Lie to Me Episode 9 Recap

Good gracious, did the writer of Lie to Me have an epiphany today? Or maybe she got replaced by a writer with a bone-deep understanding of narrative drive and character consistency? Whatever the reason, episode 9 of LTM was DAEBAK from start to finish. It felt like a whole new drama. Not that I didn’t already love LTM to pieces, but now it feels like the training wheels are off and the writer knows what story she wants to tell. We also got some new OST songs and background music to spice up the mood. Truly it’s a day to rejoice in LTM-land.

I can scarce believe how relatable and sane everyone appears to be behaving now, especially after episodes of silliness and immaturity. Even words spoken out of anger and frustration quickly give way to honesty and questioning candor. I can safely say that if you are not watching LTM, you are missing out on the best OTP of 2011, both on and off-screen. The chemistry between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye burns. And if the story keeps ramping up in its level of awesome, we might get one of the best rom-coms of the year as well. I could not be more pleased.

Episode 9 Recap:

Ki Joon, formerly public enemy #1 in LTM-land, sits in his house and drinks. Drinking alone in the house normally makes me fear my male lead is turning into an alcoholic. But in the world of K-dramas, it just means he’s really really frustrated. He thinks back to what Yoon Joo said to him that night. Damn I want to give her a nasty nickname, but thought better of it since it’s quite unprofessional as a recapper to hate on her so much.

Yoon Joo cries her crocodile tears and confesses to Ki Joon how difficult it was for her to have made it through the last three years. She even thought about dying to ease her suffering. But what kept her going was the thought of Ki Joon. She thought if enough time passed, then Sang Hee would be fine with them being together. She thought if she can endure it, she and Ki Joon can eventually be together. Ki Joon keeps downing shots.

Clearly Yoon Joo needs to have a convo with a certain Ms. Ryu Hee Jin and get the inside scoop on expecting male leads to wait around for you. Even cancer wasn’t enough to keep Heon Ji Hyun around afterwards, much less this situation. I also think it’s hilarious the media kept comparing Ji Hwan’s Ki Joon to Binnie’s Joo Won in Secret Garden before the drama premiered, when all signs point to Ki Joon being Samshik v2.0.

Ah Jung sits in her room and cuts off her hair to shoulder length. She replays her confession to So Ran that the marriage was just a lie. She tears up, but she repeats what she said to herself that it’s okay, and it’s a combination of saying her new haircut looks okay, and that she’ll be okay.

The next morning, Ah Jung’s dad wakes up to find breakfast waiting for him and Ah Jung already left for work. She leaves him a cheerful note reminding him not to forget to eat breakfast since he’s been so busy lately, and that she loves him. Perceptive daddy wonders if something happened with his Ah Jung?

At work, Ah Jung throws herself into her projects with a new steely determination likely to keep her mind occupied. Her co-workers wonder if she’s working too hard, since she’s taking on all this extra work. Ah Jung says she can handle it. So Ran calls Ah Jung and they meet outside Ah Jung’s office.

Over cups of iced coffee, So Ran again asks if Ah Jung’s marriage to Ki Joon was a lie? Ah Jung sighs and says yes, she was just joking about the marriage. So Ran wonders why the housewarming took place, and why Hyun Ki Joon went along with the pretense? So Ran wonders if the guy was a substitute, but Ah Jung says it’s the real Hyun Ki Joon. Ah Jung sighs and says she doesn’t know why Ki Joon agreed to help her.

Ah Jung tells So Ran that it’s always like this with her. Just like when So Ran took Jae Bum away from her, this time Ah Jung is once again the third party who loses out in love. It’s the second time she’s lost to another woman. Ah Jung feels so stupid.

So Ran looks a little guilty, but she holds up her fist and tells Ah Jung “hwaiting.” Ahhhh, Ah Jung and So Ran getting past their rivalry and finding the original core of their friendship is really a very nice development. After Ah Jung walks away, So Ran then looks shocked that Ah Jung would dare prank her.

Ki Joon keeps calling Ah Jung, who ignores all his calls. When her co-workers leave for the day, Ah Jung stays to work overtime. She has to prepare for an upcoming business trip to a resort that is hosting the next international tourism convention. Her boss reminds her to be careful and thorough.

That night Ah Jung goes to Ae Kyung’s café, and runs into a gathering there which includes Yoon Joo and Sang Hee. Ah Jung is introduced to Yoon Joo, who smiles and says that she knows Ah Jung already. Ah Jung is invited to sit down, but she quietly leaves when everyone is in the middle of chatting. Sang Hee notices she’s gone and looks a little thoughtful.

Ki Joon is a total bear at work, yelling at his subordinates and even other hotel directors. Apparently there is a problem with the Gold Resort, a facility owned by the World Group. Ki Joon agrees to head down to the resort himself to handle the problem. He takes over the management of the Gold Resort from the bunch of inept directors for the time being.

Yoon Joo calls to ask Ki Joon out to lunch, but he declines her invitation claiming he’s too busy. He hangs up and tosses the phone down and rubs his face in fatigue. The hotel manager (Manager Park) gives Ki Joon a knowing look. He asks her what she wants to say?

She tells Ki Joon that people can either stay constant for three years and they can also change. She tells Ki Joon to follow his heart right now. She used to think Ki Joon and Yoon Joo were good together, but now she’s not so sure. Ki Joon sighs and says he simply doesn’t want to hurt Yoon Joo again. Manager Park asks Ki Joon if this means he’s planning to start over with Yoon Joo, and Ki Joon SHAKES HIS HEAD NO. Oh thank god I don’t need to go to Korea and beat his ass six-ways to Sunday. Manager Park tells him that sometimes being cruel is the most human thing to do.

Suddenly Yoon Joo calls again (have you no shame, serpent woman?) and Ki Joon ignores her call. Then she ups and walks right into Ki Joon’s office (OMO I freaked out, it’s like watching The Ring and Sadako popping out of the TV). The best part is when Yoon Joo walks in and sees Ki Joon’s expression when he sees her, she asks him why he has an expression like he just saw a ghost. Mwahaha, if the shoe fits, Oh Yoon Joo. She acts all aegyo (cutesy) and begs Ki Joon to feed her lunch. Sure Yoon Joo, I’ll feed you… the sharks.

Ki Joon reluctantly agrees to have lunch with her. They are walking down the hallway when Yoon Joo grabs Ki Joon’s arm and he pulls it away. Then she ups and grabs it again, and this time he just lets her. He stops walking when So Ran shows up, having come to the hotel specifically to talk with Ki Joon. In the elevator, So Ran is thinking through the situation – perhaps Ah Jung is lying about the fake marriage to shock her, or she married Ki Joon and got divorced.

So Ran notices Yoon Joo holding Ki Joon’s arm, and she gives Yoon Joo the dirtiest look ever. I newly love you, So Ran! Ki Joon asks Yoon Joo to wait outside for him, and Ki Joon and So Ran have a face-to-face chat. He tries to make small talk about having another house party, but So Ran lights into him, asking him what the heck is going on? She can’t believe he likes another woman and yet would agree to tell such a lie about being married to Ah Jung.

If the marriage to Ah Jung was just a pretense and a lie, why did he make Ah Jung fall for him? Did Ki Joon work with that woman to turn Ah Jung into an idiot? Ki Joon is shocked that So Ran knows that his marriage to Ah Jung was a lie. So Ran informs Ki Joon that Ah Jung told her the truth. Ki Joon runs off. He sees Yoon Joo outside the hotel waiting for him, and apologizes to her and leaves.

Ki Joon calls Ah Jung from his car. When she finally picks up, he asks her to meet. Ki Joon goes to Ah Jung’s office and they meet outside. Ah Jung finds out that So Ran went to the hotel and confronted Ki Joon. He in turn asks Ah Jung why she told So Ran the truth? Didn’t she trust that he would keep his word and maintain their marriage façade? Methinks someone wants to stay married to you, Jungie!

Ah Jung looks away and says she was always planning to reveal the truth to So Ran before So Ran left for Canada, She did it now because it’s not fair to Ki Joon’s fiancée. Ah Jung tries to joke that Ki Joon should have seen So Ran’s face when she told her the truth. So Ran was so mad, so Ah Jung’s lie did accomplish its purpose. The Shanghai Chairman has agreed to partner with World Group, and Ah Jung got back at So Ran. In the end, their charade was success for both of them.

Ki Joon asks Ah Jung if she really means what she’s saying? She says yes, and thanks him for everything. Ki Joon asks again if it was all just an act? Ah Jung says “of course it was, did you think otherwise?” Ah Jung moves to leave, saying she’s so busy at work these days and needs to head back. Ki Joon calls her name, and she pauses and turns around.

Ah Jung tells him that she knows it’s really the end of them now. She extends her hand to shake his, thanking him for everything. She tells him this is goodbye. He doesn’t shake her hand, but when she turns to leave, he grabs her wrist to stop her from leaving. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung to be angry, to get mad at him instead rather than have this weird expression on her face.

Ah Jung tells Ki Joon that she’s not angry. What is there to be angry about when they both were acting? She pulls her hand free from his grasp, telling him that she would prefer they not meet again anymore. Ki Joon watches as Ah Jung walks away. Ki Joon goes home and grabs a drink of water from the fridge. He thinks back to the conversation with Ah Jung about how it was all just acting. He throws his bottle in frustration.

Ah Jung walks home, reminding herself over and over again that it was just acting. She passes by their bench sees that all the cherry blossoms have disappeared. She starts to sob and sits down, which is when her dad finds her doubled over and crying. He sits down and holds her, asking why she’s so upset? Ah Jung just says that all the cherry blossoms have fallen and are gone now. Dad tells her it’s going to be okay. The cherry blossoms will fall and it will blossom again next year. Ah Jung sobs that her cherry blossoms are gone, and that it won’t be okay.

Ah Jung has breakfast with her dad the next morning. She’s off on the business trip and promises to call him when she gets there. Dad asks Ah Jung if she will consider going on a matchmaking date? Ah Jung is willing, which surprises her dad that she didn’t decline. Ah Jung says the guy has to be great. Dad thinks it’s a waste to just give his daughter away since she’s kind, beautiful, and a hard worker. He wants her to live with him forever. Ah Jung laughs but she’s serious, she wants to go on the blind date.

Ah Jung and her co-worker drive to the resort. He asks Ah Jung what’s been going on with her recently? She says nothing, and he asks why she’s taking on so many projects, and cut her hair as well. He asks if she’s going through a bad break up?

Sang Hee meets with Aunt, who wants to confirm that he’s really okay with Yoon Joo being with Ki Joon now. Sang Hee wonders if Ki Joon and Yoon Joo are back together. He asks Aunt to allow them to be together. He says they are really in love. Er, not anymore, Sang Hee. Ki Joon has been so hurt because of what Sang Hee did, so he just wants Ki Joon to be happy now.

