Translation of the Two Unaired Epilogue Scenes from Lie to Me

Remember what I said about the Lie to Me having a post-wedding epilogue which was either filmed but cut from the broadcast, or simply not filmed at all. DC Lie has what is supposedly the script for the two cut scenes. I think it sounds real enough (thought it could be fanfiction, but who cares), so I will do a casual translation of the scenes.

Casual cuz it’s a long weekend and I rather not have to activate my higher brain functions. I hope these two scenes were filmed, because OMG it sounds so cute. It brings back World Hotel, which was the location for many memorable early interactions between the OTP, and it fulfills everyone’s fervent wishes to see happily married and with baby Ki Joon and Ah Jung.

Scene 66 – Epilogue – 100 Days:

[Scene starts exactly the same way the first scene of episode 1 starts]

At the World Hotel, President Hyun Ki Joon is strolling through the lobby doing inspections. He uses his finger to see if there is any dust.

Ah Jung walks into the lobby and calls out “Yobo!”

Ki Joon smiles and responds back “Hi, Yobo!”

A baby is sleeping in the stroller. On the back of the stroller hangs a banner with some balloons. On it is a picture of Ki Joon, Ah Jung, and their baby. On the banner is written “Congratulations to Hyun Si Woo – 100 Days.”

Ah Jung: Is it all prepared?

Ki Joon: Of course. Who am I if not perfectly prepared?

Ah Jung (looks at the baby): Yesterday wuri Si Woo said “Mommy is pretty, daddy is a bad guy.”

Ki Joon (suspicious look): That can’t be true…..can it?

Ah Jung: It’s true!

Ki Joon (strokes his son’s face): Son, it’s not right to lie to mommy like this…..

Ah Jung (using her best aegyo voice and whispers on Ki Joon’s ear): Yobo, when our son is all grown, you can’t tell him that we got together because of a lie~”

Ki Joon: Why? The ending turned out for the best, no?

Ah Jung (has a cute expression): Is that so?

Ah Jung looks towards the entrance: Oh, the guests are arriving!

Guests start trickling in: So Ran, Jae Bum, Ae Kyung, Ah Jung’s dad, Sang Hee, Suk Bong, et. al.

The lobby is filled with a joyous atmosphere.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon kiss, looking at each other.

The scene closes on their expression of happiness.

Scene 67 – Epilogue – In the Office:

The door to the World Hotel President’s office is opened and the sound of high heels clicking on the floor echoes. Ah Jung, smartly dressed in a skirt suit, her hair tied back and wearing a pair of glasses, walks inside. She sits down with a very haughty flourish.

Manager Park and Park Hoon are both there, and they give a 90 degree bow of courtesy to Ah Jung. Park Hoon, with a frozen expression, put the file on the table. Ah Jung pushes the file towards the President, staring at him intently and taking off her glasses.

Ah Jung: Other than this, can’t the World Hotel do anything else?

Ki Joon, who was sitting comfortably on the sofa, immediately sits upright.

Ah Jung: Applying for a new hotel management license through the normal channels? Humph!

Park Hoon (standing next to Ki Joon): President, discussing this with a 4th level civil servant, maybe it ought to be avoided. We don’t want people discussing how the husband and wife are fighting first thing in the morning at the hotel?

Ki Joon (gives a pointed look): Get out.

Manager Park: President-nim.

Ki Joon: I said “get out.”

Park Hoon and Manager Park both leave.

Ki Joon stands up suddenly: No matter what, I am the President here. Aren’t you giving the impression that you are abusing your authority in front of my subordinates?

Ah Jung: (raises her eyebrows) What…..?

Ki Joon: No…what I mean to say was…… (Ki Joon gets closer to Ah Jung and hugs her from behind (BACK HUG!, the only thing missing from wuri OTP’s skinship scenes) Yobo (using a very aegyo voice), it’s fine if you don’t approve the license. Can you just relax, hhmmm?

Ah Jung: Liar! I can really refuse to approve it?

Ki Joon: That….that is….it’s no big deal.

Ah Jung: Really?

Ki Joon: Yes….. (leans in and kisses Ah Jung).

After a few moments, BANG the door to the office opens: Omma~! (a five year old boy comes running inside).

His voice shocks the two people kissing.

Ah Jung: Si Woo-ah~!

