Baidu Opens a Couple Bar for Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye

Well, you know a new K-drama coupling is official when Baidu opens a bar for it. I haven’t seen a DC Kang Ji HwanYoon Eun Hye gallery yet, but Baidu’s EunHwan bar (though I prefer to call my perfect couple HwanHye because I love alliteration) opened two days ago and already the goodies are starting to trickle out. Don’t get too excited, couple bars are a dime a dozen, it’s how active it is based on the activity of the couple in question that merits it’s purpose. Also, both Eun Hye and Ji Hwan fans have created other couples bars in the past for them with other pairings.

At the EunHwan bar, it’s been two days and postings have already hit page two. Just as a reference point though, new couplings take awhile to find its rabid shippers. For instance, my GeunGeuns Baidu bar has been active going on four years, and postings have hit page 60 already, while some couple bars just die out after awhile when the drama ends. To celebrate the inauguration of the bar, members created these gorgeous Lie to Me Ki Joon and Ah Jung drama signature pictures. Feel free to take them, it’s a bar treat to spread more HwanHye love.

Aren’t these pictures all just gorgeous?

I’ll have more HwanHye goodies to share as we spend time with them for the remaining two weeks before LTM ends. The amount of BTS cuteness is staggering.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu EunHwan bar]


Baidu Opens a Couple Bar for Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye — 149 Comments

  1. LOL! Everytime I see the picture of KJH fiddling away with the LED strings, it makes me giggle. He’s expressions when YEH found him was like a deer caught in a headlight. Too funny!

    • Hahah, omo HunnyBunny, I thought I was the only one who found that part soooo hilarious. Heheheh, he just looks so crazy its funny. I love KJH and YEH’s comic expressions. I mean, they kill me.
      @Koala, thanks for these pics. I love em. Today is my birthday so im considering these birthday presents hehehe. Thanks!!
      I cant emphasize how much I want them to DATE. Gah, but these celebs never indulge me so….Eh. I wish I could be in that baidu bar, but I dont understand. 🙁

      • Happy birthday my friend!! i always look for your comments with GY pic in your profile.

        have fun

      • @ Leishers

        Happy Birthday to you!
        Happy Birthday to you!
        Happy Birthday, dear Leishers,
        Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!


      • @ Angel

        Lurve your avatar!! My Park Hoon Pastry Smurf!! Doing the “puss in boots” stunt!! I soooo LOOOOOVVVVEEEE him!!!


  2. Your GeunGeun bar has been open for 4 years?!?

    And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hwan-hye graphics! *stares and sighs dreamily*

    • GG-shippers have been around for years. M3 simply validated their long-held belief that those two are made for each other and have unparallel chemistry.

      GG did that variety show when they were teens and did the pinky swear. ‘Member? Then they hosted the SBS Drama Awards and presented at the Baeksangs. (Dang, what’s with the presenting at the Baeksangs – HH did it as well the year before). Anyhoo, the GG ship been sailing long before they actually worked together, which is very rare. Usually ships form only after actors work together.

      • Then why did JKS say him and PSH are match made in heaven back in December 2009? Last month in his thailand cri show, he said he likes PSH. During the “pinky swear” JKS probably dating a noona during that time. Care to reply or you going to delete my post?

      • Haha, why would I delete your post? Did I ever say JGS likes MGY or they dated/are dating above?

        Please go make a GeunShin forum and spread the shippy love. 😀 I’m uncertain how to counter any of your points. I can, but it’s pointless because you’ll just refute it and this can go on ad nauseum.

        Terribly unproductive, and I haven’t the time or inclination to engage in a shipping war. I was simply answering @Sere’s question above about how long the Baidu GG bar has been open. Also, this is not a GG-post, so try not to go OT.

        Lastly, try not to get annoyed when someone else doesn’t subscribe to your opinion, especially on a topic purely speculative and ought to be fun for the fans to conjecture about their favorite couple.

      • One more before I stop. I was saying JKS dated another woman not MGY during the pinky swear.