Ah Jung arrives at the Gold Resort at the same time Ki Joon. They look at each other, then Ah Jung goes inside to check in. Her co-worker asks if that guy was World Hotel’s President Hyun Ki Joon? Ki Joon goes to the front desk and asks why those two are here, and is told it’s on official ministry business to coordinate an upcoming international tourism convention.

Ah Jung goes to her room, sitting down and fretting over seeing Ki Joon again. She asks herself what she’s supposed to do now? I dunno, but more kissy kissy is never a bad idea between you two. Ki Joon tours the hotel premises. Behind the hotel is a backwoods mountainous area. A warning sign is missing that is supposed to warn guests not to head up that hiking route.

Ah Jung goes to a meeting room where her co-worker and Manager Park are waiting for her. She and Manager Park introduce themselves to each other. Ah Jung explains the convention specs and they go on a tour of the meeting rooms. Inside a banquet hall where Ah Jung and her co-worker are taking pictures, Ki Joon walks him with his retinue of associates in tow.

He gives Ah Jung a hard look. Manager Park introduces the two ministry employees to Ki Joon, and Ah Jung politely bows and says “nice to meet you for the first time.” Best part is Park Hoon’s wide-eyed look when he hears Ah Jung pretend she doesn’t know Ki Joon. She asks to be shown to other rooms and quickly leaves. Ki Joon can’t contain himself and follows her, calling out her name. What did I say about him always losing his cool around her?

He asks Ah Jung if she likes acting? The hotel has many facilities that are great for using as a stage. He asks Ah Jung what play she is putting on now? Manager Park, Ah Jung’s co-worker, and the rest of the hotel associates are staring slack-jawed at this very pointed exchange between Ki Joon and Ah Jung. He asks her what act she’s putting on right now?

She tells Ki Joon that he may think it’s just an act, but not everything is so easy to dismiss. She came here to work, not to put on an act. Ki Joon asks Manager Park to explain what the official business is? He listens to proposal and then tells Ah Jung that the hotel won’t do this event. He tells her to leave, and then walks away. Ah Jung tries to chase after him, but is restrained by her co-worker.

Up in the office, Manager Parks yells at Ki Joon, asking if he’s lost his mind? Uh, yeah, sorta. She lights into him for speaking so poorly with a very important customer of the hotel. She doesn’t care what happened between him and Gong Ah Jung, but the convention is a huge national event and important business for the resort. She tells him to go apologize to Ah Jung, and not let his personal feelings interfere with his work.

Ah Jung’s co-worker is angrily packing. She tells him not to overreact, but the poor dude reminds her the president of the resort just told them to get out. The co-worker is shocked at how poorly the president behaved back there, he’s never experienced this in his three years working.

Ki Joon shows up and personally apologizes to both of them. The co-worker accepts his apology, and explains again they are here for ministry business and are not some swindlers pretending. Ki Joon says he knows, and asks for a moment to speak with Ah Jung privately. Ah Jung asks the guy to stay, but he leaves once Ki Joon asks for privacy as a favor.

Once they are alone, Ah Jung says an apology is not necessary. Ki Joon says he’s not here to apologize, he wants Ah Jung to leave. When he sees her face, he’s uncomfortable and upset. Ah Jung is fuming and asks him why he ought to be the one who is upset? If anyone should be upset, it should be her. Ki Joon tells her to get angry then.

Ki Joon should be the one who feels bad towards Ah Jung. She demands to know why he keeps making her confused. Why did he kiss her? And not once, but twice? Ki Joon looks at her and makes the confession we’ve all been waiting for: “because I like you.” Ah Jung isn’t so quickly wowed by his swoony declaration, because she repeats the confession, but then adds “what about that girl then?” Ah Jung asks if Ki Joon likes her a little, and Yoon Joo a lot, is that it?

Ah Jung angrily gets up and runs out of the room. You go, girl! Make him suffer for his actions which send conflicted signals. She rushes to the elevator and frantically pushes the button, needing to get away as quickly as possible. She takes the dangerous unmarked hiking trail into the backwoods for some time to think. She keeps hiking higher, in the process dropping her cell phone accessory.

She’s sweaty and out of breath by the time she stops. She thinks back to what Yoon Joo said to her, that she’s back with Ki Joon thanks to Ah Jung. She flashes back to Ki Joon confessing he is a good actor, but then telling her that it was all real before he kissed her again. Suddenly the bench she is sitting on topples over and Ah Jung tumbles down a small incline. She lands in a heap on the bottom and passes out.

Ki Joon sits in the room and puts his hands over his face and takes a deep breath. Dude, you got to work through what you want to do. Ah Jung’s co-worker is searching for her all over the hotel. He alert the staff that she’s missing and not answering her phone. Ki Joon finds out and heads out to look for Ah Jung along with some hotel employees. They head into the woods when someone notes that a woman was spotted headed up there.

Ki Joon breaks from the group to keep searching for Ah Jung. It’s dark by the time Ah Jung wakes up. She has no cellphone reception and her ankle is slightly hurt. When Ki Joon is looking for her, we see that he appears to intuitively sense which direction she turned, and always picks the correct path to follow her trail. Ki Joon walks around calling her name. She hears him and responds. Ki Joon spots Ah Jung at the bottom of the incline, and he quickly slides down. He asks if she’s okay, and she’s upset he just slide right down so dangerously instead of slowly climbing down.

Ki Joon calls Manager Park that he’s found Ah Jung. He wants to help Ah Jung up, but she’s hurt her ankle and can’t put pressure on her foot. Ki Joon offers to piggyback her, but Ah Jung’s not so keen on more contact between them and asks to just wait for the rescue party to arrive. Ki Joon waits with Ah Jung, taking off his jacket and putting it over her shoulder when it’s clear that she’s getting cold.

Ah Jung slowly nods off, and Ki Joon adorably scoots over so that she can rest her head on his shoulder. Ah Jung senses his movement but doesn’t scoot away. She allows her head to rest on his shoulder and she closes her eyes. She grabs his jacket that is around her shoulder with one hand, as she sleeps on his shoulder. Ki Joon smiles.

Ah Jung is sleeping at the hospital. She wakes up to see Ki Joon sitting next to her bedside, staring at her. This is totally a repeat of the hospital scene from episode 1, except with brand spanking new emotional issues. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that she’s not hurt anywhere else, her ankle will be fine in a few days.

Ah Jung moves to get off the bed and leave, but stops with Ki Joon tells her “it’s not like I like you a little, and I like Yoon Joo a lot.” Oh rilly, Hyun Ki Joon? Please explain to Ah Jung and the rest of LTM-fandom. Ah Jung just tells Ki Joon not to think people are idiots. She doesn’t want to misunderstand again, and she doesn’t want to continue to be stupid anymore.

Before they can continue the conversation, Ah Jung’s co-worker runs in and anxiously asks how she’s doing? Ki Joon leaves without finishing the conversation. The co-worker wonders why the president is so aloof and cold today when he was nervously looking all over for Ah Jung yesterday?

Ki Joon drives home, arriving to be surprised by a party with Sang Hee and Yoon Joo. Ki Joon says it’s not his birthday, and is reminded that it’s Sang Hee’s birthday. They sing happy birthday, and Sang Hee asks for an expensive present from Ki Joon. Sang Hee asks Ki Joon to change Aunt’s mind, she wants Sang Hee to go work at the company.

Ki Joon watches as Yoon Joo and Sang Hee tease each other. He smiles and says it’s a very happy day for him. Sang Hee teases Yoon Joo, asking why she likes Ki Joon? Ki Joon drives Yoon Joo home. A song plays on the radio, and Yoon Joo asks Ki Joon to sing it. He refuses, and she wonders why he’s changed since he used to sing it at her request.

She asks to go to an overlook spot they used to frequent. She sees the night view and remarks that nothing has changed. Ki Joon finds out her work is ending soon, and he asks her to go back to Paris when her work is done. Compared to Korea, she has more opportunities there. Ki Joon tells Yoon Joo that they can’t start over again. Yoon Joo wonders if Ki Joon doesn’t like her now? She thinks he’s joking, and she doesn’t find it funny. I don’t find you funny either Yoon Joo. You know what would be funny? If you fell in the Han River. Yoon Joo tells Ki Joon to stop joking with her.

Ki Joon quietly says “there is someone I like.” OH DOUBLE HELLS YEAH. Okay, does everyone forgive Ki Joon now? Told you guys to chill out una momento. Yoon Joo guesses that it’s Gong Ah Jung. Ki Joon doesn’t answer and just looks at her.

At the café, Ae Kyung is angry at the singer, who wants to go on a matchmaking date but Ae Kyung doesn’t think she should. The singer is upset that Ae Kyung found a matchmaking date for Ah Jung, and thinks she gives Ah Jung special treatment. Sang Hee finds out that Ah Jung is going on a matchmaking date. Ah Jung looks at the guy’s picture and is told the guy is the son of Ae Kyung’s friend. Aunt comes to see Ki Joon in his office, only to find him adorably passed out on the recliner. She watches his sleep and smiles.

So Ran is packing and on the phone, telling her mom that it’s her life and she can handle it. She tells her mom not to come to the airport, Jae Bum will take her. He walks in, asking what will happen to the house? He doesn’t want to live there, and will move out. He tells So Ran to go back and live with her parents. He wants So Ran to decide soon what she wants to do. So Ran is upset that Jae Bum is acting so determined, when he was the one in the wrong.

Sang Hee and Ah Jung hang out at the playground. He asks why she didn’t send him a text on his birthday? She wishes him a belated happy birthday. He asks about her upcoming matchmaking date, and finds out the guy is an analyst who is wealthy enough to even own a personal yacht. Sang Hee asks again if she’s really going on the date, and she says yes, it’s for real. Sang Hee walks away, and Ah Jung wonders if she’s gone overboard with puffing this date up.

So Ran is eating with Jae Bum. He finally speaks up, saying they aren’t going to see each other much anymore, and not to eat with such a down face. He apologizes, for making her lose face in front of Ah Jung. Jae Bum says that if he were Hyun Ki Joon, So Ran wouldn’t be like this. He apologizes for being a weak husband. So Ran tells Jae Bum that Ah Jung is not married. He’s shocked, and is told the marriage was just a lie.

Ah Jung tries on outfits for her date, but thinks she still looks like a civil servant. Her dad comes in and reminds her that the date is at 7 pm at the World Hotel lounge. Ah Jung stammers, asking why the World Hotel? She’s told the guy is having meetings there all day.

Ah Jung, looking massively gorgeous in a black wrap dress with a slit on both sleeves, and her hair artfully arranged in waves, arrives at the hotel. She walks up to her date, who is already sitting at the table in the restaurant. She apologizes for being late, but is told that she’s actually early.

