K-Entertainment Rocked by News of Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s Secret Marriage and Divorce

[Edit: KeyEast just made a formal statement, and clarified the marriage, divorce, and the fact that the couple did not have any children together]

Don’t worry everyone, I’m fine. I’m in a helluva pissed off mood, but could hardly be upset when I find truth is always preferable to a lie. News broke yesterday that actress Lee Ji Ah has been secretly married to famous 90s rockstar Seo Taiji……beginning in 1997 (when she was either 16 or 20, depending on which of her birth year listed is correct). During the course of the marriage, they had no kids, and Lee Ji Ah filed for divorce in 2oo6 and the divorce was granted in 2009. The current lawsuit is over alimony, and isn’t it ironic that it’s always money (dirty, good ole money) that has outed this entire shocking story.

I have no beef with someone else’s secret marriage, secret dissolution of said secret marriage, and secret alimony battle. It’s tawdry, and I can’t help but rubberneck, but I have no opinion on the entire secret marriage and dissolution thereof. I have a huge fucking problem when it involves Jung Woo Sung, whose management has issued a statement that he did not know about her past marriage, and if these revelations turn out to be true, then the new relationship is clearly over. And let it be known that if I were Jung Woo Sung, I’d be ending the relationship not because Lee Ji Ah was married before, but because she LIED to him and never told him about her past. A relationship built on a foundation of one great big lie is doomed to fail, and I’m glad this news came out now so that Jung Woo Sung didn’t get further involved with her.

When the news broke, I had worried that Lee Ji Ah’s marriage to Seo Taiji failed because she cheated on him with Jung Woo Sung (which would make him complicit in her failed marriage), but luckily that was not the case. For now, I have no desire to stabbity anyone, but I do wish my I Lub You a quick recovery from his shock at being involved in this huge mess, and a speedy exit from this scandal that really doesn’t involve him.

And do you guys know how fucking much I hate Athena: Goddess of War? Not only was it a steaming pile of dog shit of a drama (which wasted every single actor involved that I liked), it was also the drama that introduced Jung Woo Sung to Lee Ji Ah. I am going to burn my copy of that drama, and perhaps afterwards perform an exorcism on it.


K-Entertainment Rocked by News of Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s Secret Marriage and Divorce — 45 Comments

  1. seriously!….poor Jung Woo Sung is having a bad year…..first Athena now this?!…..he desrves so much better…good to know your coping well

  2. I was worried for you! So much! And the news is still mind-boggling. How did they even manage to keep ti secret for so long? How? how? Hoooow?

    but because she LIED to him and never told him about her past. A relationship built on a foundation of one great big lie is doomed to fail, and I’m glad this news came out now so that Jung Woo Sung didn’t get further involved with her.

    THIS. SO MUCH! Exactly what I said on my blog. alsdjlasdkj

    omg, dude. I still can’t believe this. It was so out of the blue…

    • I’m actually wondering about the same thing. How the hell did they manage to keep things quiet for like 14 years.

      I don’t hate the girl before but now, I feel so disappointed in her. :/ What goes around comes around Lee Ji Ah.

  3. I can sense that you are a great fan of Jung Woo Sung (which I frankly don’t know at all except for the photo above). However, from a reasonable point of view, it’s quite difficult to imagine that one can be in a close relationship with another person without knowing that she had children. I mean you can write off a previous failed marriage like a broken off ex-boyfriend not worthy of mention but how can one disregard his/her own children and completely deny their existence? If the two (JWS and LJA) are really in a serious relationship then it can and must be worthy of confidence especially in matters of deep concern/worry. Therefore, JWS should know the existence of LJA’s children and her troubles from her previous marriage. The management company is probably just trying to shield JWS from said scandal.

    • If the entire world didn’t know about the existence of the two children, it means that Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah went out of their way to protect and hide their children. I don’t doubt that JWS could be kept in the dark about her marriage and kids, since they just started dating not 2-3 months ago.

      If JWS and LJA had been dating for a much longer period, then I’d be less likely to believe that he didn’t know about her having kids. Frankly, this entire mess is pretty sordid, and I don’t believe anything about the who knew what and when.

