Pictures and Video from the Lie to Me Wrap Party

A good drama friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous), is not watching Lie to Me. But she almost got blinded by the LTM gif header yesterday when strolling by the playground, leading her to toddle off to watch the last scene of episode 16. Afterwards she whispered to me:

“[I] seriously think they must be dating in real life, no? That is NOT acting, that’s the rawest passion I’ve ever seen. Yup, it feels like total foreplay, like they can’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off. Sizzling is an understatement.”

Sometimes it takes a total third party not watching LTM but taking just one scene out-of-context to further confirm for me that I have not been blinded by some sort of astral projection that Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye have never-before-seen onscreen chemistry. I’m here for all you LTM-fans (like I did for PK and M3) to help wean you all off the pain and agony everyone feels now that the drama has ended. Yes, I feel the same way, too. This is probably the worst I’ve had a drama withdrawal since City Hall. Today I bring you the wrap party picture for the cast and crew.

You guys can analyze body language and gestures and proximity to each other to your heart’s content. I think both Ji Hwan and Eun Hye were absolutely exhausted by the time this wrap party was held the night the final episode aired. Eun Hye especially looks like she’s about to keel over. So both seem very mellow, subdued, and a tad melancholy. No?

Personally, and don’t quote me, co-stars that got along great as pals on a drama tend to have tons of fun goofing off at the wrap parties. Conversely, it actually gets more a tad more curious when I see Ji Hwan and Eun Hye making a concerted effort not to be teasing each other, goofing off, and smiling at each other the way they’ve been in all the BTS footage so far. Anyhoo, just my 2 cents.

I don’t have time to translate the wrap party video word for word, except for one very telling scene.

Calls everyone to gather to cut the cake. Congrats on finishing the project. Asks the main cast to say something.

Ji Hwan very awkward, tells everyone the cake is so good they’ll die when they eat it, then he passes to Eun Hye.

Eun Hye: blah blah blah, worked hard on project, great experience, everyone remember the great atmosphere, until the next project, learned a lot. Ji Hwan: checks watch, folds arm, fiddles with his cake cutter (which he ended up not even using to cut the cake at the end because he played it with so much during this interlude).

Random dude: next let’s have the lawyer say something.

[Start watching at the 2:20 mark of the video] Actor who plays Jae Bum: Me? You all know what I’m going to say, right?

Ji Hwan shoots him a look, and Eun Hye GETS EMBARASSED and turns backwards in the direction of Ji Hwan, but she gives him a quick peek. Eun Hye then plays with her hair in her trademark gesture when she’s embarassed. Ji Hwan smiles and bites his cake cutter at that moment. Their arms touch.

[Seriously? Ji Hwan, you are that nervous that you’ve taken to nibbling on a cake cutter that is about to be used to cut the cake? No wonder he just gestured the caking cutting at the end cuz he realized he can’t actually put that germy cake cutter into the cake. LOL. I love my HwanHye adorableness!]

Jae Bum: Uhm, project is finished. Thank you.

So Ran, Yoon Joo, Manager Park, Sang Hee all say nice parting words.

Park Hoon: My biggest regret was that I didn’t get to start something with Manager Park in this drama (he meant his character and her character).

So there you have it.

The Baidu EunHwan forum is going beserk analyzing this video with second by second time lapses. Verdict: the forced awkwardness is off the charts.

Some Baiduers have resorted to making random people (like husbands, co-workers, sons) watch the video and got responses that say: the girl likes the guy in the hat, and the guy in the hat definitely has the hots for the girl. Body language and odd tension to third party viewers who don’t know who Eun Hye or Ji Hwan are indicate there is something going on and they are making a concerted effort not to show it.

Koala’s update for the day.

Lastly, here is a group picture on the cliffs of Jeju with the entire production team. Look at wuri Ji Hwan and Eun Hye in the front. Are they both holding an ice-cream cone?!? My eyes, they need some R&R.

Finally, I’ve heard rumors on DC Lie that the script for episode 16 actually included after scenes: when Ah Jung and Ki Joon celebrate their baby’s 100 day milestone (a big Korean event for infants), and later a time jump to 5 years later at the hotel when their child is 5 years old. If either or both were filmed and not shown due to time constraints (episode 16 already went 6 minutes over the hour mark), then we ought to be getting in the Director’s Cut edition of LTM. And there will be a Director’s Cut, mark my words.

There was also another scene shown in the preview for episode 16 that didn’t make it to air, when Ah Jung and Ki Joon are sitting in a coffee shop and he refuses to agree to what she is asking ands she totally OPW’s him. It was cute to see Ah Jung’s aegyo power back, especially since she hasn’t used it on Ki Joon in too many episodes.

[Credit: all pictures from DC LTM Gallery]


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      • Late but here!!! Heheh
        Koala, I didnt want to start rumors so I refrained from saying this…well atleast when I first saw the pics anf vid at YEH Net.
        But since your anonymous 3rd party gave her input…I feel as if im not operating on wishful thinking anymore. I feel free to say:
        YEH And KJH totally remained in bodily contact throughout that vide, excluding the parts where she left to go and get the camera. Hahah. Like seriously.
        And yes, at most wrap party’s, even when tired, everyones always messing around. I bet Kang Ji Hwan just wanted to lay one on her right then and there. Or take her to the nearest dark corner hehe. LMAO gosh, I feel as if I lost something very important. (oops that was totally not taken from LTM) I really do, whereas YEH was just scared neener neener!! Heheh No, But I’m really going to miss LTM. 🙁

      • @ Leishers
        “I bet Kang Ji Hwan just wanted to lay one on her right then and there. Or take her to the nearest dark corner hehe”

        I love your pervy thoughts as usual… tee hee

      • @Mizweng
        Why thank you my other half.
        But the credit goes to all you LTMers. You guys really opened up my….creative(?) side. heheh

    • Yes!!! I seriously think that this part is sooooo important for satisfying our fantasy!!!!

      Please PD-nim just release that extra few minutes on youtube !!!!

      I needa get Director’s cut……awwww

    • from koalas:Finally, I’ve heard rumors on DC Lie that the script for episode 16 actually included after scenes: when Ah Jung and Ki Joon celebrate their baby’s 100 day milestone (a big Korean event for infants), and later a time jump to 5 years later at the hotel when their child is 5 years old. If either or both were filmed and not shown due to time constraints (episode 16 already went 6 minutes over the hour mark), then we ought to be getting in the Director’s Cut edition of LTM. And there will be a Director’s Cut, mark my words
      I am totally feels bad, and so much wanted to see the whole….they cut so much!can thay just make up the whole and sell dvd, count me in , i want a set for collection! so far , I only have purchase full house and kim sam shun ,lie to me will be the third one that l wanted so much! pd no cut version is so much wanted! sbs is being so bad to do 16 esp.and no extension while l feel so bad that baby face is up to 18th esp. already!

  1. Best luv pointed this out earlier… KJH looks like he’s putting bunny ears on wuri YEH in that final Jeju picture!

    • Also…

      a) I’m so relieved to know that those epilogues were going to be included just like Secret Garden (only better since it’s YEH and KJH). I’m hoping that’s what they were doing until 7am the day of the finale. No way that would’ve been edited in on time. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the Director’s cut DVD.

      b) I agree with you on the distance b/w YEH and KJH during the wrap-party. I actually think it’s been noticeable even in the BTS videos of the public declaration scene and the ice cream smushing scene. YEH immediately separates from KJH and puts on her serious face. She was a lot more extroverted in the BTS vids for Coffee Prince. She didn’t even hesitate from hugging/being hugged and comforted by and taking pictures with Gong Yoo even WITH all their bedroom/intimate scenes.

      I know she must’ve been exhausted, but I hope that actually means that in a few months, we’ll hear about them coming out as a couple. YEH definitely won’t be getting married in secret. She’s got waaaay too many friends in the industry to invite to a wedding 🙂

      • Oh, and another thing… when watching even KJH’s interactions with either Park SY during BTS vids of Coffee House and interviews he had with Kim Haneul for their film, he was definitely more extroverted.

        Suspicious… haha. I know the whole LTM team closely monitored DC LTM, but they shouldn’t be taking it to extremes where they’re deliberately being serious in public/when cameras are nearby.

    • HwanHye Shipper if they are closely monitoring the DC LTM then there’s a chance that they have also roamed around the playground that is why they gived us so much kissing scenes at the last episode… 🙂

      • PD told the staff AND the writer to keep an eye on DC LTM so they are fully aware of all the shippers out there! YEH even sent out a personal thank you to the international fans for the “explosive amt of support” 🙂

      • @Best Luv oh really? how sweet..but wait, its totally different on how she reacted when she was shipped to her former co actor in MFL.. I heard she even threatened the press to sue them if ever rumors will still continue about her dating that guy… this seems good news 😀

      • @Conie
        That’s probably another reason why YEH is extremely cautious in between takes in the BTS vids to give KJH space after the cut. She REALLY hates scandals.

      • @BestLuv – That’s so?!?? Ahh.. no wonder. Heh. That only means … no smoke without fire?????

        *overanalyze pics to pieces*

      • That’s exactly why we got the ending that we wanted while still staying true to the characters and their love story, and why there was much more AJ/KJ moments during the time PD#2 and writer#2 was in charge.

        PD2 + writer2 + YEH + KJH discussed a lot of the storyline that happened towards the end of the drama with their fandom in mind to see what worked and what didn’t.

      • @BestLuv – you know all that pulling in together to make this a drama that’s really nuanced. I like that part more than “acting” – having both KJH & YEH’s suggestions and input also means they’re fully into the scenes and development – cos it was much thought out and discussed… If they weren’t comfortable, it’d show up. *dunno if that’s over-thinking much* but at least that how real life work teams that I enjoyed working for felt like – everyone knew where to cover the gaps.

        That said – I’m sure when news of Dir Cut is out – this place would be buzzing then !! *cross fingers* Hope they subbed it plus re-work the scenes into the story line. Not just put it as a ‘extra scenes’ …. *cross fingers* I wanna see the baby!!

  2. thanks MAM…love them both…really miss them…why they must cut the scenes?? can they make extend episode..I hope it will show in rerun episode on the weekend…

  3. Watch me preorder the DC as soon as there are rumors about it. I refused to do that back when the City hall DC come out because the whole procedure for International fans seemed a tad shady and a lot complicated (I know, word of the mouth, awesome forum members working non-stop to help, etc etc), but hey, I was uber-cautious back. I’ll throw all that out of the window when the LTM DC is released. Even if I have to order from innolife, which is SO not my favorite online store mainly cos I’d like to understand what I’m clicking/agreeing to, I’ll get these dvds, chingu!

    I think I’ll save the wrap up party clip for later. I’m sure withdrawal will hit very hard this time around. Anyway, looking at the pics? alskjfksldhgdlfhg Hwanhye are so adorable!

    Ooooh btw, good to have confirmation about their chemistry from a 3rd party (SO curious to know who said that, haha) and yes, it does look like foreplay. Omg, I went on sensory overload yesterday. I SO wasn’t expecting to many kisses and hugs.

    • PS (OT): a friend who’s not much into romcoms watched Heartstrings and said it wasn’t bad at all. YAY. I have yet to confirm this (though I could watch it raw, I think I’ll wait for the subs. It’s not like I don’t have a million other eps to catch up on, haha), but omg, so excited!

      • Done! I’m refreshing AKP obsessively now! Or rather, in between watching bits from ep 16, ha!

      • Ms. K … can you let me know when the DVD Lie To Me release, ok? Is it possible we can get our PD cuts in DVD version?
        This is my 1st time so eagerly to buy DVD, previous I always download…but for this time, i really wanna watch the missing scenes so badly…

      • @peipei78

        Keep checking this blog. I’m sure someone will alert you about the dvds when…if…when they come out. You’ll hear LTMers squee hard if the Director’s cut is released.

      • @ sere..

        that’s surely do.. but sumtimes i always missed it 🙁
        hm…will you help me if I miss it, right? hehehe

  4. I am so totally going to miss LTM. And I agree with you Koala–there better be a Director’s Cut with all the footage that didn’t make it into any of the episodes, especially Ep 16! Thanks Koala for all of your hard work! And I enjoyed reading all the posts from the LTMers. Till next drama…

  5. I rewatch the episode 15 & 16. i love their chemistry. I really like to rewatch this drama, like I did in twilight. I Hope they will end-up dating like brangelina and edward & bella. I cross my finger.

  6. Omo! So LTM did have future family glimpse? For real??
    I’m so melting.
    Just when I think I will get over wuri OTP….
    *go to rewatch LTM*

  7. I have seen some of her After Party and BTS. She’s not the type to play around with the male costar. She will stay with the ladies; therefore, if they are dating, I guess we will just have to wait until they reveal it themselves.

    • yes, they did!!! like a couple’s language. too obvious there is something cooking between them … i won’t be surprise after watching that PASSIONATE KISS…

  8. I know that iam not blind nor senile so for a third party friend of Miss Koala to think same way I DO is very comforting.One of the reason i like Yoon Eun Hye as an actor is because she gave her all to her role.Be it in kissing or love scenes,comedic or drama scenes she was great.but correct me if iam wrong there were some restrain and shyness on YEH’s part specially the last two episodes. There were instances that she was not able to meet KJH’S loving looks.On the other hand KJH was eager and excited to the end.
    During the wrapped party she was also a bit calm.In CF party YEH was emotional and a bit unconsolable.Maybe she was really tired or too sad its all over.Miss Koala will you please tell both of them there is nothing wrong if they both decide to date.PLEASE.
    Che Rowley

  9. thank you madame k… looking at this pictures is making me cry all over again because this means I need to say goodbye… I have been avoiding it since episode 16… Ohhhhh wuri KJ and AJ what have you done to me…

    from the pic, and I say this again… YEH looks like she’s shy… i know YEH fans mentioned she’s really a shy type but it’s giving me a different vibe… (ok am older so bear with me)… like yunno when you are with your crush (am trying to pic my younger self and how it used to be), you kinda try hard not to look at him and not to touch him…… and about KJH, seems like he is putting an effort here not to be touchy with YEH but some glances he gave was a total giveaway!!! oh dear!

    now for the tidbits…squeeeeeeeeeee hahaha

    • Absolutely.

      They did share a look at the 1:06 mark.

      And then when Eun Hye was talking right afterwards, Ji Hwan did a couple things that were very telling: (1) he folded his arms across his chest, which usually indicates he’s trying hard to keep it occupied, to prevent the natural inclination to touch Eun Hye, and (2) he looks at her a few times and then checks his watch, keeping busy, which means he’s not being himself.

      If the natural inclination of the two of them is to be pals, like we see on the BTS, then the distance they are maintaining at the wrap party is the acting, hence the very awkward vibe we all are getting.

      When I watch the video, I see two people going out of their way to be just colleagues because of the cameras and people around, when it goes against their natural behavior.

      You see Eun Hye laugh and lightly punch the actor who plays Jae Bum, yet she’s oddly demure around Ji Hwan in that same vid. Anyways, I can go on all day.

      It totally is two people crushing on each other but pretending not to in public. I’ve done it, exact same behavior patterns. Being busy, engaging others, acting nonchalant around each other. But somehow the tension kinda seeps through if that perceptive people can notice.

      • Yeah… contrast this to their early interviews (first and second media day + the first interview for the news that they did while filming ep 3).

        They were definitely more extroverted and open… the usual way KJH acts around his female co-stars. I’ve sensed a huge change in their public interactions since BTS videos by the audience at the declaration scene, and even more during the ice-cream BTS where YEH literally jumps off of KJH at the first sign of “CUT!”. Not even an apology for grabbing his head a little strongly… unlike how she normally is in CP BTS vids and even BTS vids with Sang Hee.

        We all know she’s the shy type but she’s not THAT shy! That’s way too deliberate on both their parts.

      • After reading this, I had to see the vid.

        Guys, I have to agree with you. They’re both trying hard not to look at each other or get too close. YEH caves in more often and sneaks a few glances, but omg, I so hope they’re crushing on each other for real! I’d be SO happy for them!

      • @Sere,
        I have no doubt there’s crushing going on back and forth. That kind of attraction can’t be acted or even hidden. Question is whether or not they’ve done or will do something about it…

      • hello to everyone!

        @ ockoala and hwanhye shipper, did you both noticed too hye’s left shoulder touching hwan’s right shoulder while she was speaking? 🙂 i just find it cute that they are standing pretty close :)and also when she turned towards him again because jaebum said something funny 🙂

        thanks for this update ockoala, i watched episode 16 last night for the first time and i cried. i cried with aj and kj when they reunited at the cliff.

        i really hope we get to see those after scenes. that would really top off my LTM addiction. im not ready to let go of it yet 🙂 will be re-watching for sometime still 🙂

      • that is so true… IMHO, the only reason one becomes totally awkward with someone is when your emotions are tied up with that person and somehow its confusing you… I do hope they could be honest with each other and just try to explore that feeling for once and not to be pressured with the expectations of their respective agency and jealous fans… after all, finding someone to have a real connection with is very rare, esp in their business… that’s why, i feel proud for those entertainment couples who too the plunge and announce their relationship… i sincerely pray that KJH and YEH will be brave enough just to give it a try…Doesn’t really matter what the end result will be, it’s the first step that counts…
        KJH/YEH fighting!!!!

      • i have a question for ockoala, if our OTP are really dating, is there really a need for them to hide it? why so?

        i mean is it going to be really bad if they do admit that they are in a relationship? im not familiar with the Korean entertainment industry that why im asking.

      • @minchin-much

        I think a lot of it has to do with just wanting privacy. Some people are just like that. Also, YEH has had bad experiences where she said she had trouble from antis or would lose CF opportunities… that sort of thing. But I think a lot of korean celebrities just want privacy and not to be hounded by the press.

      • Exactly. Not apologizing after some physical action like grabbing done to her costar is SO not her. And I’ve read on DCLTM that BTS videos that drama productions gave out on the official website tend to get pre-monitored by actor’s agencies before they’re released these days. I think that’s pretty understandable because not only scandals they’d want to avoid but also thoughtless words or gestures that can lead to much trouble.

      • @ Best Luv, thank you. i guess privacy has always been the problem for any actor/actress in the entertainment industry.

        i just hope that everything goes well for hwanhye if in future they do end up together 🙂

      • Evidence of Hwan-Hye TRUE relationship:
        First: During a show promoting Black Mini Dress, all actresses gave a future speech to their future husband and YEH’s was this: ‘I don’t mind if you are unemployed for the time being. I’ll work hard and bring back lots of money and we live a good life. All I ask is that you keep the house tidy, wash some dishes and take good care of our baby..Pssst KJH was out of work for 2 years due to conflicts in contracts and LTM is his first role back in circuit. Could it be a message to him?? Heck yah

        Second: YEH ideal man it was quite interesting co she mentioned or telling him to do the housework…usually a girl wont say this to her bf unless she knew he loves doing it…now wasnt it a coincidence that KJH loves cleaning & decorating his house? And really not many men like doing the housework..THEY HATE IT!! But not KJH

        Third: During a cass CF photoshoot with 2 pm in 2010 YEH talked abt her ideal man. Her list…1. No pretty boys 2. Single eye lid man 3. A little bit chubby. now looking at the way she said it doesnt it seems as if she has sumone in mind. Sure KJH is cute but he is no pretty boy. So far I still cant find his 2nd eye lid, which probably means he’s a single eye lidder…chubby? KJH? Well…a bit…of cos he’s not fat or anything but compare to the idol boys, WB, JDG, BYJ, he is a bit chubby especially around his face.

        Lastly: At the end AJ was telling SR she’s getting married…its weird that SR keeps stressing that AJ is lying again..I mean she knows AJ & KJ are dating for real, she even helps KJ to convince AJ that marriage is not as bad as she thinks..she also knows its a matter of time that AJ will accept KJ’s proposal so why did ask the question over & over again? And AJ emphasize that she’s not lying THIS TIME, she’s really gonna get married in AUTUMN THIS YEAR (which is not happening coz we know that the drama end this summer)…SO YEH must be talking about her own REAL wedding….YAHHHHHHH

        Ok sorry for the long and creative post, probably to fill up the empty space from LTM withdrawal.

