Video Preview for Episode 9 of Lie to Me

The video preview for episode 9 of Lie to Me is out. I have to run but wanted to quickly post it. Spazz away. Just so you know, I’ve dug a huge-ass hole in my backyard, and when I come back I am going to toss Hyun Ki Joon in it. Man be pissing me OFF.

Preview for episode 9:

Ah Jung: I’m going crazy. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.

Ki Joon: This is so Yoon Joo doesn’t get hurt anymore.

Manager: So you and Yoon Joo have started again?

Yoon Joo: Nothing had changed, it’s just like it was before.

So Ran: You can act all you want if it was just a pretense, but why did you have to mess with Ah Jung?

Ah Jung: Seeing him again, ottoke, what to do?

Ki Joon: So what kind of acting skills are you displaying this time? Do you want me to teach you?

Ah Jung: Stop jumping to conclusions. I’m just here for official work, it’s not acting.

Ki Joon: I don’t feel comfortable seeing you. Please leave here.

My Thoughts:

Oh, I’m sorry, Hyun Ki Joon. You’re not comfortable? Do you want me to take my foot out of your behind, you ridiculously imbecilic man? That’ll make you more comfortable? Well, if Ki Joon acting like a douchebag lets Ah Jung stop being all mopey and get angry with him, then I’m all for that.


Video Preview for Episode 9 of Lie to Me — 304 Comments

  1. i was waiting for this! thanks so much koala! i totally agree with you, totally imbecilic for sure! gah! cant wait for monday & tuesday & the time when i see him begging AJ on his knees!
    i dont normally end each sentence w/ an exclamation mark, but he just makes me wanna !!!!!!!!!!!!!, you know? 🙁

  2. This drama is all consuming. I live & breath for LTM. I’m so sleep deprived. This is crazy! My whole family think I’m nuts and my hubby is so mad with me right now. Can’t wait for this week’s episodes. Thanks for posting the previews so quickly. I’m constantly refreshing to see the latest updates.

      • are right…I keep on refreshing my screen’s on Koala’s playground. I even woke up at 5-6am last week (Tuesday morning) to see what was the latest update on Koala’s for ep 7 and busied googling for the video, finally found it, even though it was the raw version. My hubby asked what was I doing so early in front of the computer that day. Looks like this new habit will continue till the end of LTM drama.

  3. I am actually planning to go to Korea and plant a bomb in Ki Joon’s precious world Hotel so that Ah Jung can be even to his imbecilic notion, but my friend told me to wait until ep 15. she said if Ki Joon doesnt realize his mistake and continue his jerkness she and i will plot a terrific plan to annihilate him! LOL .. :X

    • Bella, you are so funny! I can’t stop laughing at your comments.
      I agree with you, hate YJ so much for being stubborn and making KJ confuse of his love for AJ.

  4. Totally agreed..why does KJ say stuff like that to her?Where is his bloody principals of protecting lives??So you can hurt her by saying pls get out of my sight??

    Wake up AJ, don’t give in and get real mad pls pls…He makes himself 100x harder to get AJ back…kakak…idiot KJ

  5. Ki Joon is such a douchebag! How could he be so harsh to Ah Jung after she bowed out gracefully?! She never ever revealed to Yoon Joo of his lapses in judgement (cozying up to Ah Jung) and he still had the gall to say he’s uncomfortable when she’s around?! Looks like he mastered “Being a Jerk 101” pretty well. Ah jung if I were you I would set my sights on someone else!

    Oh and So Ran? Way to go! It’s time to atone for your past mistakes girl!

  6. do you want me to teach you to act?

    You better mean that u are in to her but are acting not to , coz of whatever reasons.

  7. Well, maybe, maybe he thought it was for the best, AJ hating him so she could move on and he will just be silently miserable with YJ. I am not making up an excuse for hi ok?when are we going to toss him on that pit? count as in!

  8. when i saw this preview, i was already pissed though i don’t understand what KJ is saying to AJ. thank you so much ockoala. now i know i really have all the reasons to get extra mad at him. DAMN YOU KJ….. I REALLY WANT TO SKIN YOU ALIVE AND PUT SALT IN IT!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO AJ?!?!?! YOU MESSED HER LIFE AFTER GIVING HER FALSE HOPE!!!! YOU DESERVE TO BE IN HELL!!!!

    • Agree with u…
      i wanna slap him in his face…KJ was the one who make a mess with AJ life…Poor AJ, my heart for u…

    • on a second thought, her highness ockoala is right. AJ should stop being all mopey and get angry with KJ. and my suggestion for AJ is that she should ignore him totally, go to a noraebang and sing her heart out I WILL SURVIVE by Gloria Gaynor. come on AJ, you can do it!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

    • I never thought I’d say this, since im like the leader of the peace core but….
      WOW, your violent thoughts and plans deeply moves me.

      This was soo not what I was thinking. This preview totally took me by surprise. Wow. Like, damn, and why did her coworker hold her back. take out your earring and kick asss Ah-Jung ah!!! Kick ASS. Ki Joons Ass. He really really is public enemy number one now!!

      • You see? Why we hate his guts right now!! I now make cupcakes, no war, but Ki Joon, at least deserved a BIG Whoop of his as*!!! Not even the hip shaking, the tearing shirt, the sexy sweat and the biting lip, is gonna save him from that!!! LOL

  9. Yay for SR! Keep it up and I may end up liking you! __>
    Poor AJ.. That’s the second time she was disappointed in love. x_x

  10. Hm…..Seems like So Ran has some sense of humor now…. Don’t you think? I feel like I can love this gal rite now….Monday! What the hell r u doin’? Come quickly!

  11. I had been thinking all week what’s going to happen after episode 8.. I have been lurking in this site waiting for spoilers.. whenever I close my eyes my mind would just play the cola kiss —- and then the last part of ep 8 where ah jung was crying.. gah!!! It’s 11:45 pm (Sunday) here… really can’t wait for ep 9 and 10..

    THANK YOU for this post!!! I’ll be waiting for your recaps!!!!

    • Posh, I got the same disease here…..early waiting for the recap from Koala, which was usually up first before I could watch the video…

  12. Oooooo Can’t wait for the next episode of Lie to me ^-^
    Can’t for Ah Jung happy moments
    I feel so bad when Ki Joon act this way to Ah Jung.
    Poor Ah Jung !!!
    Just go get Sang hee and make Ki Joon jealous 🙂

  13. Oooooo Can’t wait for the next episode of Lie to me ^-^
    Can’t wait for Ah Jung happy moments
    I feel so bad when Ki Joon act this way to Ah Jung.
    Poor Ah Jung !!!
    Just go get Sang hee and make Ki Joon jealous 🙂

  14. woww!!!! can’t wait for your recap on this episode!!!! >_<

    KJ : "I don’t feel comfortable seeing you. Please leave here."

    don't feel comfortable?? don't feel comfortable my ASSSSSS!
    you imbecile man!

    can't wait for the blind date for AJ. i hope it's in his hotel, and i hope he sees it!