Si Woo: Omma, tell appa to stop being mean. Omma said she would play with me and its all lies.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung hurriedly picks up their son. Ki Joon holds Si Woo and kisses him on the cheek.

Both of them gaze at their adorable son and smile contently.

My Thoughts:

These two scenes are the cutest, sweetest things ever. Completely satisfying the LTM-fan in me. This would have given me so much closure to watch it onscreen. Praying to the drama gods that this was filmed, so we can potentially get it in the Director’s Cut. I’m sure Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye would have added a lot of their ad libbed flourishes to these scenes. But this is exactly how I picture the married life of Ki Joon and Ah Jung to be like – both successful yet still playful with each other, ending up blissfully happy together. Anyhoo, remember that this could be the real script or some fanfiction, but I honestly don’t care. More LTM goodies is better than none.

[Credit: DC Lie Gallery]


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  1. Me when I open the playground “Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh”…. husband and kids..”there you go again..” 😀 .. thanks for this Ms. K, even if we don’t get to watch this scenes reading it is still rewarding for LTM fans. This is perfectly an image of a perfect couple living a blissful life, Ah Jung and Ki Joon..hmmm no..I would prefer using Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye…

    • and btw, it feels like another one-of-those-Sunday-evening routine..which is reading the preview, the only difference is there will be no more live streaming when Monday comes *sigh* 🙁

      • don’t remind me.. :'( i so miss perpetually perusing Koala-unni’s playground for previews.. written or video sneak-peeks.. spoiler pictures and any sort of LTM crumbs.. and/or anything related to LTM, KJH and YEH.. sigh >> I wish that they’d do another project together.. their chemistry on/off-screen’s just undeniable.

  2. It would’ve been the perfect closure for LTM fans.. coz just like you said Koala.. World Hotel is where it, the most important OTP scenes, all started.

    I still miss them, I’m trying to remedy this affliction of mine by watching Heartstrings.. but it’s still a ‘trying’ period… ><

    • @bella, … hi bella, me too same with you by trying to remedy this affliction of mine by watching “heartstring”, but still canot forget LTM… :(… this is the first time i like this, i never been like this before with all K DRAMA…. usualy i watch drama marathon and after it finished will watch another drama again, i like this couple… they will be my bestest OTP ever…. 🙂

      • i agree.. i’ve read from a previous Koala LTM post that one of her friends described the chemistry between the OTP to be so raw… that’s why it’s totally unforgettable.. coz they gave us, the fans, not just fanservice… but something tangible… 🙂

      • Hi! fafa82, me too! I can’t get over it this drama
        Lie to Me, I am not like this before, this drama is
        really good!, their chemistry is so addicted and I
        started to watch it again… I just hope & wish that
        KJH & YEH will be in a relationship & have date
        for real… Cheers

  3. Thanks Koala. For some reason, the 2 scenes seemed more like fan fiction but the scenes are sweet nonetheless. Like the 5 years later one better… Really hope the epilogue were filmed…
    I’m really craving for LTM and HwanHye news.
    The other couple which I have ever shipped was Rainie Yang and Show Luo from Hi, My Sweetheart.

  4. Oh! My poor little heart…beating so fast just to read what could have been the ending of our best OTP ever.!!!
    Thanks again!

  5. thank you.. thank you… thank you… this playground truly indulgent LTM addict, either this the real script or some fanfiction, i don’t really care at least for now my addiction have a little cure and tonight i can go to bed with a smile LOL
    but as you say koala, i do also hope that this was filmed, so we can potentially get it in the Director’s Cut. can’t wait to hear and see YEH and KJH ups… i mean AJ dan KJ calling each other Yobo
    *ok now i start to giggling, because I started to imagine them in my head*

  6. Sigh…. who can fill the void in our hearts? If just reading the epilogues can cause us all to go ga-ga, can you imagine what will happen to us when we watch the filmed epilogues? I hope we won’t be disappointed!

  7. O my! While I’m reading, I’m already imagining KJH and YEH doing it – and they are adorable!! I do hope this will be in director’s cut.

    Why not release it as YouTube specials!!! Like PK!!!

