Happy Michelin Kitchen Reveals First Stills as it Starts Filming

Anhui Television has started filming the third drama in it’s Happy Trilogy, and the first teaser pictures have been released. Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan are the leads of Happy Michelin Kitchen (I like them both), but I was rolling around squealing when I saw the first pictures of Li Yi Feng‘s look for the drama. *rubs eyes* OMG, he looks just like Binnie circa Ireland crossed with My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

I’m happy to report that he has a cameo role and is not the second lead for the third time as I previously posted. In fact, all the other leads from the first two Happy dramas will be back in cameo roles as well, including Ming Dao and Annie Chen (Happy and Love Forever) and Mike He and Janine Chang (Sunny Happiness).

Cheryl dons a custom made super-short wig for her role, as her character is a tomboy who will be mistaken by Blue for a guy for the early part of the drama. I smell Coffee Prince all over this drama.

I think it’s freaking hilarious that Blue and Cheryl have the same haircut in the drama. Cheryl keeps challenging herself with her roles, and I have no doubt she’d make a convincing tomboy. As much as I’m interested in the drama, really all I want to do is stare at my Feng Feng more. And maybe stroke his pompadour.

Have some more stills of Blue and Cheryl filming a mouth-to-mouth rescue scene.


Happy Michelin Kitchen Reveals First Stills as it Starts Filming — 18 Comments

      • yay! <3

        i think he's really talented, he can sing, act and he's a model.
        and he *blushes* is kinda hot. 😀

        i wish sunny happiness had a longer ending, and that it showed him happy and with a family, because i feel that he deserves to be happy too, even though he didn't get janine at the end.

  1. How is she going to manage to look like a boy? She’s so… feminine, even with the wig on.

    And please, don’t try to go Coffee Prince, show. NO DRAMA will ever be better than Coffee Prince *fanself*.

  2. Cheryl ‘s hair seems great even if it is short but i’m worried for Blue ,i’m less convinced.He used to be so gorgeous in Easy fortune happy life and P.S Man .Hope they will not make him ugly too much .I’m not againt a Coffee Prince plot,it could be hilarious.

  3. OMG! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the first pic of Li Yi Feng. I totally thought it was Binnie, but then my brain kicked in and reminded me it couldn’t be him because he’s serving in the military. Omg, he looks GOOD.

    Btw, the Ireland/MNIKSS look is my favorite Binnie look.

    And maybe stroke his pompadour.
    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. You think we believe you? His pompadour?!?

    Re: the haircuts. I kinda like hers (‘kinda’, being the keyword here). His makes me frown and stare at it in confusion; it doesn’t work at all imho.

    Are we watching Happy Three Stars?

    • “We” are watching HST until FF shows up. And then “we” may continue to watch it if it’s actually good. “You” are clearly part of the “we”, m’kay? 😀

  4. This TWdrama looks cute..but Blue hair is sooo ugly..it really doesn’t fit him at all….he has had better hair style than this, srly….. ok stopping my ranting.

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