    • After thinking about it again, maybe KJ is not feeling comfortable seeing AJ around, is becoz of his guilty feeling towards AJ?

      • I understand why you are saying.. But how can he say that to her as if it’s her fault genus begin in to have feelings for her. If he is uncomfortable, he needs to bear with it!

  15. this drama really PULLED us in a crazy way that we all can’t explain. the RAGE people are feeling right now is so…overwhelming. If Ki Joon is a real person and not fictitious, he should be scared as hell since people from different countries would want to kill him. LOLS


    • I think so VANESSA5021, with AJ is still around, it would make it difficult for KJ to carry on dating YJ…..since he has feeling for AJ….

    • If I were Ah Jung I’d go like this:

      ‘You’re not comfortable?.. pfft.. well too bad old bean because I’m going to drive you uncomfortable till you bleed’

      Ah Jung-shi! Aja! ;P

  17. i don’t like the plot and how the story turns, KJ becomes sadistic and pervert too… there’s too much pain for nothing, it’s unhealthy….it gives me a headache

  18. While I’m also on the break-Ki-Joon’s-kneecaps bandwagon, I’m really happy that So Ran is sticking up for Ae Jung. I hope they can be good friends again!

  19. been stalking your site for this…thanks a lot…i want to see ki joon suffer before ah jung forgives him he hurt her so much… lie to me addiction is so consuming…i feel like they are real persons and not just drama…he he

  20. Yes, I totally agree! He needs some major ass-kickin’!!!

    I’m in Seoul…I’ll kick his ass for all of us!…unless there’s anyone else who wants to come and join me! The more the merrier! 🙂


      • Oh my god!!! wanna kill KJ in cold blood…..what’s wrong with us, WE ALL BECAME CRAZY !!!!!
        we’re criminals ….

      • Whoa, Whoa…calm down ladies!!

        I was just gonna do some ass kickin’, not killin’…

        Yes, peace not war…but a little injury to Ki-Joon is okay…haha

      • oh yeah! this is what LTM did to me. i’m too much affected, enraged and crazy right now. oh please drama gods, give my sanity back. LOL

    • he really piss me off, I really don’t want them to be together!
      he is of a person bankrucy!
      how can he say it was real and in a minute turning the world upside down!
      ah jung deserve a better guy ! please fit in Gong yoo ,I feels cola kiss is disguating! with such an ass-hole! hyen ki jun is such a blaster!

      • whoa! your thoughts mirror mine. yeah, why not?!?! let’s call in Gong Yoo.

      • Hells Bells Yes!! Gong Yoo to come and Save the day!!! Waaaaahhhhh I love it!!! Gong Yoo. Gosh, I wish that shanghai chairman person would just pop back in. Flip my lid. Man, now I dont think I can watch Ep 9 and wait like a sane person for 10. No Sirree! I think Im just going to have to stick it out until tuesday as much as it hurts me. AhHHHHHHHHHHH

      • me too. i’m planning to skip tomorrow’s episodei’ll just read ockoala’s recap. i’m afraid imma not able to control myself then just throw my laptop.

  21. This preview is killing me, I want to be Monday !! I have to work, but there’s LTM and BL… arg !! I’m gonna camp in front of my computer like a zombie during the next four days.

    • if KJ dies then who will become the lead actor?? Lee Min Ho?? he’s busy filming city hunter …kekekekekek

      • Hahah .. 🙂
        It’s a happy ending drama right ???
        No death or sad ending

        If Ki Joon death then who will be Ah Jung’s future husband ?
        Is It Sang Hee ?

      • i’ll root for Park Hoon . he looks like harry potter anyway and he’s adorable. lolz

      • ah jung deserve a better guy!
        fits in gong yoo ! fits in anyone nicer , more handsome!
        of most the most dependable and honest person.
        heung ki jun is blaster ,kick his ass!

  22. Despite KJ’s annoying acts, i’m glad to see soran is finally standing on AJ’s side. I hope Soran n AJ would team up n both give KJ a punch(or more)!!!!

  23. UGH, all I can say now is that….Ki Joon better hurt 20 times more than the pain he’s inflicting on AJ! She better find a better man and it better be someone other than Sang Hee -_- Can’t wait to see Ki Joon’s jealous side.

      • Those Hyun brothers can have YoonJoo, I’m all for AhJung & WonBin.. hahaha!!

        20 times aren’t enough, 100 times or more is better!
        Geezz, HKJ! So you don’t want to hurt YJ but hurting AJ is okay? *smack!*

      • I hope, Ah Jung doesn’t get involve with Sang Hee, just to hurt Ki Joon, oh please drama gods, don’t get in that path, because I think I’m not gonna overcome that kind of gross thing!! Oh No!!!

  24. WTH!!! He does not feel comfortable?!!! What about Ah Jung? Does he think she feels comfortable seeing him at all?!!! What an a..hole!!! I wanna hunt myself some Hyun Ki Joon and boil him and feed him to sharks!!!! I’m really ANGGRRRYYY!!! I’m gonna need some therapy after this….

  25. As u said my dear mutant koala….
    “I’ve dug a hug-ass hole in my backyard”

    hmm.. ottoke?? i’ve also just finish digging my GIGANTIC HOLE FULL-POOL OF FRESH NUCLEAR, just for KJ~~!!

    should u just PASS HIM TO ME so that he can SUFFER more??? grrrrrrr…SOL!!

  26. well its certainly not what I expected.
    I can’t believe he can be so cruel, he deserves a punch in the face by Ah Jung
    Go Soran who could’ve ever thought she can be so righteous.
    Ok now after I’ve calmed down I can fairly study this from his perspective. He had to choose between hurting Ah Jung or his ex-fiance and so he’s become the most hated man in drama land. I don’t think he likes his ex anymore, its only out of guilt. He definitely feels guilty for liking Ah Jung and not being man enough to let go of his ex which is why he doesn’t want to see her, knowing that he has the potential of falling in love with her. (or at least that’s what I would like to think :p)
    I want tomorrow to come already, this was the longest week of my life!!!!