She’s making small talk with him when Ki Joon walks into the restaurant and sees her. Immediately his face tightens. He walks past Ah Jung, who sees him, and heads to the back of the restaurant where he is meeting with two foreigners. He sits down and dines with them. Ah Jung’s date asks her if she knows Ki Joon, and she says no.

Ah Jung tries to be cute and bubbly, asking her date about his work. She says being an analyst is better than being a hotel president. Ki Joon and his party walk out of the restaurant. Ah Jung cuts her food a little too roughly, leading her date to ask if the food is too tough? Ah Jung says no and excuses herself to use the restroom.

Sang Hee is driving and thinking about Ah Jung on a matchmaking date. He makes a u-turn (WOAH, our first K-drama abrupt u-turn of this drama) and arrives at the hotel. He presses the call button quickly and then rushes into the elevator, looking anxious and determined.

Ah Jung freshens up and walks out of the bathroom. She’s walking back to the restaurant when suddenly Ki Joon swoops up behind her and grabs her hand (read: he holds her hand, this is no patented wrist grab) and leads her away.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m so happy I could cry. I can’t believe LTM has turned into a drama this substantively awesome after floundering for so long, and barely finding its footing only in the last few episodes. This episode was everything I could have hoped for, both in terms of conflict and resolution, as well as nothing I expected. It’s better than any fanfiction I read last week. Brava to the writer for finally understanding her characters and the impetus of the situation she created.

So I’m betting dollars that in episode 8, Ki Joon wanted to tell Ah Jung that he needed to deal with the Yoon Joo situation, and perhaps wanted some confirmation from her that she felt the same way about him and could give him some time to handle the mess Sang Hee created. But Ah Jung never gave him the chance to speak, and jumped the gun in wishing Ki Joon and Yoon Joo happiness together. Not that Ki Joon bought it outright, but the man definitely got even more conflicted and upset to start this episode.

I can’t say Ah Jung was presumptuous, she was just really confused, and emotionally worn out, and trying to salvage her pride and the situation. So she came clean to So Ran and gave Ki Joon an out. I’m so glad the writer didn’t even hint at the possibility that Ki Joon would get back together with Yoon Joo, even out of noble idiocy. If somehow this plot device does happen, it has to happen after he and Ah Jung have a candid confession about their feelings. Instead of dragging it out, the writer is letting everyone talk. Some of the talk is angry hurtful words, but it gets everyone to admit the truth regardless.

I scarce believed my ears when Ki Joon just flat out told Ah Jung that he kissed her because he liked her. OMFG, most of the time you have to drag the “I like you” out of K-drama alpha males like Hyun Ki Joon with a pincer and some tow cable. But you know why this story is getting even more amazing? Because Ki Joon saying he likes Ah Jung is nowhere near enough for Ah Jung to just say hell with it and get back with him.

Ah Jung is operating out of a combination of self-preservation and heartbreak. Ki Joon’s confession doesn’t change anything, because Yoon Joo is still around. Ki Joon sent so many mixed signals in episode 8 that she may believe him when he says he likes her, but what does that mean? He likes her but loves Yoon Joo? He likes both of them equally? He likes Ah Jung more? How are they going to move forward? A confession without a resolution in sight is like a leaf blowing in the wind for Ah Jung. She can catch it in her hand, but it’s still just a leaf, not a tree planted in her backyard that can grow into a lifetime together.

I have to say So Ran’s character change (however abrupt) is truly a welcome respite for me. I figured she’d let go of her competitiveness with Ah Jung and become a real friend at some time, just not so suddenly. But I’m not complaining, because it moves that friendship forward in ways that finally resemble reality. If So Ran were so bitchy why would Ah Jung stay her friend? Clearly So Ran does love Ah Jung, and now she stands up for her in ways that make me forgive her earlier poor behavior with Ah Jung.

Ah Jung may have been hurt that So Ran took Jae Bum away from her, but (1) Jae Bum never belonged to her, and (2) Jae Bum is not an inanimate object that So Ran can take. I agree it was shitty of So Ran to date a guy she knows Ah Jung likes, but in the unfair world of love, if So Ran and Jae Bum did love each other, then they ought to be together. So Ran’s only fault was the way she went about it, and then lording it over Ah Jung. But that’s water under the bridge now between them, and I want So Ran and Jae Bum to work through their issues like adults, whether stay together or divorce.

Yoon Joo and Sang Hee are finally becoming full-fledged second leads in the traditional K-drama methodology. I confess to never really feeling that Sang Hee liked Ah Jung, other than an interest in her friendship, and a teeny spark of possibility from his side. But I can’t see when that tiny bit of interest developed into driving to the hotel and take her away from a matchmaking date? I won’t belabor the point, since I know going forward we’re going for Hyun Brothers Want Same Girl, round 2. Theoretically I can see why Sang Hee would like Ah Jung, I only wish I saw it more onscreen.

Yoon Joo I can’t stand, not because she’s doing anything I condemn (yet), but because I can’t stand her attitude. She’s like Sang Hee in reverse. They both pressure and whine when they can’t get their way in love. Sang Hee makes his brother feel guilty, but same with Yoon Joo. Her “oh I wanted to die those past three years” speech had me throwing up inside my mouth.

I hate girls who can’t move on. Oh, I give her all the time and space she needs to mourn her lost love, and even allow her a chance to get it back. But when her first overture to Ki Joon was rejected back in episode 7, she needed to stop. To keep pressuring the point, with Aunt, with Sang Hee, and finally with Ki Joon, annoys the fuck out of me. Now that Ki Joon has told her, flat out, he likes someone else, she has ZERO right to want him to be with her.

Thank god Ki Joon told her the truth, instead of beating around the bush. Too bad I don’t think she’ll give up, and for that I’m getting my hand ready to slap-a-bitch if she says or does anything to Ah Jung that hurts her, whether or not on purpose. A funny aside, there are many Chinese characters to choose for the name Oh Yoon Joo, but the adorable fans at Baidu purposely now use the Chinese characters so her name reads “stormy cloud pig” or “dizzy pig”, and then they’ve stopped using her entire name and it’s just “pig” anytime they refer to her. For that, I both LOL and then kinda feel bad for her. But mostly LOL.

I’m a little frightened at how much I love LTM, and this love transcends itself to actually making me worried before I watch a new episode. It’s like I need to make sure Ah Jung and Ki Joon will be fine, will find a way to work through their newfound and hard to rationalize feelings for each other, and then ultimately find a way to be together. It’s like Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s undeniable chemistry with each other actually makes Ki Joon and Ah Jung feel alive and real to me. So when they hurt, I hurt.

This might just be the number 1 reason everyone is so addicted to LTM – the relationship and love story between Ki Joon and Ah Jung (however fraught with early bad plot from the writer) nevertheless feels so palpable and reaches out from the screen and just smokes us with the intensity. I simply can’t look away.


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    “Yoon Joo wonders if Ki Joon doesn’t like her now? She thinks he’s joking, and she doesn’t find it funny. I don’t find you funny either Yoon Joo. You know what would be funny? If you fell in the Han River. ”

    And this is the secon:DDD LOL

    BTW the only thing i cant comprehend and if it will happen probably i would choose not to acknowledge it, is that Sang Hee loving AJ! I think this drama doesnt need a brothers loving same girl round 2. And actually I want SH to be a character, really faithful to his love which for his love, he once broke his brother’s heart and now despite being in agony he who lets his love to be taken by his brother (i dont know if i explained it right?) yeah this is my thought even though i hate YJ to the bits. because i want that b**** to understand and see what love is (from SH)!!! Oh if SH says in the end that now he doesnt want YJ after she understands his love and regrets what she did, that would be EPIC!

  4. I wanna ask one thing I don’t understand?

    I think AJ learns about the location for blind date after her conversation about blind date with Sang Hee so how did SH know that AJ having her blind date in World Hotel and just by thinking about the other party being an analyst and he rushes to the World Hotel????? I am confused?

    • OMG that last scene, just by seeing him grab her hand and his expression makes my stomach full of butterflies!!!!!!!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • the blind date was organized by the cafe manager and her dad, so he could easily ask the lady for the location of the date

      • Yup..i’ve been thinking the same thing….and i’m guessing that SH asked around the cafe…since the venue at his brother’s hotel…SH might feel that he needs to take action…..since a few time already SH saw his brother KJ, and AJ in a state where “it is more than just pretending”. I think SH feels uneasy about it…and he just aware that he might have a feeling for AJ too and afraid history repeat itself….

  5. You are the best KOALA!!!! Thank you! keep it coming! I myself is in love with this drama. the chemistry is undeniable! Hopefully the Aunt will send YJ back to Paris and the brother will stop whatever his feelings he have for AJ. SH and YJ wake up! AJ and KJ BELONG TOGETHER!!!!!! I hope they will have more kisses and hugs.

    If a lot of people object especially the aunt , SH and YJ, AJ and KJ should just get married for real. and slap their marriage certificate to everybody. I love PH the secretary he is so cute!!!! maybe the secretary and manager???? LOL!!!!

  6. ThanX so much!!!! all day long I was trying to find ep 9. I didn’t even care if it didn’t have english sub, but with u doing the whole thing, it’s the BOMB!! B

  7. I think it’s clear from the subbing speed alone that LTM is indeed a major craze. Viki is already at 95%! Thanks for the recap, it will help with any questionable subs since I can’t wait for 100%!

  8. thanks so so much for the quick recap. I enjoy reading your thought and comments. I am totally in love with KJ all over again, and I learn a lession that I will never trust the preview again.
    This ep is the best so far. I like how KJ could feel which way AJ walked in, and when he saw her, he was just jump right down. Hehehehe that is so-called LOVE to me. The way he slightly come close to let her use his shoulder is the cutest thing ever in this whole ep. EH’s expression when accepting his shoulder is also very good, her eyes have some tears that she tried to hold-in; it is like ” just for this moment, i can lean on him………..” Along with the way he was smiling and happy. They are madly in love to me. Who can possibly break them up when seeing this?
    And YJ, i have no word for this woman. SHe is shamless. KJ clearly told her that he likes someone else, and she even mentions AJ right away. Meaning she also senses something btw them. But she just denies it. WTH, if a normal girl, when she hears it, she will back off right away for her pride as well. Going further, and even looking for aunt’s help make this YJ so pathetic.
    One thing I worry is SH. I dont want him to feel this same pain again. I like him so far and dont want him to be tortured by one side love again. I hope the writer will give some love and light to SH.
    Looks like Mr blind date will finish his job in this ep. I want him to appear somemore but guess he has no chance at all. Hehehehe

  9. woaaahhh that was super fasstttttt koala. Thanks soo muchhh.