      • Actually, if by any chance JWS does know about LJA’s previous marriage and comes out to say “yes, I knew and I still love her anyway”, that would still have been cool. There is no crime, they are both single. Divorcees can date and certainly other people can date them too. Nothing wrong there. As long as an artiste hones his/her skills and deliver professionally, living normal private lives together with its usual ups and downs, that’s really fine by me. The entertainment industry simply likes to complicate things unnecessarily.

      • I Totally Agree. If JWS knew and was okay with it, I would be totally supportive of him. I have no problems with divorced people dating or people dating divorced people.

        Which is why I think JWS really didn’t know. Kim Seung Woo was divorced when he married Kim Nam Joo, and they are a golden couple. Go Hyun Jung is divorced, and everyone adores her. I don’t see divorce as a huge stigma in Korea anymore, and JWS hardly strikes me as the prudish type to expect his girlfriend to not have previous relationships.

        I think this all boils down to DISCLOSURE. Doesn’t matter what LJA’s past is, if she was truthful to him (and that is between them) on their relationship terms.

      • “LIED to him and never told him”
        I can totally understand that she didn’t tell anything :i mean we have seen what a huge mess their divorce seem to be….how can you come clean with that with someone you are going out with for 3 months or so involve them and take the risk to wreck the relationship before it has the chance to solidify? .

    • Oh meh gosh…how do you hide children nowadays that’s really so hurting and traumatic for the kids, so freaking selfish adults!!!! 🙁 Like I said people nowadays just do what they want without putting into consideration other love ones feelings, a lie will definitely come out one of these days….I want to know the truth if I had someone no matter how bad it is….I need to know it’s hard to live with someone who lies a lot….It’s like living with a total stranger after marriage 🙁

      • though i think the whole thing have the Hwang Tae Kyung element with all the keeping the children from the public thing but i dont think they were selfish. I think in their own way they were trying to protect their children. as far as I know Seo Taiji was like the Ultimate idol, and in being so he most likely had those tons of over obsessed fans that would go at all lengths to have him single. I think since Seo Taiji was an idol their relationship was intentionally kept from the public but i dont think the kids existence was intentionally want to kept a secret, i think circumstances and consequences just lead to that. I personally, i think the whole secret children thing is actually good for the kids now since they wont be hounded by paparazzi cause no one knows who they are.

        when Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung first surfaced as a couple, i was actually pretty irritated cause though many people already called dibs on my Jung Woo Sung, i still consider him mine so it was natural to hate any woman who can call him theirs. (cause he is mine…!!!!)
        and now when this story surface, I actually felt sorry for her. imagine being a husband but still unable to call him. being married but having to keep it all a secret. having kids but having to not mention them. Its like she was living a double life where she was this single rising star in one side and a mother and wife in the corner. its like always having a front with all the people you work with. its like lying to each single person that you may call friend.
        and for me that is just a life no one should live. No one would want to live a life always full of lies and acting. that would just be too exhausting.
        i personally think that she loved him (STJ) that much, enough to be invisible in his life. and for me that is just sad. I understand that the decision to make make the whole thing a secret is a mutual thing, that is how secrets gets kept for that long a period of time, though mutual agreement. but i think its mostly for STJ’s career. hmmnnnn….

        I hope these whole thing would be resolved and I hope that the kids would be okay in the end…
        still love Jung Woo Sung, and hope he isnt too hurt by this wholke thing…

        PS. is it just me or this whole scandal spells MAKJANG!!!

  4. A relationship built on secrets and lies never fares well but her situation seems very precarious. I wonder how hard it must be to keep such a high profile marriage and divorce under wraps. Whom do you trust and how soon? Can your new (celebrity) significant other be trusted? Perhaps, the truth was going to come out once the relationship becomes more permanent and such secrets can be entrusted. We will probably never know, of course.

    By no means am I advocating for her,
    I just think that her circumstances makes it very difficult to be more “honest.” It’s a sad situation for everyone, especially Jung Woo Sung, who is innocent of everything. It’s sad how very close this is to K-drama story line.

  5. When I first heard about this my first thought was either koala is going bat shit with rage or weeping for poor JWS. This was scandal to the highest level when it got out, because people were speculating did she cheat on him while still being married? Did JWS know about it? For how long? Just about 400 responses in under 30 minutes upon airing, it was crazy. Glad everything is clearing up & glad your fine, we all know Lee Ji ah’s image is tarnished forever I just hope JWS’s isn’t.
    Also a secret marriage for 14 years with 2 kids? how the heck did this get past netizens, press or even their companies? :S I now know Anything is possible.