    • come on.. can we just hate him for a while..??

      we already know the twist in any kdrama.. so 4 me.. rite now.. i’m “Enjoying Moment Of Hating KJ” .. so that, i can Love him more in the next episodes.. ha3
      dun u think so??
      **continuing digging hole + nuclear .. ;P

      • Yip, yip, horray!!
        Grenades are in the house!!! LOL!!
        Can we use some rocket launchers?
        And a few tanks, I always wanted to drive one of those!! LOL


    • I agree with all you said. He chose to hurt Ah Jung and go back to Witch Yoon Joo so she “doesn’t get hurt anymore.” He is uncomfortable because he loves Ah Jung and can’t (because of some stupid noble act) go to her.

  27. Ok, Hyun Ki Joon is full of himself.. The world doesn’t go around you! The fact that he thinks SR should leave because he feels uncomfortable.. Pshh.. Made me so angry!!!!

    Omg! I predicted right. So Ran will give Ki Joon an earful.. may be she can redeem herself a little.


    • LOL

      OMG, what the hell LTM did to us? We want to kick his ass, skinned him alive, throw him in a pool, fill with toxic waste, put a bomb in his hotel!!
      This is gonna get uglier and uglier!!
      Im spechless!!
      For the first time, like EVER!!!

  29. Please girls… don’t hit uri Ki Joon too hard!! Poor thing…

    So Ran is my new heroe!!! Love the way she’s defending Ah Jung.

  30. The biggest JERK, ever!!! Even if he is in denial, what he did is inexcusable!!!!!! Hey Girl step up – change the shape of his face NOW as in NOW!!! Capice!

  31. Koala, when you’ve buried the imbicile, invite us over and we’ll bbq over him! Argggh!

    I was thinking though…. maybe he’s saying those last words about being uncomfortable, please leave… maybe those words are for someone else, and not Ah Jung. Maybe its for Yoon Joo… We don’t see who he is saying it to, right? Wishful thinking?

  32. I’m sorry Ki Joon, you feel uncomfortable looking at our poor Ah Jung?!
    Well we feel hella uncomfortable lOoking at your douchey new hair do!!

    This drama is not good for my health. I’m experiencing extreme anger and sadness at the same time, my blood pressure can take no more.. POOR AH JUNG!!

  33. Changes for me:

    1. New found respect for So Ran.
    2. Really like the guy that is with AJ in this preview – her assistant or someone, his reflex actions are really good, rewatching the episode, i saw the pen scene and it was hilarious. This guy scared and the boss throwing a pen from his hand, was very natural.
    3. KJ – Why do you care if YJ is hurt, i mean i feel sorry for her, but she has AFS and none of Yeh’s fans can help it , even if we choose to. So stop feeling sorry for her, before you have to start feeling sorry for yourself.
    4. What is Sang Hee doing all this time ? He likes YJ all this time, but did he not see that his brother is miserable?

  34. omg, i hate KJ so much. The last sentence is beyond my tolerance. I thought KJ is well mannered but hell no, look at what he is saying ” you should get out”. In stead of appologizing, he talks like that to AJ.
    If i was there, I will kill KJ right away. THis man deserves to die right now.
    Ockoala, I will help you dig that hole as well.

    • Aghhhhh I am soo angry right now.. releasing this video the definitely flared me.. can`t wait for the episode and most for the time when HE will PAY for what he said now!!!! So angry!

    • Is it better to bury him alive than kill him??? Since ockoala unni is digging a hole right now, I think we should bury him alive!!!!

  35. Damn you malaka, a$$hole and stupid jerk.
    This world doesn’t move just around you , you know.
    Take your YJ princess and get the hell out of here. Stupid ass.
    What do you mean you don’t feel comfortable? I kno, you feel horny seeing Aj and remember the Cola kiss, we got it, but you chose the cold boring YJ.
    Who the fack are you to order around who is going to get out of your sight? Close your eyes stupid jerk, and let AJ do her JOB.
    Please, break his knees Koala 🙂

  36. Omo So Ran is really scolding Ki Joon?!?!? Somehow that makes me really happy…Ki Joon is such a douchebag, hate, hate, hate him!!! What this is so that Yoon Joo doesn’t get hurt anymore?!! WTF, then what about Ah Jung’s feelings?!?!? Grrrrrrrrr
    Anyway thanks for posting this preview and translating it ^_^

  37. after reading the translations, I was just so dumbstruck with KJ’s reactions…IS HE EVEN HUMAN? he, not only had emotionally abused AJ but now even verbally? ohhh you’ll gonna regret this KJ…do count me in crazy people out there…am seeing red right now and I need to bash a certain’s face and kick that certain’s ass as well….hhmmmphhh

  38. go AJ! make your revenge let KJ suffered and die with jealousy can’t wait for for the blind date scene. 17 hrs more to go b4 ep 9..OMG! I’m dying like crazy now

  39. Same here I’m gonna help too.. that jerk need to die his ego is too big he think his the only handsome guy in this planet, I can’t believe he say that to Ah Jung how could a person be that cruel, he acting like a big egotistical jerk…

    • boy! I am crying because of what had happen to Ah Jung.
      how can he ask Ah Jung to leave and she is doing her job!
      heung ki jun better mind his own business , who the hell is he controlling?
      SBS, if u know .please pick a handsome and dependable shoulder for aaaaah jung.Heung ki jun is ever so disgust! cola kiss is sucks wanna throw out for ah jung with an unloyal person !

  40. Ah Jung getting Won Bin as a replacement for the jerk works for me. Can we have Won Bin step in now, please… please…. pretty please!!!

  41. OMO…this asshole needs a bigger a hole *picks up shovel and head to Koala’s house*

    AJ you better have a WONDERFUL time on those blind dates while that jerk suffers from his damn noble idiot syndrome.

    Good job So-Ran!


  42. Noooo, Ki Joon, this is soooooo sooo soo not cool. How could you…did you–what–…..omo. You know, I was watching My Black mini dress raw and so I said, let me just check Koala….and BAM!! right there. But this was sooo soo not what I was expecting. Man!! Ssagaji!!!!! 왕존 싸가지!!! Dont know if my korean is spelt right, but I felt like I had to say it in korean.

  43. OMO…this asshole needs a bigger a hole *picks up shovel and head to Koala’s house*

    AJ you better have a WONDERFUL time on those blind dates while that jerk suffers from his damn noble idiot syndrome.

    Be uncomfortable jerk!

    Good job So-Ran!


  44. Well maybe NOW some of you will take Sang Hee’s side!! At this point I pretty much feel that SH deserves both women (his brother seems quite prone to abandoning them).

    I love that So Ran if finally a friend instead of a frenemy. Ah Jung will probably be a lot more likable now too.

      • When does he take care of YJ and not AJ?

        The entire show he goes to ridiculous lengths to help AJ with her petty plot, even though she treats him like garbage when his help doesn’t work out perfectly.

        The only thing he does for YJ is tell KJ that he should not NOT date her because of him (which is something any decent person should do). He’s even pretending not to have any feelings for YJ at all, which I think is pretty noble of him.