        BUT bear in mind this evidence might be A REAL FACT 🙂

      • yes, that is so true best luv… i think that doesn’t only happens to korean ent but global ent as well… you can just imagine how stressful dating is to us regular people but to them who is always in the limelight, that a million times more…. more so that they are (esp YEH) very bankable…

        well, no matter what their decision could be am just happy to be a witness to whatever… i could always say in the future that I SURE DID HAVE SO MUCH FUN thinking about what could have been…

      • @OneTruePeer

        THAT explains why they’ve been skimping on BTS videos! Now I’m even more suspicious… just watch the whole BTS special from all of YEH’s past dramas and the BTS special released in Japan (on YouTube) for Coffee House. The kind of co-star interactions we normally get from those dramas were much more abundant than LTM. I just can’t shake the feeling that the production crew is deliberately skimping on the juicy stuff!

      • @ Lizzy

        Thank you… I had so much fun reading your post!!!!
        We wish they are all true…

      • @Lizzy
        “So far I still cant find his 2nd eye lid, which probably means he’s a single eye lidder”

        I cant stop laughing at this!!!

      • @Lizzy .. .thats taking conspiracy theory way back… hmm… I’d like to believe it.. .but wanna wait for time to officially tell what’s going on!!! 😀

        Now to more Stalking! I mean Snooping… No I mean … argh. Too awkward hiding true intention 😉 lols.

      • So Im starin and yup analysis paralysis sowi
        😉 ….that’s two opposite poles attracting each there but guys whether they date or not it still their choice man, talk about fan pressure it should be a new word in meriam-webster…. 😀 LMAO

      • Ms koala, I’ve just went to compare the bts videos. And what came to my mind was: “when did both of them started this relationship?” oh, really, I’m going to assume they had it already. Because the bts videos in cola kiss, the interview and ice cream kiss…. I can believe they have a good chemistry as actors. But for the ep 16 ending kiss, it’s entirely different vibe. And with this wrap up party video, it’s so showing. But then I was wondering, when did they started their relationship. What did jaebum saw and everybody saw, that made him say “you know what I’m going to say, right?” there must be something… Errr… A LOT happening in the filming set that was susshed by their agent. LOL.

        Isn’t this a story like “best love”

    • From the wrap up party video, seems like KJH a bit awkward or nervous? I saw him few times biting the plastic cake knife 😉

    • @Best Luv

      I hope they’ll pull a Eugene/Ki Tae-young on us soon. Or better yet, a Jeon Hye-Jin/Lee Chun-hee. What, if I have to hope, I better do it properly! ^^

      • 🙂 Go, you!

        I was just saying. Dating vs married with a baby on the way? I’d vote for the latter! Then again, Eugene and KTY are supposed to get married in July, right? So they’re nearly there as well.

      • @Sere
        I like how you think.
        hahah A baby out of wedlock, even more sexy. Though I dislike how people rush a wedding for a baby. Its like omo! I’d be like, we could tie the not after the baby!! Hahah

      • @Leishers
        omo! It’s not like Jeon Hye-Jin/Lee Chun-hee rushed into a wedding!

      • @Sere
        I thought they rushed it. But I mean, she was like a couple months preggers so I guess not. I heard about her being pregnant the same time I heard about them going to the altar, so I kinda thought that that was what speeded up their union. though they were dating for awhile before. So I guess they could be excluded. But I just always here the “so and so K-celeb is preggers, they admit they’ve been dating and are going to get married at this date” news together, so I always think they maybe rush marriage so the baby isn’t born out of wedlock.

      • That could happen…YEH said her parents had her and her brother out of wedlock. Her grandparents not sure which side maternal/or paternal, opposed her parents relationship but they loved eachother so much so they still got together and got disowned for it. YEH said she didn’t get to know her grandparents till years later in her childhood.

        She said she wants a marriage just like her parents who are still so in love and act like newlyweds even up to this day.

        YEH also said that she hates misunderstandings and doesn’t ever wanna go to bed angry with her future husband, instead she want to fo to bed holding hands:)

      • Hmm.. how about
        – dating (3 months) [Clear agency, clear media, clear the folks at home]
        – plan for HUGE wedding (am sure there would be lots of sponsors) (6 months)
        – BIG EVENT – Spring time in Korea (Just in time for KPlaymates trip)
        —> CUTESY babies – Fall 2012. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Wow an after scene!!!! I wish they aired that scene. Maybe they can make a special? I really hope that their will be a director’s cut. Thank you Koala! I couldn’t make myself re-watch the final 2 episode it will make me miss them more. Maybe in a few days or weeks from now… Ms. K please continue on giving us updates of LTM, YEH and KJH. Thank you!!!! LTM’s OTP AJ and KJ THE BEST OTP BY FAR!!!! THANK YOU! 🙂

  11. I just rewatched episode 16 again and after the first kiss on the cliff, Kang Ji Hwan broke apart from Yoon Eun Hye probably to catch his breath but it looked like she was actually going in more for the kiss like she wasn’t done yet. She either forgot they were filming, or she a lot of breath left….

    • I nominate this for best quote of the day:

      “or she a lot of breath left”

      I’m still rolling around laughing my head off. Kudos for an asutute observation, vegaspink!

      Touche. It’s feels like they are themselves onscreen with the natural effortless chemistry (because they can openly be a couple) and acting offscreen with the awkward deliberate distance (because they have to maintain the facade of polite colleagues).

      • Wouldn’t you try to go for another kiss even if you were already breathless? I mean, hello, a guy who really looks into you is right in front of you and he even kissed you like that! That’s a no brainer, guys.

      • i’ll have my own oxygen tank to be sure i have enough air… hehehe wouldn’t miss any kiss from KJH that’s for sure…. bwahahaahhhhhh and wouldn’t care if there were people looking too…

      • @Sere
        I like your italisized “that”, it really helps to show just how intense that kiss was. No not intense, but it shows the gravity of that kiss. I can not stop saying this, he hauled her up flush against him. That just illuminated the desperation of his love. Gah. YEH def had a reason for wanting more.
        Oxygen tank+Kang Ji Hwan= LOVE <3 or All Night Loving <3<3<3
        hahahah so true. She had a lot of breath left to kiss him. That was probably the highlight of filming for her, and she wanted to go on.

      • Um… if anyone forgot they were filming during the kiss, I think it’s KJH.

        I have two giant computer screens and the SBS HD video of the finale is so fantastic with the upclose stuff that you can see all of YEH and KJH’s pores.

        Which is why I totally saw KJH put in some tongue action in the first passionate kiss… no wonder he ran out of breath!

        And I also agree with Best Luv… looks like they took multiple shots of the final kissing scenes. Haha, must be nice to have Cupid as a PD.

      • @HwanHye Shipper

        OMG I have a HD screen, but it’s my tvscreen and…laskdjlskdfj omg, I have to wait till I can watch that vid on that. *downloads, just in case*

      • i agree with hwanhye shipper because with that final kiss yeh was “pulled” and “pushed back” all because ji hwan was devouring her luscious lips 😉

        the wonder of big tv’s/computer screen hehehe

      • @drmjs

        haha, ain’t big screens and HD recording just so freaking DAEBAK??? lolz.

        I mean I don’t care if it’s the lighting and angle that’s playing tricks on my eyes, but rewatching that kiss in a huge HD screen just makes me swoon/jealous I don’t have lips to borrow and practice on right now.

      • why am I always late to be the part of these crowd?? T.T ….

        anyway…the more you observes KJH & YEH, the more you guys 1000% sure these 2 are really in to each other.
        Just like what Lea Salonga’s song ” It doesn’t take a genious to read….”

      • @ hwanhye…
        I have 26″ LED and SBS HD … suppose big enough but i have no luck to see the tongue ..damn it!
        btw, the vid you gave me above? I can’t open it due to restricted and not available in my area … can you help me this desperate single woman to upload with other link…. 🙂

      • Sorry peipei78. Don’t know where else there’s a high resolution HD video of the scene… SBSLie1’s YouTube uploaded some better resolution videos but that one was higher. :-/

        I don’t think KJH stuck his tongue down her throat literally (that would be disrespectful to YEH), but he certainly got into it enough and the large HD video shows every little detail. lolz. I sound like a perv, but I love rewatching it over and over.

      • hwanhye,

        hahaha no probs.. nevermind.. this is just my curiosity pervert mind …

      • @ HwanHye Shipper,

        Which is why I totally saw KJH put in some tongue action in the first passionate kiss… no wonder he ran out of breath!
        If anyone has giant screens to rewatch this super-HD version of the finale… zoom in to that (x1000).

        OMG, I think I will really do that…..thanks for the suggestion. I did try to see his tongue in action earlier, but was not really clear since I watched from my notebook……guess I gotta find sometime to play on TV when my kids are gone to bed already..hahaha…..

    • Looks like they shot at least 3 versions of that scene. They might’ve had two cameras rolling during each take, but they had to shoot the long kiss multiple times because:

      a) they had to set up a track to roll the camera around them 180-degrees as they kissed
      b) up close shots of each dialogue
      c) KJH’s hands from closer view of kiss a few meters away vs. KJH’s hands when the camera pans out for the view of Jeju (L hand in and out of YEH’s sweater and R hand cradling her head vs. on her neck/shoulder)

      PD has got to be a shipper, too! Otherwise he wouldn’t be cutting those juicy BTS vids too soon for HwanHye’s privacy (avoid scandals) AND being able to use the excuse of multiple shots for the kisses.

      • thank you guys for your sharp eyes n comments..after re-wacthed the video n the kiss all you guys said are true…even though they acted very awkward n restrain but they can’t helped to stare n smile to each other..grrrr…n the kiss..I can see YEH want to kiss him more n more..yeah girl….I hope they can be honest n true to their feelings…n pursue their love n happiness… after this i have to see doctor to check my eyes…seems my minus getting worst lol!!!

    • I’ve read on the news report that they’ve spent 3 hrs and went 10 takes to shoot those cliff scenes. Surely big potion of those 3 hrs must have gone into set up the gears but we could guess they also should have spent long enough kissing each other.

      • @OneTruePeer have you noticed that YEH’s lipstick are all gone while KJH’s lips turned a little pink? 😀

  12. million thanks koala aa they are really cute at 0:54 i saw kang ji hwan looking at yoon eun hye when she was picturing the cake cute cute cute….

  13. He was sneaking glances too when park hoonie was making his speech. They came together with the pd for the wrap party right? So they probably rehearsing beforehand on how *not* to act in public. Just in case people curious abt it. They just don’t want to get caught. Tehehe

  14. Maybe its just my imagination but even the photos of them gives out such vibes! Wow! Or just maybe a picture (photo) paints a thousand words.

  15. Koala sis, you never failed to make our hearts beat faster with all your infos. 🙂

    The realistic me patiently told my romantic self that all that transpired in the drama was just pure acting. Cynical me is telling me but “of course they are professionals so they put a lot of efforts to portray their roles well”. And, my observant self told me that it was not mere acting at all, and that there must be a shared attraction between them to register such “hot and passionate scenes”. Reading the comment of a third party whose not into LTM told me that I have been correct per assessment of their actions. This time, I’ll sqqquuuuueeelllllll… My romantic self won me over. 🙂 I really do hope so that it is real between them, it’s such a good feeling to see pure emotions bloom right before your eyes and make me believe again that true love does exist.

    Kudos Koala. I am still coping with how to get over with LTM addiction. LOL

  16. ohhh forgot to mention….i still don’t like YJ {or what’s the actress name?.)..
    i know am petty but what can I do? looking at her make me cringe for real… it’s a good thing she’s a bit far from KJH and YEH in the video or else it’s gonna be real painful for me… oh well….

  17. It looks like there is going to be a big demand for DVDs for LTM, at least internationally. In Korea, do actors get a royalty for DVDs sold? I’m curious. Does anyone know?

  18. I actually think that comparing the CP After Party to this one is a little unfair, for that drama was clearly a more emotional journey for almost the entire cast, especially YEH. YEH was definitely more infested in the character and her interactions with her co-stars mirrored that.
    Though I’m not a LTM fan, I love to see the BTS because it’s undeniable that KJH and YEH are attracted to one another. This vid reveals it more so, because their proximity may be closer in some instances but their interaction staunch. YEH gave KJH a few slant glances that seemed to express confusion in his behavior. I’m just glad that she was a little surprised too. For a girl, it’s relatively easy to pin-point whether she likes someone, either she’s nice or giggly for no reason or too distant, shy or crabby for no reason (YEH is no different). Girls treat guys they are attracted to differently, it’s an extreme (in personality traits) on one side or another. Plus, girls take their cues from men but most importantly, find comfort in harmless dudes. If a guy (she’s friendly with) has a girlfriend/wife, girls will chat and tug and pull and play around much quicker than if he doesn’t. And I don’t believe KJH has a harmless bone in him.

    They definitely are attracted to each other but I’m sure with all the speculation, it’s hard not to try to keep the focus on the work instead of the play, no matter how much you have to subdue yourself. Also now that the drama’s over, they need to step back and figure out if what was going on between was the high from the reel or reality. Actors are human too and can be excited being able to work with the hot chick/guy and caught up in the romance in the script. They could definitely just be so glad to be able to work together that they let go of themselves and need time to figure out if there’s actually something besides “I lustly like you” that they could build a relationship or solid friendship on.
    I hope either way, they never regret their first project together and make a decision that is good, comfortable and right for them.

    • @notoriousnoona I wonder how KJH acting will be on his next kdramas..when he will do another kissing scene, is it as intense as the way he kiss YEH? Will his eyes sparkle the way he looks at YEH? Will he still do ad-libs to make us all giddy? All these questions will only be answered once we see him act again..but I still hope all the answers to those questions is NO !!! Andwe!! Andwe!!

      • to be honest, I’m keeping myself prepared for his future roles as I know he is a hardworking actor who give in his best just like YEH. But their chemistry and sizzling sparks are too outstanding to be ignored. I watch his other dramas with the other female leads and I don’t feel such intensity when he’s with YEH.

      • KJH is the king of ad-libs so there’s no doubt he will if he feels that it’s more natural for the character or be better for the scene (i.e., get lots of laughs). But what’s so fantastic about those ad-lib scenes is how either or both actors have that moment of being out of their character. And when some PDs may call NG for that, YEH and KJH play the ad-libs off so well that it looks natural and the PD keeps it.

        Kim Haneul, for example, said in an interview for “My GF is an Agent” that KJH loved to ad-lib to the point where it made her sweat and shocked all the female staffers.

  19. hehe like i say many times, they just look good and fit perfectly well even by standing together doing nothing… one thing I like is that though they hardly converse at all during the video, they look very comfortable standing close to each other and there’s some intensity going on.. haha shipping mode on. sighh i will be waiting for the day that they will announce they are a couple.

    On another note, hi to all LTMers! =) I hope we can still gather here to spazz and discuss as I’m still having major withdrawal.

    • I just noticed KJH and YEH were sneaking a quick sec glance at each other but look away quickly and discreetly at 0.16 in the video.. it could be my imagination running wild though hahahaha

      • No, it’s not your imagination because I saw that too.

        Oh, these two, they can’t hide their passion for each other – it’s coming out of their pores! They tried very hard at acting nonchalant at the party…. FAIL!! hehe… their LTM crazy fans have eyes of a hawk, that can see split second glances and quick, smoldering looks…we can see through you KJH and YEH!

  20. While watching the video, it seems like YEH is sad.. I can see it in her eyes, I remember CP bts, the one which was taken after their last filming she cried because she was sad the it already ended..idk but she just seem lacking of enthusiasm.

  21. The 2 do look kind of tired at the party, the kind that happens when you sleep too late after rolling in the hay…..sorry but it’s possible.

  22. my first assumption: i am pretty sure these two are at a stage of unconfirmed mutual understanding whereby they are still trying to grasp what the other is feeling or trying to convey through his/her action. i think that both already acknowledged that they are attracted to each other. LTM epi 7 RL hehehe. i saw this kind of interaction first during the ice cream kiss news interview when both got so shy (YEH for saying “whatever necktie he wears will just die because he is too good looking” making KJH embarrass and said “she always say those kind of things” then fans himself some more. that means early on their shooting days they already have got this kind of interaction.

    second assumption: they are dating but does not want to get caught off cam pretending too hard that they can resist each other’s charm like hello?! are you really sure we cannot read right through the two of you? we crazy LTM fanatics who are convinced what we saw in the drama aren’t all acting? LTM epi 14 RL KJH referring himself as OPPA in guise of KJ.

    i may misunderstand his interview in cosmo (credit to KJH thread in Soompi) of why he accept the role in LTM even though “he was not immediately drawn to the script”. i think the answer was because he wanted to take the chance to be able to work with the little miss whom he always thought (is that since the Baeksang Award JH?) their paths gonna cross and that fate will intercede. LTM epi 12 RL.

    haiz if only YEH is just like AJ in real life who is not afraid to ask why KJ kissed her not only once but twice. my shippy heart can only wish…

    • I’ve always enjoyed your posts at soompi. Cause you always have facts to backup the stories. Keep comin up with goodies okay? It put smiles in my face reading that. BTW motherkoala why on earth you put that pic with kjh looking at yoonjoo as the topic header?! Lol

      • He’s not looking at YJ. He’s looking at whoever is doing the talking far left from him. I kind of guess it was Park Hoon.

      • wahhh thank you. this is what LTM has done to me. researched and reads lots about them. for the past 2 months i only had 3 hrs sleep every day. i don’t know how i survived from the addiction. now that it is over, i still don’t have my life back.

    • @kokochulberryjam good thing you remember that ‘necktie’ bts..yes that totally wrap up everything…YEH already acknowledge how good looking KJH is, so it is not hard for her part to like him and on KJH’s side better for him to know that she finds him good looking making him shy and yet a good push for him to pursue YEH..hhmmm seems like this is the reason why KJH keeps getting more and more handsome in each episode, its for YEH to see 🙂

      Their previous bts are totally different from what we see in the wrap-up party..I guess the PD warned them already not to get too touchy and close if they don’t want to confirm that they have something going on because if not why acting that way suddenly..

    • Exactly what I’m thinking where they are at. I don’t worry about KJH’s feelings ’cause he’s been pretty obvious like any man would be. And he acknowledged he choose this drama partly he wanted to work with YEH in this month’s Walkerhill magazine. I’ve read thㅁㅅ interview excerpt on DCKJH.

    • @ kokochulberryjam – About the necktie comment…Awwww, YEH seems to giving him a confidence boost and I find that sweet. KJH fanning himself and acting embarassed seems to be tickled pink LOL.

    • we’ve got the same exact thought when i read his Cosmo interview. for an actor who is good what is your motivation in accepting the drama if you are not attracted with the story/script?

    • that is my exact thought when i read his cosmo interview. a good actor who is not attracted to the script will do the drama anyway, why??

  23. OMO guys, I was rewatching the wrap party vid
    Did you see what happened at the 0:12 mark?
    YEH was calling out one minute, KJH turned her way @ 0:12 mark and then she stopped and then looked up at him. Gah I feel like CSI, but keep in mind that, people talk without moving their lips. I do that when I wanna whisper to someone and I always turn to them. -.- im going batty. They need to just admit it, or if nothing is *rolls eye* going on, they need to start!! It would be a waste of chemistry.

    • hi Leishers, my love
      YESSSS they are truly into each other… two things you can’t hide no matter what…
      1. a stinky fart
      2. attraction to a person (could be like or love or even lust)


      • have you tried hiding number 1? as far as am concerned, i couldn’t hide it as well…i know am GROSS!!!!
        some symptoms of my LTM withdrawal:
        1. pettiness
        2. grossiness
        3. hallucination
        4. selective hearing disorder

  24. Thank you so much for bringing us Lie to me goodies! Lie to me was an escape for me while preparing for my CPA exams…from mid April till June …i did nothing , except study for my exams and stalk for LTM news..lols..and i am glad it paid off well..haha! Thinking of having an ice-cream and cola party to celebrate me being a CPA!

  25. *bracing for backlash*
    What if they are just uncomfortable around eachother? What if they are akward around eachother because of all this speculation that they might be dating? What if the show is now over and they are just out of their scripted characters? I’m just saying the ones who do actually end up together don’t seem to have explosive chemistry on screen. Those guys could just be doing what they do best, act.
    Lee Chun Hee and Eugene did not blow me out of the water with their on screen portrayals and so history tells me overt anything means nothing. Just sayin’.
    Let the flaming begin.