  6. I am so glad you are OK unni! *hugs* Twitter was crazy last night. Even the ones from East Coast are awake up until the wee hours of the morning bec of this news!

    I’m happy you slept through the madness.

    • I avoided the madness last night. Also, have been way too busy to hang out with my sweet girls on twitter these past few days. *HUGS* you guys are the best~

  7. I’ve spent most of my life mired in the murky waters of Bollywood, which is generally pretty lax about stars dating, marrying, and divorcing up a storm — I mean, I don’t know anybody driven to tears over such things, though I did have a friend who devoted hours to throwing shade on a certain actor’s then-girlfriend — and I generally react to marriage-and-divorce rigmarole happenings in Hollywood by rolling my eyes and moving on, so…

    I don’t really know what to think of this. Let it be known that K-entertainment is the most bizarre place ever. I didn’t even know that secret marriages and divorces happened anymore, and I seriously had no inkling that they would, I dunno, even be necessary. (Well, as long as Lee Ji Ah didn’t end up taking roofies from a priest in the process, I guess I’m okay with this.) I understand the need for privacy, I suppose, because we live in a world where out movie and TV stars become more shiny playthings than people.

    But I do wonder how big a part the Korean nature of celebrity played in how hush-hush matters were kept, in how the matter was framed in the media, and how the public has reacted. In America, and even in India to an extent, we enjoy watching out stars fuck their lives up, fix them, fuck them up again ad nauseam; a scandal like this one in America — which wouldn’t be a scandal anyway, because stars of this caliber would have their wedding/honeymoon/various runs to the grocery store meticulously canonized by People or something — wouldn’t really mean anything for the actors’/singers’ careers in and of itself. If anything, it would generate PR buzz. I’ve noticed in Korea, though, stars are held up to impossibly high standards, standards to which plebeians aren’t meant stand, but the most visible members of society are, if they want to keep their careers. I wonder why this is, because there’s such a divide in how things are framed and conceived in the public consciousness. Case-in-point: In America, some young actor doing e and ketamines in some night club wouldn’t even lift eyebrows; in Korea, it’s enough to decimate a promising career. I don’t know — I suppose I just don’t understand how Korea figures how much of its celebrities are pubic property, and how much of their personas are private.

    Aaaaaand, I guess I’ll shut up now and go to class.

  8. Hmm, I know you’re a fan of JWS, and not so much of LJA, but isn’t it rather harsh on LJA to condemn her for “lying” to JWS? It seems to me that they’re still in the early throes of dating/getting to know each other, so I don’t really see why she owes it to him at this point to reveal this secret marriage/divorce between her and STJ. Does one bare all of one’s skeletons-in-the-closet so early on in a relationship? It would be one thing if she was having an affair with JWS (without him knowing), but according to news reports, she’s been divorced since 2006/2009. You’d also have a point if she had kids and was hiding their existence from JWS – but there were no kids.

    Also, not to beat this thing into the ground or anything, but this was a super, super, super secretive marriage to/divorce from one of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. I’m sure JWS has tight lips and all, but I can’t say I blame LJA for not divulging this information to him sooner. I mean, the point of the marriage/divorce was that it was super, super, super secretive, right? I’d take issue with her if she and JWS were about to get hitched at the altar and she still hadn’t enlightened him of her divorcee status, but as I said, they’ve only been together a couple of months, at most, at this point.

    By the by, I’m not a fan, or anti-fan, of LJA. Quite honestly, I’m just about indifferent to her. I guess I’m defending her, if you can call it defending, because I think the entertainment industry – not just Korea’s, but all over the world – is so much harsher on and critical of female entertainers, and as a woman myself, I don’t like it. Remember BH from Dream High and her almost-rape and the storm of criticism, alleging that she was the one who had attempted to seduce her manager, that she had to weather? Yeah …

    • I make no secret that I am a JWS-fan, but my being upset that LJA supposedly didn’t tell him about her past is because he is also a huge movie star, and if her past was ever revealed, JWS would be embroiled in any of the ensuing media storm. She owed it to him to tell him the truth and let him decide if he was okay with her past and still wanted to date her.