        AJ has never made it clear to SH that she has feelings for KJ, so SH wouldn’t feel like he was stepping on her toes for giving KJ and YJ the go-ahead. It seems like he’s starting to suspect that AJ likes KJ, but I think that is a situation he would want to protect her from since he would never guess that KJ would like her back, and wouldn’t want her to get her heart broken.

        Thus ends my official Sang Hee defense of the day 😛

      • yeah actually i am with Fanderay in SH issue, he did those glares and notifications as ‘dont step in’ to AJ for what he believes, but he didnt know the exact things happened between AJ and KJ. Though I am not SH favor person but i think that analysis is right a little, the only criminal for me is that YJ!!!!! Arggfhhh! Oh and that jerk KJ, better behave KJ or we gather an army to kick your ass!!!

      • everything was done, by the two brothers for the sake of “our precious YJ”. SO KJ & SH are TWO ASSHOLE and neither one nor the other deserves AJ. it’s very logical to me

      • fanderay, you have a point there. but at least SH should had clarified it from KJ what his intentions are for AJ. and also he should make things clear to AJ since he’s suspecting already that AJ is starting to fall for KJ. if i’m not mistaken, AJ asked SH what he meant for being mistaken. had he made things clear to AJ about the existence of YJ in KJ’s life, AJ could have back off. but he just kept on giving puzzling comments.

  45. “this is so YJ doesn’t hurt anymore….”

    so it’s OK to hurt AJ instead??!?!!!
    but I bet he’s hurting the most inside….so i can’t help but to feel a little sorry for him
    then again, his choice and he should suffer and live with it!!!!

    • Agreed. KJ is definitely also suffering. There is a new OST by MBLAQ called “I Belong To You”. The lyrics provide us some hints. Someone already uploaded the song with English sub on YouTube. We just need to wait and see how much longer he can stand.

  46. Miss Koala Unni;

    I got my golf clubs, already, you have your shovel and your bat, some have knives and I think someone mention a chainsaw? We the camping in the playground unnis, are gonna HUNT, Ki Joon, and he is going down!

    So troops, get in line, buy the tickets, (they are cheap online) don’t need to book at hotel, we can stay in World Hotel, President’s orders (I make sure of that, my shiny custom made golf club, is getting between his legs for that!!!)

    We are fearsome unnis, we are angry, we are in pain, and YOU are going to pay, mister!! Hell yeah, I’m talking to you, Hyun Ki Joon!! Not more miss nice ajhumma!! Hell no!! We are going to make you pay!!! Every single tear drop of Ah Jung! This is gonna get ugly!!!

    Miss Koala Unni, Ma’am, we are ready, when you are, Ma’am! We can be in SK, at 600 hours, tomorrow, Zulu time!!

    LOL, now are we creating an army? Really? LOL

    • can i be one of your generals? I promise I can squeeze some balls with my bare hands…(clapping hands and winking) har har har

      • After the beating, I don’t think is gonna be much of Ki Joon left though! But can you squeeze them with your army boots??!!!
        LOL, he is gonna suffer!!

      • Oh yeah!! We are marching, chanting:

        And the song says:

        Ki Joon is going to pay
        I want to see him in pain
        Sang Hee is getting slap
        for being a noisy tramp

        One two, three four, One two, three four,

        Ah Jung is crying a lot,
        Yoon Joo is gonna get hurt
        I will skinned him alive
        and throw him some salt and limes

        One two, three four, One two, three four,


      • Mhahahaha!!

        I imagine ourselves, with stones, sticks, tanks, grenades, mops, pans, and pots, marching through the World Hotel, chanting the song, like a angry mob!! LOL

      • love the marching song…boosts the morale of the troop 😀 and the rest of us will be your cheering squad. will squeal with glee with every blow landed.

      • Did you imagine, that LTM, get so popular, that the real man and woman from the army, use that song, to entertain themselves?? LOL I will laugh till the morning comes!!!

      • your comments are awesome guys! …remember.. don’t hate him too much coz at the end KJ will ended with AJ…

      • Pei Pei

        It just a phase, you now it will disappear, the moment he says I am sorry, and looks at us with the eyes of “cat in boots, from shrek” and we all gonna be like Awwww he is truly sorry!!


  47. OH HELL NO!!!
    Ki Joon I officially don’t like you anymore. I totally want Ah Jung with baby brohoe Sang Hee now even more if you gonna act like a douche. Serious Ah Jung don’t need your confused ass anyway she can find/get herself a better man that won’t play with her heart. Ugh preview was not what I expected I wanted a Ki Joon feeling like shit for what he did but instead we got a Ki Joon acting like shit to Ah Jung.
    Now I’m all for those spoiler pictures of her walking away from him while he looks on longingly &even more excited for her blind date 🙂 Ah Jung make that douche feel like crap 🙂

    Oh &im happy that So Ran is there for her. I want their friendship to be healed &go back to being friends 🙂 thanks koala..I been stalking 🙂

  48. You need to block me from all your LTM post Koala. Cuz I swear the more I rewatch this preview, the more incensed I become. UUUUGHHHH!! How dare that man. And Ah Jung was probably going to give him a swift kick to the rare if her co-worker friend hadn’t held her back.

  49. thanks Koala for the preview and the translation .
    I think when he said he doesn’t feel comfortable seeing her he means that she is confusing him more and more , since he decided to pick YJ and not her , and since we know he has feelings for her , seeing her will leave him confused as I said before and even doubtful about if he did the right choice or not , he doesn’t want to see her so he won’t regret he chose not to hurt his ex-lover over hurting his actual love .
    but still telling her that she came to see him shows how much he is full of himself which I hate
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ ” Do you want me to take my foot out of your behind, you ridiculously imbecilic man “

  50. omo, the comments here are too funny!! I am really hating ki joon at the moment but reading your comments has made me feel sorry for what will be done to him (not that he doesnt deserve it) Gah, i watched this preview without translation and i thought that he was repenting for what he had done but NO that asshole was actually telling her to get lost!! God, now i am ANGRY and i dont usually engage all my emotions in a drama but ki joon has made me want to kick him where the sun doesnt shine!!! Guys, can i join the army, i swear i can aim well with a golf club or better yet a baseball bat!!! Now that is what this guy needs!! Ah jung, although your methods of approaching a guy i didnt normally agree with you but on this case, you go girl!! We are 100% behind you!! Ah Jung, FIGHTING!!!!!

    Is it to much to ask to have this episode out tomorrow with subtitles?? >.<

  51. The good thing ais that it’s already Monday in Korea, only a few more hours! Yay! I’m only hoping that Koala will be kind enough, and has time, to do the recap as soon as she watches–or while she is watching– LTM! I don’t think I can’t wait any longer. These previews are not satisfying my cravings.