    • I agree that YEH is awkward probably because of the rumblings that they have such great chemistry together. She’s known for hating scandals because it costs her job opportunities (even if her parents are all for it).

      The only thing is that KJH doesn’t actually care about scandals because others had speculated things b/w him and his previous co-stars (especially with his Capital Scandal co-star) and he’s just come out and said that nothing is going on (even after that co-star said in public that she knew KJH’s mother). He released a statement but never acted differently.

      There’s also been some speculation between him and Kim Haneul, with one interviewer asking (for their movie) if it was true, and both just laughed it off and continued to be friendly to one another. He’s never curbed his personality in public before so he must be doing it for YEH’s sake, whether or not they have something going on because YEH really really dislikes any kind of speculation into her personal life.

      • Hi HwanHye shipper, is YEH really a super private person? I don’t really follow her closely but I feel that she is really reserved and down to earth in real life seeing her interviews and BTS.

      • Yeah. She’s a very private person and it’s probably a product of her being an idol at such a young age. Everyone in the industry who knows her personally all say the same thing about her honesty, kindness, generosity, loyalty and groundedness.

        Just read all the testimonies from people she’d previously worked with on the first pages of her Soompi and forums.

      • Yes YEH is super private even when she has a fanmeeting or a when reporters came all the way from China to interview her, her company put a list of what questions not to ask. To her, her privacy is the most prescious thing. She said she wasn’t always like this, it all started when reporters would twist everything she said.

        One thing is for sure is that she hates scandals. When a detractor made a ridiculous rumour about her and her My Fair Lady co-star, she was threatening to sue that person. Because of that ridiculous rumour, she lost some really good endorsements.

        In Korea your worth becomes lower as a top star if they find out you are no longer single. Which is why celebrities mostly deny their relationship until they are engaged to be married within that 6 months or a year. Another reason why they avoid getting public is that they are scared that if the relationship dont workout, breakups usually become like a media circus and fans take sides. Meaning fans who take sides could potentially become antis.

      • @ babylove,

        “In Korea your worth becomes lower as a top star if they find out you are no longer single.”

        ah i just feel for hwanhye because they have to hide incase the feelings does develop into something. ill pray that when they do come out with the relationship (wishing again) it will be because they are getting married and everyone will not look at that as lowering their worth as a top star.

      • ooo thanks for sharing the info! I’m a fan of KJH’s works but starting to like YEH as I find her really sweet and charming but I don’t know… she seem so secretive and low profile about her life. hehe no matter what, I hope they do keep in contact often as KJH will be busy in his activities soon..

      • @minchin-much you’re welcome

        @donut dont know if this is of any comfort but YEH did say that she keeps in contact with her past co-workers/leadingmen.

      • I agree. And one thing I find from their BTS, YEH always points at the BTS camera and remarks about it to JH (BTS for KJ/AJ first meeting outside nightclub and housewarming party) at one moment and JH seems noticing camera’s being there then and perplexedly looking at her back.
        It looks like as if he couldn’t care less about the camera there but now realizing she’s minding it and slightly puzzled for the moment.

      • @OneTruePeer wow you’re good! I totally forgot about that. YEH did that 2 times. First time she pointed at the camera to KJH was during the bts outside of that club scene (he was caught giving her shoulder a quick massage)…the second time was at the karaoke scene when they were picking out some songs. Each time YEH did that she had that giggly yet cautious look on her face that says: “careful camera is filming us’

    • ok… as much as I hate it, this thought has also crossed my mind. Sigh… I guess if there are more evidence of how they treat each other offscreen and in the BTS, we would probably have a better picture.
      But SBS has been so stingy with the BTS vids.

      I’m only clinging on the hope that they are at minimum, friends who get along with each other (remember YEH’s slip of the tongue when she refer to KJH as “oppa” in the interview before the ice cream kiss episode?) and that the friendship developed into a crush because of LTM and now they are still grappling with this crush. That’s why the discomfort now that they are officially out of their roles.

      Anyway, I do think that they are just tired. How were YEH’s and KJH’s interactions with other cast members during the party? Were they both more effusive with the rest compared to with each other? If so, then maybe there is something fishy.

      • Yep!!
        YEH was chit chatting it up with the JaeBum guy and even playfully punched him. She even hugged and talked with Yoon Joo lady.

      • Yeah. We all want to be rational, and many of us who’ve seen one too many great actors know that some are better at throwing themselves into the emotions that they can really make you believe that it’s more than just acting. That’s why they’re top stars, afterall (I just always think of Gong Yoo because he’s so good and has always rationally said that people need to understand that it’s what the job entails).

        But this is The Playground afterall… and we just want our OTP to be happy in real life. Hopefully they take our obsession as a compliment to their acting and our wish for their happiness.

        That being said… let me feed you irrational shippers with this stolen shot from the party (cr: DC LTM).

        Haha, a picture is worth a thousand words, but remember that a picture is just one instance of time. It says a lot but may not always tell the truth. With that caution out of the way, let’s all get giddy together with this:

      • thanks for this one hwanhye shipper 🙂

        can i just say that i love YEH’s eyes 🙂

  26. wuri KJH & YEH looks verrrryyyy tired ^^

    but, hey, they can relief each other tiredness in ‘a way’……. 😀

  27. i am not sure about you gals but while watching the video, i am not only spazzing but laughing as well because not only they are obviously awkward in pretending especially JH but also because JH is trying his d@mnest minimising his arm (and elbow) movement in case it hits a danger zone that will trigger an explosion of hornymones and escape of libido that he might drag EH and demand to see her diary then look through the pages if yesterday’s date has got stars on it.

  28. it so sad i dont know where to buy the dvd version here in my country wish to see that not shown version , they are so raw …. and i need the dvd so i can rewind rewind rewind hehehe just like i do with city hall and coffee prince and kim sam soon and goong

  29. Thank you so much Ms. Koala…and I do enjoy reading everything about LTM, over and over again…and of course…the hope that whatever chemistry Eun Hye & Ji Hwan have on screen will further develop off-screen…:)

  30. just re-watching all of the “bed scene” and i wonder how much of it is ad-lib by hwanhye. it was soooooooooooooooooo funny and yet sexy 🙂 especially when kj asked about the stars! LOL! evil man! heheheh

  31. OTP-sightings!!! Mm. Cute! Time to keel over together and get some snoozing…. after that *ahem* dating… pls!!! 🙂

  32. If they really filmed the 100 day scene and the time jump with them having a 5 year old child, I don’t want it to just be an extended scene on the Director’s Cut if they will have one. I want them to have a Special episode with AJ and KJ first getting married, honeymoon, then baby, and then the 100 day and 5 year old child….

  33. i agree with koala.. a director’s cut must come ehehe.. really miss this show a
    lot… thank you for some updates regarding LTM

  34. “Lastly, here is a group picture on the cliffs of Jeju with the entire production team. Look at wuri Ji Hwan and Eun Hye in the front. Are they both holding an ice-cream cone?!? My eyes, they need some R&R.”

    Maybe they needed to eat ice-cream to cool them down after doing those HOT-kisses scenes???!!! 🙂

  35. Thanks Koala for helping us wean from our LTM addiction!

    DVD’s are usually released about 5-6 months after a season wraps for most US TV shows, what about Korean TV? I’m very eager to get a copy.

  36. You are right on Koala!! We need some fix for a very bad LTM withdrawal!! We need freebies or fixes you can give us!! Anything about the post-LTM and anything on KJH & YEH!! Keep it coming dear!! Would be good to hear they are dating for real… wouldn’t that be so nice!!

  37. KJH and YEH are definitely being 暧昧 (ai mei) at the wrap up party, and that’s a good thing. they both know deep down inside they like each other =)

    • dear koala,

      i LOVE the ending kiss gif header from yesterday, can you please please please put it up again so we crazy fans can just stare at it for the rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

  38. pssssh YEH and KJH dont even need to say goodbye cause duuuh theyll keep seeing eachother.and is it me or did he look to his right like 10 times

  39. Hi Dear Mrs. K….this is my 1st time to make a post in your site but I’m always lurk here, hehehe….
    Thanks for make your blog as Home of the HwanHye Gang.
    Really appreciate it. hehehe…..

    Love all the comments & analysis here.

    @ HwanHyeShipper…….do you post on soompi too? What is your name in there? Coz you look a truthful Ji Hwan’s fans. hehehe…..

    oh yeah, about the ice-cream kiss BTS
    (YEH for saying “whatever necktie he wears will just die because he is too good looking” making KJH embarrass and said “she always say those kind of things” then fans himself some more).
    It was really cute that EY praise her. So far I know, no female costar he had before, praise him like that. So, never seen him embarrass like that. hehehe……and why he use the word “always”? Thats means EY often praise him? hehehe…..

    • @roweina, I’m more of a lurker at Soompi. The forums there often get more info faster than other english forums on dramas and actors. Also, I love to watch actors like KJH and Gong Yoo who have had a lot of REAL acting training (either having gone to university for it or a huge theater background) because their working style set them apart from other actors who fell into the craft.

      Some of my favorite BTS vids for KJH is from Coffee House because they showed the process the actors go through in order to block scenes right, and the ones with more training and experience from theater and university really take it upon themselves to perfect scenes with characters and the camera in mind without having to wait for the PD to make them block their shots properly.

  40. Thank you for the post.However can I just say the colours in your header for LTM are just beautiful.I’ve already spent a minute just sighing over them 🙂

  41. waiting for the director’s cut for the show then! Even after the show, I will check in here to look for more updates!! haha..guess we’re all unwilling to let go of this show!

  42. Be still my heart. This playground is full of honey, spice and everything nice.

    YEH and KJH, if you’re reading here, get on with the Cola Kisses and make some real Cola babies STAT!!

    Oh…and Cola babies can come play at Koala’s Playground.

    Love you all.

  43. as always…late for the parteehh… after I watch the wrap party vid above, I have only 1 lines to tell for KJH & YEH…. “just get a room!! you ain’t fool guys are so ready to strip off each other’s clothes” oooppss…that’s more than 1 line 😀

  44. Thank you ms Koala for all the recaps and enjoyed everyone comments..YEH is an actress I admire so much since Goong because that was my first taste of K drama..She has lot of kissing scene with almost all her co-stars..Even my daughter tells me she is good at all her kissing scene..I have collected all her dramas from Goong etc…So will be waiting for LTM dvd because I did not watch the whole episode .I have to mention.. I love your banner ,the day you recapped episode 16 at the cliff of Jeju Island where ‘they’ kissed that took my breathe away.Really Awesome..

  45. hey Ms. K.. and Peps Republic of Hwan-Hye and Leah( kokoChulberryjam)is in the Playground…
    haizzzz…. These two were very suspicious indeed. But YEH is more suspicious to me, she was kinda keeping her distance from KJH after the first JeJu scene when they officially started dating, I believe it was in the beginning of Ep 11.. Her acting changed compared to the previous ep. I noticed a big change in her acting. I remember when she used to do everything because it was in the script or Ad-lib. All of a sudden her every move was very cautious and apprehended or should I say well guarded. it was very obvious that she was avoiding unnecessary skinship as possible with KJH, and her eyes moved a lot, she could not look up and stared straight into his eyes. They have a very strong attraction not just any ordinary attraction but sexual attraction as well to each other, but something is holding them back, maybe they wanna clean they back yard first before starting something…My thing is, they’re not dating yet but the attraction is there especially KJH.. I would say they wont announce that, they are dating but they might announce that they are expecting…

    • Wow!!!! Wow!!! WOW!!! hahaha yeah there is something between them esp the picture above (YEH holding a cam looking at him & KJH looks down on what she is holding) waaaaaaaaa

    • 1 BILLION % AGREE WITH U. hehehe….
      How can she resist from JH’s eyes? hehehe…
      btw, LtM is break her bed scene record, right?
      The 1st time she didn’t have the bed scene.

      So, it all depend on YEH, hehe….

      btw, I’ve surprised that she tell that she didn’t mind if his hubby jobless & stay at home. Wow……

      @ peipei78……how are you Dear? The busy June finally end, hehehe…..

      @ HwanHyeShipper……oh, you are a lurker on soompi. We will welcome you in KJH’s thread. hehehe….
      Yes, if we look at the BTS of CH. I think he will be good if he wants to be a director. His passion is acting & those ability can expand his acting.

      • That’s probably inevitable. His passion for the craft is quite obvious. He’s already produced Cafe In in Japan so being behind the scenes is not a problem… but I think at this point, he wants to make up for the 2 years stolen from him by his legal disputes so KJH is probably going to be quite active in front of the camera for the next couple of years.

        I love how in that drinking-interview he did, he was quite candid about his hunger for recognition as a top actor. I think it’s just a matter of time and timing.

        Hopefully in that busy schedule of his, he can find time for love… Anyway, we can all hope.

      • @ hwanhye
        definitely agree with you… i love that interview as well…what really got me was the fact that since he started late in acting he knows he had to work doubly hard to continue harnessing his talent… I’ve watched almost all his dramas and movies and I could see easily how he tried hard to do better each time… he knows he has an awesome stage presence and that the cameras loves him, but he doesn’t stop there…he never fails to amaze me each time because he really is into his character!!! He might not be the best yet, but I do appreciate the fact that he challenges himself and put in everything he could in any project that comes his way… KJH is truly a professional in every sense of the word…

      • @ Roweina
        haloooo… I’m not doing ok..I’m sick of missing my OTP…the busiest June ever had but no regret..
        I still want experience again… I feels the thrill into my bones… LOL

      • ooh, also… in that last mag-interview he did, KJH said he used to feel silly/self-conscious when PDs would tell him he had to smile cutely. He seemed to do a lot of that (sort of forced handsome/cute smiling where you hear a *PING* from the shine of his teeth) in Coffee House.

        I wonder how he felt while filming LTM when it came naturally… or even uncontrollably (as per airport scene)?

        @Ms. ockoala… how about inserting a gif in your next LTM post 🙂 So many gif-worthy moments! (cr: dc lie)

      • @hwanhye Shipper…u’re awesome!!! The true shipper..hands down…**clap clap****…

      • dear Liars,

        anyone can tell me whether a gif file be put as wallpaper in blackberry? I love the quick kiss scenes and want sooo badly to put it as my BB wallpaper.. if can, how? I’ve tried but seems not working 🙁 * I’m so stupid with gadget*

      • lolz, @Nowhere… you don’t even know!
        I can pass hours just staring at these gifs or replaying scenes because it makes me giddy with this feeling of love every damn time.

        Just…I mean.. look… REALLY. Stare-down??? After stealing kiss? I mean… no words. Just me catching my breath repeatedly going… Wha… ah… gahh… Powerless. I feel powerless.

        (cr: dc LIE)

      • Weeeeeeeeeeee, just can’t get enough of those gifs! Love that kj got a kiss at the airport coz when he left it was only holding hands 🙂 it lingered too!

        Thanks hwanhye shipper!

        I think I’m just drowning and drowning here! lol!

    • Agree with you…we just have to wait..only time can prove it!!!
      @roweina hello KJH die heart fan…finally u made comments in this playground sis…^.^

    • Announcing that they are EXPECTING? Oh my!!! They are T.H.A.T close already? ^^;;;;; if they are dating, I would love it so much… But… Expecting already?

      • that’s our fantasy shipping 🙂
        i hope not though. YEH deserves a real romance and not just a shotgun commitment.

      • I really hope that she will have the man of her dreams soon! And that KJH will do everything the proper way.

        Oh did I say that her man is KJW? 😉 still in my hwanhye world! Hehehe

    • well said, i noticed that too, she is more garded, but he is like the one pursuing her, for now that is, we hope that they can get together soon!!!!

  46. eventhough its officially finished, my addiction i think is getting worse! re-watching epi 16 just gives me the all giggles and heartwarming emotions over and over again!

    looking at kj dropping aj off at work. he said : “you can’t just leave like that. at least pay the fare!” aaaaaaaaaah that kiss with sound and the smile after….

    • See. HwanHye done drive you insane, too.

      Thank god I’m not the only one resorting to writing one word sentences like I did for my Giant Spoilers post. 😀

      Y’all like the Diana to my Ann(e)

      • Definitely HwanHye is driving me insane, how can you explain the situation I’m in this morning? I woke up early @ the hotel we are in, for a first vacation of the year (well deserved), first thing comes to my mind was HwanHye… Staying in the luxurious hotel and surrounding with beautiful scenery….. but the only thing in my mind is Hwan Hye! I’m too old to have this kind of obsession…. Sigh…

    • Yes, their chemistry showed. I think that’s why they are so gloomy and melancholy in those pictures. Seems like they are sad that this project is finished. Like they don’t want to part. Kyaaaahhhh!!!!!

      • Agree to the highest level!!! haha JH will be filming in August right. But i think he’s already busy with the pre-prod..hoping the YEH will be the female lead of his next movie..can’t wait for it 🙂

  47. thank you very much koala.I am very happy to get a post about LTM..I hope the SBS video released last scene is in pieces..

  48. I have gone absolutely nutty!
    spent all morning and afternoon looking at every gif, picture at Baidu and Koala playground until I ran out of KJH&YEH to look at, I finally went over to Dramabean to check out new drama and when I tried to read recap of “You’ve Fallen For Me”, I swear every picture I looked at had KJH&YEH in it.
    I really need to have my eyes or brain examined!
    dear God. help me.

  49. Did KJH mumble something to YEH at 3:25?
    I’m grinning from ear to ear watching this vid. It’s funny to see them trying to look normal and composed as best as they can. But the “I’m trying not to get caught stealing a glance at you” vibe is so obvious! KJH is so cute pretending to be busy with everything else and trying so hard to ignore YEH…hahaha. Absolutely no doubt that they like each other and it’s only normal that they are protecting their own own privacy in front of the fans.

    • I agree, it’s obvious fans are filming them and the person who own this video is also focusing on both of them so they are pretty cautious in whatever they do.. but in actual fact, nothing can escape our eagle eyes lol

      • yes – think was thinking about that too. That they’re too conscious mostly because of the camera.

        Were DC fans there at the party???

      • Yah, DC fans were at the party. I’m sure they’re aware how much the fans want them to be together…it can be stressful when all eyes are on you, every little action you take will be scrutinized! Haha…no wonder KJH was so tensed. He was quite cool and wasn’t afraid to deal with previous rumours/scandals, why is he suddenly so nervous??

      • her camera. checking her camera. there’s another view of that shot from someone else’s camera on the scene. totally the camera. lolz

      • @Babylove

        He certainly owns at least one guitar. There’s a link to a video posted in one of the past LTM posts here at the playground where KJH shows his apartment in a personal video, and tucked behind his TV is a guitar.

      • By the way people aroung YEH call her “Yoon Gil Dong” she said this on her twitter interview:

        “There are titles that symbolizes me amongst the fans. Hong Gil-Dong*. They say I appear with the speed of light in the east and in the west. That I walk fast and travel fast everywhere. Chairman Yoon. I asked the moderators of the fan club why this nickname was created, keke They say I have the aura of a chairman…kekeke” 2011.1.15

        Yoon Eun Hye said she prefers to drink beer over soju, that is why though she was offered many soju endorsements she has turned them all down because she loves beer which is why she did a Cass Beer CF.

    • i like that pic better… looked like they’re having some private conversation… KJH covered his mouth with plastic knife and YEH eyes and smilingly looking at him… wonder what he’s saying…( i know this is just my imagination!) … hmph!!!

  50. thanks koala for giving us the bits and pieces after the last ep. it helps much as withdrawal is really starting to hit me. and rewatching LTM over and over again will not just do it as it will make me want more. *addiction here*

    i still continue reading all the post and comments here about our hwanhye couple. thank you all guys. and yes the restraint on their part is very evident. i just hope that they cross the mark of taking this as “fate in real life is amazing” 😉

    • Eun Hye-shi is so pretty. Seriously. And without make-up, looking tired. Don’t understand how she thinks she’s plain-looking. :-/

      • does she really think that she’s plain looking, hwanhye shipper?

        she obviously won’t believe me then when i say how gorgeous she is 🙂

      • Yeah, she’s said so multiple times. It’s what got the PD of Vineyard Man to fall for her (read the first page of her Soompi forum). And in interviews for Mini Black Dress, she’s said many times how she’s so plain compared to her co-stars… and ironically enough, in all their pictorials, she comes off as the most beautiful.