      • @ockoala. Ah, I knew about the pinky swear but I forgot that the GG Baidu bar has been open for so long. ^^’

        And just in case you ever forget this? There are many, many friends who love you and your blog. *hugs*

        @annoyed. Way to be confrontational. I asked a question and Ockoala replied. She wasn’t forcing her shippy views on me or anyone else. If you happen to have a different opinion, fine, but let’s all try to get along despite our differences and/or the pairings we like most.

  3. It would be seriously amazing and awesome if they got together in real life 🙂 which from the BTS pictures, doesn’t seem like that crazy of an idea.

  4. It’s great to have a die-hard LTM, HwanHye shipper like ockoala around to avert any LTM drought from Wednesday to Sunday!

    • And after LTM, YEH has become my favourite k-actress, and favoured person. Everything I have learned about her so far seem to indicate she is a beautiful lady inside and out. I sincerely hope she gets to love, and be loved by a man worthy of her. KJH, is that you????? Go prove it, man!

  5. Now I know why rehab is not an option. There’s no reason to quench our thirst- supply abounds. Thank you Koala for the continuous feed. You are such a good nurturer.

    • Me too, I think it’ll take a long long time to recover from this addiction. And I’m not sure I want to be cured either. So to quench my thirst for this couple I will visit your site often Koala after LTM’s finished. Love those signature pics, I’ll save it all. Thanks so much.

  6. BLAG! i died and resurrected with those posted picture. thank you so much koala for sharing. they had really an amazing chemistry and hopefully off-screen as well…

  7. Hey,HEY there are some pictures of Kang Ji Hwan’s bed screne
    and kisses scene, HIS CO ACTRESSES FOR DRAMA AND
    FILM,and few mins funny advertise… how well KJH acts in LTM in baidu
    more than thousands of comments in chinese.
    Those can read Chinese characters may go through. I had spent hours
    to go through the web site. It is free

      • can anybody help out!!!!
        I was told KJH’s CAPITAL SCANDLE
        (KOREAN MOVIE/DRAMA) is one
        of the best for KJH. It is not a sad movie!!!
        So I am going to watch it and watch his
        drama and movie. If LTM is a sad drama
        I give up and say goodbye to LTM

      • oh bobo…LTM is not a sad drama..its rom-com!! they will be happy ever after in the cheerup..don’t get too emotional hehehe…

  8. thanks Koala…this couple is so amazing…too bad LTM will end in two weeks..but HwanHye will stay in my heart forever!!!!

    • they looks like newly wed ,wish SBS make a new drama with a good written story.we all want a series , hahaha they r sweet couple.Any one remember ? in Japan , there’s was a couple made different series stories the artist “sa po yau wo and sah hau pak wai” ? no body ever after make series for couples actist to make out diffferent stories after …….wish there’s more because ep13.means in 2 weeks time ………..

  9. Ms K.

    When are gonna open our HwanHye bar on the Playground????
    can we get the link so we know what happen to the outside world of our Cola Couple. Thanks so, so much much..

  10. Thanks a lot Ms. K… you’re so awesome!! I haven’t finish to digest the others LTM thread of yours, now you’re giving us moreeeeeee to eat …


  11. Has anyone there made the feeding gift from episode 12? That scene was also swoon worthy. Koalamom, cmon what else bts stories and addlibs from these two that u know but yet hide it from us. Time to spiill, heheh

  12. Did I just die and go to heaven? I think angels scape!!! OMG totally cheesy!! LOL What can I say, about the couple that burns my eyes out!!! Waiting for monday!!!

    BTW, I dont have any nails, or hair, for that matter!!! LOL

    • Mine is mysteriously going away also. I thought that perhap….perhaps I might be….DIEING for MONDAY. gah hehehe. I cant wait!! I really can’t.

      I Have so much to do, but I keep putting it off. All because im stuck thinking about LTM. This is really driving me crazy.

      • same here.. Yesterday , I was supposed to cut my doggies hair, but I didnt do it, instead, I made an MV for our Hwan/Hye… this is bad good thing I only work twice a week or else I’ll be doom.. That’s why I declared my Mon & Tue a Holiday for me.. These two pretty much occupied my entire week.. Owww what’s going to happen when LTM ended.. Big Dilemma. They should make another drama… Im so Hwan/Hye addict..