    I’ve gotta say, this drama really doesn’t beat around the bush in terms of its confessions.

  10. Did not at any point at all think SH might fall for AJ.
    Kept thinking back and t I can only come up with this —

    SH said he was OK now with KJ & YJ; which probably means

    “I do not like SH like I used to anymore, so you guys go ahead” ?
    “err…. sorry about what I did 3 years ago. I feel bad about it but
    do get back together so that heh!heh! I can feel better. ” ?

    know WHY I am OK?
    BECAUSE I am “LIKING” an incredible gal who does not stop intriguing me.
    SO, Yeh. Guys. I am cool now.
    No worries.

    Oh. there was also a scene where SH was upset when he saw KJ & AJ very comfy together in KJ’s house on the sofa. Well, I thought it was cuz he tried to get YJ & KJ back together which was not entirely wrong
    BUT probably missed out the part where he not only wanted to be the Fairy God Mother, he wanted to be the Prince too when the charade was over.

    Well, just trying to interpret all possible little hints here and there When/Where 2 brothers falling for the same gal …..
    and sharing my thoughts.

  11. I usually don’t read the recaps until after I watch the episode, but I was DYING! I had to know how Ki Joon responded – his silence last episode was too much.

    I can now focus on my life, and (temporarily) stop obsessing over this OTP.

    Thank you, Koala!

  12. Ottoke… ottoke… we have formed an army with all the sharpened armours and now our target turned out to be our hero *batting-eyelashes-and-red-cheeks* Blame that on the failed interligence that our informants (code names SBS and PIG) gave in the preview!

    What will we do, General Koala?!? Your mob is still waiting for your order 😀 Certain pig must die get a lesson (trying hard to contain myself and show professionalism)!!!

  13. Thank you the recap.

    I think my favorite part of this episode (an almost-tie with the adorable scoochie/headrest scene in the forest [so cute]) is the ending. It’s kinda sad that it is so incredibly moving when a male lead grabs a woman by her hand, rather than her wrist.

  14. Thanks so much for the recap. You’re the best. After reading your comments, and watching Ep. 9, I realize I feel the same way that you do about LTM.

  15. Thanks Koala, for your lovely post… I like recaps with analysis of the episodes… I have never done this for a kdrama, but i guess LTM is an exception. So here are my two pennies about the episode. hope to hear all your thoughts as well!! 🙂

    Firstly, Ki Joon did redeem himself in a way. He is not totally oblivious to his feelings, heck, he knows where his heart lies.. he is torn between the moral dillema of the woman he had promised to marry three years ago but gave up because of his brother. However, he looses his cool composure infront of AJ – even if he sees her during his working hours. The former KH would never have lost his composure but this time he did… But what I loved most was that he had the humility to apologize and I am glad that the apology was not stretched by the writer!! I am glad he went and instantly apologised to the guy. And can I say, that I was glad he was frantically looking for her – i wished he had hugged her out of fright but still it was , ‘kenchenna’!!

    Now coming to AJ – I loved her sense of realism.. no drinking or crying… just trying to get over it.. I completely agree that KJ has confused her since he has never explained but it is also her fault for not giving him any chance. But i guess, she is doing that to protect herself, her pride and the very last ounce of dignity she has infront of KJ… Its the only thing that allows her to keep her composure as of yet. And I liked how she got back at KJ and asked him about the kiss.. it was very much needed. And I am glad that her charachter is sensible – like before the second kiss, she asks him if he’s acting or not and now, she asks him what he’s trying to imply by saying he likes her… Way to Go AJ…

    And i guess this quote would describe the banter between them because we know that AJ doesn’t believe that he likes her and we know that he is very much aware of AJ:

    “She said I bet you don’t remember me
    And I said only every other memory.”

    Hope to hear your loveellllly thoughts Koala…


    • Oh, another quote that describes AJ’s state:

      “Love is when you shed a tear and still want him, it’s when he ignores you and you still love him, it’s when he loves another girl but you still smile and say I’m happy for you, when all you really do is cry.”

  16. i finnaly get the 9 ep recap. Thanks so muc Koalaplayground. I don’t care people say LTM is not good. LTM keep my heart beat!

  17. Listen Koala it’s your blog…if you want to hate on Pig we ALL support you in that action.

    Now that we don’t need to throw Ki Joon in that hole I’ll be taking my shovel and heading home…*goes to check for subs*

  18. Yes I agree. The undeniable attraction between Ah Jung and Ki Joon feels so real. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan have so much chemistry together in real life too ^^ This is one couple that I’d like to see in real life too 😉

    I LOVE today’s episode! They left us hanging with a cliffhanger 🙁 I can’t wait for episode 10!

    The fans at Baidu are really refering to Yoon Joo as PIG? LOL 😀

    Thank you for your fast recap <333

  19. OMGZZZZZ!!! wow. viki is like already 98%. you can really tell how popular this kdrama is. I cant believe that Sang Hee is gonna go for Ah Jung since he knew that she was on a blind date. Ahhhh please dont let there be another brotherly challenge in liking the same girl ROUND 2. wasnt it already painful for Sang Hee when liking Yoon Joo?

    Now its gonna happen another time because boy, he knows he cant split AH JUNG and KI JOON apart. they are meant to be with each other and are really in love seeing that n0 matter whenever they “accidentally” bump with each other in the same places, they always show such emotions (wheather angry, sad, loving, etc.). thats just their chemistry.

    Now Sang Hees gonna be hurt again. Isnt it so ironic that Ki Joon always gets the girl first? And Sang Hees left with leftovers. LOLZ XD just a thought.

    BTW, how did AH JUNGs cell phone charm just automatically fall off all of a sudden when she was walking off into the mountains?? I know it was there to help out Ki JOon find AH Jung, but still how did it fall off just like that? was it loose or something, but it was kinda weird. Small part but something I just noticed.

    • Sang Hee needs to grow up and stop whining.. needs to be a man and at least purse his love first.. Sang Hee needs to hear this, ‘the early bird catches the worm’ hahah… LOL…

      True AJ and KJ have amazing chemistry – that makes their characters come alive and the love feels so palpable..

      As for AJ’s cell phone accessory – its technical issues; which in my opinion seem to be very common – to me at least!! 😉

      Loved reading your thoughts…

  20. Gracias por el resumen.
    Perdón que escriba en español.
    Apenas estoy aprendiendo Ingles.
    Con tu resumen y tus comentarios me haces feliz.Thank you.

    • monilun:

      Dejame ayudarte con la traduccion, espero no te moleste / Let me help with translation, I hope you do not mind

      Gracias por el resumen. / Thank you for the recap.
      Perdón que escriba en español. / Sorry I write in Spanish.
      Apenas estoy aprendiendo Ingles./ I’m just learning English.
      Con tu resumen y tus comentarios me haces feliz./ With your recap and comments you make me happy. Thank you.

  21. I can see you are totally immersed inthe drama as all of us.I would love to see the pig disappear , but then who will push KJ’s buttons and will draw him closer to AJ? So we need that pig to stay for a while, suffer, gloat or do whatever, the farther AJ and KJ are drawn the more intense their emotions become.

    Its like separating a bubble gum, the farther you draw, the thicker the pieces in your hands get.

    I see your point in the kid brother falling for AJ, btw who would not? He had his chance when she was absolutely free and was moping about her first love, he had his chance when she asked him to help her pick a ring, had his chance even when YJ came and he realized YJ was to be with KJ, he should have run to AJ, he may have had a chance , but now the ship has sailed, all you have to do is stay on the shore and wave , wiping your tears.

    It will be interesting to see if he confesses the second time and if he ever mentions this to his brother?

    • I was hoping to see the description about the ep 10 trailer, it was just awesome. i love KJ expression at the 18th second, His eyes shining bright

  22. I do agree, as if a new writer has come to save the day. The writing has some substantial twist that’s acceptable to reality. I for one is loving the new Ki Joon having the balls to be true to himself and pls no more sacrifice. It didn’t work with you, Yoon Ju and Sang tee, everyone became dry, unhappy and wasted.

    With Yoon Ju, I cant hate the girl for wanting that one great love she has left because of sacrifice and now still loving that person who claims to loved you but ditching you when things became taught. It takes a lot of pride for a girl approaching that person again! it is a torture for her and like Ah Jang she once loved but unable to forget, but with Yoon Ju it is more harder, because its a mutual love between her and Ki Joon but with Ah Jang it is one sided love. That’s why I feel the writer’s unfairness establishing Yoon Ju’s character, but plot wise she’s giving me valid reason to hate her if she can’t move on now that KJ learns what he wants for real.

    With Sang Hee’s, he was the most unfair person in this drama. I just wished for him to grow up faster and learn to fight fair and square and not using his brother’s love to get what he wants.

    Thanks Ockaola, like you, I’m putting my self in the safety zone with
    AJ and KJ love. I cried and bleed with them but now I am loving the way they grow because of their new found love.

  23. well, I maybe psst off with K but this drama has a remarkable twist vindicating him in this episode. Thanks Koala, I reakky appreciate your recaps.

  24. Thank you, ms. Koala!
    Now I’m going to read this again for the second time. Hee hee. I think I got LTM addiction because of you.

  25. “stormy cloud pig” HAHAHHAHAHAHA… totally cracked me up! 乌云猪!^ o ^

    awesome recap. thanks! i agree, this episode was awesome. I had to wait impatiently for the chinese subs to finally come out online and was sooo happy when it did. AJ & KJ is siizzling hot as always, and I’m glad KJ redeemed himself so quickly in episode 9 so now he’s fully back in my good grace ^__^ but i kinda feel bad for SangHee though, just when he finally decided to take that big leap forward with AJ by going to the hotel to interrupt her matchmaking date, big bro beat him to it… AGAIN! first with “pig” 3 years ago, and now with AJ, he never gets the girl! Totally sucks to be SangHee.

  26. KJ, thank you, thank you for not being a total ass! 🙂

    I actually can sympathize for YJ to a certain extent. The pain of the past hunted her, and it seemed that she’s trapped in the past, not realising that everyone else has changed. (Funny, but in a way AJ was somewhat like that at the beginning of the drama – hunted by her previous love adventure). I do hope that the writer can develop YJ character and let her mature.

    AJ. How much I love her character. She behaves exactly like a lot of us would in a break up – I think that is why I love Lie to me. For AJ and YEH’s honest portrayal. I can relate to her totally, and just want her to be happy.

    But most of all, thanks Koala for the recap. It’s soo FAST!

  27. I’m putting a battalion of armor around my heart coz i don’t think I cant take more of these heartbreaking scenes…my poor baby AJ

  28. Haven’t finished watching ep 9 however… I must say that I cried again with AJ in the cherry blossom scene. 🙁 Her tears seemed so real. I just recall so many “beautiful” crying scenes in dramas but I think to myself… gosh, I do not cry beautifully when I’m in that much pain. So I really felt for AJ at that moment.