  52. I think that from now on, my OTP will be Park Hoon/Ah Jung.

    (Until Ki Joon comes to his senses, that is).

  53. Oh shit..I lost all my self control.. BECAUSE OF KJ THAT JERK, I just spit on my screen while replaying the preview on my PC!!!! GRRRRRRRR I HATE KJ & YJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL!!! This is hilarious!! LTM is driving us totally insane!!! LTM what the HELL you did to us??? Huh? Why you make perfectly stable people, in to murderous, angry, full of rage mob? Seriously? This is getting ugly!! I’m concern from Ki Joon’s safety right now!! And my custom made shiny golf club, is getting excited, when I told him, that there will be blood!!!

        LOL, I’m entering the murderous phase again!! NOOOOOO!!
        Interior peace, sighs!!!!!

  54. i’m still furious!!!! no matter what i do, i can’t make things right to whatever i do. can’t really believe those words coming out from supposedly dignified, well educated and well mannered man in the history of Kdrama land. addressing those words to the person he didn’t just betray but also trampled the heart is just too cruel. he’s supposed to be apologetic. he knew that aj had just recovered from the trauma of unrequitted first love but what did he do?! he awakened her dormant heart and just dropped her like a hot potato?! and then what…. threw some much more inflicting words?! gosh… he’s unforgivable!!!

    my verdict….. he must die!!!!! and SBS management should fit in other character in the person of hot guys Goo Yoo or Won Bin or both. lolz

    and for AJ, gurl… stop moping around! be strong, hold your head up high and ignore him to death. you deserve a much better man. be confident that you will overcome the heartbreaking situation you’re into. go to a noraebang to unload your frustration and sing out loud “I WILL SURVIVE” AJ FIGHTING!!!

      • yesss!!! the three of them must die or put them into exile or rather transport them to mars.

    • definitely agree with you!!! now with the 3 of them dead, let’s ask for 3 hot guys to substitute for them…even 4 would be better… what a way to nurse a broken heart… it will recover in no time, am sure…hehehe

  55. SO Ran i oficially love you ( for now ) . i’m just .. my head is spinning . he’s asking her to get out because he doesn’t feel comfortable ? after he crushed and burned her heart into tiny non sensical pieces ? how is he then one feeling uncomfortable ? Ah Jung should be the one feeling things he has no right , he revoked those at the ending of episode 8 ??

  56. I think tomorrow, as I always do, I will skip all the scenes where KJ & YJ are togheter, for me YJ is useless, I don’t want to see her anymore!!

  57. KJ you jerk…i hate you of what you said to Ah jung…

    be strong Ah jung..go go go fight.. just ignore him………

  58. That Sobrano IDIOT, I hope he suffers, suffers and suffers. I’m dying to see what follows, it certainly looks BEAUTIFUL with her ​​new haircut YOON EUN HYE. by the way, I’m still addicted to this drama.

  59. wow! your blog is full of with lie to me! discussions, spoilers, previews, recaps…^^
    i ‘ve been reading EVERYTHİNG for an hour and now i am ready to join LTM madness in your playground:)
    i hate ki joon like everyone rignt now, i want ah jung to make him suffer thoroughly, and i love you koala^^

  60. Ok after rewatching the preview &rereading the translatio, i think Ki Joon is being a douche after So Ran confronted him. Whatever the case I wanna watch already xD

  61. Before the preview, I was gonna give him a chance to redeem himself.
    KJ, you disappoint me. Now all I want to do is to join the kill KJ club.
    I want him to be torture before the kill.

  62. Dear Won Bin, I know you’re only making movies now but can you please bring your beautiful self to the World Hotel and kick some major arse? And while we’re at it, can you also wine, dine, and woo our dear Ah Jung and show a certain imbecile CEO exactly how to treat a woman? Pretty please, with a cherry on the top. xoxo

  63. did anyone wonder why is he like this what is the reason im so looking forward to finding out cant wait for ep 9 i still love kjh

  64. Koala do your job and break his knees.
    NO! Break EVERY stupid bone of him. HA!
    That’ll teach him, and please Writer, let AJ get a freaking hot guy who is like 10000000000 times better than that stupid douche bag, KJ, who is such an ass that he DEMANDS that AJ gets out while he’s the one who broke her heart?!!!!
    FUUUUU KJ!!! Uncomfortable?!! How dare he?
    Is he the one who got his heart broken? No he just BROKE another person’s heart, pssssshhhh douche bag.

    I’m totally going to print KJ head and place it on a dartboard.
    You’re so dead, Hyun Ki Joon, haha.
    I’m not sure but an army of anti HKJ is going after you, buahahha.
    Dead meat. hahaha. >: D

    (sorry for the long post, with some swear words, couldn’t contain my anger :()

  65. Thank you koala for the preview and the translation. You are the best!!!!!!

    I cannot wait for the episode where KJ is going to eat his words and try to win the lovely AJ back….waiting.

  66. Hmm, too bad Hyun bin left for the army before LTM came out…He could’ve been of some serious use right now. Joo Ji Hoon is out too. Still though Gong Yoo is here, it would be killer if they got intouch. OMO, PARK SHI HOO!!! He would be so KILLER Right now. OMO, I can picture his sexy smile. I think he’s on the same level as KJH and He’s able to do alot. Someone call SBS and Get Park Shi Hoo to LTM set for operation DATE!!! OH EM Gee. I can so picture Park Shi Hoo coming to rescue her. Yummeh!!! Or Eric!!!!! Eric Mun… Lawks Im getting excited.

    • Are we getting over the “I want to kill Ki Joon NOW phase” and focusing on “Getting Ah Jung a new man in her life phase” right now?

      I didn’t get the memo!!


      • I dont think we can get over that. Not until he does something so insanely fantastically romantic to redeem himself. I would say this is another approach for the “I want to kill Ki Joon NOW” phase, its not physical but emotional. Physical ends too quick. Gotta get him emotionally where it hurts like hell for a long period of time…and he wont ever try it again lol. Jealousy is a proven way for the male/female half of an OTP to “Wake Up and come to their senses” in dramaland.

    • I’m all for Eric doing a cameo too!!! YEH had a little something-something with him during their X-Man days. Let’s line up the namjas…forget about KJ right now, unless he comes crawling on his hands and knees. And even then, I still have to think about it. His redemption better be a good one because his idiotic behavior is totally unacceptable.

    • Hyun Bin would have been perfect cause YEH has a little crush on him.
      Park Shi Hoo should definitely do a cameo here it would definitely heat up the screen and will give the YEH-KJH chemistry a big competition, cause for some reason, though I haven’t seen YEH and PSH together yet, I can just tell those 2 would have crazy chemistry!