      • haha they should make another drama def. But it would be hot if they were in a movie together. A movie with steamy-hot- Loving. After this drama end *gulp* im going to make up for alot i’ve missed since ep 5.

      • I am sick!!! I was imagine a few scenes in my mind, I’m gonna tell !! **Warning contains pure things happening in my imagination and too hot to handle!!** Consider yourself warned!! Read under your own risk!!!
        Scene 1
        Ice Prince and Civil Servant are in their beloved bench, on the Sakura Road, they are chatting about themselves, looking at the “Christmas” blue lights, and whatever and…
        Ice Prince stands up, goes down in one knee and says looking at her eyes,
        –“I only loved two women in my life, one I lost it, because I couldn’t protected her, and the other one I almost lost her, trying to protect her” –
        Reach in his pocket, get a tiny red box, Civil Servant look in shock, with almost tears in her eyes, he open the box, and is a pendant, (a charm) in the form of an Ice cream cone,( LOL, busted you were thinking something else )
        He says, –“every time you look at it, remember how much I love you”–
        Civil Servant sighs in relive, and says, I thought you were gonna propose, he smiles, saying – what make you think that?—
        He reach to other pocket and take out another little red box, is an engagement ring, with a blue diamond, Civil Servant, is totally in shock, with her eyes red, and asks—why is blue?—
        Ice Prince says,– because it remind me of this lights, and this place, and the hugs we gave each other here, and the time we spend together here, would you give me the honor, to become my wife, my real wife–
        Civil Servant, doesn’t say anything,
        So Ice Prince says –you don’t want to–
        She says — ah, oh, I don’t know– mumbling
        –You don’t want to be my real wife? — He asks
        She says again –no, I mean, yes, ah–She can’t hold the tears any longer and finally says– I will be your real life, forever! — She stand up, help him stand up, and they hug and kiss, like there is no tomorrow!!!
        Scene 2
        We are in the super duper beautiful, Ice Prince BEDROOM!! (LOL finally a bed scene, two bad is in my head)
        Ice Prince and Civil Servant are kissing, hot kissing, clothes starts to fall down, and the image go blur. In the other shot Ice Prince is on top of Civil Servant (I warn you this is too HOT to handle), cover by the bed covers and looking at her eyes says
        –Ah Jung Ah, I love you, with all my heart, with all me, I never thought I can feel anything like this—
        Civil Servant starts to cry and says –Ki Joon, I never thought that my heart would feel again, I thought that, when my first love die, I die with it, until I say you, until you came to my life, and change it all, I though love was something impossible for me, and then, you open the door to the possibilities–She sighs, and continue – I love Hyun Ki Joon, with all my heart, with all me, I never thought I can feel anything like this— they kiss and the image again go blur.
        And then the morning comes!! They wake up in each others arms, and look at each other, he kiss her gently in the forehead, and says –good morning honey–(LOL I always love how they say “honey” it kills me)
        They eat breakfast and realize they are late to go to work, so off they go, all day; they are giggling and remembering everything. She can’t concentrate, so she text him saying, “I can’t do anything except think of you, what should I do? I am so in love with you”. He is in the middle in a meeting, his cell phone rings, and when he read the text, he start to laugh so laud that the other members of the meeting, start to look at each other amazed. He replies “Come to my house tonight 7:20 pm, I have something to show you, I love you Ah Jung Ah”. He caught himself laughing, and stops; look around the meeting room, with a poker face says –where were we?–
        Civil Servant get to her house and his father is outside sitting, and she says –sorry I didn’t call you last night, did you worry?–
        He smiles at her and says –you are an adult, and you were with him, you love him, he loves you, I don’t need to worry– She says nothing, and her face blushes!!

        That night at exactly 7:20 pm, he is standing at the door waiting for her, when he is about to call her phone, the door bell rings, it is her, and he let her in. He says –how was your day, honey– she replies –awful, I can’t do anything because of you– they laugh, and he took her by the hand, take her to a room, she never enter before, it his play room, with all the miniature models that he have, she looks at him and smiles, and he says — you say you want to see them– he starts to explain to her every model and how he do it…

        The end… well at least in my mind!! LOL

      • @Angelitocurioso…..OMO, I love love love it. And dont get me started about the bed scene. Finally a bedroom!! Gosh, I seriously loved this Angelito, I was so enthralled, I got bummed at the “The end” part. Hahaha. Gah, you should be writing fan fictions. You should do this to help quench my LTM need along with Koala.