      • oh yes i’ve seen some of those pictorials for MBMD and yeah her beauty outshone her co-stars alright.

        i maybe bias because i have liked her since Goong but over the years i thought she’s just gone more prettier if not the prettiest among the other Korean actresses 🙂

        hmm let’s get her to come here in the playground and we can all tell her how stunning she is 🙂

      • GongYoo even said YEH is pretty without Happy Together she also said she looked plain/average person standing next to HB(7gf) but one of the co host said ‘she is pretty, and YEH’s face last longer impression’ can see her face has so many characters ..cute, sexxy, plain, etc..maybe I am biased…lol

      • @ hwanhye

        really? such a humble gal… I do understand what she feels…she sees some truly attractive models and actresses and she kinda pales in comparison to them (she thinks)…but she forgot that her beauty is the type that GROWS on you so it’s more long lasting…plus she looks awesome without or with minimal makeup…not everybody can pull that through…and in the above pics, though she looked exhausted, she’s still very riveting… i stared at the 3rd pic (from the top) and i was in awe on how beautiful she looked despite the tiredness while in contrast, I could plainly see that KJH (whom I love dearly, mind you) looked very much his age!!! (meaning older than how he looks in LTM)…

      • @HwanHye I remember that incident with the PD of The Vineyard Man… He said when he first met her, he couldn’t really see Yoon Eun Hye because it was dimly lit in the restaurant. He said that he wanted an actress that wasn’t “beautiful” and that it was risky saying that to an actress. YEH replied that she isn’t pretty.. Then after speaking to her, she left the restaurant first, and when she opened the door or something, he saw how long her legs were and how pretty she was…

        He couldn’t sleep after meeting her and wasn’t sure if he should choose her because she was pretty but he knew that it would be a mistake…

        The story went something like that…

      • @ vegaspink

        interesting!!! the more i learned about the more i like her… well i do like her and I’ve seen and enjoyed most of her dramas, awed by her beuty in CFs, like the way she sings and dances, but I was not really blinded… I mean, there are really better actresses, more attractive, maybe more talented, than her IMO, BUT, from the things I read I couldn’t help myself but be drawn to her…she seems to have a very good personality. She’s very grounded, family-loving and had accomplished more than anybody her age,in the business. Truly, she deserves every praise and accolades given to her… She’s a dream daughter-in-law indeed…. calling MRS. JO (KJH MOM)…

      • @mizweng – i thought u were going to have her as your DIL… then I realised… shoutout was for Mrs Jo! lols. Yes. She’s not your ‘strikingly drop dead gorgeous’ kind of beauty… She’s sort of exudes a certain ‘breath of refreshing air’ amongst all those put together faces… heck I think she makes buck teeth look cute (dun stone me for that :D)

  51. Hallooo….

    I just finished my daily activity, and open my laptop pherhaps there is latest news from our OTP from my fav. site… KOALAs PLAYROUND……watched it and big smile from my face :D…… Thank you Miss koala… 😀 ( smiling in front of my laptop) hehehhehe… love it so much……. :D…after watching the video, i think there is something between them but they still dont want to admited…. oooooh i hope that there is some reality show or drama or movie that make them both as couple again , so that they will realize that they had feeling for each other and start dating…. hehehehehhehe :p….. anyway all the best for MISS KOALA (thank you so very much miss koala) , for ALL LTM FANS, for our OTP, for LTM PD AND CREW ALSO ALL SUPORTING ACTRES AND ACTOR……GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  52. standing closely at KJH (while Jae Bum is absolutely far from her to the point that she needs to pull him ) hmmmmm this is what I usually see in those photos with teenage lovers who are trying to hide their relationships but just couldn’t .

  53. OK, I’m in full shipper crazy mode now and have watched the video X times.

    0:16 – YEH glanced at KJH

    0:18 – YEH said something (not sure whether to herself or to KJH), smile and looked down; KJH still looking ahead

    1:05 – 1:07 -YEH looked at KJH and said something; KJH turned his head a little but is listening to her without looking directly at her (not sure if he said anything cos his kolding the knife to his mouth)

    1:10 – YEH and KJH looking at each other, YEH smiling; can’t really tell if KJH said anything, but it looks like he must have to elicit a smile from YEH?

    1:15 – KJH said something to the audience; JB remarked on whatever he said and earned a punch from YEH, not sure why

    1:33 – KJH glanced at YEH as she is talking

    1:47 – 1:49 – KJH looked at YEH again and smiling at whatever she is saying

    1:56 – KJH looked at YEH again

    2:26 – YEH turned and laughed behind KJH, their arms looked to have touched

    3:23 – KJH mumbled something to YEH without directly looking at her; YEH looking down

    3:42 – KJH looked at YEH again, not sure if he said anything

    YEH stands very close to KJH, at some point, the distance between her arm is like 0.1 cm from KJH’s.
    You can tell the closeness if you compare the distance between them with the distance between YEH and JB and KJH and SR (dunno JB and SR’s real names).

    Oh gosh… I think I must be crazy. I should be working instead of analysing the video.
    SAVE ME!!!

  54. i have to do my paper now but i can’t get enough of KJH & YEH!!! they want to kill meee.. the topper pic JUST say it ALL, those eye expression of YEH, *squeeeee*
    @hye: i dunno how many times KJH turned to stare (maybe a second each time) YEH during her speech. hehe ^-^

  55. but i wonder why kang ji hwan always watching his watch? but may i ask something but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont get mad at me, i see kang ji hwan make a ring on his little finger……..

    • He looked at his watch during YEH speak, ’cause she said something about watching the airing of their last episode together. I think he wanted to check time.

    • @fafa82: maybe KJH just want to get out of there and be alone with YEH.. hahaha..
      That is just a ring for a style, the ring doesnt mean anything, if he engaged or something he should wearing it in his proper finger like a couple or wedding ring.

      Btw.. galsss don’t you think YEH shirt is too big? I think he’s wearing KJH shirt’s.. hahahaha… hope so.. maybe they were together the night before.. wahhh.. I keep imagining things for my own sanity..

    • Just FYI:

      Because the left brain is responsible for logic, and controls the right hand, it is reasonable to assume wearing a ring on the right hand represents conscious logical awareness and a desire to control one’s life and actions.
      Little Finger – The Meaning of the Little Finger for Rings: Relationships: Rings on the little or pinky finger represents confidence in business and personal relationships. It is a symbol of strength and bonding towards others. Being opposite to the finger of independence, it is related to our attitudes towards other people, intimacy, and the material world, since it faces the world, and watches our back, as our friends do. It also expresses a person’s attitude towards themselves and their own attractiveness.

      Article Source:

      • I like this better:

        The little finger represents everything about relationships. This finger is all about our associations with the outside world as compared to the thumb; where in the latter is all about the inner self. This little finger represents our attitude towards others. Wearing a ring on this finger would help one to enhance their relationships particularly in terms of marriage and helps to improve business relationships as well. It also helps to change a person’s attitude towards relationships for better. The creativity is associated with emotional as well as material things.

  56. gosh… is there a genie in the playground?? with a wave of the wand – the header magically changes. 1crazynt – you’re simply quite the magician!

  57. this is crazy, i can’t help take a look on what is going on here, it would take time, on my part to overcome this madness for KJH and YEH, keep me updated people, thanks a lot

  58. Just sayin how hard it is when I work at home and trying to concentrate — keep wanting to flip open this page and read it. Worse, I have all the episodes downloaded and just keep watching them.. over and over and over…. still smiling though!! akkk .. help me

  59. I’m at work, and I’m glad my boss is off the office *evil grin*
    I’m still keep reading these amazing YEH-KHJ shipper sharp observers.
    Man, you guys rocks. You analyze every detail and every movement perfectly!
    I will never be cured from my LTM addiction, and I think I don’t want to.
    Especially after seeing KP’s new banner. How KJH (or HKJ) look at YEH (or GAJ) like she is the only one in the world. Now, that’s LOVE. *finger crossed*

  60. Ms. K & 1crazynyt…. I go crazy with the banner… O_O
    I need to go to rehab immediately.. I got crazier than before…

  61. guys i think Kang Ji Hwan is always looking at Yoon Hee not Eun Hee…im a little familiar with body language and this is my observation…

      • I think Yoon Hee is Jo Yoon Hee, the 2nd female lead? I rewatch the video endlessly but I see no sign of KJH always looking at her?

    • @niza, i had the same sight with you, it seems that KJH always looking to YOON JOO ( sad 🙁 with a sad heart) when i saw that i just said to myself … oh no no no nope, pherhaps i have a mistake sight…. and i saw YOON EUN HYE face seems so quiet and gloomy…….if KJH like yoon joo in off screen .. . i will pray to god that miss yoon eun hye will get the best man from god…… coz i think she deserve to get the best person who could love her and take care of her, not to make her crying ……. YOON EUN HYE JIA YOU…. 😀

      • yes, i notice that too, but i also notice sometimes after he glance to the left ( where YJ standing) then he glance to the right where YEH standing, seems he tries to cover something either it because YJ or YEH don’t know for sure (but hoping its because he like YEH and he glance to the left just to make his self calmer not because he want to see YJ, because in his left side there are many people not only YJ,right? ) Well, only times can tell. And of course I said this because I want to be objective but I can’t cause I really really want to see hwanhye baby in the future 😀

      • he’s not staring at yoon joo… he always look at that direction because most of the cast who are talking after then are there…
        therefore he’s not looking at her…

  62. koala, love the new picture topping the post! No one looking at that can say they are not attracted to each other!

  63. Stepping away for just a little results in eye straining!!! Seriously – hats off to all LTM chingus!!

    I make sure I read everything so not to miss any morsel of tid-bit about out OTP – and boy was I rewarded.

    I major thing I learnt – I NEED TO GET A HD 48 inch TV!!!

  64. Dear Liars,

    I have a stupid questions and I believe all of you will be scream like a mad cow…

    what if KJH truthfully like Jo Yoon Hee (a.k.a Yoon Joo)?


    • they better pack their bags and go to the moon in an instant before i get a hold of JH and shave his head.

      if that is really the case well good luck. my shippy heart has weathered to many ship couple disappointments and frustration, it will get over it in time.

      EH am sure will shoulder on.

    • Let me get the City Hunter on her case – she has committed a grave injustice to the citizens of LTM world and must pay for it. Actually – City Hunter will just hand her over to authorities – I should get his stepdad Jin Pyo – he’s more effective!!

      • LOL… JinPyo the stepdad is a monster!! Yoon Joo definitely will be doomed ….

    • Then I swear I shoot him instead….choose a”pig” face over Eunnie??haizzz….(My husband even told me she has piggy face, dunno why? kekekek)

      • Yep, peipei. I watched it and giggles like little kid so he was curious.Then he ended up downloading all the HD for me and we re-watched at the weekend when we are not working….he loves it too and really hates the YJ’s charater…everytime she pops up on screen he called her piggy face (very mean, btw he is HongKese so when I read somewhere that in baidu Chinese ppl thinks she has piggy face I laughed my head off)

      • And what’s ur hubby said about wuri OTP? Are they really in to each other? And the kiss?
        Actually we knew it wasn’t pure acting…but 2nd opinion from the eye of a man is always interesting…

      • actually… cola – Yong Joo – her name Joo sounds like pig in chinese thats why … and I think it’s Koala who mention it… the Baidu people called her fainting pig (loosely translated cos of similar sounds to her name) then they decided piggy will do. 😀

      • heheh, I agreed with Gea..only if I still allow to kidnap him..May be just the make up in the drama that make YJ looks not as pretty as in the wrap party.

        @peipei: my hubby’s opinions on our OTP?oh, you don’t want me to start it.Put in a short and sum it all up:is it acting?No, it is not…Is it too good to be true…I’m dying to know, why time is so slow here.Can I have a watch as gift to fasten it and hear good news from our dearest OTP of all time?

      • lols. I like you request for a watch gift… (I so like KJ’s watches) … now if only someone knows what model it is!!! 😛

      • @Aishi – gomowo! I must say I am preferential to his leather watch… the orange looking strap one in ep 16.. But this watch is cool too..

        Phew.. good thing its not like PP — which goes for like 25k USD… erm. what am i saying. 5K isnt small sum either 😛

    • I think it can’t be, but then if did, he shouldn’t kiss her ever so passionately the way he did at the end of 16th epi even though it’s acting, because they shot them from quite a distance and he didn’t have to go that far. I don’t think that’s what a good man supposed to do.

      • LOL…. It just a stupid joke since we’re sooo excited observing YEH and KJH…then something stupid pop out in my mind… What if the truth is KJH actually in to Pig face instead of YEH…and we’ve been tricked by LTM PR team to get viewers attentions…

        Hey…I don’t want KJH likes the pig face for sure!!! If he’s really date her..I promise I’ll chase him to SK and slap him and kiss him hehehe

  65. My Captain, oh my Captain…I’m abit of hesitant to go and check your playground, facing the fact that will be no more LTM and my HwanHye..And here you are…This post, to feed my dying soul…so I can giggle and be so happy knowing what these two is up to.

    KJH has tried so hard to hide his effection…he even tried to pull his body away to not get caught..But again his eyes can not lie, he kept looking on his left where his dear YEH is…Haizz…I’m really wishing hard for these two.Don’t they know that it is really hard to find someone that click and have that much fire in their industry..Doing LTM is like their fate to meet each other…Don’t look anywhere else pls..right next to you.Again, only time can really tell…feed me with their best news this autumn i hope..Thanks HwanHye gangs for all the info..I love ya alll, I can not even functuon properly now without this playground…aigooo, it must be love:-D

  66. oohh……I am avoid soompi but stuck in here, hahaha….& have so many works to do.

    @ babylove….they called her Yoon Gil Dong? omo….
    Ji Hwan had fate with Hong Gil Dong too, coz on BSGS and Firework, his character looks like HGD (the orphanedside) then he became HGD.

    @ nowhere…I think I know who you are? hehehe…..yes, finally. hehe…

    @ madqueen… eyes. hehe….Love it.
    I’ve still don’t have time to watch the vid. Later I will check it.

    Glad, she will oke with the man with earring. hehehe….

    oh, btw, about the link of his house. (actually I didn’t look at the link, hehehe….) It was his old apartment & so far I know, he already move to the prestigious neighbourhood.

      • what?? S.E.X?? you know I’ve been craving of this word since our HwanHye didn’t doing anything with it and so frustrated hahahaha…
        well even with diff woman, it’s ok ..better than nothing.. LOL

    • Yeah sis is me…with peipei always hanging around..hahaha….
      Hong Gil Dong n Yoon Gil Dong???nice…they so perfect..only time can tell!!

      • @ peipei….yes, dear. It was SEX but not on the bed. I hope you like spoiler. hehehe….

      • even you have a different name here, I don’t know why I know it’s you. hehhee….

        I think it’s better Kang Gil Dong & Yoon Gil Dong, hehhe…..on HGD location, JH was the same like HGD. He was really good as a leader.
        Btw, have you watch HGD?

      • wait… u two are related?? lols. thats funny. imagine a drama based on siblings finding each other online… hehe

      • @roweina..yup I watched it on KBS2…n I like how he portraits funny hehehe…
        @lynx lol…we always lurking at baidu right?have you see the KJ n AJ’s comic vol 2??

      • Roweina,

        Whuaatt!! JH was not doing it on the bed??? then where?? Dish drawer?? Omo..omo… My mind going wild..I need to download a.s.a.p
        Thanks for the spoiler LOL

      • @Nowhere – you mean the MFL and LTM spliced story? The Hyun-Gong Affairs? hehe. Will put up if I see the next part. 🙂 🙂

        Not sure where it’ll be posted… but I suppose the latest LTM post. 🙂 🙂

      • @ peipei……The sex scene was not on the romantic place. And on RC, his character is a jerk.

        @ nowhere……yes, he was good on HGD. I don’t like saeguk but I will try again if Ji Hwan take part on Faith.

        @ lynx……hehehe,no. we’re friends. met because LtM. btw, oh, I don’t know about KJ & AJ’s comic. Where I can read it?

  67. KJH looks so stiff standing next to Eun Hye . But all his stiff actions has betrayed his real emotions. He couldn’t help sneaking glances at wuri Eun Hye. And Eun Hye looks so pretty.

  68. lol! I let my husband watch the ending scene of LTM, take note: he doesn’t watch any LTM and doesn’t totally love any kind of drama..I asked him to give a comment by observing the way KJH is acting the kissing scene and his reply make me so glad. He said that KJH and YEH seems like a couple, because if they don’t feel something it’s so rare to see a guy kiss a girl like that. He said further that if a guy who doesn’t feel something for a girl his kiss is more reserve even if he is an actor and that you can see it in his eyes. He even said wuri KJH should go take a swim in the water after doing that… 😀

    • Hmmm…this getting more interesting.. Ok, next whose husband have the same opinion??
      Conie, u’re husband is a very good observer and also very kind to spend a moment to watch and give his opinion about our OTP’s acting…

    • Connie I wish I could make my husband watch it. It would be interesting to know what he thinks. And I totally agree with his comments.

      • @ZeeGirl why don’t you try it and ask your husband?.. to tell you honestly I was surprise why he agreed to my request to watch it..maybe he also got curious why I’ve been screaming like an idiot and sniffing the next minute while infront of the pc lately.. or maybe he is worrying if I’m already sick or something 😀

    • @minchin-much and Oasis: I was laughing really hard when I heard him say that…I can see that he’s not buying the reason that they are not in a relationship..

    • @ conie Is he pilipino too like you? coz only pilipino men say those words “go take a deep in the water” lol ( I’m sure thats what my husband gonna say if his alive).

      • yup he is…. alam mo ba pa ba kung ano ang sinabi niya? “ang init sa siguro ng pakiramdam niya” hahaha

      • @conie…hahaha wow! kabayan! sabi na nga ba eh 🙂 Filipino men don’t usual say those kind of words, right? & most of them are not watching these kinds of “ka-cornihan” hahaha are u in manila?

      • I have a half FILIPINO half American 24 years old son who said,” what a good kisser.He’s got the hots for that pretty chick”.I said she is not a chick she’s Eun Hye.Well whatever her name is she is in deep trouble now.
        Che Rowley

      • @oasis sabi nga niya para sa lalaki pag ganyan humalik impossible walang feeling na involve, cguradong ilang ka to kiss her that way if wla kayong relasyon…I’m from Iligan City, nice meeting you here 🙂

        @che rowley She’s really in big trouble now..who wouldn’t fall on KJH’s charm and kiss 😀 good thing I was not born in YEH’s place cause if I am…di na mkakauwi lol!

      • @conie LoL..I hope your husband not read that haha…my sister at first don’t like KJH cause he too old for YEH but after watch LTM she admit that they have good chemistry n YEH acting skills improve a lot n more mature…now I’m waiting my bro to finish the whole episode n ask his opinion about our OTP ^.^

      • Heh!!?? 10 times to get the cliff scenes??? Yes..he need to shower in a cold water for an hour…

        Btw, hv u watch BTS of cola kiss long version? Anyway, my friend in soompi told me, when KJH after shake the cola, he’s leaning on the kitchen table and he cross his legs…well, seems like the pants looked bigger *well u know which part* :D…. I watched and yeap, it looks BIG like ‘growing’ … LOL

      • @peipei78, really? on the cola BTS scene? I should go and re-watch….but it got bigger after shaking the cola…(naughty smile)? They haven’t gone into “real” action after he shook the Cola and stood near the table.

    • wow wow wow Conie, really glad seeing your comment here. At least, we confirm even man’s eyes could see something suspicious there……hehehee…I am so happy.

  69. LTM OST are equally important in telling the story. Here’re some with english subs. I love that last song by Just but couldn’t find it yet (I think in E14).

    (You’re My Love – Kim Yeon Woo)
    This is Really Goodbye – M To M
    3!4!0! – Jadu
    Lovin’ Ice Cream – As one ft. Ex-life
    Midnight Passes – Kim Hyung Jun
    Are you still waiting – Hee Young (Korean vers)
    Are You Still waiting (english version)

  70. can some kind soul please make a HwanHye shipping thread on soompi or wherever please!! just like what ltm fans did on baidu =)
    we should collect all the sharp insights and ‘evidence’ from here and put it altogether !!