  29. I’m always waiting for your recaps koala…thanks …
    haven’t watch the episode yet….LTM really got into me…
    excited for todays episode…

  30. thank you, your highness for the fast recap…and i love your thoughts…they mirrored mine…i like that AJ is a girl having the most natural reaction of self preservation in this situation…i know i would have acted the same…trying to show that everything is alright even if it isn’t…remember, she keeps on thinking about what the pig said, that is getting back together with KJ when it wasn’t so…so how can she just accept blindly KJ’s confession with the premise that the 2 got back together? the reason we love AJ so much is because she is so relatable…everything she thinks and does in this situation is what you and i would do when faced with the same….

    am so happy the story picked up…this ep is the best so far and if the remaining eps are as awesome as this, am sure that this would be one of my fave dramas (if not the one)for the year….

  31. Ack! This whole time I’ve had myself convinced that I only ever wanted SH and AJ to be friends, but I realized in that last scene (which KILLED me btw) that I was totally rooting for him (WHY do I always love the wrong guy??). I guess this makes me the only SH shipper out of the bajillion ravenous LTM fans, and I think I have a tough road ahead of me.

    I’m a big fan of friendship turned romance (like 9end 2outs) and though I was never sure in the past that SH had romantic feelings for AJ, it’s not surprising or far-fetched either. Most boys IRL who banter and play around with a girl secretly have a crush on that girl I think 😛

    I never disliked YJ until this episode, but now I detest her. Her pushiness in the beginning (calling constantly and showing up at work) turned me off completely. I really appreciate how quickly the writers are having the characters confess their true feelings though. It would’ve been better if KJ had pushed her off the lookout point after telling her to go to Paris, since I’m guessing she’ll stick around and cause all sorts of nasty trouble.

    The plot devices are still a bit clunky in this show (AJ happening to be scheduled at those two hotels for example) but I feel like the character development is getting better. I was a bit disappointed in AJ’s survival skills though. She twists her ankle, and her solution is just to sit and wait for help that may or may not come? That ditch didn’t look very deep, and even with a broken ankle I would’ve liked to see her try to crawl out!

    And oh my goodness that blind date…so embarrassing! I almost couldn’t watch. Not so good at rousing jealousy that girl, but I guess she didn’t even need to try seeing how she has two hot men chasing her down.

  32. thanks for this!
    i had hoped SH won’t go after AJ and repeat history, : ( of course I know this time KJ won’t give AJ like he did with YJ.
    KJ, fighting!

    • KJ fighting?? A few days ago we (as the angry mob) wanted to kill him, skinned him alive, throw him salt and limes, and now we are chairing him? Seriously? What power the words “I like you” have!! Just like when Samshik, says to Sam Soon, “because I love you, I fall in love with you, please don’t let me alone”!! He was a bastard, but that scene, just melt my heart!! He had me at hello!! Wait, he didn’t say hello!!


  33. Thanks Koala for the quick, informative recap. You’re great!!! Finally, a confession from KJ, just needs to tighten up a few loose ends. On the way, to redeem yourself from our angst. I’m so satisfied with the writer for now. Hope she can feed our hunger next episode, like finally KJ and AJ get back to each other arms, LOL!!! The Koala’s Playground ROCKS!!!

  34. It’s like the blanket of doom and gloom has lifted!!
    I’m prancing around in a flower field dancing with butterflies with a rainbow ceiling above and white fluffy clouds!!!

    Thank goodness we have KJ back in awesome mode!!

    As for YJ – I’ve put away the shovel but I’m gonna keep my axe with me just a little longer…..

    O and Koala – dearest – I know you have to cos you’re an impartial (?) blogger – but could you like not put so many YJ screen caps or if you have to just a teeny meeny tiny blurry crowd shot – cos really – the axe might just go swinging – and I do love my laptop!!

    Pretty Please with Cherry on top? 😛

    • hahaha. LOL. OH God. You & your garden tools. I am at work and I have not been behaving! I hope my boss does not give me a RED CARD cuz of LTM.

      • LMAO!!!!!

        You are evil, with that garden tools!! Do you have a chainsaw, by any chance?


      • Chainsaw!!! Now why didn’t I think of that?

        Heh heh!! Yobo is now on episode 5 and chafing at the bit cos I deprived him of the hard drive where LTM is downloaded. Well – in my defence – I’m dying to watch ep 9!!!

        I hate streaming – so I wait and dl and then hit the replay and rewind button as many times as I like!!

        So now I’m off to watch ep 9 without subs – and then when the subs are ready – one more time.

        Actually – I just discovered I like doing that – cos then first time round I’m solely concentrating on their expressions!

  35. wow…just wow. I’m just happy I listened to my inner conscience yesterday and not hate KH without knowing the whole story. But I made my husband upset because I made the children( and us) late for school (and work)because the first I did upon waking up is to check this playground(and rebelsouls) to check the recaps instead of getting children ready and pack their lunch. The price of LTM addiction.

    I can understand their places actually. KJ is conflicted because he wants to follow his heart and pursue AJ but at same time, he didn’t want to hurt YJ the second time. And AJ, she is trying to preserve her pride and dignity and she is confused what KJ’s real feeling is. I’m just so glad that this episode is great, the best so far(narratively because the kiss episodes are still best for me, generally). I can’wait for more.

    Thanks Ockoala for feeding us always these LTM goodies.

    • woaaah, there were only 3 comments when I opened to read this recap and by the time I finished reading and commenting, there’s already 58. so active.

  36. “She thinks he’s joking, and she doesn’t find it funny. I don’t find you funny either Yoon Joo. You know what would be funny? If you fell in the Han River.”—-LMAO

    I was so intent on reading that when i first readi it i actually thought Ki Joon said it. I was like well, he’s blunt. Then I noticed that it was you. hahahahahah I LAH it.
    This episode….I just love the Ah Jung and Ki Joon time. I hope they keep it up. Hyunk Ki Joon, its your turn to start chasing Ah Jung and faking leaving a pen at her house. Or call back for your world pen. Hehehehe. CHASE HER KI JOON!!!

      • She doesn’t, that is why she throw her self in Kin Joon’s feet, like “I’m here, love me again”! Girl. please!! Get a life, get a plane ticket, and get the HELL out of there!! He already says, I’m gonna pass on you, cuz, I want to be why someone else! Are you dumb, or simply stupid! Just saying, you know!!

    • oh i don’t hate her too, she is just fighting for the love she thinks she has. but i might hate her already on the next episodes. I think she became a bitch to AJ.

      • I don’t hate her, I just want her to be “sleeping with the fishes”, you know what I’m saying!!


      • Hahah No hate here! Psh, hating Oh Yoon Joo Is a waste of good energy. ILike Angelitocurioso said, just want her sleeping with the fishes. I understand all about fighting for love, but…If a guy I said I loved, and who had loved me at one point, started telling me to “GO BACK TO PARIS” even though the reason for our breakup is non-existent. I would, GET IT. You cant fight for love that doesnt want you to fight for them.

      • The love KJ had for her, died, so, she MUST accept that!! Why, people, doesn’t accept, that when is over IT IS OVER!!!??

      • LOL, OMG, I just remember that, “sleeping with the fishes”, is a phrase that the Italian Mafia use, when they want some one dead!!!

        LMAO!!!! I’m really a crazy and a scary ajhumma!!!

  37. thanks again for sharing koala…i like this episode and cant wait for the next episode!!! and why is it there are many lost-in-the-forest scenes lately in dramas?hahaha…like in Playful Kiss, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Secret Garden, 49 Days, and now this one…so many of them…but i like it anyways… 🙂

    • They dont have freakins GPS?
      Get lost, I come to your rescue, then we spend the night together?
      Well put it that way!!!
      Bom shaka waka, pow pow!!!


  38. ohh yeahhhh!!! now I could say that I’m totally happy!!! I was sad when I was reading how AJ was having a hard time forgetting KJ but going through the recap till the end I could say this episode makes me wanna sing Lovin’ Ice cream again.. I’m so happy that finally KJ is finally accepting the reality that he loves AJ and that last scene seems to say he’s determine to have her all for himself and to tell others that ” hey, back off..she’s my honey!” haha

    Thanks for the recap Koala, you make me so happy. Now I’m even more excited to watch this episode.

  39. Thanks, Ockoala. I really, really, really appreicate you! *bows* KPG has now become my most visited blog, and you, my favorite blogger. I really enjoy reading your funny and witty recaps, your teasers, posts, etc. Visiting your site feels like a treasure hunt.. and you never fail to please us. Koemsahamnida!

  40. Yai for holding hands, are they going to kiss again? Can’ t wait for tonight’s episode. Thanks a lot! 2 nights of sleep deprivation for you:-(

  41. Thank God, Ki Joon dont go to the “Samshik v2.0 phase” because my shiny, costum made golf club, was getting exited!! LOL I dont hate Ki Joon anymore, those feelings left me a long time ago, but I sense that, a new hurracaine, is forming, and have Sang Hee, write all over it!! History will repeat it self? Seriously? I know, Ah Jung was charming with Sang Hee, always, but she never give him wings, to fall for him! Instead, she ask him about his brother where about once, (Sang Hee, didn’t like that, though) so, he HAVE to sense that she like him, and when she doesn’t stay in the gathering at the cafe, where Yoon Joo, was, he sense something dark in the air, but he wasn’t quite sure, what it was!!

    I hope, Sang Hee, doesn’t get hurt again, Ki Joo doesnt sacrifice again for his brother, and Ah Jung, has to leave the country for their sake!!

    [quote] Koala write: You know what would be funny? If you fell in the Han River. [/quote]
    LMAO, you are so funny Miss Koala Unni Ma’am!! LOL You always make me laugh!!! Serpent woman, need to get thrown in a pit full of snakes!!! You always exceed my expectations, Miss Koala Unni, always!! Thanks for giving us (LTM Hungry Mob) a place to hang out, to laugh, to cry, to get angry, and let out all our frustration!! So for that, and everything else!! THANK YOU!!!

    • I also loved that quote by The wonderful miss Koala. Almost fell off my bed laughing.
      I really dont think I can muster up any kind of sympathy for Sang Hee. Ah Jung really didn’t give him any kind of encouragement what so ever, and its just a total waste for history to repeat itself. Not to mention Awkward. can you imagine a family dinner? bahahha. Im sorry Sang Hee. I like the platonic relationship better than the, I’m a man your a woman, lets do the horizontal poker!!