      • Yes I agree. Just like Leishers said you should write a fans fiction for us Angelito, so we won’t miss LTM so much after it ends. I think the writer of LTM should take a look at this thread and read on your “plot”, especially the bed scene LOL.
        Anyway, happy birthday Leishers, wishing you a happy life 🙂

      • Thanks Santaiah. I had a wonderful birthday and looking forward to a long and happy life. I believe god has alot in stores for me. hehe he’s not finished with me yet, just started.

    • This is really good Angelito, I lost half of my hair now I have a receding hairline and I also ran out of nails to bite….(impossible to bite someone else’s nails, it’s gross and they wouldn’t let me…LOL!)

      Of course the Park-Hoon-Pasty-Smurfy-Pout avatar is for you.

  13. i luv seeing them together in the screen….noticed that most of the time they are wearing couple clothes was it coincidence or was it planned?? cant wait for the 13th and 14th episode and at the same time getting sad because the end for this kdrama is almost at hand…waaaahhhhhhhhhh cant bear not to watch them every week….i would be heartbroken for sure….hope they would date for real…..

      • I know so cute right?! But I wouldn’t dare totally ship him (not as much as Angelito does anyway) or else Angelito might let me sleep with the fishes….hehehe

        So cute and adorable, good enough to eat….lol

      • I know male leads are suppose to take our breath away, hell THEY DO!!! But, there are times, when a certain actor, or character, grab you by surprise and leave you without a clue, for me:

        ^ Lie To Me is Park Hoon, he is charming, adorable, totally loyal to Ice Prince, but he says that he was in Civil Servant side once!! LOL

        ^In My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, OMG, Park Dong Joo (No Min Woo character, hell, why is his name Park too? I wonder?) he was HOT, a 1000 years old demon hunter/immortal/slayer!!! WTH?? I want one exactly like him!!
        H I S = Hunter/Slayer/Immortal!! LOL I wanted to be a gumiho, so bad, so HIS can BRING ME DOWN!!! LOL, I am so helpless in front of No Min Woo!!! *Heavy Sighs*

        In Personal Taste, No Sang-Jun (Jeong Seong-Hwa character) was Jeon Jin-Ho’s (Lee Min Ho) friend, and that man, make me laugh like hell!!! OMG, When he was acting gay, saying, “honey, don’t be like that” LMAO!!! Kim Tae-Hoon (Im Seul-Ong character) was an employee of Jin Ho, who also was in love with, Hye Mi, he was adorable, and I felt so bad for him, because, he was so in love with her. And Director Choi, OMG, I fell in love with him, despite he being gay and all!! I just wanted to comfort him, just like Gae In, say to Jin Ho, once, “if you ask me, I can marry you” *and to herself, like that, I can be by his side* That brake my freaking heart apart!!

        ^In Coffee Prince, all the Prince and their love stories!! OMG Jin Ha-Lim, No Seon-Ki, Hwang Min-Yeom, they make me laugh and cry, and definitely make me want a lot of waffles!!!

        There are always “support characters” that without them, the story, wouldn’ be so adorable and charming!!

      • Totally agree with all your choices. Delicious except the pretend gay guy but he was hilarious.

      • @ Angelitocurioso, Leishers and Sonia

        This is ot of the topic, but just wanted to share…I’m starting Korean language lessons this July hahaha =)

      • @Angel that is soo soo cool. I started learning korean since I found Gong Yoo, but I mean, I too have really started learning religiously. When I construct my first sentence on my own, ill share it with you. heheh So cool @Angel. 화이팅!!!