  71. hahaha… your hubby’s comment.
    yup, we really need comment from man’s POV & people who didn’t watch LtM. It is more neutral. hehehe….

    oh…..poor JiHwansshi….hehehe….
    We really need BTS after the last kiss.
    From CH BTS, he & PSY look embarassed but after that he still can made a joke about how good his kiss.
    so, how about this time? hehehe…

      • @ roweina ..I know, we really need to ask other non-LTM watchers inorder to justify our reaction everytime we see our OTP..I need them to tell us we are not insane at all 🙂

      • Can i add that KHJ & YEH is the korean version of John Lloyd & Bea hahaha onscreen partnership! 🙂

      • ayyy I don’t like kasi di sila nagkatuluyan..I prefer Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos because they end up in real life

  72. I had to take a second look at that cake cutting scene from the wrap up party, if you took out all the other peeps and just looked at our OTP, doesn’t it look like a pose of a wedding couple cutting a wedding cake? Sigh, I must be hallucinating from all the withdrawal symptoms. I can’t believe I am shipping this two, never in my life have I ever done this…I think I need to check myself in, white jacket and all.

  73. they might be kind of avoiding each other at the party, but from the corner of their eyes, all they see is each other. they let their eyes do the talking =D

      • its like eye-tag…. i see u. no, i see you. no i see u first. no i see-see u first.

        lols. n everyone else is like …. Yes we SEE it. Just date already!!!!

  74. i really hope that they would release those after scenes .. with that i would be very happy and contented.. thank you again so muck ockoala 😀

  75. i watched princess hours again.. for e sake of seeing hye’s acting with another male actor and i say, I SHALL SAY LOUDLY that the chemistry they potrayed is soo not the same as the chemistry btw her and this ahjussi! LOL (dun kill me for calling him ahjussi)

    their undeniable chemistry, which they try not to show during the party, is so obvious. i just wanna stick my head onto the computer screen and just stare at this adorable couple everytime i see their pictures! and yes kang jihwan has drive me insane yet again folks.
    and IF, if ever they come out as a real couple (god please) i would scream INJUNG(acknowlegde)! lol >< i guess this is the after-effect of LTM . . .

    • She was really young then and the story line is about young love. Watch Coffee Prince, it’s slightly closer to the kind of swoon-tastic fictional OTP… but again, the characters and motivations are different so the love story is different.

      I think that’s what I love about watch YEH. You really see her growth in acting and character choice. But even if you watch BTS for Goong (Princess Hours), you’ll see how she really throws herself into her character, which is also why all the PDs she’s worked with cast her immediately and say that they would do so even if she were an unknown.

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly, Yoon Eun Hye is a darn good actress, even my 70 yrs old white male husband said so…..

  76. thanks ms. koala. i still wipe the smile off my face after seeing these pics….
    and yes, their chemistry is undeniable.

    even if KJH has a girlfriend, she’s going to break up with him after seeing him with YEH. no woman will tolerate her guy acting this way….she’ll totally sense something is going on

    • Yes even if it is in the name of acting, it’s so clear he’s so into YEH. Every chance he got, he made a move at her: skinship, eye-sexing, vocalise it in ad-lip and kissing her (that show of passion can’t be acting).

  77. love to see all your comments in here… love to see your imaginations and wild comments here.. you guys are really rocks!!! After seeing the wrap party video I hardly can’t see the difference between eun hye and gong ah jung… especially the gong ah jung after episode 11… the shy gong ah jong part… and same comment also goes to kang ji hwan… I can’t see the difference between Ji hwan in the video and the blunt ki joon after ep 11… I can say that now after I saw them in the real life… Doest it mean what we saw in LTM since ep 11 is KJH & YEH dating with fake name as Ki Joon and Ah Jong? ehm… can’t tell.. although I love to see that happen… 🙂 However, I must say I don’t see anything wrong in the video… They were professionals, right? and the party is the time for the LTM as a group.. so it’s a group time… They also must show their respects to other colleagues effort right.. So, it’s natural for them (KJH & YEH) not to talk to each other… because they have already plenty of time to be together during this drama… and if they were really dating..they are going to do it outside of the LTM scene. Well, just my thoughts…

    • i totally agree, indeed if they are dating they will not show it in public, just a few shy glance every now and then, i could sense they are avoiding being caught off guard but i could feel love is really in the air…*am praying they really end up together, who knows

    • thanks for the translate! wish they really carries the chemistry between them.anyone with me, l must be crazy ….stilll thinking about ki jun and ah jung…oh no….it’s kang ji hwan and yoon yen hye…Hahaha=) wish there were be more release director cut. no matter how many times i am watching it again , i definity wants to owns a set at home.=)

      • does JB means something and su lan says forever with meaning? =) jb made kang ji hwan kiss yenhye in jeju island of that double date? and yen hye was shook in that picture? maybe taht’s the answer y kang is giving JB the look and yenhye turns around? =D

    • I think the director’s cut will be subbed in english. I bought the ‘you’re beautiful’ director cut and if i’m not wrong since it’s been a while, it was eng subbed.. i don’t think bts cut was subbed though.

      I’m also waiting for LTM’s director cut =)

    • Okies. Here’s a quick sub. 😛 … something interesting I realised. haha. Nevermind.. you all are more sharp eyed.

      Should I put in Madqueen’s blow-by-blow breakdown of YEH and KJH’s (non)-interactions too??

      YEH: Kangchun Oppa Kangchun Oppa
      KJH: Emcee Emcee. Everyone come to the stage/front.

      Everyone ready? One, two. Everyone, quieten down.
      Very thankful for everyone gathered here to support LTM.

      (00:30 – female voice unsubbed)
      (We’re here) to congratulate our cast and main leads.

      It’s cake-cutting time – Watch (for HwanHye?? hehe. My comment. Not subbed.)!
      (a lot of background voices not subbed)

      KJH: All have worked hard. Eat till you burst (Note: direct translation from Ch would be: Eat and think of dying. – which is a phrase I think was used in the porridge scene? Meaning the food’s so good.)
      [Laughter at his comment]

      YEH: Thank you everyone for all your support. There’s a lot of new challenges (for me) filming this drama. [Why… you don’t say.. I wonder what it might be! hehe. oops pervy thoughts.]

      Learning one new thing at a time. Really still have lots to show to all. [No kidding. We have lots we’d like to see too!!! Oops.]

      But the filming is over and there’s lots of imperfections [Yes. We all know that very well don’t we?? :P]

      That’s a lot of regret. Hope you all will remember all/just the good parts. [Yes. We have been staring and analyzing them!]

      Today is the finale. (I) hope we’ll all be (happy) together like this. (Hear ye Hear ye.)

      Emcee: Let the lawyer say something. Something short and sweet. Not too long. Hahaha

      JB: I’m sure everyone knows what I’m going to say right? (Yes. Expose about HwanHye? Yeah we already know. Did KJH thank you for suggesting cheek kiss in ep 16?? hehe)

      Background: No, don’t know. [OMG. Notice YEH turning away from JB and towards ahem!!!! Right arms / shoulders touching. Okies FOLKS – what other evidence do we need???]

      Emcee: Ah. That’s it? Ok thank you. Next. SR please speak.

      SR: Very happy. Hope we can still work together next time. “Forever”

      (LOLS. No one subbed YJ’s part. So bad.. but understandable?)

      (Think it’s Manager Park?)
      This has been a very enjoyable time. Wish good health to all. Thank you everyone.

      Emcee: Let’s hear SH too.

      SH: Thank you for watching. (subber’s note: Next line very muffled. Not sure.)

      Emcee: Park Hoon Park Hoon.

      PH: As for me, that I didn’t get to do anything (like suck lips and burn up our screen? heh. it’s alright dear. Next time. Heard there’s a battle for you at KP.) with Manager Park…. felt regretful. No matter what. All have worked hard.

      03:40 Claps go round.
      Emcee: Let’s all give a round of applause.
      Everyone stick your knife into the cake. Not cut it.

      KJH – thank you all for coming.

      • thanks lynx…yup the comic MFL n LTM stroy..the VOl 2 they add CP pics too hahaha

      • @Lynx

        woke up to this…thank you… aaarghhhhhhhhhhhh
        an having an LTM intense withdrawal… ottoke? ottoke? aaaarghhhhhhhh so sad… 🙁

      • Thanks!
        I thought the JB part was telling. He was the one who instigated the kiss on the cheek ad-libbed.

      • @Nowhere – I first saw it on but seems no one posted the 2nd part. IF you saw it, drop the link – I’ll sub it. 🙂

      • @madqueen – I agree. Totally agree. It looked awkward and ‘innocent’ without the subs. But when I read the chinese subbs – OMG. It hit me square in the face. Suddenly all that body language MEANT something. 😀 haha.

      • @lynx,

        02.20: JB said “I’m sure everyone knows what I’m going to say right?”, after that KJH said something to JB, made YEH gigling (cause of what KJH said, i guess?) and turned back in embarassment (leaving some touchy touchy arm and shoulder with him).

        During that scene (LOL feels like analyzing a drama), when some random dude scream: “Mollaa!! (i don’t know as the answer of JB statement)”, JB returned an answer to KJH. and you can see SR a bit nervous(?) of what JB’s going to said?

        My question is, what exactly KJH said to JB and vice versa, what JB said in return to him?

      • Even if KJH / YEH are not dating, I think JB and SR probably could sense something… like how during our schooldays, we could all tell when our classmate has a crush on another or how when 2 classmates behave more “friendly” towards each other, we will tease them?


  78. What? There were cut parts? Gosh, they should release some kind of a YT version of it, like what was done to Playful Kiss.

    Thanks very much, Koala, for all the recaps, spoilers, photos and for loving the drama despite its flaws. I actually like LTM for its own charms and most of all for KHJ & YEH.

    Sigh, they should release a special director’s cut!!!!

    I hope they date in real life. hehehehehehehehehe

    There’s something sparkly going on between these two… the atmosphere is very much electrified, maybe that’s why they don’t go near each other for fear of electrocuting their cast members.

  79. YESSSSS Koala!!! I agree a director’s cut is much need for those of us who are suffering from withdrawal. I have watched the last episode like 4 times already!!

      • hmm not sure. not subbed unfortunately.. someone who speaks / understands korean would prob put this out later??

    • thank you koala for putting up the ending kiss gif header again =D super happy!!!!

      @ 1crazynyt
      thank you for the awesome banner, more please!!! =)

    • I love this banner so much!!! Thank you… and to crazynight for supplying the gifs… mannnn you are wonderful,,, keep ’em comingggg….

      • omo i just read what you added,,, hahaha i love the baiduers… they are crazier than us… need to let my sun watch and analyze the video then… tee heeeeeee

      • madame K…you]re simply the BEST!!! woke up a tad down but this addition to your post and the banner, of course, hep me become perky again…this is like my morning coffee…

    • @koala, @lynx
      Whatever YEH finished saying at 1:50 certainly had KJH giggling uncontrollably. But what’s more telling is if you pay close attention to So Ran who immediately giggles as well while giving a knowing glance at KJH and YEH. She also does this when Jae Bum says what he says as YEH turns her back to giggle at whatever was exchanged b/w Jae Bum and KJH.

      Haha, So Ran, I think gave it away… Such knowing looks!

      • Wasn’t she finishing saying to only remember the good parts? Haha! Can someone confirm? So Ran is totally giving them a knowing glance!

      • @BestLuv & HwanHye

        Just ran through the vid again.. cos trying to hardsub it with Eng… LOLs. It’s true…. reactions of SR and JB are the most telling of them all….

  80. Koala Thanks as always you make me very happy. I am a recovering addict, I need to see Lie To Me, I love Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. Really I am Team Gong Yoo and Eun Hye I would like you and he were a couple, but since I saw the great chemistry with Ji Hwan, my God, what am treacherous but I also like very much to Eun Hhye. In the end the man who chooses to be one that makes very Happy.

  81. Thank you for dissecting the wrap up video, I feel much better now.
    The ending kiss scene header is breathtaking, actually I love love all the LTM headers!

  82. I swore in my pink hot pants i’ll be away for awhile to attend to some number crunching thingies I neglected while camping here! But just like any addict- a relapse is in order ^^

    Good day gang mates! Seems like LTMers are going for the big stakes
    @@ from playground to gangland . . . @@

    truly enjoy all 396 postings . . quite entertaining from creative and eloquent minds running wild @@ hope you don’t mind me “peeking” in every now and then (something i mastered while watching LTM OTP’s brushing up on their French lessons) ssssssssshh not kiss . .

    Bottom line is, are we now done with the real show and now waiting patiently to see some acting from our OTP? Hope to see more good acting!.

    luv okala very big . .

  83. koala are you not going to give us the director’s cut comment? we love kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye….. it’s really hard for me to leave here. how i wish you could give us any news about them….. i really will forever thankful….. plsssssss give us update…..

  84. What’s happening?can someone please help explain why this addiction is still lingering with me I can’t shake it off like i used to in dramas i was addicted before , i still stalk koalas place wishing there will be just a news or interview with those 2, hwanyeh…my goshhhh it’s driving me crazy….i am goin through a really withdrawal from ltm..really messed up….

  85. (starring at koala’s page)…’ I miss LTM’ Can someone kick me outta here…im glued to koalasplayground….Im having the worst withdrawal ever…


    • Me, too! Worse withdrawal ever. Never experience like this before. OMO, dear Koala kindly update us from time to time with any tidbits, juicy news from KJH and YEH. Thanks! Koala’s Playground Rocks!!! Thanks for the cute headers 1crazynyt and Koala.

  86. My goodness!!! My connection is not that good, so I can only watch the video in lowers,but the chemistry is like… Oozing out. KJH’s shoulder is stiff and he had a very hard time to keep in check that he didn’t brushed himself with YEH. So telling!!!! Kyaaaahhh!!!! Hope for the best for both KJH YEH!

  87. 1crazynyt – Thanks for the banners!!! Just cannot let go yet!!
    Now to go and catch up reading the postings LOL!

  88. I think they are already dating. Without saying, they know what their eyes and bodies language. See at the end of video. Ji Hwan’s eyes seems asking Eun Hye to follow him, and she wants to follow him. But they are conscious in front many people.

  89. Help!!!!

    Anyone know where I can get ringtone of Lovin Ice Cream by YEH and KJH?

    I tried Audiko – they have the annoying EZ one with the kids voice!

    Thank you!!

      • Lynx,

        Can u help me how to save a gif file for blackberry? I mean, I likes ssooo much the kisses gif and want to put it as my BB wallpaper, tried before but fail…


      • Holy Cow!!!

        Just been attempting to convert the mp3 of YEH and KJH’s Ice cream song and had an army of Trojans and bloody Helen of Troy herself marching onto my comp – so I killed them all!! 🙁

        I would have loved to have been able to get the ringtone and shared it here but it is not worth the risk on my hard drive I reckon!!

        I have all LTM downloaded!!!!

      • eh. How did you get trojans from converting the files … unless the music file is corrupted in the first place?!?!?!

      • Downloaded the app for conversion and got a trojan/malware warning!! So I skipped it.

        I lost my entire X-Man collection once and that is a feeling I am so not willing to go through again!!
        Especially when the vids are sooooo difficult to come by!

        Anyway – I am still trawling the world wide web looking for a compatible app. Hopefully I’ll succeed soon. 😛

  90. Hi guys anyone still here? damn what has LTM done to me.. I just can’t concentrate on anything! I really wonder how does the actors and actresses withdraw themselves from their characters so fast when as a viewer, I feel that I’m so involved that I can’t take it anymore lol I tried watching heartstrings but within 10 mins, I close it as my heart is not into the drama at all! sighh

    • Yup we all still here donut…this addiction is killing me too…but I enjoy it cause I know I’m not alone ^.^

      • Hi there nowhere! sigh me too… it is eating up my life now.. i’m lurking everywhere possible just to see if there’s any updates on our OTP lol

      • Been camping here too alas cannot move on and I a not young at all ahjumma and should not be here but working. Dying to know too lol.

  91. Doggone it!!!! My heart and mind was settled for a whole freakin’ 10 hours and then I watch this. Now I’m all hot and bothered because of the slight brushing of their arms, shoulders, or whatever was brushing during the event. Not to mention those side glances that were conspicuously meant to be inconspicuous. What’s hotter than seeing your beloved still within your peripheral vision, just beyond permissible reach but close enough you can feel the heat radiating from their nearness. The tension kills me! Is this what a hot flash feels like? Must be super early onset due to LTM.

  92. you guys are so hilarious with all your comments and observation regarding this OTP. my opinion from watching this video i think they’ve been dating already. yeh might be shy a bit around kjh but you can tell there’s that familiarity with her action i mean she’s not shy at all being so close to him and his arm touching her breast? what’s with the quick glances from yeh when jb was speaking…u know like a validation from kjh if it’s ok with him if jb have to reveal something. so i think an announcement from these two will be forthcoming….just wait and see…. if they gonna have a fall wedding we will expect an announcement comes august. who knows they might have a wedding on yeh’s birthday in October they’re both on marrying age anyway.

    thax koala for all your wonderful recap and updates of our beloved OTP. like all of you here i’m also suffering from ltm withdrawal. don’t know what to do with myself now that ltm is over nothing to look forward to comes monday and tuesday anymore. i’m always been a big fan of yeh i’ve watched all her dramas but never in my wildest dreams that i will go nuts with these two. oh she had good chemistry with jjh and gy but we already know nothing is going to come out of it but with these two we can’t let them get away with it. all the tell tell signs are there we just want them to admit it already. lol….so yeh and kjh please put us out of our misery and make us all happy camper here at koala’s playground. Hear hear…:)

    • Dear my partner in crime Angelito,

      I don’t want to be such a cry baby.. but.. I MISS YOU!!!

      Where r u??!! come out from your hiding …don’t make out with Vincenzo too’s really not healthy..

      • I’m here it just that LTM, hit me hard!! I’m in a recovering phase right now!!
        Missing you a lot!!!

      • *pheeww* … what a relief… poggusippo cinggu yaaa.. mannie poggusippo 🙂
        so I assume you’re temporarily dead by now, huh?
        here is my recipe for your illness :
        1. watch the ice cream kiss, once – two per day
        2. if no. 1 not working, you can watch the cola kiss
        3. if no. 2 still working too… you must watch the cliff scene as many as possible…

        well I’m not saying you’ll be cure from your LTM fever, as a matter of fact, you’re body tempt will be risen up to maximum level.. 😀

      • Doesn’t work, my illness (LTM deprivation) is keeping me in bed all day long!!! LOL, I dont work as a human being anymore!!! I’m think I’m dead!!! Or at least brain damage!! Mhahahahahahahahaha

  93. hi everyone! really glad to know the playground is still buzzing 🙂

    i totally understand the addiction. ive seen epi 16 a few times now and so i even noticed that kj changed his shirt when he went inside aj’s house 🙂 he was wearing striped shirt when they were talking outside.

    thanks again ockoala for the translation 🙂

    it’s so hard to move on not knowing whether they will see each other again or what 🙁

  94. Argh! I’m so frustrated with no infos from insiders!!!! Jaebum and so ran are totally giving us a BIG HINT with their knowing glances! I want to know when they started their relationship in the set!!! *pouts* Watching LTM + the BTS videos are like watching an entirely real life drama woven into our tv screen…. Please please, let there be some rabid fans that will stalk on the set. LOLz, sorry, but I’m frustrated. Some sightings or anything… Hahahahaha

    • even the DC-ers are curious about the Jaebum’s remarks and the reaction of the couple! : The whole world can tell! Just waiting for them to say “YES, We are dating!”

      • i guess they *might* start their relationship after the first trip to Jeju Island..
        This is because after the Jeju episode, the way KJ stare at AJ is totally different. 😛

        this is just my observation..hehe

      • Should have at least learned some chinese when I was young. Not fun to be monolingual now so curious what they are saying on the chinese and korean sites lol. So thank you to those and Ms K who have been dropping little titbits from other places for us here.

