Sunshine Angel Releases Three More Cute Trailers

The news broke last week that Sunshine Angel with Wu Zun and Rainie Yang would be airing in July, but I had no clue it would be airing starting July 6th. Which is next week! Boy those C-television stations move fast. Three more trailers have dropped, and I have officially verified in my mind that this is indeed a remake of Successful Story of a Bright Girl with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, complete with grandma getting mowed down by episode 2 and the whole fallen-on-hard times subplot.

I think I would have enjoyed Bright Girl more (since Hyuk was in it) but for the fact that I wanted to throttled Jang Nara’s excessive cute every single second she was onscreen. I think Rainie can balance the sweetness with her sassy better. Lastly, the other three Fahrenheit boys will be making a cameo appearance in the drama.

Trailer 2:

Trailer 3:

Trailer 4:


Sunshine Angel Releases Three More Cute Trailers — 11 Comments

  1. OMG i’m so watching this!!!!!!! Thank god it’s more dramatic than DTLY. I need to see a lot of angst in dramas.

    All the girls in the drama are really pretty. It kinda makes Rainie looks like a little kid compare to them.

    So many cameos in here. Angela Zhang and the F boys. Man I haven’t seen Angela in any series in recent years. I wish she would come back in a drama.

      • jajaa yes, is Alien Huang and Michelle Che (Rainie’s friend in why why love, or the protagonist in Wish to See You Again with Vic Zhou)

        This series premieres July 29 =)

        I also love Show luo more 😛

    • From what I see I’m seeing more of Zun’s emotions on this Drama from the little sneak preview on his part compared to Romantic Princess….

      but I really love Aaron there and who the freak is that girl he’s hugging LOL I’m steaming jealous…. 🙁

      Calvin gain some weight and dye your hair brown honey your losing the light you look like a blonde zombie….

      • OMG is that Rainee….arrrggg so jealous I heard Aaron likes him….huh…. 🙁 Me and my innocent heart torn again….

    • The news says Ariel isn’t doing any dramas or movies after she wraps I Might Not Love You. She wants to take a long break because she’s been so overworked she’s afraid her brain tumor might come back.

      • OHHHH! aha okay i thought she dropped the drama completely. Cause a drama page on tumblr said so lol. But anyways thanks for replying :3

  2. I thought that the story line was about the Wu became broke and Rainie and they became struggling the life of being homeless. (I’m lost) some help me with the story line PLEASE . ThanX ^•^

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