      • I want to learn too!! Can I join you? Can I? Say yes, please!!!! *playing the puss in boots stunt* LOL

  14. Hi everyone! Do you wish to send a message to YEH or KJH? A moderator from is collecting messages from international fans. A special event/party will be held for the LTM staff and crew. The collected messages will be personally given to them. Sorry I can’t copy and paste link here, I’m at work and is using my iphone. If you can please visit the site and post you’re messages. Let’s show them our love. 🙂

    BTW, thanks koala for all the infos. We will all gladly support you
    hwanhye bar in the future. 🙂

  15. I’ll miss them so much when Lie To Me ends….I hope we’ll see more hot kisses between them before it ends….I wouldn’t mind seeing those pics after either when/if they’re caught in public 😉

  16. oh i hope that there will be another drama for the both of them………… pls tell the director to do another one or part 2 hahahhahahahhahahhahahahha………

  17. hope to see them again after the LTO ends….. oh im going to miss this couple….. so sad that it will end soon huhuhuhuhuhuhu…….

  18. i love this couple i hope they end up together…… not with actress jang hee jin….. a while ago i read a comment that kang ji hwan dated jang hee jin for a year…. but in my research kang ji hwan denied it hahahhahaha so pity for jang hee jin….. hehehehehehehe

  19. thanks koala…you certainly know how to make our hearts go pitter patter…gosh they are sooo adorable…love you for this post…

  20. Thanks Koala. Will Be Eun Hye and Ji Hwan WILL real-life couple? Only time will tell, I do not want to lie to me is over. I wish more and more of this beautiful couple.

  21. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW……they’re sooo cute together…….i can’t wait for the rest of this drama to come out

  22. Thanks a lot, koala. I have already kept a few (just like you said) so I will have someting to gaze at during those lonely nights when the LTM… is no more…. *tears up*. In the meantime, let’s live it up for the next two weeks.

  23. New here,but from the day i started reading, iam hook up evryday given the opportunity to go online which is every now and then, i love LtS specifically the lead actor and actress, thanks for sharing to us koalas

  24. Btw iam starting to feel sad, the ending is near, i hope koala can still and will still give us some info regarding our so much love couple,i wish they will continue what they started with in the dram an acting ending up for real, lol i must be dreaming and hoping just most of us here, thanks agn koalas

  25. I wish they would really get married and do that thing that my mom always told me not to do until I do the M word.

    • I heard you loud and clear, jowha dongsaeng~

      I’ll pray really hard with you. Lord, HwanHye babies will blind the world by its sheer gorgeousness.

      • Gosh such a nice prayer. I’l add my prayer to this.

        But wouldnt it just be so darn tootin’ delicous if they just come out and shout we’re in love. Eun Hye’s mom would be so happy, and I’d feel like a proud ass parent. gah.

        Oh koala, I love love your new header. I especially like the “L” and “A” in play ground for hwanhye reasons. hahahah first thing I noticed.

  26. in 2 more weeks ,the stories were came to end….l had watched the drama many times and wishing they were real ,but the facts is it is a story .l kept asking myself to stop the mania and have to calm down …….Lie to me ,pictures of ah-ki cames out in my mind. must be crazy,Monday comes soon but feels bad because story were end in 2 weeks.

  27. i feel sad the end is near…wish it could be extended but its just an impossible dream coz of the low ratings in korea..what would perk me up if these two would end up dating in real life…

  28. it’s really owesome !!!! they have a great chemistry. and i hope they can falling in love in real world. i love KJH and YEH!!!!!

    • Well I dont think so. I read in that he said he and YEH talked about the ratings and something. I dont remember the full conversation but it made me smile. Well if you understand korean then you will know what he said, because he was asked about it in the interview that he did in jeju with the lady who kept calling him yobo.

  29. Koala, is it true that KJH was sad about the LTM rating? I had read that he was sad with low rating 🙁 . How come that the rating was low, I’m addicted to LTM though.

  30. I just watched the press-con about the Cola-Kiss n someone asked YEH about her man-type…she said she likes charming man who can move her heart n has good personality ..she doesnt like handsome n rich man because money is not everything n handsome man can make girl feel unsafe(her type just like ordinary girl)…she also talked about the ratings..she also hope this drama has good ratings but if not she n KJH keep work hard n support each other!!

  31. low ratings and all i love this drama to death. hope both yeh and kjw realized that they have much wider fan based internationally which i think is to their advantage than just being popular locally. want to see more bts action from these 2 just to see if there’s any romantic development going on while filming this drama.