      • @someone: after the jeju set? Hm…. I definitely need to analyze it yet again. Coz I’m really curious. The vibe sent out was entirely different! Even the cola kiss, even though it’s hot and burning the screen, but this eps 16 ending scene is just DIFFERENT. And we all know from the wrap up vid, they certainly has begun the relationship.
        And I’m still curious as what shift them? And when?
        And JEJU? Island for the lovers? ^^;;;;;; how many days did they spent filming there? Do they stay in the same hotel (room?) LOL

    • @Linkyo: They were in Jeju Island for 4 days 3 nights in their first trip. So, they must have a lot of time get along when in Jeju. I believe they are staying in the same hotel (I guess sbs will provide the accommodation, right? 🙂 ).

  95. After watching JGS & MGY in MMM, I somehow had felt that they are really great as a couple and had hope they will be together since I like both of them very very much. 🙂

    And after watching Ah Jung & Ki Joon in LTM, why is that I feel Ki Joon’s acting is sort of not natural. Maybe it is because I have not seen him acting before and this is my first time seeing him act. Even the way he walk, even the way he talk, I don’t know why I don’t feel I can relate to him. (Only the parts they kissed, touching each other are more natural than acting). And so I searched in the net to find out more about him and I am surprised when I read abt him wanting a girlfriend for his birthday. I asked myself if he is really sincere when he said that. (Sorry Ki Joon, it is just my own opinion, eventhough you are more macho and more handsome than JGS. I guess that I am so much in love with JGS that I don’t feel for other actors much.. haha).

    But for Ah Jung, I have watched her acting in previous dramas and I kind of like her. She is really great in acting and I can feel that she really likes Ki Joon’s character. I have read abt her and thus hope that she will settle down with a man who will love her wholeheartedly and sincerely soon!!

    Soooo… I am surprised to see the awkwardness in Kang Ji Hwan’s party celebration with the casts. I asked myself “Hey? what is this? Why is he nervous? Does he really like Ah Jung in real life?” What I get from his acting in LTM is now different after I watched the party. He seems like a total different man and I kind of like his nervousness more than I like his acting in LTM. I can now finally feel that Kang Ji Hwan likes Yoon Eun Hye after all. 🙂

    If he really does, I hope “Ah Jung” will be his birthday present and he will love and accept her wholeheartedly and sincerely. (I hope you read this, Kang Ji Hwan!)

  96. If you know Chinese, you can read their analysis for this wrap up party..haha
    they are awesome!!

    Here got some gifs from last episode, pls look at the first gif!!!!!!
    This gif really tell something..It is on Ep15 beginning part, where KJ wore the shoes for AJ….
    Look at the AJ’s head, her head lean to left side when car is leaving…Ji Hwan is sitting at the left hand side. In such scene, they no need do such intimacy action.
    Something is going on between them. 🙂

  97. What can I say Ms. Koala? I have exam and case study to work on and yet I’m here in your playground hoping for some update about our favorite OTP. YEH+KJH, I’m wishing and hoping that their chemistry is really for real. Can’t stop thinking about the final kiss. The best pairing ever.

  98. Hi Koala,
    Thanks for all the recaps. I am going to finish the last 4 episodes at the same time. My interest sorts of dies down a little after episode 12. And then I finished Greatest Love, and I remember my huge crush on Cha Seung Won back in City Hall, then I rewatched all 20 episodes of City Hall again, all in 2 days, staying up until 5am. And then I got withdrawal from it again, all over. Seriously! That was to me still the best chemistry (Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah) in one of the best dramas I’ve seen. LTM has wonderful chemistry it’s just that I could not stick it out all the way through due to the storyline, so I am sticking it out for KJW (who is one of my favorite actors) and YEH.

  99. Hi all! Just watching the wrap-up party video above, you know the part when YEH pulls JB dude closer to the cake, I think she is using him to eliminate the “huge” space/gap between her and KJH. LOL. This is just based on my observation. LOL.

  100. Ok just watching the banner at the top. How is it that for the first gif on the left, KJH has his arm around YEH’s waist on the outside, then on the second gif, he has it inside? LOL.

    • heh. Think BestLuv explained it before. 3 different shots of the kiss.

      Guess that’s why it took 3 hours and 10 takes 😛

      • I saw the picture all cast n crew at the cliff scene n after 3 hours n 10 takes for the kiss scene they just ate Ice cream to cooling down the heat??? ( ̄□ ̄;): OH MY GOD…!!!!

  101. oohh god koala u make me felt more more mizz our OTP so badd…everyday i always refresh ur blog every 5 minute just to see are there any news from LTM and HwanHye…

    i’m dying coz wanting so bad to see them in another drama or movie together again..and of course i want to heard good news from them in real life that they dated and become a couple…ooohhh that’s my only wish right now;)

  102. maybe hwanhye are finally alone together as we speak celebrating the end of LTM and the beginning of their romance 🙂

    they are discussing how to go about seeing each other and calling each other without the public/press knowing 🙂

    • @ minchin-much… to avoid being seen by paparazzi, they probably gonna do some e-mailing then video calling by phone. and lastly via skype. ah!! technology what will I do w/out you. I guess thats what they will do espicially w/ Jihwan doing a movie this coming Aug.

      • true elma! they will use every available technology there is just so they can keep in touch without the public knowing.

        i really hope though that before ji hwan leaves for his next sched he will spend most of his free time with eun hye.

        if ever, its true that their roles in LTM is almost parallel to their lives now when they were secretly dating and when aj got based in Jeju Island.

        how sweet! 🙂

  103. How about hosting a LTM marathon, guys? Motherkoala? Anyone? any takers? my life revolves around soompi LTM forum and this cozy place we called home. who needs live anyway LOL

  104. Thanks!!!! so needed this… LTM fans are really something! picking this vid apart frame by frame… nanosecond per nanosecond, haha. Great analysis, guys! But really… KJH and YEH’s body language really is so telling. Although they are not doing anything, the tension betweem them is so palpable, you can actually feel it. And why is it that when they look at each other, the air just explodes??!!!

  105. Hellppp…
    how can I put the above banner gif to my blackberry and set as my wallpaper? i want the picture also moving..

    this is my 3rd requests, is there any kind Liars here can help me? T.T

    • Hi. Not sure what you mean. I dont have a BB.

      I assume you are trying to put it on your screensaver?

      If you’re trying to view on internet browser on your BB, a forum suggests this:
      Open your browser options, General Properties, and change the setting for Repeat Animations.

  106. aaaargghhh i think mmmmy eyes are defective already due to over analyzing the above video… am seeing doubles sometimes triples… i was trying to be objective and look at the video like am not a fan but i just feel the same vibe no matter what… i’m not seeing things, that for sure!!!

  107. This is Ep 2 of the Hyun-Gong Affairs. Ep 1 is lost somewhere in the previous LTM posts. I guess… you could look for it??

    In this production, YEH should be Kang Hyena (as per the MFL drama) but I feel GAJ seems more apt as LTM fandom desire is for them to be together. 🙂 So – if you’re like to protest – just replace GAJ with KHN as you read 😀 kekeke.

    For those who reads Mandarin, you’d notice I’ve decided to deviate slightly in terms of translating some of the lines. But still keeping to the essence of the story – cos it’s more fun to read that way. 🙂 Consider this an ad-lipped production!

    As before, every post will have its own subs and attached stills. Comments I add are in parentheses [ ].

    Now onto the story proper!

    • PartDeuxEp2Stills1

      AJ: (to Ms Lee) Didn’t you know? KJ-oppa and I are already living together. We’re as good as married. As for the wedding plans between you two, it’s all his aunt’s idea.

      Ms Lee: (glares at KJ) I didn’t expect you to be such a person.

      KJ: Please let me explain.

      Ms Lee: I’m dissolving all engagements between us. *slaps KJ* [Aigoo. See cute palm print on his face. haha]

      AJ: (sniggers) You lost your wife AND along with it your grand plans to enter the Chinese market has gone up in smoke! Let’s see if you dare cross my path again!

      KJ: Gong Ah Jung! Aren’t you afraid I will sue you again!?

      AJ: (smirks) What evidence do you have?

      PH: (purses lips, looking apologetic) Sajang-nim … all CCTV recordings were taken away by Gong Enterprise.

      AJ: (stares coldly) Remember. This is what you deserve for taking me on!

      KJ: Gong! Ah! Jung!

      (Camera click).

    • PartDeuxEp2Stills2

      Big freaking news headline:
      “Exposé. GAJ & HKJ – Cohabiting Secretly!”

      Aunt: I didn’t know you and GAJ are this close. (next frame) If I knew that, I wouldn’t have made arrangements for a marriage of convenience with XX Enterprise.

      KJ: (tries to explain himself) President, it’s not like that….

      Aunt: (continues, ignoring his protests) Make sure you do a good job of going into the Chinese market.

      (GAJ with gramps)
      Gramps: Ah Jung-ahh, what’s with a scandal again?

      AJ: Gramps, as is, there are so many rumored boyfriends. So, what’s with one more? This Hyun Ki Joon fella? I will take care of it. You don’t fuss over this, gramps.

    • PartDeuxEp2Stills3

      KJ: Ah Jung-sshi, let’s meet up.

      (Meeting held at Coffee Prince Coffee shop.)
      [LOLs. Is Gong Yoo going to make an appearance next ep?? Haha. I wanna see Lee Shin!!!]

      KJ: (waves) I’m here.
      AJ: What kind of a hole in the wall is this?

      KJ: It’s all because of you, both of us have made the headlines. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

      AJ: (Hurmph) Say what you want. Palli.

      KJ: How should this rumor of us living together secretly be resolved? It’s all over the city.

      AJ: That’s all you’re concerned about? You’re not planning on taking revenge for what I did?

      KJ: You lost a court case, I lost a marriage prospect. Consider this debt all paid in full. Frankly, I’ve never wanted a marriage of convenience. That’s what my aunt wants. What I desire, is to conquer the Chinese market, all based on my ability.

      AJ: Now, this is totally unexpected. I didn’t think you were the ambitious sort.

    • PartDeuxEp2Stills4

      [LOLs. Eun Chan makes an appearance!!]

      EC: Ah. It’s Gong Ah Jung-sshi & Hyun Ki Joon-sshi, right? Now, everyone says I look like Gong Ah Jung-sshi.

      KJ: (smiles in agreement) Now that I look closely, you two do look alike.

      EC: (addressing curious onlookers) Look, it’s Gong Ah Jung-sshi and Hyun Ki Joon-sshi on a secret date in our cafe!

      Onlookers: (remarking) Awww. How sweet. Both look so compatible together! Fighting!

      KJ: Oh no. If the paparazzi catches us, they’ll spew nonsense again. Quick run! (grabs AJ’s hand and runs off)

      (KJ finds a closet / small room and hides there clutching AJ in his arms. The paparazzi gives chase but totally missing their hiding place.)

      [Omo.. the PS-skills – really fantastic!]

    • PartDeuxEp2Stills5

      AJ: (recounting) Grabbing my hands, running down the street in full view, and hiding out in the closet in close proximity – this IS what you mean by it’s better to be safe than sorry?

      KJ: (sheepish) err.. miene. It was all spur of the moment….

      AJ: Pfft. Whatever. Ciao. (turns to go)

      KJ: Wait! What about the scandal??

      AJ: (Flashes a brilliant smile) Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it.

      KJ: (thinks to self) Why do I have a bad feeling about this???

      AJ: (Stares at monitor. Murmurs to self) Hyun Ki Joon …. Looks like you’re not a bad person. … fine, I shall save your ass this time round.

      [Me thinks: hehehe yes.. the perky butt 😉 cute ain’t it?]

      KJ: (wonders worriedly) Leaving it to her to resolve the scandal…. won’t give rise to more trouble … right???!

      AJ: (Looking smashing in white power suit on TV) All recent rumors of me living with Hyun Ki Joon – sshi are all untrue.

      KJ: (look of relief) Looks like she’s not as willful as she’s made out to be!

      AJ: (…continues…) Actually, the truth of the matter is, Hyun Ki Joon-sshi is courting me furtively and I’m thinking about his proposal seriously.

      [Camera close-up of KJ and AJ]


    • This is HILARIOUS development!!!!! Look at KJ’s face. It says it all!!!

      @Nowhere – This is too funny. I will sub this again. I wanna see where this goes!!! Point me to it when it’s released! Someone should have seriously considered asking the Chinese fans to be drama writer for LTM! Fantastic job pjpami did here!!


      • Thanks for sharing! =) I can’t believe we are reaching 500 comments for a wrap up party news -and it’s not even a recap post lol daebak!

      • This hilarious…Chinese fans really Daebak!!…thanks again lynx ^.^
        @ donut…I’m glad you also enjoy this comic versions..really interesting!!

      • Thank you, Lynx. I just hope that I don’t missed the next continuation. It could easily be lost in all these comments.

  108. here’s kjh’s interview re: cola kiss, anybody find a subbed version pls post 😀 or, can anybody here sub this interview? 😛 thanks!

  109. Gawd!! I could not believe, I just watch the video just now… Why???? and just by watching the video I felt awkward also, to think I wasn’t even there and I’m just viewer.. What the hell wrong with KJH? He avoids YEH like the plague. And every time he would shot YEH a quick glance, it was like, he was getting electrocuted or he was getting burn….. Something is not right between these two… off topic, in my humble opinion Our KJH has never looked hotter than he is right now.

  110. Oh my, I have no idea if I see what I see or what I want to see! 😀

    I think their body language says it all! I’d love to see the “after scenes” , because I’d love to know that they lived happily ever after in the drama as well. 😛

    Thank you Koala for your post, I am so going to miss them. 🙁

  111. i feel that KJH had a crush on YEH since the baeksang awards…..they’ve been going out once in a while since then…..n when KJH wasn’t working, YEH said that she doesn’t mind her boyfren not working but staying at home n doing housework…..she must be hinting at KJH… working together for LTM finally makes the relationship move fast forward…..since KJH is working hard now, he’ll be able to come forward n claim his YEH…..soon, they’ll announce they’re together n getting married…….happy together forever……that’s my take on KJH & YEH story…….the end…….*smiling crazily*

  112. ahh i’m back a.g.a.i.n… sighh totally miss our OTP now… anyway, any idea whether SBS will release BTS of their last epi? I mean they can’t miss out their last kissing scene right? >.<

  113. Hi – just checking in and am glad to see so many gang members here – maybe we too should start wearing pinkie rings to signify/identify ourselves as part of the HwanHye Mob!

  114. meee…again… 😀

    maybe I read too much Johanna Lindsay’s novels, but when a man likes a woman does not always begin with knowing her personality, mostly a man likes a woman with of physical attraction…
    I believe 10000% that whether KJH likes YEH or not, he definitely had a physical attraction towards YEH and so ready to make out with her.
    it seems like I can see heat are radiate from his body and so ready to be exploded as soon as YEH give him a “green light”… hehehehe ^^

  115. wow….so many comment. really hard to read coz so many reply for the previous post. Need refresh every page.

    btw, I’ve already watched the vid & wow…..what happen with him?
    Ji Hwan look very nervous & his body was so stiff. Playing his cake cutter, checked watch & folds his arm.
    But the funny thing were although he was nervous & something like that, he was aware that he could not use the cake cutter to cut the cake. hehehe….
    And the way he hold his arm during the imagination cake cutting. hahhaha….
    He didn’t want his arm doing bad thing? hahaha…..

    • Thanks for the translation Koala.

      Now after Koala mentioned about the cake cutter, I agree on that point. Why on earth he put that cake cutter on his lips and some sort of biting it. He must be very nervous and tried to occupy himself with something / pretend to get busy. But at least in the end he realized what he just did and did not use that cake cutter and put it on the cake.

      Guess, our pretty YEH really had a huge effect on him. So, his acting skills at the wrap up party really sucks then….LOL. Looks like we all could see through the ackwardness.

  116. Much thanks to Lynx for the Chinese-English trans and for all the in-house techie savvies. Re-watching is more enjoyable.

    I’m waiting for any updates or any sightings of our OTP. Admittedly though I’m in a very confused state right now. The more I read your collective thoughts the more I felt our leading man is blowing hot & cold. Snoop some more . . .

  117. Hey guys, need help. Can’t find a link where to download Shameless Lie by Heo Ga Yoon, anybody who could help me? Thanks!

  118. Yo gang! I’m back and everytime I am I’ll take 5 minutes just to stare at the O So Lovely Banners!!

    Ah! It feels so comfy to be here after roaming.

  119. Love your banners, Koala.
    And thank you everyone for sharing your comments and all the little details, keeps my shippy heart alive, love you all. I will be visiting this playground often for any updates on our favourite KJH/YEH couple.

  120. Have HwanHye gone underground? I thought KjH was supposed to have an event in Japan?
    Forget couple news – ANY new would be good right? Well LTM got picked up in Japan and that is gonna require promotions right?

    I hope they don’t wait too long – or they may get PK awkwardness – Hyun Joong was like miles away from Jung So Min!! Man!!

    • I am their fan in Taiwan.
      It will be played in Taiwan soon, maybe next few months.
      I hope they both can come to promote.
      Love them soooooo much.

  121. The realist in me cautions me not to hope too much and to just revel in the heartwarming love story of Go Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon in the meantime…

    But I accede to the fact that there was a whole lot of genuine affection and tenderness portrayed by YEH and KJH in the drama. And it’s not even a result of technique or skillful acting…there is so much humanity and authenticity in the way they express their love in the drama that I could say there is a whole lot of confidence, trust, and comfort in each other as actor and actress to be able to give free rein to these emotions as they act out the scenes.

    What I do hope for is that Yoon Eun Hye will find a Hyun Ki Joon and that Kang Ji Hwan will find a Go Ah Jung (sans the lying part) who will love them single-mindedly till the end.

  122. I am too!. . . in a very confused state right now. I was so hoping for “openly affectionate” with each other at the wrap-up party. KJH was very awkward n stiff n KEH was tame, their on-screen chemistry is undeniably so real n very passionate, we were witnesses. wishing KEH n KJH the best in their futures, hoping for love to blossom further to make us giddy all over. amen! looking forward to KJH fan meeting in japan n KEH projects too.

  123. Oh, please…. Do not let KJH kills his own feeling, and YEH kills her own feeling just for the sake of their own job security. Please, please, be brave KJH, YEH!!!! Not easy to find counterpart!

  124. Hello all the LTMers here….

    This is my second time posting in this playground, usually I’m a silent lurker but after LTM has ended I have a withdrawal symptom that I can function normally. Its make me itching to post something here.

    Captain Koala, I really like your style of writing, you wrote with your heart couples with intelligence and witty humor. If you ever write a novel or fiction, I so want to read it. I’m officially your fans ;-). And thank you for the ride. With you as the captain, the process of watching LTM truly an enjoyable and worthwhile journey.

    I want to say thanks to all of you that has been posted comments here. Your comments always make me giggling like crazy and always makes happy to think that somewhere in others part of the world there are other people who share the same feeling, thought and love for LTM like me.

    I asked my boyfriend to watch the wrap up party video. Ehmm….actually I didn’t ask him hahaha I practically forced him to watched while holding his hands so he didn’t run away LOL (he doesn’t like Korean drama, he’s more into festival movies and horror).

    He ask “what is this video?” And I said “its some kind of wrap up party”. I didn’t say that it was a drama wrap up party and he never watch their kissing scene. He even don’t know they are actor and actress and I didn’t explain anything more, just order him to watch and give his opinion about the video. LOL

    After watching about 16 second, He said while laughing“ waahh… those two really likes each other (YEH n KJH) its so obvious but they are not in relationship yet”. I asked why he thinks so? He said “They are so nervous at each other, if they are already in relationship they will not be that nervous but they definitely like each other”.
    He further commented that YEH body language show that she give KJH dominion over her, I burst laughing heard that so I ask him “what make you said that ?” He said “that women (YEH) body always at the back of that man (KJH) and she seems leaning to him for protection or support and they are too close for comforts”.
    After he said that I was giggling uncontrollably and I said “so its seems I’m not imagining things”. He asked me way I showed that video to him, I said its nothing but continue giggling 

    I hope they will follow their feeling for each other and not become scared of gossips and rumors about them.

    I am sorry for the long post and my bad English
    Happy speculating LTMers….. 

    • Hybird, really glad with your BF’s comment. I am really curious what would be your BF’s comment if you show him the kissing scene at the ending of episode 16?

      • haha…actually I don’t want to show him that scene before he sees the wrap up party so that he have unbiased opinion about YEH n KJH at that video. But I’m a little embarrassed to show him those kissing scene, he will know why this past two months i always giggling, blushing, and fanning my self in front of my Laptop LOL. But eventually I’ll ask him 🙂

        My boyfriend actually very observant and intuitive( a rare quality in man), so I trust his opinion.