      • Horizontal poker?? LOL

        I agree with you, it would be a waste for history repeat itself! Seriously? Can you (writers) doesn’t have any imagination!!
        Or maybe this time, San Hee, will fall, for Ah Jung, and ask Ki Joon, to leave her, just like Yoon Joo, (once again self sacrifice), but this time, Ki Joon, didn’t do it! And fight for his love, with tooth and nails.!!
        Ki Joon, fighting!!!
        Don’t let Sang Hee, screw your love, your life, your self once again!!


  42. Viki’s Lie to Me eng subs is not available in New Zealand – so sad…
    I need it to wait until it’s available in other sites. – so sad…
    Thank you Koala for the recap 🙂
    You’re the best!

  43. Thanks Koala for the recap!! I enjoy reading your them… you’re hilarious!! Can’t wait for episode 10 and your next recap 🙂

  44. I cant stop my mouth to say ‘oh.. oh my god’ in every OTP sceens. Cnt wait tomorow.
    Thank u ockoala.

  45. Thank you for the recap!
    I forgive Ki Joon for now… BUT he better not repress his feelings because of guilt,noble idiocy, etc. -_- He most likely will 🙁 Dam, Yoon Joo, she’s so freakin clingy. I can’t even tolerate her now and she didn’t even do her worst yet. My hate for her is gonna get uglier,I can feel it…..

  46. I love you Koala!!! Thanks 100x!!! I like Jungie personality she is strong yet lovable. She fights when she has to but love when she needs to. She is not some type of dormant character who lives only for her man.

  47. This episode was sooo good. had it’s cute moments but also heartbreaking ones too.
    I was really happy that KJ told YJ that he didn’t want to start over but something is bothering me! In the preview for episode 10, his aunt is mentioning “marriage” which is obviously about him & YJ. so does he go back to her?? what the heck happened that what he said about not wanting to start over just seem like it never happened??! lKJLASDKJKDSJAS >.<
    but anyways…was I the only one who cracked up during AJ's blind date?? XDD
    The way she acted was just NOT her at all so I was cringing the whole time lol

  48. Wasn’t it GREAT?

    I loved ep 7 and I was watching it raw.I was just thinking about the back episode.Was it ep 4 or 5 where I waited till the last 10min for the OTP to be on the same screen.I thought the story was a big draggy then.

    Now that the writer has gotten the idea.The OTP are together albeit with misunderstandings…the story is so good.I loved loved ep 7.Just the right combination of angst with hopes.I mean I hope there is some resolution tonight.I did hear AJ say she liked him and to like her back right?I can take 2nd leads I want to kill if they just give us some mutual love confession at the same time.Can’t they give us an OTP going through obstacles together?

  49. In all my Ranting and ravings at this great playgroung, I forgot to say that I am soo sooo looking forward to the day when AH Jung’s dad meets Ki Joon. hahahah

    • I totally agree with you Leishers, I guess dad would be saying “So are you two acting or is this for real?” LOL

      • Hahah yes @angel you got it. Aren’t you a little bit curious @Angelitocurioso? Just Imagine Her dad and Ki Joon. Too funny.

    • Yes it would fun to watch dad’s reaction, even if KJ’s a ceo there’s no one good enough for your only daughter…=)

      • I think dad would chase him, down hill, with a stick!!! He want to smack him a few times, for let her daughter get hurt!!! I know my parents, would do that, hell, they did it, when they confront my ex!! LOL, now remembering it, my mom was furious, and told him, that he wasnt welcome @ her house anymore!!

        LOL my mom rocks!! He (my ex) was a bastard!!!

  50. oh goodnesssss…is Kang Ji Hwan a good actor or what? that last scene when KJ saw AJ sitting there with her blind date, his eyes narrowed and shooting daggers in their direction and then he immediately switched to a nonchalant expression, pretending he didn’t see her but you can tell that deep down he was SO affected. and then THAT LOOK on his face when he grabbed her hand at the end….DAYUM. so hot.

    the chemistry between YEH and KJH is just blazing like a thousand suns, i feel like i have butterflies in my stomach whenever they are around each other. gah, its almost unbearable.

  51. thank you sooo much koala!

    i LOVED ep 9!! i can feel the aching in KJ’s heart. i love how AJ makes him lose all his coolness. and to wait another 24 hours until ep 10?!!!!

  52. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much ockoala unni! I am so liking this now (as if there was a time I never liked LTM mwa ha ha). I’m glad Ki Joon is still honest with Ah Jung and well, wouldn’t give up on her! Yes, kind of forgiven him already mwa ha ha ha! I think he’s back to adorable Ki Joon mwa ha ha ha! Yes, he got ten points after telling Ah Jung “I like you” my ged, that’s pretty awesome! And another ten points for telling Yoon Joo that he likes someone else which was somewhat ruthless (and shocking for me) but daebak! He’s actually bolder than Sam Shik-ah ha ha! He’s not fiddling around the edges, thank goodness!

    Also, am I so glad Ki Joon decided to take Ah Jung away from her date before Sang Hee does, oh my. Just imagine if Ki Joon sees Sang Hee taking his love away. He might step back again.

    Yes, the immediate u-turn is a staple in kdrama land ha ha! I remember Sam Shik-ah did the classic u-turn to go back to the hotel and take Samsoon away from her date too, oh dear. I just hope Ah Jung would be honest this time and let Ki Joon thinks she feels the same way. From Joni Mitchell’s Song, Both Sides Now, there’s this part, “and if you care, don’t let them know, don’t give yourself away”, yes, it’s sort of a self-preservation thing, but if she’s sure as hell that this guy really loves her, then, might as well be honest with him too and be happy. Although I’m glad she really wants to have everything cleared up and ironed out first, when she asked, “so how about that other girl? Is it because you like me a little and she, a lot?”. That’s a daebak line! This probably prompted Ki Joon to be downright honest with Yoon Joo.

    It’s what I probably most like about Ah Jung, she’s cautious and not blindly in love, not easily the one who stupidly jumps straight away into her man’s arms without making sure that his man has his other arm entwined with another woman. She fights back and goes out having that blind date and in that World Hotel of all places that she couldn’t believe it herself. But still she plodded on. She did have her misgivings about the venue alright but headed straight on anyway, and in that killer dress, no less! Audacious! Oh Ah Jung, you are one hell of a woman!

    Well, right now, I’m once again giddily happy for our OTP! Oh my, I can’t wait for the next episode!!!

      • Hi N:)! I’d been camping here at Koala unni’s playground all the while chingu! Just woke up late now because of a bad hangover mwa ha ha!

  53. i love you coala….best and faster recap…hohohoho….i hope AJ n KJ become a real couple not only in drama…..i wish……don’t say that sang hee like AJ too…..

  54. Ok read recaps on all sites, looked at ep 9 like five times both raw and with subtitles, and then re read the recap. What more to do as we wait for tomorow?

    Well here are some thoughts.
    Do you think KJ ever kissed the pig(YJ) when they were engaged? i doubt that, looking at her (though some here quoted her as beautiful,i find her yuck, more so coz she is hurting Yeh). I think he would not have .

    I am not sure how their relationship started, or why he would have been least interested in YJ and chased after her and competed with his kid brother, when she left to Paris he should have felt good riddance and be done with it. Even when she came back, he should not have gone running on to the roof . Anyways, coming back to my question, i doubt if he ever kissed the pig.

  55. love it….truly love LTM , ki joon and ah jung…and lastly your spoilers and passion for this drama.

  56. [quote] Koala: To keep pressuring the point, with Aunt, with Sang Hee, and finally with Ki Joon, annoys the fuck out of me. [/quote]

    Miss Koala says/wrote fuck!?! Really!! LOL Yoon Joo really get on your nerves, huh? She is like a pest!!!! I think so too!! When we say, we are gonna eliminate her?? Just saying!!

    • you also daebak Angelito… I love your march song… so creative hahahaha I love all your comments, both you and ms. Koala

      • I really don’t know, why they came out like that! I’m always laughing, and always talk/write without even think about it!! Im like the clown of the class, and I don’t even care, coz, I love seeing people laugh, it makes me feel good!!


        Thanks!! The marching song was epic!! obviously a few Grammy, in my pockets!! Hope a few millions and an army condecoration, too!! LOL

  57. I liked Ms. Koala’s, “have you no shame, serpent woman?”, really fits YJ… she really has no shame,… My anger towards Ki Joon has vanished and have put away my dangerous pointy things but I’ve put it away at a reacheable place just in case I need it for someone named Oh Yoon Joo…

    Thank’s!!! Ms. Koala again, for always spoiling us,… love, love,love your playground…

  58. Thanks for the recap! After reading your recap and the wee cap on DB I find the tone of the comments on each striking. Here they seem more, “whee, i’m having so much fun with this drama” and on DB they are more, “i can’t believe this drama got even weirder”. No judgement, just an observation how tone can be so different from one to the other.

    I personally am choosing to enjoy this drama for whatever it has to offer. I’m already invested and there is enough good here to hook me.

    I found many visually beautiful things in this episode: clothing, accessories, new haircuts, the view out the hotel office. And I really dug the Secretaries eclectic style next to Ki Joon. Where Ki Joon is polished, the Secretary was wearing white, black, and cream. Apparently I have an eye for detail today.

  59. hi ockoala,

    i noticed you also visited dramabeans for the LTM weecap. so, thanks mucho for having the time to make this full recap!

    even though this show is really addicting in its hotness factor I still think the drama is totally crazeeeeee. as you said, it feels like its a totally new drama with this episode. which should not be cos it should connect seamlessly with those that came before it 🙂

    i dont know where sang hee’s burning passion for ah jung suddenly came from after several episodes having all eyes and ears only for yoon joo. and so ran+ah jung’s persistent friendship after all what happened between them…doesn’t she have other girl-friends? and why does ki joon keep asking ah jung now if she is just acting when it was him who was doing that few episodes back?

    this show is really making me totally nutsssssss! 🙂 maybe I need some ice cream and cola, haha!

    • yay samgetang! 🙂 i was lurking at DB a while ago and i’ve noticed you there too and when i read ockoala’s post i was like “OMG ockoala is here! i’m so inlove with her!!” 🙂 lovin’ LTM to the bits….LTM really made me a liar! yeah i’m a LIAR! 🙂

      • hi MsYumi….yay too! hehe! We are the LTM lurkers with Koala and the beaners…crazeeeeee LTM lurkers, hahahaha!

  60. I do feel bad for Sang Hee because of round 2.. poor guy will be left out again. And Soran’s character turn wasn’t so adrupt, imo, she is still curious (with all the divorce talk in the elevator) but at least she found some common ground with Ah Jung now and stood up for her in her own way.

  61. Thanks a zillion Koala for feeding us with our addiction to LTM. Loved your baby recap and the detailed one is just awesome.