      • oh yeah… jung il woo, he’s one of my choices too along with joo jae hoon, goo yoo and won bin. and in case SBS wont get any of those mentioned guys, i prefer PARK HOON! seriously!

  67. ‘o’ Ki Joon so gonna pay for that!!! Argh!! The only way to survive watching him hurting Ah Jung is to think how he’s actually hurting inside too. I want to see him suffer in jealousy later!!!

    Oh btw I love Ah Jung – So Ran new dynamic now 🙂 I hate their childish rivalry, now it’s gone the drama will be even more awesome.

  68. Hi,
    This is what I said at soompi on said preview.

    When I read that last scene from the preview, there were many people who did not like it, but actually I do. The reason is because it shows that he is more affected than he realizes, if he behaved like nothing happened and everything is like prior Ah Jung i.e. fine, we would have a very good reason to worry. The preview appears to be showing that he is still conflicted and has yet to come to terms with his feelings after letting go of Ah Jung. So now for the 2 episodes they are showing how they are trying to live without each other now that the lie is no longer there to keep them together, how they were affected and the wake up call to show that although it was a lie it was not a lie in terms of their feelings for each other. Its not only him but Yoon Joo, Sang Hee, the manager and staff has to deal with Ki Joon’s personality do they like the old (YJ) or the new (AJ) which one in their mind best suits him. It is hopeful that he gets a wake up call soon.

    • I echo your comments.. Something is brewing in KJ & AJ’s hearts..KJ is in self protect mode n AJ will go on diva mode..Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. Kissy touchy feely will return next week.. Yippee..

    • exactly how i feel.

      It seems to me that KJ is all politeness towards YJ
      but he is unable to keep his coolness where AJ is concerned.
      I like it that AJ is showing a strong front. Way to go!

      • Totally agreed with all 3 of you. KJ is not honest with his own feelings.

  69. Am I the only one who think that there is really something between YEH and KJH, I mean that they are really in love or something like that ….

    • i think so too. Not in love but more like a crush to me between those two. At least that is what I want to happen.

    • Not in love but kinda talking…
      Idk but I do hope they hook up IRL I mean BTS footages always show these two joking with each other &before they even acted opposites of each other there is fancams &pictures of these two laughing &enjoying each other’s company.

  70. hahaha…!
    It’s so funny to see how KJ is being hated here in dramaland!
    I just wanna see him dying of jealousy!!!

  71. The drama’s title is two-sided:

    Episodes 1-8


    EPISODES 9-15


    Fun, fun, fun!

      • Be the one of the blind dates with AJ and let them have a hotter kisses scene while KJ is watching ,so he dies of jealousy he3…

    • Me too… I want to see Park Shi hoo have a date with Ah-jung and when their date ends… he will kiss Ah-jung in the forehead(having Ki-joon see it with his bare eyes). It will hit him hard for sure.

  72. the last few comments were great at last people making some good sense this is what we need to make the story good leave kj alone so most people on this page do not want them to get together so what do you want


  74. So Ran make me feel so proud for standing Ah Jung side. And Ki Joon make me pissed off so much…. -_-” Ah Jung fighthing!!!! <3

  75. Koala Unni,

    The unnis in the playground are really angry with KJ and YJ, and instead they are happy about SR reaction! A few days ago, we hate SR, love KJ, and YJ, well, good thank you!! LOL, this is insane!!

      • Yes!!! Yes!! You So have it right bishbash. Yoon Joo is definitely the hate name. I laughed at that bc of MP, and The current weekend drama My Love By My Side. Heheheh too funny.

      • hahhaha you are so good. I almost forgot that. Yep, let make Yoon Joo “the offical universe hater’s name”. I will use that now. If I dislike someone , i will be like ” she is so like Yoon Joo”. hahhahahha

    • its not her fault kj can’t be a man and disregard her. i pity her…she lives in a land where everything revolves around her and sooner or later she will have a rude awakening. when she realizes she is a pity date she will probably throw herself off the side of the han river.

  76. Ok so I read your translation again koala…

    When Ki Joon said – “This is so Yoon Joo doesn’t get hurt anymore…” Well that doesn’t sound like somebody happy to be back with Yoon Joo. He seems totally in denial about his growing feelings for Ah Jung. When you’re in love everything fades away, including past actions. Everything just doesn’t matter or if youre a gentleman, you would at least try to apologize for causing such hurt.

    Towards the end of the preview, because Ki Joon is conflicted, he wanted to purge his uneasiness by being harsh to Ah Jung. So, if heis that affected then we’re in for a wild ride…kekeke. Oh the precious OTP!

    • Yoonjoon’s “nothing has changed, it’s just like it was before”. You mean KJ has no funny bone when he’s with you?

      He looks so stiff everytime he’s with YJ, so unlike when he’s with AJ =). The LTM writers made it a point to show to us his funny and quite a prankster when he’s with AJ so that we can see the difference. I hope KJ will notice it soon too. Or maybe the Manager and his secretary and Sang-hee (later) will point it out to him, since KJ is being stubborn with his feelings.

      • I agree, he is stiff and stubborn, but he is playful and childish when he is with AJ which may have been his true side, but he hides it when he is with YJ and others, but comes out naturally when with AJ.

        Even the Cola kiss, it was his plan, playing with the coke bottle, and then running around the house with her, dripping in coke, and then kissing her.

  77. I have been laughing and agreeing and fuming while raeading the comments(200 already?) I would also like to hurt KJ but deep down, I don’t want to judge him basing on the preview. I will wait for tonight before I will tale action.

  78. He refers to her “acting skills” in such an angry way, somehow I can’t see him reacting that aggressive if she didn’t tell him something prior to that. Maybe a conversation between them that happened before that incident but wasn’t shown in the preview.

    Maybe AJ told him that she didn’t feel anything special for him and was only acting? If he really got back together with YJ, than he has no right to be such a jerk to her.

    • Oh, i prefer that AJ told him honestly so that KJ will know that he is also hurting her. She doesn’t need to show the hurt to all, just to KJ so that he’ll feel guilty as hell and stew in his own sweat!!!

      • if your assumption is right, i mean there is a sence where AJ and KJ talk that leads KJ to this level of angriness, i dont think AJ will be honest with KJ about her feeling. I mean that is what you automatically do ,when in this situation, to protect your self-esteem. And most of all, i think AJ will not want KJ to feel guilty because she thought that after all it was her lie that started this mess, and she is taking responsible for it.
        OH well, just my 2 cents and my wild imagination. plse pardon me if i say non-sense stuff. This LTM drama is really effecting me (and I love it).