      • @Hybird: you must ask your bf watch the karaoke kiss, cola kiss and last kiss..Give his opinion and make the comparison between these kiss scenes..haha

      • hahaa, show all the 3 version of kisses to Hybird’s BF, that means, all the her secret for the past 2 months would be revealed….. LOL…but anyway, I would love to know what will be Hybird’s BF comment on those 3 different type of kisses.

    • haha…your boyfriend got eagle eyes! 🙂
      everyone can sense they are nervous and something going on between them.

      • someone, I already ask him to watch those kissing scene but he doesn’t want to. I even resort to violence (tickling him until he can stand it anymore LOL) but its no use hehe. Finally I have to blackmail him with women wiles that there will be no cuddling until he watch it hahaha,(how crazy I’ve become couse LTM).
        He said okey but he will watch it tomorrow and he said to me while shaking his head “you and your antic”

      • actually after my bf agreed to watch those scenes, he tell me ” you just want to know that they really likes each others right? just by seeing those wrap up party video anyone can tell they likes each other. I don’t need to watch those kissing scenes to know that” LOL. But I still pouting, so he said “okey okey but tomorrow”

      • Hybrid-San! Love your effort to make your boyfriend agreed to watch those scenes!

        Hahahaha, and so true! We just want confirmations that they actually like each other! Nyahahaha ^///^ woohoooo!

      • Hybird, your BF is really sharp….he knows what we all wanted to confirm…heheee….thanks for making the effort here.

      • @Linkyo : hahaha that’s LTM effect on me and this is my first time going crazy over an OTP of a drama. Usually I just like one of the actor or actress from a certain drama, not the pairing. I ‘m even not a fans of YEH and KJH before. Although I already watch Goong and CP and I really like both dramas but its not enough to make me become fans of YEH. About KJH, LTM is the first time I see him in a drama and my first thought watching epi 1 is “aren’t this man a little too old to be paired with YEH?
        But after epi 2 I think “alright this man is charming” and at epi 3 I think that “wow why the more I see this man, the more appealing he seems to be?” And I really got hooked at epi 4 especially the scene when AJ meet KJ at the world hotel hallway after AJ leaving Mrs Chen room. My heart skipping a little bit faster when their eyes met. I think wow they are electrifying. Since then I become their fans as a couple 🙂

      • Lol. First time I heard the OWP being used and succeeding. With some threat too. Haha

        I wanna see that scene in ep 16!

      • Haha…you are too funny and your bf is too good to u. 🙂
        We will waiting for your analysis report from your bf tomorrow..
        **cross finger**

      • this KJH, in the beginning of the episode, I found him not so handsome, and I didn’t really like his hairstyle there….but as the episodes moving forward….he looked more handsome, with different hair style. I like to see his face while he was distributing brochure to help GAJ and also while he was wearing black at the airport, when sent GAJ to Jeju.

        I watched him at Coffee House before, but I felt nothing special about him there.

        So, I am not really a fan for both KJH and YEH, even though I have watched YEH at Goong and Coffee Prince.

        Only after they paired him with YEH at LTM, wow…I found something so special about him. The way he looked at her, his facial expression, body language, very interesting. Basically, they come in set (YEH + KJH) that makes it so interesting…whenever they appeared on the screen, it made my eyes glued to the screen (LOL).

      • @Lynx : What is the meaning of OWP ..? I”m sorry, English is not my first language, and about the threat actually there is more than that hahaha but I can’t tell you (too embarrassing’blush’)

        @someone : Yes, my bf is too good to me, maybe cause he is more mature (he is the same age with KJH) n I am 5 years younger than him so he spoiled me too much :-). Okay, I will give my bf analysis tomorrow 🙂

        @JJM_Mania : wow…we have the same thought haha “they come in set (YEH + KJH) that makes it so interesting” so true LOL

      • OWP – shortform for Oppa, Wiggle, Pout. 🙂

        It’s kinda a standard for kdramas… u see a lot of female leads do that…

        Someone once did an analysis of who did the best ones.. lols. Quite funny to watch it.

        I personally will have to be caught drunk to do it. 🙂

      • @Lynx: haha so that what its means and it’s kind of a standard for Kdrama too haha, I really don’t realized that there are similarities between me and the character in Kdrama LOL.
        In my case… the Oppa and the wiggle didn’t succeed , but the pout and the threat are more effective LOL.

        I only do that in private n cause we already in relationship for five so I can be my worst self with him hahaha.

    • Oh! How can I love your comment more?! So, his opinion is that they are not in relationship yet? Okay.
      But I love your boyfriend’s opinion regarding YEH giving KJH dominion over her. It’s so obvious, that she is really…. You know, like, looking for protection from KJH. She indeed keep on standing slightly behind KJH’s shoulder. KYYYAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

      More analysis pleaseeeeeee p^/////^q

      • second / third / fourth that observation!! 🙂 🙂 Look at him and his uber manly pose – arms across chest

        Like *Me man* *she, MY woman* I think it was daggers he shot towards JB …. at party. hahaha

    • @ Hybrid

      Kudos for landing yourself your very own KJ. I’ve no doubt he’s very good to you because he’s intuitive and sensitive to a woman’s body language… I tell you, he’s a rare breed so hang on to him and I sincerely wish you both lasting happiness…

      As to what he said about KJH and YEH, I was literally jumping for joy!!! hehehe That was precisely whar I see when I first saw the vid….yesssshh this us just the beginning… all the signals are there…both of them are interested with each other!!! as to how this will progress, I believe, KJH has to really make an effort in wooing YEH… He’s more matured and must continue on assuring YEH about his feelings and sincerity… this time, he needs to follow KJ’s ways of wooing AJ…. squeeeeeee i just can’t help it!!!

      • I am really blushing reading your comments!!!I really like this couple. They really look so good on the screen, that when you watch them, you cannot help but giggle, blush, and wish that they can be real couples in the future. When they kiss, you really can feel the passion. You also cannot breathe as if you are the one kissing KJH. I already downloaded all the episodes & watch it before I sleep. Wish that they will have more drama or movies together in the future.

        Please give us update for KJH & HEY……especially if they are developing real feelings for each other please? Thanks in advance…

    • Dear,
      so happy to see many your words here.
      and you are so cute. lol
      cute for forcing your bf to watch all the related scene.
      BTW, where are you come from, can you read Chinese?
      I wrote some reflection but in Chinese.
      I would like to share if there are someone can read it ^^
      Although my major in graduate school and university, i can’t write the reflection fluently in English.

      You and other guys are so amazing > <


      • Joanne thank you for your comment. I am Indonesian and I’m sorry, I can’t read Chinese. Maybe you can still post your reflection here and maybe someone here can translate it to English 🙂

    • hai jingjing, i found it intresting too…KJH is checking up on YEH, because she’s been quite beside him…and also you can see after YEH taking picture, YEH put the camera on her shoulder, and KJH was looking at her,like want to say : *you want me to carry that for you* or he want to suggest her to put the camera to somewhere else so she dont have to carry it….hahahaha..sorry i think its only my imagination….

  125. WOW… You know… this might just be a first…. I mean I have seen a few dramas and followed up on post-drama viewing you know the usual withdrawal and all…. Nothing too new.

    Speculation – Check.
    Lurking / Delurking on forums – Check.

    But – to conduct experiments – asking non-viewers / BFF/ BFs/ Significant others to ANALYSE the content (Be it drama or in this case a post-production wrap up party????) – – – – Seems to me a first.

    Hehe. Very Interesting. I like the responses so far.
    Seems to verge between

    Sane and level-headed (like @Sere)
    : Definitely chemistry & Great acting – No doubt. If its all acting – Hats off to them

    Nothing that could convince otherwise (reservation 1% just in case.. like @bibimbap)
    : Definitely chemistry. What acting. It can only be REAL! right?

    Am sure its so real that if you don’t see it, … are you blind? (erm @peipei, mizweng, madqueen? Don’t mind I’m putting you here)
    : Look… the hints were there .. heck… their interviews from 2 years back shows this!!!! Yes. Siree.

    [ok…the above is just for fun :)] Take it with some salt … and a tequila shot. This is FRIDAY afterall!

    Weekend whheeeeee!!!

    Happy Independence Day 🙂 🙂 & Fireworks – Definitely CHECK. It’s Marathon time.

    So. Am taking survey. WHEN did you think THEY started eyeing each other differently??

      • Yes!!!! I vote for after they spent the night at the filming set at e jeju island! (and that’s very presumptuous of me)

        If they are filming till the morning, what was their schedule? Any possibilities of them being together privately on or off the set?

        Gyaahhhh is there any insider lurking or reading the comments area at koala playground? Jaebum? So ran? Are both of you reading? Will you be so kind to let us fans have some, one, or any info? Pretty pleeaaassseeeee?

    • I think from the cola kiss…the kiss is very passionate and intense, their body moves uncontrolled and pretty sure they both very surprise as well how their body responses each other… body moves can’t lie…
      see… i read too much Johanna Lindsay and Lisa Kleypas novels… hahaha

      • Same thought with you peipei, their body moves so natural and they seems carried away by that kiss. But I think in that scene YEH a little bit overwhelm at first but finally let KJH lead the kiss hehe

        Wah…you read Lisa Kleypas and Johanna Lindsay novels too what about Loretta Chase, Julia Quinn and Stephanie Laurens novels…?
        There are similarities between Hyun Ki Jun character with the hero in those novels. They fall in lust first and than fall in love later LOL.
        Maybe I am the same with you, reading too much romance novel haha

      • Hybrid,

        hellow novel maniacs…LOL… stephanie laurens yes, julia quinn no… I’d prefer to read a fast forward story line, lot of lusts (lol), it’s more fun to read..that’s one of reason that i almost gave up with LTM in the beginning.. halleluya with the bench kiss and ice cream kiss for saving the LTM.. they got my fully attention afterwards..

      • woooow! hello fellow romantic novel reader!

        same here, i’m reading Lisa Kleypas too ^^
        and agree with you, that’s a lots of lust in there (and i like it! hahahahaha)

    • @ Lynx

      LOL you’re so funny… well you can always used me…ooops use me as reference re this matter at hand…am so honored!!! love your post!!!

    • @ lynx,

      just use my name as often as possible but only when talking about LTM or finding me a single bachelor for me..LOL

  126. I debated and debated with myself… whether to post this or not… well… i made it… and I thought – maybe u all would like it… though i’d hate for it to go everywhere… so for now, can just watch but please don’t spread to forums or repost or wherever ?? It’s really just for you all. Personal consumption only.

    Dunno what people’s reactions will be like… & definitely hope the channel will be ok.. & I really dun wanna monitor the anti-fans / haters comments….. So… enjoy it here. And dun spread. *bows* gomowo.

    Go to

      • mmm. you need to put in the http:// … if PeiPei could watch it, i think you prob should be able to. ? ?

    • Lynx,

      thanks for the vid…
      don’t be mad ok? but what is the difference between the previous vid? why did you say for personal consumption only? is there any secrets? or did you captures something between wuri OTP?
      I am not a very quick response person, so you must tell me more clearly hahahaha…

      • Haha. No diff. Other than I put in Eng sub. Nothing more to add. For personal consumption here. Dun wanna have it gg places. :p I’m peculiar like that.

        Ha. I’m glad u can watch it!!!!!!!! This YT copyright thing is very bothersome. -.-

      • oooooohhhhh…. ahahahahaha.. thanks for confirm it…
        btw, happy friday nite 😀

    • @ lynx
      thank you for the vid… I was hoping someone would do that ever since Madame K posted that vid… now it’s easier to understand everything… you are awesome!!!

  127. Just one more post before I forget.

    @Mell – On earlier post for eng sub to party – That’s a question I have been asking myself also. SR made a comment just before JB spoke. And there’s this background dude who shouted something. hehe And then all 4 reactions were so funny!!


    @Roz – I guess have to wait and see when @Nowhere lets me know of updated eps to the Hyun-Gong Affairs. 🙂 🙂 Even I might miss that update! LOLs.

    • Oh yeah! Usually we got crazy for a kiss scenes. But, this post production video, where there is nothing naughty at all, no touching, brushings, smiles, giddiness, shyness, nervous, knowing glances, awkwardness but it’s just…. Gaaaahhh!!!!!!

      I even just re-watched to examine per view, first, YEH’s actions. Re-watched the 2nd time for KJH’s actions, re-watchEd the 3rd time for So Ran’s actions, re-watched the 4th time for Jaebum’s actions. Then I noticed at the end of the vid the uncle/old man/(was he the PD?) Answered the phone call with a grin that looked like a fangirl’s smile spreading out some news to other fangirls. Jaebum is quite bored, since he saw YEH and KJH interactions right through. Yoonjoo was then congratulating YEH like “glad you passed this event (for not doing much skinship on screen that can be caught by BTS cam)”.

      KJH’s mind was like wandering to somewhere else all the while YEH’s speaking. He’s in his own imagination mind, wondering whatever it was related to YEH. While YEH was so shy and cautious of whatever the other casts is going to say. Jaebum is like, playing dumb and wanting to point out the GIANT PINK ELEPHANT in the room.

      Gyyyaaaahhhhh I can’t rest! Help! XD XD XD

  128. Hi Koala,

    Is this script containing after scenes (e.g. 100 milestone and 5 years later) true?

    Could you do a translation for us? Thanks heaps!

    Cr: DC


    대본에는 정말 꽉 막힌 결말인데…
    시간이 넘 없었나봐!!!
    쫌!!! 쫌!!! 억울해! 잉~

    #66. 에필로그 – 백일 버전

    서울. 월드호텔 로비 느낌 정도.
    또각또각 걸어오는 하이힐.. 손가락으로 먼지를 쭈욱- 쓸어보는 손.
    입술 가까이에서 후- 불고.
    보면 잘 차려입은 아정이 로비를 지나가다 손을 번쩍 들며..

    아정 여봉~!

    돌아보는 양복.. 환한 미소의 기준이다.

    기준 (한 손 들며) 어! 여보~!

    기준의 모습에서 카메라 아래로 내려가면 유모차에 백일된 아이 보이고…
    그 뒤로는 럭셔리한 풍선장식에
    아정, 기준, 아기 얼굴 사진이 들어간 ‘축 현세오 백일’ 플랜카드 걸려있다.

    아정 (다가와) 준비는 완벽하게 끝난 거지?
    기준 그럼 내가 누군데! 퍼펙트.
    아정 (아기 보며) 어젠 우리 세오가 엄마 이뻐. 아빠 나뻐 그랬다~!
    기준 (의심스런 눈초리로) 설마아.. 진짜야?
    아정 정말이라니까~
    기준 (아가 볼 만지며) 우리 아들, 엄마 닮아 거짓말하면 안 되는데..
    아정 여보옹~ (기준의 팔짱끼며 귓속말 애교로) 울 애기 크면 내가 거짓말해서 자기 만난 거 폭로하면 안된다아~
    기준 왜? 어쨌든 끝이 좋잖아?
    아정 (귀여운 표정으로) 그런가? (하다가 입구 보며) 어. 저기 손님들 오신다.

    보면, 밀려드는 사람들 사이에 보이는 소란-재범, 애경-준호, 상희, 석봉 등..
    빙 둘러서며 기준과 아정에게 축하전하고
    폭죽 터지며 왁자지껄 행복한 분위기 속에서…
    아정, 입술을 쭉 내밀면 마주보며 입술 내밀고 뽀뽀하는 기준.
    화면가득 두 사람의 행복한 얼굴에서…. 끝!

    #67. 에필로그 – 사무실 버전

    월드 사장실 문 열리고 또각또각 들어서는 하이힐…
    완전 깔끔한 오피스 치마정장에 머리 단정히 묶고 뿔테 안경까지 쓴 아정.
    또각또각 걸어와 사장 의자에 거만한 포즈로 앉는다.
    똑똑 노크 소리 들리고 들어오는 구두. 기준이 박매니저와 박훈을 양 옆에
    두고 걸어와 소파에 앉는다. 박매니저와 박훈, 아정에게 90도로 인사를 하고
    박훈, 바짝 얼어붙은 표정으로 서류를 잔뜩 가져다 책상 위에 올려놔 주면,

    아정 (서류 휙휙 넘겨보다가 안경 너머로 기준을 쏘아보더니 안경 벗고 까칠한 말투로) 월드호텔, 이것 밖에 못하겠어요?
    기준 (소파에서 편안한 자세로 있다가 군기 바짝 들어 똑바로 앉는데)
    아정 이딴 식으로 일하면서 신규 호텔 영업 허가를 선청해요? 흥! 텍도 없지.
    박훈 (기준의 옆에 서서) 사장님, 아무리 4급 서기관이래도 공과 사는 좀 가리셔야죠. 아침에 부부싸움 하셨다고 여기서 이러시면..
    기준 (OL) 나가있어.
    박매니저 사장님.
    기준 (OL) 나가있으라니까.

    박매니저와 박훈 나가면,

    기준 (벌떡 일어나며) 그래도 내가 여기 사장이다. 직원들 앞에서 너무 권력남용하는 거 아냐?
    아정 뭐?
    기준 아니.. 내말은.. (하며 아정에게 다가가 뒤에서 목을 끌어안으며) 여봉.. 호텔 인허가 안 해줘도 되니까 기분 좀 풀어. 응?
    아정 거짓말. 진짜 허가 안 내줘도 좋다구?
    기준 그, 그럼.. 상관없어.
    아정 진짜?
    기준 그렇다니까.. (하며 아정에게 입맞춤 하는데)

    잠시 후 문 꽝 열리며 “엄마~!” 하고 들어오는 5살 정도 아들.
    그 소리에 깜짝 놀라 입술 떨어지며 엉겨 붙는 두 사람.

    아정 현세오~!
    세오 엄마! 아빠 좀 그만 괴롭혀. 엄만 나랑 놀아준대놓구 순 거짓말쟁이!

    당황하는 아정과 기준, 아들을 안아드는 기준, 아이의 볼을 꼬집으면 표정.
    두 사람 아이의 귀여움에 행복하게 웃는 얼굴에서………끝!

  129. hope this help in cementing what we all wishing and hoping the outcome of our beloved OPT’s future love confirmation. I google this info and i was giggling the whole time reading it and can’t resist to share this with of you.

    Watch His Adam’s Apple – When you talk to a guy, who is normally confident, and if you see him a little “flustered” in your company, or blushing, with a bobbing adam’s apple, it can be a quick give away of his feelings for you. He feels nervous because he’s worried about the impression he’s making on you, and when a person is nervous his “adam’s apple” starts going up and down because of the strain of nervousness. When a guy is not interested in a girl, however beautiful she is, he will not be nervous in her company – he will be at ease with her.

    • Lols. Now I’ve to start watching how his adam apple moves too??

      Omo. How to do that discretely. Hehe.

      Hehe. Shall have to jot notes now in the marathon.

  130. The end finally arrives, and after a forced vacation in my cave without my yobo, Vincenzo, (I was trying that the end, of LTM ndon’t get me) And when I finally realize that LTM ends, it sucks the life out of me. OMG, I’m totally fried!!

    That romcom/drama, seduce me, get under my skin, and never let go… it was a blessing and a curse. Only a Japanese drama affects me so much like this one, Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend. That was a romcom/drama who fucks my central nerve system and the cerebral cortex, leaving me like a breathing corpse. I recommend it, if you wanna laugh like a maniac, and cry a river.

    LTM, took me by surprise, and I don’t even know why…

    I get my happy ending, not a wedding though, but at least they stay together, and nobody have to die, or commit suicide, or try to kill anyone, well except Pool Lady and Cheater, but hell, they are taken from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, called Psycho. You know, the one with the screaming lady in the shower, and the rotten corpse in the chair looking in the window… Oh Mommy dearest, how much I miss you!! LOL

    At the end, Civil Servant, and Ice Prince, gets their wish… Having someone who is capable to put his/hers life in the line, who can abandon everything, just to be by your side. Someone who is capable of see you, the real you, and the best part is, that when you are down, like beat down, is capable of cleaning your cuts, kiss your scars, wipe your tears, and tell you with a huge smile, you are beautiful, I love you, even if you look like “Corpse Bride”

    Demigod, grew. Finally some sense gets to that boy! Geez!! He was really annoying. You know, fall in love with the chick who is in love with your Hyung, that is insane!!! But he grew up a pair of melons, (in his backyard) and suck his “one-side-totally-unrequited love”, put some dirt, some cement over there, and a huge sign that says, nothing happen, move along, trespassers will be shoot, survivors, will be shoot again!!! LOL, I love you demigod, you were awesome!!!