    Liar, Liar.. Hearts on Fire..Teared at AJ’s heartache and wow-edby her determination to salvage her pride and move forward. Loved KJ’s honesty towards AJ & his confession to YJ to scoot off..Mgr Park.. thank you for being a voice of reason.. Soran- you Kick As$ better than anyone..

    Get a clue YJ & SH..get a JOB..

  62. Koala, you crack me up. It’s so much fun reading your recaps and your thoughts. This place is truly a haven for me. Thank you sooooo much, because of you, I have a blast here. I hope you can feel our love and I am very appreciative for all you’ve done her for us.

  63. I already watched ep 9 and now reading the recap. oh I love and hate KJ at the same time. Nay I love him with AJ. So giddy thinking about his confession to AJ and turn down YJ. mwaahhhaha. Good for her bitchy not moving on slut.
    Now I will hurt for AJ when that bitchy slutty YJ push into AJ’s face about her soon to be wedding to Kj in the ep 10.
    Oh YEH really can cry. And I can feel her pain. And she confessed that she love KJ tooo. so giddy, so hurt and so confuse and so worried.

  64. Finally the writer woke up. Either way I am liking this drama more with each episode Thanks for the recap. .

  65. Thank you OC Koala!
    So entertaining to read your recap!
    And it’s so fun reading all the comments here (so witty and hilarious!), all are supporters of the show, unlike in DB where there are some dissing the show, makes me wonder why they even bother with watching and commenting if they dislike the show so much?

    Anyway, judging from how differently ep 9 turned out to be quite different from what we guessed from its preview, there may be more surprises in stored for ep 10, so I’m not making any conclusions yet.
    I’m also glad that there is no time jump (at least not yet)… I think a few months to 1 year time jump is ok to make the heart fonder but beyond that, I don’t see how it will be logical in the whole scheme of things.

    • ” all are supporters of the show, unlike in DB where there are some dissing the show, makes me wonder why they even bother with watching and commenting if they dislike the show so much? …”

      I’m agreeing with you here, BUT I guess there’s always two sides of the coin . Either way, they should just shutup and not watch it at all (:

    • Haha I like your comment about DB.
      Frankly I don’t go there anymore. Make my life easier 😉
      And since I’ve found this playground, I will stick with you Koala, if you don’t mind 🙂

    • totally on the same page as you guys. why bother watching if they’re gonna find faults and point them out? i’m sticking to koala’s playground for positive raves and rants of LTM.

      • Actually when I read a LIE TO ME RECAP there at DB, it makes my life difficult. So I never go there anymore because it is far more enjoyable here.

        Hey LIE TO ME lovers who are here camping and playing at Koala unni’s playground, let’s sharpen our tools, get our garden tools ready, and our chainsaws and attack those LTM haters if they go here saying very bad( without enough rationale in doing so) and crummy things about this show.

  66. Listen I dont ever want something like what Yoon Joo is going through to happen to me. But can you guys seriously feel sorry for her? Or os she just blinded by “love” too much? Because look what she had told him in one of his memory of her b4 she came back, I dont remember the exact words she used, but to sum it up, she basically said “even if he cheated, she would forgive him” i’m not trying to make excuse but that is not a healthy relationship. No matter how much I love the guy, cheating is never acceptable. A big NONO. You break up with me first b4 you see other women. There wont be no mollycoddling of your male ego here. So she really needs to stop. Im getting all worked up.

  67. I hold my breath when I read your recap Koala. And I am really happy that this episode turn out very good for both lead….fyuhhhhhhh

    Speaking about Yoon Joo, Actually I have my own sympathy for her. Well, actually if I am Yoon Joo, I’ll react the same with her. Since Ki Joon decided to let her go because of his lil brother a long time ago, she’ll never forgive him for that and she will show him that she will have a better guy than him. But she can’t control her heart(nobody can’t right??), so because her feelings still the same and she sees that the opportunity on her side, she persuade him again…maybe she thinks that she deserve him more than ah jung=)

    Btw do you know where I can see this ep in Eng?? or youtube still no post about this ep yet=(-well, my country blocking some site(damn!!)-

  68. i think KJ is not confident that AJ likes him back, as she is so “cool” about the whole thing. She does not seem affected, on the surface.
    Miss koala, i simply love your recaps.

  69. I’m sorry I can’t get enough of the Bad Girl Pic of YEH I love the leather gloves, ok I’ll tell you a secret, I have a thing for leather gloves and big bikes (I totally adore JOLIE in tomb raider I so love white leather suites)but don’t get me wrong I like strong men too AKA… JET LEE….ahahaha I just love YEH’s versatility….I’ll be anticipating her future transitions….one day she has to break free from naivity if there is such a word!!!! 😉 I guess I can just peek every now and then on these recaps cause it’s so frustrating not to see it in action!!!!! 😮 How do you put a leash on a hyper creative mind the answer you don’t, you embrace it and let it run free 😉 So I’l just let LIE TO ME literally LIE TO ME ahaha 😉
    Anyway Mr. writer or Ms. writer I’m not telling you how to write your story!!!! If you can hear me????I’m simply giving you a slap to boost your awareness and keeping the passion alive….I LOVE YEH so yeah let’s make this a romantic COMEDY, how about exhausting YEH’S silly skills 😉 I will never forget what a Mentor told me, embrace your characters they are a part of you!!!! 😉

  70. The scene where KJ is pulling AJ by the arm is a MNIKSS deja vu, except AJ is coming out of the restroom rather than being brought in there. I guess it can’t be helped as I’ve watched so many Asian dramas. Scnes repeat themselves, just like fashion comes back.

    While the story’s pace is picking up, there isn’t much new storylines being introduced. I will continue to watch this, though, for the chemistry between the leads and my fav YEH.

    • Have to agree with you on this…
      I’m also wondering whether the yes-no angst between the OTP will last till the end of the show. I hope not… cos it will become tiresome very quickly.

      I would rather that they kiss and make up (make out too) soon … see some hope on this cos at the end of the ep 10 preview it seems AJ is in tears and confesses to KJ that she likes him?

      Maybe the obstacle could come in the form of YJ / SH / Aunt and the rest of the eps will be on how they overcome these obstacles together.

  71. OMG ockoala! ur recap is so adorable!!! esp the additional insights “I don’t find you funny either Yoon Joo. You know what would be funny? If you fell in the Han River.” LOL

    IMO, i think the writer is secretly lurking and stalking ur blog 🙂 thanks for making my birthday a great day!


  73. wwooowwww, this episode is just wow!

    KJ, you slowly redeem yourself in this episode. nice! keep up the good work.

    i love heroine like AJ. she is heartbroken, but not some weak, cry-baby girl. she only cries when nobody was around (the dad is an exception). the best part is she’s held her high and moving on (or trying to, but you go girl!), go to a blind date (in his hotel, hell yeah!), ignore KJ (not begging or stalk him like any heartbroken girl in rom-com. gosh! hate that!!!).
    that ignorant atittude what makes KJ is frustated. haha.

    PS: pleaseee pleaseeeee somebody, translate the preview for ep 10 >_<

    • Preview for epi 10 –

      Fight b/w KJ and AJ-
      KJ: You say it’s over yet you keep appearing! Are your excuses of work and dates what you refer to as being over?
      AJ: Don’t you worry! You won’t see the sight of me ever again!

      Conversation b/w KJ and YJ-
      YJ: i understand that your feelings can waver
      KJ: i’m not wavering
      YJ: no, you are wavering because i wasn’t here!

      Manager Park to someone-
      Park: Don’t just look at the past Hyun Ki Joon of the previous 3 years. Look at the current Hyun Ki Joon.

      Sang Hee to himself-
      SH: It can’t be it this time. You really can’t be doing this again. Right?

      Aunty to KJ-
      A: Marriage. Say you can no longer wait, that you can no longer make her wait
      KJ: We’ll talk about that amongst ourselves

      YJ to AJ-
      YJ: Ki Joon oppa and I are getting married. I figured you should know for yourself, Ah Jung-ssi.

      AJ to KJ-
      AJ: I like you. I’m saying I like you. And now since I like you, please don’t like her~

      cr :

      • Thanks a lot, for that!!! Waiting ep 10, I’m not gonna watch ep 9 until 10 is up, coz, I want to see them, back to back!!!


  74. You know, the writer should consider having Sang Hee as the guy who helps Yoon Joo get Ki Joon because he wants Yoon Joo to be happy (similar to Wish Upon a Star/Stars Falling from the Sky) instead of having Sang Hee fall for Ah Jung and fight for her like he did with Yoon Joo… since it seems like Sang Hee isn’t really shaping up to be a valid rival for Ki Joon (unlike Yoon Pil Joo and Dokko Jin in Best Love)…

    Hmmm….. just a thought.

    • Totally!!!! SH should see and realize that KJ and AJ are in love and help them, make YJ go back to Paris and follow her. LOL!!!!

      History should not repeat itself this time. Maybe the writers can write about the progress of the relationship between AJ and KJ, maybe a few objection from the aunt, they will work through it, get married and raise a family.

  75. Did AJ confess to KJ that she likes hin in preview to 10? Sure sounded like it!
    What I would like to see from now –
    – AJ & KJ acknowledging their love – tender kiss
    – AJ misunderstand about YJ – KJ kiss and make up
    – KJ misunderstand SH – AJ kiss and make up
    – KJ & AJ share a romantic date – kiss and make out
    – KJ confronting YJ for making AJ cry – KJ/AJ hug
    Then kiss and make out
    KJ proposes – major make out! (sound the fire alarm!)

    – KJ Telling Aunt he loves AJ – so touching OTP kiss lots!
    – YJ makes trouble – OTP kiss and make up
    – they randomly kiss and make out just cos they want to!!

    How about you guys?

    • I just had to look whysee..=)

      I thought I’d be shouting “take it all off! take it all off!” Instead I was like “Oh no my eye! my eye!”…ROFL….I suggest he stick to kissing YEH, he does that way so much better….=)

      • You notice that @ 1:03, he was biting his lips!

        LOL, I was;

        And the song says:

        “Shake ya ass
        But watch ya self
        Shake ya ass
        Show me what you workin with
        Shake ya ass”

        Song: Shake ya ass
        Artist: Mystikal


  76. off topic…but! does anyone know how korean actresses make those artful waves in their hair??!?! MAJOR ENVY. A curling iron just does not cut it…

  77. Eh – heh …I read the wee cap at DB and LTM was dissed. They’re saying that for now the drama seems to be “The Denial!” Actually, I found it funny because they really seem to be trying to look for flaws in episode 9 🙂 I guess we are entitled to our own opinion and we have to respect each other.