      When I say okay with, I don’t mean her marriage and divorce, which are non-issues – I mean her SECRET marriage and divorce. It’s the secrecy which bugs me that JWS was dragged into, because he’s a notoriously secretive star, very low-key and very reserved.

      Normally I would say LJA didn’t need to disclose her relationship history to JWS (it’s none of his business who she dated before – if he likes her for who she is, her past shouldn’t matter), except their star status renders the secret marriage disclosure necessary so that JWS doesn’t feel blindsided should it ever be revealed. Which appears to be exactly what happened.

      • Thank you for the very thoughtful response! Most of the comments I have read regarding this “scandal” haven’t been anywhere near as well-thought-out as yours, so it’s hugely refreshing to hear an adult voice thrown into the fray. 🙂

        I perfectly understand your reasoning. That being said, LJA may have had her own, possibly legitimate reasons for not spilling the beans to JWS sooner. Just to play devil’s advocate, supposing her divorce agreement stipulated a non-disclosure clause or a similar sort of “gag order” preventing her/STJ from telling anyone that they had ever been married? I have no idea how likely that would be, but it’s perhaps not completely out of the question. After all, both LJA and STJ (STJ in particular, one would think) have certain reputations to maintain in the industry.

  9. poor jung woo sung!

    he’s such a private person and then first there was the outing of his relationship to lee jiah and now this.

    i was never a fan of lee jiah and i hope i don’t see her in another drama/movie after this. just take seo taeji’s money live out of the public eye.

  10. sucks for jung woo sung. really feel for the guy and want to give him a big hug!

    can’t stand lee ji ah and have no interest in seo taiji, but was helluva surprised they managed to keep this under wraps for 14 years.

  11. 🙁 Poor JWS… (assuming the agency said the truth that he was not aware of the marriage and divorce). It’s good that this is revealed kind of early tho. Why the court after all these years? Pffft money and money again… Is she in dire need of money somehow?

  12. It finally answers some questions as to how a complete unknown with no acting experience was picked as Bae Yong Joon’s leading lady for his big budget series ‘Legend’.
    Well duh! Bae Yong Joon and her ex husband Seo Tai Ji are close friends. So Key East (Bae Yong Joon’s company managing Lee Ji Ah’s career) are lying when they said in a previous article that they had no idea. Bae Yong Joon is good at exerting his influence behind the scenes, everyone knows that in Korea…and him getting all chummy with Park Jin Young (JYP) who is one of the shadiest guys in K-Ent made me look at him in a much different light.

    it always made me wonder how Lee Ji Ah who was a complete nobody got to act with bigwigs like Bae Yong Joon and Kim Myung Min, now it’s all clear.

  13. This news has been crazy! I didn’t want to believe it, mostly for the careers of both actors (I’m pretty sure ST will be fine). I’m glad to hear there were no kids though. However, I find it quite interesting and surprising, the views of people on the matter. I, for one, think that things like this are definitely murky and muddy, either way you look at but its important to think about the people around you and those you enter “new” relationships with. If you feel or know personally or legally trusting someone would be near impossible, you should save yourself (and them) the trouble and not involve others in your mess. I believe that’s just common decency, regardless of celebrity status, popularity, whatever. It doesn’t matter who’s a fan of whom. These are human beings with emotions, careers, and families and its rather selfish not to be grown enough to own your $h!t if it could effect others (especially in a negative way). Let them deal with what they want to do about it and with you. I’m not saying that attraction is bad or dating after divorce is wrong cause its not but keeping secrets that could mire trust and wreck havoc in the lives of others is plain inappropriate and unnecessary.
    Telling others your business is a tricky thing and being a private person, myself, I understand playing close to the vest, however, consideration for the lives(feelings, reputation) of others has to be a priority in life.
    All in all, I do hope that everything fares well, regardless of hurt feelings.
    Thanks so much for the news and opinion.

  14. I only feel awful for your ILU sweetie, all the other aspects of this is very shocking, of coz, but it’s not really that hard to comprehend why they have to keep it in wraps and so forth. TBH I hope he knew and yet they still choose to enter into the relationship because they genuinely has fallen for each other as 2 individuals and as the common law divorce has been ‘finalized’ a while back either 2006/2009. But I can’t begin to understand ppl entering into a romance by being dishonest about sth as big deal as an ongoing alimony lawsuit/divorce and still call it love if he was kept in the dark. And she’s sooo happy, not a care of the world her handsome bf in hand traveling while jousting with this mess. She must be a way better actress than what I saw of her in her day job.