    Reaper… Little totally freak Reaper, since 3 years ago; you lost Ice Prince… Why? Did you even have to ask why? Did you have Alzheimer or dementia? That is because you give up on him… (I wouldn’t do it, maybe he don’t wanna see me, but I wouldn’t never leave the country, that is a NO-NO) You needed to stay, and be by his side, even if it like his shadow, or very far away, but in the same postal code, damn it! You were the one who give up, you were the one who lost him, why do you have to wait, to see him in live stream screaming at the top of his lungs “I love Civil Servant” to be sure that he doesn’t love you anymore! Hell, he say to you, I think is better, if you go to Paris… did you lost in translation? In my book that means, get the HELL out of my life!! And when he says, I think we can see each other anymore, in my book that means I don’t want to see your pathetic self any longer, you are an eyesore!! LOL, Is cruel I know, but, sometimes cruelty is the human thing to do, right? At least you don’t sleep with the fishes, but you get your pity tush to Paris!! Mon Dieu, je l’espère, un Français que vous aimez (My God, I hope you like a French,) and not the toast!! LOL

    Dad finally get a wifey, who waits for him like a zillion years, and hell, they aren’t getting younger!!

    Pastry Smurf, stay single, and “alone again, naturally” but, hey, at least boss get the girl, right? You are happy for him, right? Hell no!! Get a girl, get lurved and please have bunch of little pastry smurfs babies, please!!!

    Jedi Park, oh awesome friend and master, get Demigod, I know you like him, you want to kiss him, you want to hug him!!! Get him, LIKE NOW!!

    Botox Lady, you finally give up, you know, nothing compares to love, nothing bring you more happiness, or give you more satisfaction that being with the one you love… And finally money can’t buy love, or happiness for that matter… But hell, at least can buy an island in the Pacific!!! LOL I want one!!! Hey Chef, Bon Suck I mean Suc Bong, is still single!!! LOL

    Now the serious part… Lie To Me, it wasn’t any new trends. It was cliché, after cliché, but hell, they give me THE COLA KISS!! That is one for immortality, I think I’m gonna call the UNESCO, to have this one included in the Unforgettable Kisses. LOL well if that section exists! Like this one:

    But for me, who stay, episode after episode, breathing, eating, crying and screaming, LTM, for the last couple of months, it was incredible. Being able to know a bunch of scary, fearsome, and fearless Ajhummas, and Ajhussis, who went mental and even get in the assassin mode, for something that affected our daily lives, it doesn’t have words to describe it!!! I get addicted and glued to LTM, since episode 6, and after that, not even the gasoline cant dissolve the glue… I’m glad that I experience this madness, and have a zillion people, who were different than me, but feel the same as me… I would never forget the joy, the camping meetings, and even the marching song… I will never forget LTM, and how it makes me feel happy, sad, joy, and crazy… To Miss Koala Unni, Peipei, Nowhere, Leishers, Madkdr, Bo, Mizweng, and all of you, from the bottom of my hopeless over romantic heart, for accompanying me in this roller coaster, and don’t leaving me alone. For crying with me, laugh and stimulate my over active imagination, for that and being in every step of the way, THANK YOU!! You all are part of this journey, and that make this even more awesome that it could be…

    And as one of my favorite movies says “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” and “we always have the playground and LTM”

    Miss you!!! All of you, Always!!

    • Finally you have some words Angelito… more than some words to be exact…LOL
      my reaction when I saw ur comments… “yay…finally she write something…wait….*scroll down*… quite long comment…hm… ok…I need snacks coz this is gonna takes awhile for me to read it…hahaha”

    • ohhhhh that is sooo sweet angelito….. i was like LOL on my own and I wonder if my neighbors are onto me now…you always make me laugh… thank you too making my boring life happy… I still can’t say bye bye to LTM… I just can’t… and never will I say goodbye to you for I shall always be lurking, commenting here in this playground…. and would always be looking forward to seeing your wonderful name here…. muwahhhhhhhhh

      • and yes i brought some coffee and snacks too before I read your post… I really love it… burp! ooops biane!

  131. I just had Yobo lookout the wrap party vid – did not have a chance earlier – and – he has not seen the last 2 episodes yet.
    He says – it’s so obvious that HwanHye have a mutual attraction and that there’s something going on!! He feels YEH too subdued and KJH showing classic signs of nervous attraction!
    I’m hoping for good news!

    Thing is Koala, if therebis news to the contrary – do we really want to know?
    I’m thinking I’d rather continue living in HwanHye world rather than hear that he (horror of horrors!!) likes YJ!! ACK!!! Don’t ever go there!
    I’m still

    • No no no no no…… The more I watched it, the more I am convinced that they really are attracted to each other. I was even thinking that maybe KJH YEH had a private talk before, got caught by some of the casts (presummably Jaebum / Soran)—that’s why they are so nervous. That make KJH felt like, the faster they finished this cake cutting and out off the camera, the safer he was. Maybe he even make an appointment with YEH to talk sometime after the wrap up party?
      When they finished gesturing the cake cutting, and KJH chose to talk with the boys, and YEH in an instant chose to ‘part ways’ to speak with the girls…. Seems like they are doing it with the notion of “oh, yeah, mustn’t get to close to each other. People are watching” had in mind.

      Still wanting an insider story… Or any spoiler (hahahaha, am I treating KJH and YEH as real life show character? Yes, I think so.) on their love story, how did it start? When? Where?

      Oh…. I am sorry KJH, sorry YEH, I know those are your private life…. But…. Gyaaaahhh!!!!!! The video caught so much for public eyes, and yet so little that you have revealed.

      I’ve gone insane. Really. My second real life pairing. The first went down the hill and off to the valley. Hope it’s not for KJH and YEH.

      • LOL…I suddenly want to be a SPY or want to join the staff n crew so I can watch every single move of our OTP wkwkwkwk!!!

      • Yeah!!!! I so wanted to be on set, ready with camera, vidcam, telescope and Internet connection LOL. Felt like wanting to be a paparazzi for KJH and YEH ^^;;;;;;; ergggghhhh… No no , shouldn’t go that far. But, a sneak peek or selca of both of them or anything off the screen will make my shipper heart happy!

    • As if anyone in here needs more fuel … but when SR said the word ‘Forever’ she cast glances to her right and (depending your interpretation) it seems like a loaded word / thought there in the air.


      • you’re right. I feel strange, when I read the translation that you posted before:
        SR: Very happy. Hope we can still work together next time. “Forever”.
        What is the connection between work together and “Forever”? 😉

      • @Vero – well, the usual responses would be like the polite ‘loved working together / would love to work together again’ … but she seemed to add on – “forever” like a quick after thought. It’s the timing of when she said it, and also who she was shooting a knowing glance at….

  132. Linkyo .. you and I are thinking the same thing. YEH is cool and calm but KJH is fidgeting. I think both are trying hard not to let others there become aware of their feelings for each other yet both of them keep standing so close together w/no space between them and several times you see them looking at the other. At first I was upset when he glanced at his watch but I’m thinking (hoping) that they had plans together after the party. Did you notice that he seemed to hurry the cake cutting being the first to clap to put an end to it. I wonder if the cake cutting is the last thing they do at the party?

    • Yes, he is the one who ended up the cutting scene, claps and…. The way he gestured towards the cake, hahahaha, felt like ” i don’t want to be here any longer, can we get out of the camera scrutiny?”

      About the watch, yes, I really do hope that they actually has an appointment afterward. I wonder what’s in their mind this week?

      Thinking “was it just physical attraction that I feel? Was it me deluded by too much kissing scenes? I have to calm down and think, was this lust? Do I like her/him? Or is this love? What will happen if I try out this relationship ? What about our schedule? What about my family? re we compatible? Will I be okay seeing him/her kissing other people on screen? ”

      Gyaaahhhh!!!! Hellppp. Stop me! KJH and YEH you. Two. Please. Argh

      • :)) Linkyo…..I was thinking the same way. I think my brain is going to explode….ottoke….

      • @Linkyo

        Breath!!! You’re gonna have a heart attack if you keep pushing your body like that!!
        Question did you still have your finger nails and your hair?
        If not, you have a serious problem…
        LTM Deprivation and that can kill!!!
        LOL, take it easy, breath!!! JUST BREATH!!!!!

      • i like the two of them to develop friendship or perhaps more than that after the project.on second thought it may be that they are all tired so the rush to get over the cake cutting?

  133. I think they’re the only celebrity couple who get a lot of approval if they are dating.

    and, I think KJH looks like he will pounce YEH if there is no camera and others in the room…. *pervy thought in the morning! hahahahaha*

    dude, stop restraining yourself. let your heart be free 😀

    • “̮..hϱ..hϱ..hϱ..”̮, it’s like he can’t wait to get sometime together. Gya:!!!! Although I don’t want them to have any intimate, as in sexual intercourse before marriage, but. Yes, go and have sometime together alone, YEH and KJH. But let us, your fans, have some hints on the location so we can stalk you both. LOL.

  134. ….. while all of us ( LiARS) camping out on Koalas Playground and trying to get out of our system this widrawal syndrome that Lie To Me (actually its the Coffee Couple) had caused us, I just realized just now that it’s been a few days since the finale took place but I (we) haven’t read or heard any words from YEH on her Twitter!!!! She usually twit something about whats happening to her or what she feel… Is she just really taking a break or she’s avoiding alot of our curiosity regarding the wrap up party and the questions about the REAL SCORE between her and KJH????? What do you think LIARS?????

    • Well, there’s a great possibility that she’s trying to avoid any rumors or scandal… Well, even though I can’t say that if she started a relationship with KJH IS a scandal. But it definitely will cause an uproar, a happy one at that.

    • So.. we have Coffee House, Coffee Prince. All that’s left is Coffee Shop, Coffee Cake, Coffee Jelly (my personal fav) 😛

      That’s where they are & what they’re having for tea I’m sure 😀 *imagination overload* lols.

  135. Is anybody knows and kindly posted what is KJH talking to Jae bum that’s makes YEH laugh and turn her body? I’m so curious about that.

    • @vero
      me and Lynx also talked about that. That part is mysteriously could not be heard clearly (hoping for some Korean who could figure it out later). It could be another dot to add our KJH&YEH-dating-investigation points, yes?

      We haven’t find out the unheard sentences between KJH and JB. Just like everyone else here, these ‘hardly-to-confess-in-love-couple’ make me craving, crawling, digging, rolling back and forth, just for capture every single.tiny.little.detail.

      • I think we need somebody who can do lip-reading. The video was in HD right? *doh* felt like a total stalker now. LOL.

      • @mell – just wanted to tell u – Check here laterz for that translation 😛 I just had to bug a friend for a favour. lols. And I got it. So 🙂 🙂

      • yup….you’re right. Not only that, why Jae Bum also said: I’m sure everyone knows what I’m going to say right? and the background voice says: “No, dont know.”
        Is he gonna reveal about YEH & KJH relationship? Cause SR reaction of JB words is suspicious too. And maybe “staff & crews” know something going on with our OTP?

        Just want to share my experience:
        I’ve been in that kind of situation long time ago with my bf when I was in college. He is now my hubby :). Anyway, at the very beginning of our relationship, we don’t want anybody knows about it. Even in front of our close friends. We still want to keep it for ourselves. Especially we have different activities as my bf is 5 years older than me. When we have gathering, I think everybody can sense something going on btw us but nobody ask. I bet they talk about us behind our back :). This was happen for couple of weeks until we finally tell our friend.

      • @Lynx,
        oohh transfer my hug for your Korean friends, will you. don’t let me die in curiousity T…T

  136. When So Ran said, “Forever”, I initially believed that she was talking about her and Jae Bum and that’s what made YEH and KJH turn to JB, but you could actually see YEH and KJH looking at JB before the “Forever” part like telling him something about his “speech” and that SR might not have even glimpsed at JB but YEH and KJH….

    • There’re many many ways to view the vid.

      Without sub – for just body language which was initally misleading.

      With sub – that’s when it gets really interesting – because now, you check – each one at a time. And there’s at least 4 that you can keep an eye on.

      JB & SR – most telling than the other two. LOLs. I think these two – giveaway much. 🙂 🙂 – who they look at, what expression they have on their face. What they are saying and who are they directing that to…

      *erm* after this, maybe, can considering applying to work in intelligence service? ?

  137. this is a little crazy but.. .we’re edging past 600 and counting…. soon this page will disappear from the Recent posts corner… haha 🙂

    but i suppose people will still find it? ?

    • I Should have this page bookmarked. LOL. Hopefully there will be another mAjor update on KJH-YEH on the main page, so maybe then, our discussion will move there. Hahahahha I hope there will be good news, SOON. *giddy*

  138. Hey @Nowhere – just in case we miss each other here . when the update for Hyun-Gong Ep3 is out, drop me a comment on the vid. I’ll catch that, sub and then post 🙂

    G’Nitez all owls and early birds… 🙂

    • I’m here…they not post yet…I keep lurking there n refresh page every 5 minutes to find something new(news,vid,pics,comic) lol…
      I’m so frustrated reading all of your comments about our OTP…If they really dating they will keep it secret to avoid scandal or gossip imo…cause we all know that K-entertainment world is fierce/cruel…so they have to be careful n thoughtful about this!!

  139. Dear Liars….
    what else can I say? you guys are crazy… LOL
    everyone is acting like CSI agents, observe every secs, every moves of HwanHye.. *yea, I didn’t* …even KJH’s adam aps didn’t miss it…hahahaha …
    as said before this 4.50 mins of WP is like a bomb!

    let’s continue this craziness till u drop..

      • mami weng,

        I love you more…
        btw, u said before you always changed your eye glass when you read ur laptop? well I’m imagine it and laugh out loud… mianhe ahjumma…cheongmal2 mianhe….

    • mama weng n peipei…we still crazy here….its weekend peipei…u not go out? if you want to Korea next year…tell me…I want to go too hihihii

      • @ nowhere
        i’m camping here! hahaha….
        yesss, i’m planning to visit SK next April, join!! let’s goooo…bunch of LTM addict fans ready to goooo… yay!!

      • hahaha hi nowhere and peipei

        yes do enjoy your youth and please do find yourselves your very own KJs so you don’t be too engrossed with KJH and YEH love affair… don’t forget to keep me posted ok… hey am sure you have facebook accounts… please add me if its ok… my name is Lyweelyn Mijares…. tell me if you already added me…

      • mizweng,

        i’ve added!! please approve..:D
        yay..finally we get to know each other more closely
        I need your some advises mami weng.. i will send it to your inbox as soon as you approved it

      • hahaha am curious now…still waiting…am talking to nowhere already…

    • Still camping? This is gonna take a long time to recuperate our old selves, like we wanna do that!!! LOL

      • I don’t know when I can get over with this… I miss people in here as much as I miss LTM…
        No only so eagerly to find some new info from wuri OTP, I also looking forward to see new LTM victim come in down LOL…

  140. hi..
    i’m new here…
    i’m very addicted with LTM..
    before i watch LTM i don’t no who is KJH …and now i’m feeling crazy with KJH….the eyes omg sparkling…..i’m think i’m in love with KJH..hahahaha
    thank’s a million to all my friends here…u all supperb… cheer up my heart everyday…. and madam koala too..u rocks..

    (TERIMA KASIH) in english means thank u

    penang (malaysia)

      • @ Mizweng
        mama mizweng, can I call you mama mizweng…?:)
        Thank you for your reply at my above post. Yes, I’m very fortunate to already found my KJ, I will follow your advice to hang on to him, even more I will cling to him like a glue LOL.

        I completely agree with you about “KJH has to really make an effort in wooing YEH”. I think whether they will become a couple or not is up to YEH now. Although it’s the man that chose the one he want to pursue (KJH already chose YEH -my shipy heart say so haha), after all it’s women prerogative to decide to accept LOL

        I hope YEH will make the best decision for the two of them.

        @ Mai83

        Hello Mai, SELAMAT DATANG di Playground (In English “welcome to the playground”).

      • hallo…@hybrid n @mai83 are you two Indonesian or Malaysian?selamat datang juga!!

      • @nowhere n @hybird saya malaysian..
        malaysia dan indonesia sama saja kita satu rumpun. punya citarasa yang sama dengan LTM hahahaha..

      • I’m Indonesian hahaha…akhirnya..ada juga teman lain yg lurking disini hihihihi…nice to meet you hybrid!!!

      • ya…LTM buat kan aku…
        mandi tak basah..
        tidor tak lena…
        dan makan tak kenyang….

      • @ Mai83
        Ia, malay dan Indo satu rumpun hahaha, happy posting here, and nice to meet you…Yup LTM mempersatukan kita hihi (LTM makes us united)

        @ Nowhere
        Wah…seneng bgt ternyata ada teman Indonesia di sini. Nice to meet you too Nowhere 🙂

      • @Peipei78
        Wah peipei asli buatan Indonesia juga hahaha. Nice too meet you 🙂

      • nice to meet you … terutama yang bisa bahasa melayu… LOL

        what a small world huh? especially same country and same city ..we met on web community hahaha

      • Count me in!! (*read in Indonesia: Ngikuuttt!)
        reading from comment from so many LTM posts, I thought only peipei whom from Indonesia. keke.
        Halo Peipei, MAI, Nowhere, Hybrid, JJM..

        @peipei, read somewhere (idk what post you comment since there are LOTS of LTM posts in Koala LOL) you’re planning to go to South Korea on April 2012? Once again, count me in!! (Ngikuuttt!)
        We have to meet before for organizing it properly, hows that? *wink wink*
        Just even now i could imagine how will we got so noisy in mall if we all ever could meet. what else could we talk except the Yoon onnie and Kang oppa’ love story *sigh in excitement*

        sooooo i read above and awaiting for your boyfriend’s comment about the kisses, dear LOL.

        I’m thinking that i will be zoombier in this July since it is too boring already without seeing YEH and KJH in screen, photo, news or anything together. We should meet for sure, not to cure this withdrawal, but to maintain our faith and love for this couple if i may say.

        PS: pada dimana jakartanya? i’m in north one. keke

      • @ mell

        Of course!! Come and join…as I told ya before…the more the merrier…
        Add my fb.. Theresia sisca wijaya, we can chat there 🙂
        I lives in west but my office in north, bandengan to be exact

      • Dear peipei,

        i’m unfortunate. i can not found you on the search box 😐
        it only show 1 result, it is a group page of ex-class group, i guess. Kekekeke. i’ll keep on trying. try mine, Melani Dee Wibowo

        I’m really getting bored right now. And hearing some plan abroad already boosting my mood 🙂

    • Linkyo, I am sooo.. agree with you. They unconsciously mirroring each other movement it’s indicate that they already have a strong electromagnetic bio-chemical bond LOL

  141. Hey kidz, have you’ve seen YEH’s new Twit???? So, all along she was hanging around with this Taiwanese dude ….. actually just to do a commercial for china mobile!!! The guy looks cute… but no one is cuter with our YEH better than Ki Joon ( KJH)

    • Its Ethan Ruan. Very good TW actor. 🙂 Acted in Fated to Love You (FTLY) (2008) which was the forerunner to the current recapped drama Drunken to Love You (DTLY) that koala’s doing. 🙂 & he won a golden horse award this year for best actor in Monga.

    • Oh and if anyone’s interested to know…. Ethan Ruan’s girlfriend is the girl who’s acting as Avril. Her real name is Tiffany Xu. 🙂 (she’s a model / actress… but i prefer her just being stills. She was in Autumn Concerto too with Vanness Wu who’s in the currently airing TW drama Material Queen – again Ms K’s recapping that.)


  142. just a heads up to whoever’s still lurking here. I got a friend to translate the key bits to the vid. just before JB spoke and when SR spoke… will update the vid with the bits..

    Will post that either geee… erms… within 24 hours? (its Sat here and I got errands to run.)

    and no… i’m not in alaska! lols.