    Me? I am really enjoying LTM, it seems that the writer is now on steroids cuz I am surprised that the developments. For the whole episode we saw Ki Joon admitting he likes Ah Jung; We saw Yoon Joo hitting a brick wall; So Ran doing a 180 degrees on her friendship with Ah Jung and Sang Hee evidently wanting Ah jung himself. This together with a “forrest rescue” and “a blind date!” Boy! I felt like I ate a full course meal! In episode 9, the drama came on it’s own. It’s a welcome change of pace. 🙂

    • Actually, come to think about it, So Ran was never “evil”. Friendship foundation was there.
      She was actually quite concerned when she thought KJ was having an affair behind AJ’s back instead of being happy about it. But then, you know, when you do not like someone, whatever good deed tend to be misinterpreted.

      • Agree. I think she and AJ are just tryingf to compete with each other and SR feels insecure towards AJ maybe because of her successful career. When she warned AJ about YJ, i never felt like she was gloating or vindictive. You can see in her expression and the way she presses the issue that she really is concerned for AJ.

        I love love love this episode. I cried loads, esp when AJ cried on the bench-of-the-almost-kiss. it’s so heartbreaking. Compared to the first few episodes, I feel like I’m watching a different drama with the same sizzling leads. I have no complaints. They just spiked my love 200% for LTM

  78. Thank you sooooo much.What can we do without you…Even I haven’t manage to watch ep 9, with your recap, I can be a little bit more patient til the eng subs comes out to enjoy my every moments of the ep.This is awesome episode!!!

    Love LTM, my wish is KJ takes AJ on various dates and flooding her with his love..hahaha.Will it ever be they drive YJ go nuts that she will do smt stupid and then seperate them again…???Or will AJ’s date be more interested in her and ask her for another dates or see her at her office or even somewhere that’ll drives KJ’s jealousy?Or will SH be a better and more mature man this time?Why dosn’t SH go out with the Manager of the hotel later?She is hot too…and more mature…someone can certainly guide him on how to work properly..kakakak…senarios senarios…i”m turning into analyst at LTM…hahahah

  79. amazing english translation koala, thanks a lot, i am going to wake up early again tom just to visit and read you for ep 10, thanks much

  80. I’m so glad that you love this drama the same as us.
    Everything that you wrote are so entertaining to read as LTM fans. I really love what you wrote about that “pig” lol
    Thank you thank you and thank you! ^____^

    I don’t know about others but this drama is the only drama in May that can pull me in. Can’t even describe how much I’ve been obsessing with LTM. LOL I don’t care about other blogs opinion coz we have you that’s in the same craziness stage as us and I’m grateful ;D

    Lie To Me fighting!

    *I love Ah Jung with short hair, she looks absolutely stunning in that black dress* <333

  81. This episode reminds me of My name is Kim Sam Soon sucha as when Ki Joon tells Yoon Ju that he likes Au Jung. Especially the blind date event, when he pulls her away is exactly copying MNIKSS episodes.

    • I actually commented in koala’s previous post that im feeling a MNIKSS vibe in LTM. Come to think of it, KJ does share a lot of similarities with samshik. Both are from hotels and resort owning families. Both have brother issues. Both have been separated and still pinning with their long time girlfriends. Both will have to make a difficult decision and choose the one they really love.

      And OYJ, i hate you more than hee jin. With hee jin, i felt guilty for hating her because of the whole cancer thing. With you, im beginning to think you knew SH liked you before and used him to get KJ. No guilty feelings here for OYJ. But i dont want to call her pig, coz pig reminds me of samsooki, the stuffed pig.

      • lol. I think you actually mean SAMSHIK, not Samsooki. He’s a guest recapper @Dramabeans who recapped–one of my fav dramas–City Hall 🙂

  82. Keep up the splendid work, dear. You’re giving me such an ease at juggling all my schedules, since there is really no time for me to kick off my shoes and watch episodes of LTM, and still managing to know what these guys in LTM universe is up to. Thus, i thank you for that 🙂

  83. thank u for the recap!

    i liked DB.. and i understand it’s her blog and everyone is entitled to their opinions.. but I kinda wish they didn’t continue with the Open thread and the weecaps coz since they weren’t happy with LTM anymore, their take on the weecap is quite negative so it sets the tone for the readers/commentators.. thus we LTM fans just end up reading comments from people who aren’t even watching the drama but are dissing it to no end.. perhaps we can just ask DB to stop the open thread..

    as for me, I’m just staying away from that blog until LTM is finished..

    and happily playing at your playground with the rest of the chingus here 🙂

    ps. i’m sad about the ratings too.. i wish there is a way to let LTM actors and staff know that the ratings in korea doesn’t mean anything to us fans overseas. LTM fighting!

  84. Thanks Koala for the recap. It’s nice to read a recap written by someone who is just as excited about the drama as me.

  85. Yeah the ratings are low but at least this episode got the highest rating in other LTM episodes.Yesterday,it became 6th in is a good news.i hope it is gonna increase.

    From Dramawiki;
    09. episode raiting is 11.4 (6th) in Seoul.

  86. One mistake there.

    The part where AJ gain conscious and she tried to get up. When she was easing her ankle, she was holding on to her phone. The next moment, she’s trying to find it.


  87. ok..ok… so i’m camping here tonight to clear my mind from the marriage issue…… KJ u cannot marry YJ… it has to be AJ! and dont dare break her heart again………. yay! i’m too attached with this

  88. Thanks Koala for the super fast update of LTM.
    I am always looking forward to go to your website.
    Super awesome! Many thanks.

  89. i can’t believe there’s a constant stream of over 250,000 ppl watching LTM ever since last night on PPStream! it’s the most popular K drama right now

  90. Thank u for the recaps Koala! You’re the best! super lolling at ur side comments. Agree with u that this ep 9 was everything I could have hoped for, both in terms of conflict and resolution. I do understand what AJ was going through and can’t blame her a bit, it’s hard to rationalize KJ’s mindset, he needs to work hard to win AJ back with a little suffering. I too LOVE this kdrama Lie to Me with added bonus of the lead stars.

  91. How can we be so forgiving? Just one hurriedly said “Because I like you” and everybody immediately and docilely stand down (no more chainsaws, hatchets, knives, pitchforks, golf clubs, grenades, nuke, etc) !!!!!!!!!! Gosh it must be battle fatigue!

    But beware (we are still armed- just temporarily drawn down) in case the writer does another faulty maneuver and give “the PIG” an upper hand in Episode 10 <<<<<<<<

  92. due to work I am way behind watching LTM, so thanks a lot for the recap!
    I so enjoy reading your side comments. *g*
    As much as I understand the fan-hate against YJ it’s kind of scary and mean… thinking of her point of view, she was waiting for 3 years to get together with her lover then he declares “sorry, babe, I like some one else” someone I just know for about 2 weeks, where as we have know each other since high school. of course she won’t just give up like that but want to fight for her love THIS TIME after last time he just dumped her without letting her even try.

    as for Ah-jung – I ADORE her now! She’s so realistic. *lol* You’re so right, a confession means nothing if there’s no plant coming out – great metaphor btw.

    Judging from the changes of hairstyle of eveyone, more than a month must have past. Change of hairstyle always means severe changes in relationships. *g* I did it, too. And Ah-jungs looks more gorgeous than EVER! I didn’t really like ther bangs.

    I also continued with my sequel of my Lie to me screenplay, if anyone is interested! I’d be glad to hear your opinion 😀 go to my homepage:

    Yeah, seems like the writer finally is getting started. It’s a common disease between writers to have slow start coz they want to establish the storyconcept but don’t know how. Looks like I can’t apply for the writer position anymore. *lol*

  93. I just want to say Thank You so very much Koala for recapping this episode, now I’m as much in love with you as I’m with LTM. I watched the streaming last night without sub, but reading your recap it makes me understand more (my vocab in Korean is what ever I got from watching K-drama)! I’m your biggest fan…

  94. Ok I’m really sorry, but I had this odd expectation of romantic comedy, that somehow romance makes a silly person out of a serious person, hmmm I guess Down with love did bore me when it didn’t meet my expectation of excellent sense of humor, I guess awesome sense of humor is a manner of catching the audience in their unguarded moment (it brings you to total a state of insanity where your laughing and falling in love at the same time)….the transition between romance to a funny line….but anyway I don’t really know how long this will run so no facts….but people here just switched to Ms. Ripley arghhhh…. and the audience are in their late 30’s so I guess it give us an idea somehow who are exactly watching this drama…ahahaha don’t get me wrong I love YEH 😉

  95. I am glad I found this recap, just loving it, love the way you write it, full of patience and passion. I’ll come visit often to show support. Good good job and keep up!!!

  96. hi!! this is the first time I’m leaving a comment here… thanks ockoala for recapping LTM! I’m glad you are interested enough in this show to do the recaps. I like the hilarious images you have provided your readers with creative ways of torturing Yoon Joo. feed her to the sharks…. ? I’ll gladly help you.

  97. IKR. The pig should know when to back off, seriously! Can’t she take a hint? Or would she like that with a slap? AUGH I CAN’T STAND SEEING HER. EVEN A STRAND OF HER HAIR ANNOYS ME.

    && As for the undeniable chemistry of our two leads – ah~ The reason why I’m so glued to LTM. Methinks they are dating off-screen. HAHA. A LTM fan could wish, right? 😉

    Thanks for the recaps! ^^

  98. Hie thanx very much 4 the recaps of LTM. Its unfortunate tho tht ths side of africa its expensive 4 us to use the net but im sacrifising to watch it and wil also hv 2 make do with yo recaps the good thng is that they are packed with info thanx again

  99. I honestly don’t know what to say about this episode but THANK YOU LTM IS FINALLY BACK!?!?!!
    Man I am just happy that I have some peace of mind now. For 1 whole wk I was on this obsessive Lie To Me withdrawal. I swear I felt like I was being bi-polar one second I’m searching everywhere for Lie To Me spoilers &the next I’m like “WTF KI JOON!?!?!?” So bad that my sister asked what I was planning to do Sat. Night &I said “I’m gonna look for spoiler pictures or something about Lie To Me” she gave me that “WTF!?!” look &then said “your such a loser”
    But yeah anyways I am happy that some things are getting cleared in the air. Yoon Joo just needs to get lost or something.
    Thanks koala 🙂

  100. I find it funny on AJ and KJ encounter at the restaurant while AJ was on a blind date. that was real for me. oh silly pants! can relate to that. KJ seriously need to use his brain cells if he has any in heart dept, like many I was ready to ship him to timbuktu. No way will his reasoning find a glimmer of understanding in my part. It’s true, the way AJ feels atm a little aigoo from KJ soothes her heart until he opens his mouth again with nonsense. I’m sticking with Lie To Me simply because this is kdrama and it tugs me back to anticipating next eps. thanks so much koala !

  101. I used to be suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether or not this publish is written by way of him as nobody else know such exact about my trouble. You’re amazing! Thank you!

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