K-Entertainment Rocked by News of Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s Secret Marriage and Divorce

[Edit: KeyEast just made a formal statement, and clarified the marriage, divorce, and the fact that the couple did not have any children together]

Don’t worry everyone, I’m fine. I’m in a helluva pissed off mood, but could hardly be upset when I find truth is always preferable to a lie. News broke yesterday that actress Lee Ji Ah has been secretly married to famous 90s rockstar Seo Taiji……beginning in 1997 (when she was either 16 or 20, depending on which of her birth year listed is correct). During the course of the marriage, they had no kids, and Lee Ji Ah filed for divorce in 2oo6 and the divorce was granted in 2009. The current lawsuit is over alimony, and isn’t it ironic that it’s always money (dirty, good ole money) that has outed this entire shocking story. Continue reading