    • What i read is, KJH saw Ah jung with another man, manager o some hotel??? and i can relate it to his reaction on the preview he might be so disappointed to ah jung for her to easily erase KJ to his mind but KJ still and longging to see AJ. Hehehehe… he is Jelous because he was working with AJ and her new guy!!!!!! L

  79. what’s that guy’s problem? his mind is twisted. i wish he’d suffer soon. aigoo, aigoo. now, i’m wishing SH and AJ spend some time together and I wish KJ would know it, and he’ll be eaten alive with jealousy. Really!

  80. argggghhh I was damn misserable for days and then what? Oh Ki Joon you really deserve some slapping and kicking from Ah Jung..on the other hand, when you said you’re not comfortable seeing Ah Jung it goes to say now you are totally falling for her, it’s just that you’re in denial and it’s all because of that stupid Yoon Joo ..and oh please Yoon Joo can’t you just disappear? I’m seriously praying that the writer will totally forget all about this character…geeeezzzz

  81. I’m totally not saying this because yoonjoo is annoying,but does anyone else find the way she speaks weird? Like, even if I didn’t find her annoying, I would still think she talks very weird, it’s something about the way she enunciates her words…

  82. Oh gosh OC Koala I think I want to join in your ambush on Ki Joon. I am prepared with my whatever bats that I have. I am really speechless with Ki Joon. Aisht.

    Does he think AJ is comfortable with him around?

    Just glad that AJ has SR to back her up.

  83. I watched the preview again, leaving all my anger before the play button–Just to you know, see. And While I was watching it, I noticed that the place where they run into each other at is not even his hotel. OMO, its a totally different place! Seeing that I was extra pissed off. I mean, are you serious KJ? But then againa maybe he owns there. Still…Ugh

  84. I can’t believe my self (cause I’m not a mean person) when I said that I’m waiting for the scene/moment when AJ slap KJ !!! (As I read it from an unconfirmed spoiler)
    He deserve it !!!

  85. Ki Joon: So what kind of acting skills are you displaying this time? Do you want me to teach you?

    Ah Jung: Stop jumping to conclusions. I’m just here for official work, it’s not acting.

    Ki Joon: I don’t feel comfortable seeing you. Please leave here.
    What the point is this????I think Ki Joon will choose Ah Jung because He KISSED her. Blahhh!!!I wanna kick his butt!!!!!

  86. Omo, omo, omo!!!!!

    This is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many keep bashing the scriptwriter and the director and yet…


  87. Out of this whole fiasco SR has turned out out be the opposite of what she portrayed herself to be. As for KJ I’m happy his being an ass now because his going to get it 10x worse once AJ moves on. Ah Jung HWAITING !! <3

    • actually even when she was doing all that show off to AJ , I if she was a good person I would have liked her because she can pull off her character:D and now the tables are really turned the other way around:D LOL I think we will support SR all the way now:D AJ needed SR:D and now she has:D

      and all the hype here I am loving it:D though knowing the fact that when the drama ends all of us will be loving KJ and forgiven him:D i just love to hate him with all the people here for now:D LOL

      (but my hate for YJ is still real and solid *boo)

      • exactly, i hate KJ for now but I know i will love him later on (after his hard suffer-ness of course). However, my dislikeness for YJ is solid, real, and unchangable. Yep, i mean it ;even the drama ends, I dont think I will like YJ a bit. Something about her naturally annoyed me.

      • oh dear i have the same sentiments…i don’t think i will ever like YJ even when this drama ends…she just give me bad vibes…

    • no idea, I had been searching for this last night……for something like online tv broadcast from SBS…hahaa…no luck…it brought me to the SBS Korea website, where I had no idea which menu to select since all were written in Korean language…. 🙁

  88. I agree with what you said…..that looks like the case. So, KJ back to together with YJ, I think one of the reason was he felt guilty for what he did to YJ 3 years ago…..and he didn’t want her to get hurt again. As for AJ, maybe he thought AJ would be over to get over him, since they were just started to get close in that short period of time. What KJ has not realized yet is, how that short period of time he spent together with AJ would stirr his life…….

    So with AJ is still around him, he would felt uncomfortable, since basically, she is there, in front of his nose, but out of his reach / cannot touch her. I think this is what is going to drive him crazy…….the jealousy part when he found out that AJ is going for blind date later on….etc……..only by experiencing all those thing he would come to realize, how precious / important is AJ for him.

  89. Whoa! this is indeed awesome playground for venting all our emotions caught up by our OTP, especially, the most adorable AJ. I think KJ is tremendously angry with himself as his heart is not behaving in sync with his head. All his life, he’s always protected others and done what was right.

    Now, he will be in touch with a side of himself which he’s never known, he is extremely drawn to AJ and that makes him angrier. That is why he is lashing out at her and feels so uncomfortable with her.

    AJ brings out all his emotions and passion, his true self. He is in complete denial mode now, but is hurting inside & hopefully, we’ll get to see the hurt today.

  90. Can’t wait!!! I love how Yoon Eun Hye just connects with the camera and brings the emotions through to us. I seriously felt my heart jump at the end of the trailer. YEH is daebak!

  91. thanks much koala, please post early tom regarding ep 9 tonight, i’ll be checking you first thing in the morning, you always make my day!!! thanks a lot

  92. I love how every time I come back to check this post, there are about 20-30 more posts here… only a few more hours to go!!!

  93. omo.. my mutant koala~~! did u see the latest picture preview ep 9 10??

    Though Ki Joon is mean to Ah Jung but when she gets into a dangerous situation while working in Jeju Islands he saves her life.
    Look like KJ is trying to save AJ. Will it be like Hyun Bin in SG that panickly searching HJW while they had cycling race?? Are they goin to change their soul too?? ha3

    palli palli get the info~~!!

    • Omo! I saw those new pictures and it seems that Ah Jung is alone and wearing a black dress. While Ki Joon is wearing the same suit while he was dissing AJ; he is alone at night time in a woodsy area and he seems worried – and it looks like he picked up something…a clue?! Oh mee gawd.

  94. Just now I realized that if there’s a Charm school for women, then there’s definitely an Asshole School for men. If you don’t get your shit together KJ I’m going to send you to Reform school.

    So Ran, I ma have hated you for being such a pain, but I’m grateful that you’re sticking up for our AJ…mwah!

  95. OMO! i love your post your blog everything thank youuuuuuuuuu soooo much for this ^^ now i can sleep well XD

  96. Please do not hate KJ so much. He is just in a confused state of mind, that is why he is easily irritated by the sight of AJ. He is torn between loyalty to YJ and his passionate, smoldering, REAL and EXQUISITE LOVE for AJ. Give him time to get back to his senses. Meantime, SH should be a real gentleman and profess his undying love towards YJ and make YJ fall for him. If this happens all problem will be solved and they can live together in a happy family. Auntie CEO will also have less headache and can handover the reigns of the business to KJ. Anyone agree with me on this?