    I’m relieved there r no children involved. The thought of bringing up 2 children going to this extreme to keep everything under wraps make me worry about the littlings.

  15. 1. so this ‘marriage and divorce’ is real, with no kids. But we still dont really know the bare truth, I would like to hear it from the involvers, I think they won’t tell us all or they even can tell lies, but we can find the truth from their words, not like this, from the media. ask yourself ‘do you believe in them, the media?’
    2. I didnt like her, I am not a real fan of anyone in my life, but I have always been liking him from his first drama, but reading this breaking news make me feel like she wont have any slight chance to explain herself, and JWS, even he knew it or didnt know it, I dont think it makes any different in the end if he is not strong enough. I prefer JWS knew it, and protects her from this, which tell me he is a great person. But it ways out like he has no idea, which is bad, he has to be shocked, and after that, even he really loves her, its hard for him to forgive her, or his fans just cant let them together. But there is always a percent that he knew it, and now runs away from this mess by disclaiming her, which is real damn bad. I hope its not, but I just cant help giving out that chance.
    really sad

  16. Reading this news has me thinking it’s difficult to fathom one’s true nature and a huge cover-up. I am not a fan of either but I am sure Lee has her own reasons for concealing the marriage. While we would all like to put the blame on Lee for her dishonesty, what about Seo and the company she is affiliated with? I don’t believe the company never does any background checks on her or anything before hiring her as one of their artistes and takes everything she says at face value? Can that be possible? Especially when Bae is such an influential figure and he is good friends with Seo? It’s kind of ludicrous, don’t you think? Isn’t it abnormal too that Seo’s married for 14 years and he never once mentions anything about her? And the unbelievable secrecy about their marriage? It’s so well kept that nobody knows?

    Why is this news reported only now? I really question the motive of this recent leak of news. I don’t think it’s Lee since it actually does nothing to her career, only tarnishes it since Korea is still a rather conservative society in a way. It also jeopardizes her relationship with Jung because if it’s true she has deliberately kept the matter from him, he would not take her back anymore. She’s only going to drag his name through the mud. Of course, he would ultimately emerge unscathed but the association with this affair would forever be there whether he is innocent or not.

  17. I think we should wait for her to come out and say something about the situation. Having a secret marriage for this long is not easy. But because it’s oversea, I guess it’s just a bit easier.

    I hope the press doesn’t pain the wrong picture and push her into the corner. I wouldn’t want to see her commit suicide (which has taken quite a few talented individuals in recent years) due to this incidence.

  18. I think it was not good that JSW publicly dropped LJA like a hot potato. It would have been so cool if he said “no comment” and break up with her in private.

  19. I don’t know about JWS and a little about LJA but after reading Hancinema.net and that the possibility of this news was used by SK media to cover up political corruption made me realize how A. there is no freedom of the press in SK and B. everyone seems to be using LJA as toilet paper.

    As a woman, I am appalled that any woman would take his side on this issue. We women have been oppressed throughout history and I think any man who claims innocence at a woman’s expense is scum. There is one less actor I have to think about.

    • I don’t subscribe to the notion that as a woman I need to support LJA on this issue, if the facts as we know it doesn’t merit it.

      I have no problems with LJA and STJ’s secret marriage (if the K-public is angry or feel duped, then I would lay all the fault at STJ’s feet, bc he was the mega star when he married a barely 20 year old student, one guess who needed the secrecy, and it wasn’t LJA), because it’s their marriage. I don’t care if they are public figures, they should feel free to get married, get divorced, sue for alimony, all without the world knowing about it.

      As for the JWS-LJA relationship and what he knew or didn’t know, that is also between them. If LJA told him, and then he feigned innocence now to drop her like a hot potato, he’s an ass of the first order.

      If LJA didn’t tell him – that was her perogative, I don’t believe she had a duty to tell him, one does not need to give a full accounting of one’s dating history – BUT if she didn’t tell him, then the consequences are he’s going to feel MASSIVELY DECEIVED, ergo, that relationship is kaput.

