Final Trailer for City Hunter and Official MV for the First Single off the OST

With the end of 49 Days means that SBS is ready to premiere City Hunter in it’s slot this week. The third and final trailer has been released, as well as the first MV and song from the OST. Both this trailer and the OST MV are the most sane and thematically coherent offering from the CH production I’ve seen. I think the closest vibe I’m getting from CH is to one of my fave K-dramas of all time Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Except where TBDAW was gritty and snappy, CH appears to be overdosing on the slow-no and circular camera rig. I don’t mind some twirly action, but I’m seeing so much of it just in the MV alone it already freaks me out. I worry this drama will be more style and no substance. Here’s to keeping an open mind and seeing how K-dramas attempt to pay homage to the classic that is City Hunter.

Third Trailer:

임재범(Lim Jae Bum)-사랑 (City Hunter Ost):


Final Trailer for City Hunter and Official MV for the First Single off the OST — 9 Comments

  1. Oh… It’s so far from the City Hunter I know… I mean isn’t it the same thing as the anime Nicky Larson? Like the guy was addicted to women Min Ho character doesn’t look as a player… I’m I wrong somehow it feels too serious to be cool… Wait & See is gonna be my mentra this week.
    BTW Lee Min Ho is soooooooooooooooo HOT, I kinda don’t care if the drama sucks…
    Koala I’ll be counting on your reviews, you’ve never deceived me so far, aja aja fighting!
    You make me glad I learned English in school instead of Deutsch!!! ^^

  2. I like LMH’s fighting scene. I object pink/mauve/red/bright green…pants on any guy! I also have instant smirk tendency upon seeing red & green outfits on anyone (other than during Christmas season). While I’m at it, no bright neon yellow anything either!

  3. good lord how can they throw both LiB hot Uncle Jun and LMH and not expect me to be tempted…and like you said, for once there does appear to be a story and it even looks interesting….hmm.

  4. 1 the trailer is as bad as Midas trailer…. the same vibe…. and more the same guy in it Chun Ho Jin
    2 The OST ain’t as moving or to my liking…. however the MV gave me goosebumps … I love it and I love the flow… it is a story itself … 3 I hate those pink/red pants (my papa when wants to annoy me or drive my mom crazy wears the same color…. for an army pensionary guy those are his fav pants )
    4 I want him to be the womanizer as he is in the manga or movie…. not only there women love him… but he reciprocates …a lot
    5 I love that when he is around her looks like a hopeless lil puppy contrasting with the killer inside him
    6 I like LMH but I’m not his fan … however I watched his latest projects but I love her and her looks

  5. the MV has a nice ballad feeling.. but.. the voice seems not appropriate for the song, i think? The 3 trailer shows still no plot, i mean, i still don’t know how the story goes.. the president’s daughter, having LMH doing the MIT in her case.. etc.. its so confusing that i don’t know if im going to watch only LMH scenes and skip to boring parts! LOL!

  6. Hmmm, this drama will be a crazy one. I still think they should change the name of the drama that has nothing to do to City Hunter anymore.

  7. whatever! just picked up bits of the song (non korean) but all I can say Lee Min Ho you look good, even with that pink pants!!!

    cant wait! fighting!

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