Park Shi Hoo Joins Moon Chae Won in the Upcoming KBS Sageuk The Princess’s Man

We finally have our Romeo to romance his Juliet. Moon Chae Won was cast a few weeks ago as the lead in The Princess’s Man, an upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs sageuk (to follow Romance Town), which is being described as a Joseon-era Romeo and Juliet. Today news reports have finally confirmed that Park Shi Hoo has been cast as the Man to Moon Chae Won’s princess. I’m thrilled with this news, because I’ve always liked Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo’s previous sageuk roles, she in Painter of the Wind, and he in Iljimae. I find this pairing unexpected but intriguing. 

The drama will tell the story of Princess Lee Se Ryung, daughter to Grand Prince Su Yang, second son of King Sejong the Great, whose ambition to become the King pits him against supportors of the other faction supporting a rival heir. Of course our princess will fall in love with the son of the man who opposes her father’s reach to become King, and this puts their sure to be bucket-loads of angst against the historical intrigue and court rivalries of that era.

One of my guilty pleasure sageuks is Seodongyeo, which was itself a Romeo and Juliet story of the future king of Baekjae falling in love with a princess of Shilla, so I love me some romance-focused sageuk. I’m also looking forward to this project because Park Shi Hoo seems to have a knack for picking projects, which are either ratings successes or end up being cult favorites where Park Shi Hoo manages to steal the show. I’m putting my money that he saw something he liked with this drama.

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Park Shi Hoo Joins Moon Chae Won in the Upcoming KBS Sageuk The Princess’s Man — 24 Comments

  1. Love this pairing!!!!…but the Romeo-Juliet-esque storyline is making me kinda nervous…and since this is a sageuk, chances are that this may not end up well…..but still angsty Park Shi Hoo always makes for some great screencaps….preferably with shirt off….so what exactly is the sageuk equivalent of a shower scene?…….
    anyways this along with the possibility of Noh Hee Kyung’s new fantasy drama totally made me night…ooops it’s morning now

  2. MCW more stunning when she play on sageuk role than rom com…Love her acting on her sageuk role on POTW and she win the Best Couple with MGY there…

  3. i’m really looking forward to this….somehow the story reminds me a bit of ja myung go….i hope this drama doesn’t end up like ja myung go though….cause i like both of the leads, they look great together….btw any news on who the PD and scriptwriter are?

  4. Not a big fan of Moon Cahe Young,but I know she really acts well.
    Romeoe Juliet story is nothing new,but since this is sageuk,it’ll be exciting.
    Haven’t seen a sageuk for a year,I’ll try to see this.
    I hope,this will also be dramatic..I missed crying over dramas..hehe.

  5. Love love love Park shi hoo… so I will watch this just for him although I prefer him in a drama that set in present time…. I am so agreed that he often stole scene and attention from the main lead.. and finally.. he is a main lead.. looking forwards to this.

    • I too have been a PSH fan from way back, Family Honor & have loved him & Ma Hyeri in PP…so I’ve watched all his older dramas since.
      PSH sure has a knack for choosing the right dramas….I questioned his choice of playing 2nd lead in QOR, but time & again he has proven me wrong!!! He so impressed me in QOR because of his improved dramatic acting & genuine comedic timing!!
      Though I’m not into sageuks, I’ll surely watch The Princess’ Man!!!

  6. I wasn’t too interested in this until now, but PSH is just so good at doing the angsty- guy- in -love thing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this one.

  7. Yipppeeeee he is back!!! (doing a little jiggle)
    luv luv luv PSH!!!
    Will not miss his drama… Checked!

  8. OMG! am excited for this pairing too!! wished he was in LTM w/YEH but this is not that bad either!! thanks for the news!

  9. Moon Chae Young was great in POTW but Park Shi Hoo was plain wooden in Iljimae…I only love him after I saw Prosecuter Princess…I think he’s much better in present day dramas than sageuks…but will keep an eye on this…I love them both and may watch if it turns out good

  10. PSH….he’s come back after PP….i luv his role in PP…so damn hensom and cool..he he he..i will not miss his drama…luv u PSH…tks 4 d news…

  11. I want to see this series drama very much. I like park shi hoo. He is very lovely, so smart and so cute. o to shim ni ga. po go si por. saranghae!

  12. i hope this drama will not end up with a sad ending as we all know romeo n juliet did. well bcoz it is more thrilling to watch moon chae won with smiley face in this drama. heheh

  13. really an unexpected pair ! eventhough i never watch park shi hoo’ s drama before. i absolutely will watch this drama as the leading is moon chae won. i really love her!!

  14. hello,
    The best Koreansdrama are Perincess Hours and The Princess,Man.Young People love so much (Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won)and (JU jiHoon & Yoon EnuHye).
    Because,these two drama with their talentsart memorable in the history of series.
    Thank you very much.
    Asia ,Europa,America Young People

  15. Hi,
    OMG,The drama “Princess,Man is Excellent and exciting at the time very sad.
    Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won are really very beautiful,lovely and together too match.
    They are Couple of historical.
    Please next drama play together one nice love story.
    Thank you so much.

  16. Drama TPM ->The Ep: 1-7 and 18-20 rae very Tops Popular.
    A couple of nice and amazing acting this drama. We have not never regretted watching and we enjoy the acting Top star PSH & MCW.
    PSH is very amazing in Ep 20. He is getting hot and hotter and acted was very very beautiful.
    We love PSH & MCW and espcially the two love.
    We hope TV.KBS2 continue to this drama.
    Thank you and Thanks of all actors.
    Worlds People

  17. There is Great star two Korean drama in World.
    1- Perincess Hours —> Superstar: Ju Ji Hun
    2-The Princess,Man –> Superstar: Park shi Hoo & MCW
    Lasting for all generations.
    Most memorable moments in our life.
    We never forget.
    Thank you directors and actors very much.
    Asia,Europa and America People

  18. oh my god the princess man is beautiful drama in the world.both park sihoo and moon chaewon get 3 awarrds with same category from kbs drama award 2011(top excellence actor and actress,the popularity awards and the best couple awards) yeah they really deserves all that awards and as their big fan im sooooo happy for them.i wish they dating and marry each other in real life because the chemistry in screen or out screen is amazing and hard to say that is just acting only

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