  97. ‘Lie To Me’ Yoon Eun Hye, Short Cut+Black Dress ‘Full of Mature Beauty’

    [TVReport Reporter Seo Eun Hye]

    Actress Yoon Eun Hye has attempted to transform into a mature woman.

    The episode of SBS TV ‘Lie To Me’ aired on the 31st of last month displayed Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) and Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) confirming their feelings for one another with the ‘Sweet’ Cola Kiss.

    But the three party meeting set up by Chairwoman Hyun (Oh Mi Hee) led to Hyun Ki Joon shaken up over his old lover Oh Yoon Joo (Jo Yoon Hee), and Gong Ah Jung’s pouring tears after witnessing his instability left the viewers with more anticipation.

    Hence, more dangerous troubles between Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung were hinted to come in the future, and after returning to reality, Gong Ah Jung turned into a charming mature woman for a blind date.

    Gong Ah Jung, who had wore a tidy makeup to produce a bubbly and quirky charm in the past, prepared for the blind date with a short cut wave hairstyle, a chic black dress, and strange expression in her eyes.

    CEO Yoon Young Ha of the production stated, “Tomboyish Gong Ah Jung has turned into an enchanting womanl. She appeared as a mature woman from head to toe, earning praise from the staff members.”

    Got this from Yoon Eun

    • From reading this I think YEH is going to go on her blind date before she had that run in with Ki Joon. Hence his pissy attitude towards her hehehe

  98. Lie To Me’ Yoon Eun Hye, Chops Off Her Hair To End Her Feelings For Kang Ji Hwan…
    Anticipation for Short Hair Cold and Confident Woman

    [TV Edaily=Reporter Kwon Ji Young]

    Yoon Eun Hye of SBS Monday,Tuesday drama ‘Lie To Me (LTM)’ (Script Kim Ye Ri, PD Kim Soo Ryong) has transformed into a cold and confident woman after cutting off her hair.

    Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) had cried in the 8th episode, aired on May 31st, after confessing to So Ran (Hong Soo Hyun) that her marriage with Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) was fake.

    She will begin appearing with a short hair cut from the June 9th episode, turning into a cold professional woman absorbed in work.

    While this is done to end her feelings for Ki Joon, the scene in which she cuts of her hair has become a hot topic as it was personally recommended to PD Kim Soo Ryung by Yoon Eun Hye.

    But it gets even more interesting as she is to accidentally run into Ki Joon against her plans.

    Ah Jung, who was leading her team of Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, would visit a resort to support an event in this episode, and become surprised to find out that it belong to Ki Joon.

    In addition, she gets into an unexpected accident at the place and is barely saved from the help of Ki Joon.

    The production staff of ‘Lie To Me’ stated, “Ah Jung transforms into a refreshing and bubbly professional girl, and she will run into Ki Joon under new circumstances. With this, 2nd phase of this story will begin and keep the viewers more curious.”

    The episode of ‘Lie To Me’ with short haired, cold professional woman Yoon Eun Hye and Ki Joon, who she had shared a ‘Housewarming party kiss’ and a ‘Cola Kiss’ with, can be seen on June 9th.

    [TV Edaily]
    Here’s another….

    Article Link:

  99. and another…..

    ‘Lie To Me’ Kang Ji Hwan, What Is He Doing In The Mountains Late At Night?

    (Seoul=Sports Korea)

    Kang Ji Hwan of ‘Lie To Me’ is receiving attention, as an image of him wandering in the deep woods has been captured.

    The 8th episode of ‘Lie To Me’ which aired on the 31st of last month had grabbed the viewers’ attention as Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) and Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye)’s lie was overcome by the beginning of their new love. But Ki Joon’s ex-lover Yoon Joo (Jo Yoon Hee) appeared to cause troubles, helping the viewers focus even more.

    With such setting, Kang Ji Hwan recently filmed a scene in the woods. He had a nervous and concerned look on his face as he wandered around the woods late at night. As the three characters’ complicated love line has increased the suspense of the story to help viewers focus, the image of Kang Ji Hwan wandering in the woods have created curiosity and higher anticipation for the up coming episode of ‘Lie To Me’ that airs on the 6th.

    In particular, Kang Ji Hwan filmed the scene in the deep woods, which rarely have any people, and climbed up and down the twisting slopes as the filming lasted into the night. The actor and the staff members all faced difficulties as the difference in day and night weather conditions in the mountain and the bugs gave them trouble.

    CEO Yoon Yong Ha of the production stated, “Kang Ji Hwan was very professional, working under a hot weather condition, filming deep in the woods late into the night. And he made a strong impression to everyone as he maintained his smile throughout the filming session, and led a pleasant atmosphere of the filming location.”

    Meanwhile, SBS Monday, Tuesday drama ‘Lie To Me’ which raised the viewers’ anticipation with the hint of future problems between Ki Joon and Ah Jung, who has ended their fake marriage and return to reality with appearance of Yoon Joo, will air at 9:55 pm tonight.

    [Source: Sports Korea]

  100. I don’t hate YJ (don;t like she’s just there)she not intentionally coming tween them she doesn’t know anything. For all she knows things are back to their rightful place before his brother went all spoiled brat on them but I doubt she’s gonna stay this nice once she start thinking he no longer loves her

  101. argh! i just want to punch KJ straight to his face and kick him real hard that he’ll go paralize for life! how stupid and jerk he is!
    KJ you’re not the only man in this world, just wait and see AJ will have someone better than you! you’ll be sorry when that happens i swear!
    ahhhh! i feel so angry and hurt for AJ!

  102. Dad: Where are you going late at night?
    Son: I am going to shot an annoying person(Yoon-joo)!!
    Dad: Are you going all by yourself?
    Son: No, I have millions of people backing me up!!

  103. Komao….thank you for the beautiful preview, can’t wait for the ep9. Read some of the preview posted over the weekend for ep9, but it doesn’t connect. Ockola and Mizweng’s updates on ep9 were fantastic. It really blends from episode 8, oh can’t wait for ep9. Many thanks.

  104. i must say, so ran has started to get in my good graces since last episode and based on this preview, if she’s going to use that snarky attitude on ki joon (and yoon ju- it may sound unfair but pls pls pls) for ah jung’s sake…I’ll love her then

    and what’s with the pissy attitude, Mr. Indecisive? I bet you’re stewing ’cause you can’t accept that ah jung’s moving on without you….really can’t wait for episode 9

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