      I am all about individual choice (LJA should have the right to behave in her own personal relationship the way she wants to – to tell her new boyfriend about her previous secret marriage and divorce is HER CHOICE and there is no right or wrong in either choice) – but then I am also all about accepting the consequences of that choice.

      If LJA chose not to tell JWS about her past, then the consequences are that he will be feeling angry, hurt, confused, and upset, and has every right to end the relationship. Just like I don’t cast stones on LJA for her behavior in the relationship with JWS, I also don’t cast stones on JWS for his behavior afterwards.

      It’s a relationship between two people, their choices, their actions, their consequences. I hardly would call him breaking up with her “scummy”. But your opinion is of course simply that. I don’t believe that JWS, simply by virtue of being of a male gender, needs to unequivocally support LJA, simply because she’s a woman. Gender oppression and equality may be something we as women continue to right for, but it’s on a macro level, and should not be applied in dishing out censure for actions that ought to be between two individuals in a private relationship, especially when we know none of the hard facts.

      As for how the K-media and public is treating LJA, that is a travesty and horror to behold. I second your opinion, it’s completely unwarranted. The girl has done NOTHING WRONG. Nothing. Whatever she did is between her and her ex-husband and her new boyfriend.

      *wry laughs* I guess what I was trying to say is just that this entire “scandal/media event” has no right and wrong for the three people involved – STJ/LJA/JWS. The only wrong I see is the reaction of the K-public wanting to eviscerate LJA for doing absolutely nothing that merits any censure from us.

  20. >>> but because she LIED to him and never told him about her past. A relationship built on a foundation of one great big lie is doomed to fail, and I’m glad this news came out now so that Jung Woo Sung didn’t get further involved with her.

    Some folk are pretty harsh on her. Many fans are in support of the two popular men. She wasn’t that well-liked to begin with, especially not after JWS made his public declaration.

    I am neutral. Don’t like or dislike her since I have not seen her in anything else outside of a brief glimpse in Beethoven Virus, and an even briefer glimpse in Athena. If anything, my favorite in the trio would be JWS – his role I adored in AMTR some 5-6 yrs ago.

    The way I see it – they’re in a new budding relationship. She has more or less been enclosed in that 14 yr old farce of a secret marriage. Not allowed to see other guys either.

    So now she gets to move on. New potential relationship happening .. with coveted JWS, no less. 2-3 months in the relationship – what is she supposed to do? Give JWS a blow by blow on the sordid details of their ongoing alimony fight? Tell him she has two kids (if they exist)?
    Frighten him off with the vision of ‘golddigger’ (as some netizens are already calling her for wanting alimony for those 14 yrs?) and and tell him about the alimony mess and how Seo Ji Tae is only reacting like a normal human male to alimony payments? Not the godly music revolutionist or whatever image Koreans hold of him?

    We all know how ugly some proceedings can be, based on how petty and unreasonable some parties can be or how facts can be manipulated .

    Seriosuly, I am NOT sure JWS didn’t know. Ok so that’s what he/his agency says he says anyway. Whatever. The dude has to come out of this looking good. His popularity must remain protected.

    I know I would respect JWS way more if he says he knew, but he will wait for her to resolve her own matters, rather than ditch and bail.

    All these details and ‘truths’ come with a lot of packaged spin doctoring. Even if news came out right from the star’ mouths .. they may read from a script drawn up by their agency. Based on the reactions already out there – ‘truths’ can be versatilely manipulated. Anything to make them all emerge looking and smelling good, boxoffice profits unscathed.

    Liking a star of not, I seldom take anything I read from them/about them at face value – read and observe between the lines, piece together the little details for a better picture. These observations normally prove to be more accurate and spot on eventually, than what is actually said.

    I do this with real people, I do it even more with ‘actors’. Talk and touchy-feely to me is mere lip service, actually hang around to see how many put their money where their mouths are.

  21. A few things:
    When is this going to be turned into a drama, who will play the lead parts, can the Hong sisters write it, how come every one is talking about Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung, but it seems as if Seo Taiji is getting a free pass, and also what kind of voodoo is Lee Ji Ah working that she’s landing these man that are way out of her league: girl share the secret.

  22. this story made me realize entertainment industry is one of those that con artists can make a good living and not listening to garbage management PR any more.
    Lee Ji -ah and management are con artists. I’m sorry for all the people who tried out for her roles because she knows how to bang the right people.

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