, with the same liony mane. Though in the case of Yamapi, it’s like Simba versus Mufasa, no comparison. My Koala sense tells me the dorama is bound to be dull as dishwater, with plenty of life affirming lessons at the end of each episode and zero romance to be found anywhere except under the carpet if I look hard enough.

Obviously I have zero interest in this sucker but for the fact that it’s starring Pi in his futile ongoing quest to become a serious actor. For once I want him to just give up and do what he does best – be his weird self. I even preferred his himbo incarnation back in the days of Buzzer Beat. Ah, good times, good times. Anyways, he’s got a solid supporting cast in Sorimachi Takashi and Eikura Nana, plus the old dude from Kurosagi is back, hopefully doing more than making pickled vegetables. I’ll continue to ignore Maeda Atsuko for as long as I can. Watch on for the teasers. Continue reading