  32. I think I’m having my LTM withdrawal symptoms again mwa ha ha! So I just stared at these bars of cuteness and hotness! I also keep thinking that we just have four episodes left to enjoy this OTP, my goodness. Isn’t there any plans for a youtube version? I mean they did it with PK. Can’t they do it with LTM too?

  33. Hi Koala You know some of these awards, post a thread to vote for Eun Hye:Mnet has released the nominees for their annual “Mnet Summer Break Hot 20’s Awards”, a group of awards for music, dramas, variety shows, athletes and other categories such as “Best Sixpack” and “Hot Campus Goddess”.

    Idol groups and singers with the most nominations include 2PM, IU, and BEAST. Miss A’s Suzy received a nomination for “Hot New Star”, and G.NA, 4minute, and f(x) also picked up nominations for their successful winter and spring promotions.

    Among dramas, actors from “The Greatest Love” received the most nominations, with all four main leads receiving acknowledgement for their performances. Cha Seungwon was also nominated for “Best Sixpack”, and Gong Hyojin received a nomination for “Hot Style Icon”. “City Hunter”‘s two leads, Park Minyoung and Lee Minho, also received nominations for their work, as well as nominations for “Hot Campus Goddess” and “Hot 20’s Voice”.

    Voting is open for international fans and will continue until July 6th. The following day, the awards ceremony will be broadcast on Mnet. The full list of awards and nominees is below:
    Hot Drama Star (female)
    Yoon Eunhye (Lie to Me

      • I actually voted for YEH when I say the poll yesterday, you just need to click on the tab with 02 hot then below are the photos of the celebrities, just click on the tab beside YEH’s photos and then that’s it…I guess you can only vote once..I hope you’l vote for her too..:D..

  34. Someone just uploaded stills of HKJ and Ah Jung’s father at the sauna on forums and it looks hilarious! I’m loving the rivalry between these two men. I am sooo looking forward to seeing them together again. The drinking match is hands-down my favorite funny moment of LTM. Seen it 12 times and I still fall on the floor laughing.

  35. oppps I just paid a visit to the site to see how YEH is doing..she’s still in the 3rd place, I tried voting again and I was surprised I was able to vote again..I think voting is only once per day, if you have voted today you can still vote for her tomorrow..:)

  36. as of the moment, i have a heavy heart knowing that within 2 weeks my fave OTP, my fave k-drama will soon come to end. i guess that’s how things work.
    for almost 2 months i went gaga over this drama. my week will be boring and dull (i just hope i will find a new kdrama that will caught my interest), knowing that my precious Monday and Tuesday won’t be the same again. as for the moment i breathe and live for LTM 🙁
    watching KJH and YEH in LTM brings joy and excitement in my everyday life. i instantly love waking up so early in mondays and tuesdays bcoz of them waiting for koalas recaps and reviews.
    i just hope they will have upcoming projects together.
    and koala, i thank you for making my two months of LTM worth watching, reading recaps, downloading images and visiting more sites coz of the OTP. i truly enjoy it.
    lets keep supporting the OTP! <3<3<3

  37. isn’t there any way to extend this drama? gaaaaaah. time sure flies fast, only 2 weeks laeft? 🙁 i can’t get enough of HwanHye couple. those pictures are all captivating. I really want them to be a couple in real life. 😀

    • It’s showing in the Philippines. Hay. All of the filipinos are getting hooked!!!!! Hope that this show is too long for us.. Hay. I hope they are together in real life ❤

  38. Am just going gaga over these two romantic couple. i am beginning to think of creating a fans club for Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Ye. just sooooo love them!

  39. wow the lie to me series of korean is great for me, ilove the story,It is light but very capturing to the hearts of televiewers.. Its not yet aired here in the Philippines but i already watched it in Youtube and its great koreanovela. And the tandem of the two cast Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye seems very good and compatible. I hope theres another movie tandem of them.

  40. Hello every one yes I really love HWANHYe couple they are perfect couple….and I love them since i watched Lie to me….Hope theyare lover in real live.keep on fighting!

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