  8. Omo, omo, omo! My imagination is in sync with the writer’s. Last week, when I was composing a script of LTM’s ending, I thought of the hotel scene with the KJ-AJ celebrating their son’s 1st birthday!!!! Even thought of the office scene but it differed slightly in that I imagined Ah Jung entering Ki Joon’s office with their baby and greeting Ki Joon with the epic line “YOBO, I’M HERE! Hahaha!

    Since I’ve been in hibernation for seven days and couldn’t livestream episodes 15 and 16…I also composed in my mind a piggyback ride for the beginning scene of episode 15 and to my pleasant surprise and glee, the writer pencilled that in the script!!!!

  9. SO. CUTE.

    I’m demanding these scenes in Ep 17 ASAP!! (my wish)
    I know I can watch one hour full of wuri OTP’s lovey dovey scenes.

  10. that the most epic ending that i’m eager expected from LTM…super duper expected ^^ and btw u juz make my day ms ockoala

  11. :D….. thank you thank you thank you thank you … so many tahnk you to Miss koala to post it, is that right????????????? ( alot of question mark hehehe 😛 )…. hope it will be filmed…. plzzzzzzzzzzzz…. at least special edition of LTM … is there someone could told to sbs or pd nim or someone else to make it hapened… :(… only hoping …

  12. wow, ltm is still on fire in the palyground…thanks to koala…like u said fanfic or the real script, i will love it as long as its a sweet and happy scenes between hwanhye, hehehe…i already loved hyun si woo…^•^

  13. thank you mam…OhMiGad…its so cuuuteeeee……I’m dying to see that scenes…If the ratings is good..I’m sure 1000% we will see all of that scenes..crying…huauauahahuahuahauaaa!!!!!

  14. can anyone with an overactive imagination make a fanfic???? please….
    that’s the only way i go throught my day…

  15. Just by ready Koala’s written description of the 2 scenes makes me feel so happy for AJ and KJ. It would make the ending so much better if they have filmed it. They must include them in the DVD, if this is not fanfiction ending.

  16. thanks you for that! But know I’m so SAD that it wasn’t official filmed or aired *crying* that would have been the best scene ever!!! I really hope it’ll be on the director’s cut – THERE#S A DIRECTOR’s CUT?!!! Awesome! I have hardly hope that that drama could get a special like Coffee Prince. Too sad for the only true couple!!! ;D Whatever, I just write a fanfiction script myself *g*

  17. I wonder if there are any recent YEH/KJH post-LTM interviews… coz I so wanna know if there’s some truth to the ‘epilogue’ buzz…

    Here’s to hoping and PRAYING that there REALLY IS! ^__^

      • @Oasis but if there is really something going on between them, I bet they wouldn’t do that because this will surely blow-up everything they’ve hidden carefully, you know they’ve been so discreet with us in offering bts vids..

  18. lovely lovely scenes, i wish they filmed this and add these to the dvd version. Why these scenes didnt make it to the finale? these are the custest thing ever. I love love ltm so so much. THanks koala for this update.

  19. OMG! The back hug!That’s the only thing missing. Though I though we were gonna get it from the first airport scene when KJ heads to China. Knowing how good our beloved OTP are with adlibs, I could actually pictured KJH dramatically clearing his things from his desk the second manager park and park hoon leave and throws YEH in about to have an afternoon nookie when their son barges in. Lol

    • Hmm..didn’t they had a back hug during the couple vacation in Jeju? When JB asked them for a couple pose..

      Or you were all thinking of another kind of back hug?

      • he had his hands on her neck/shoulder, that doesnt count as a backhug! LOL

      • @R0z I wonder why they didn’t show the part when YEH covered her face because she’s embarassed… PD must have thought that YEH is so obvious in showing her true feelings towards KJH hehe

      • @Conie,

        the PD is all for putting in reactions that are very natural as long as they fit the mood of the story (see, Jeju island scene where KJH wipes YEH’s shirt non-stop and her adorable reaction).

        But I think the PD probably cut the last one because it wouldn’t fit the mood of the scene because AJ was still feeling reserved about marriage/relationship.

        I hope they show it at least in NG specials… they’re GONNA have an NG special right? I mean every rom-com does… right? Even the ones that didn’t do well (Playful Kiss, When It’s at Night…etc)?

  20. Thanks for sharing! I hope these are filmed and there will be a director cut dvd for LTM.. i need to have it!

  21. really like these two scenes!!!
    i don’t think they already filmed these scenes..They are so rushing and they film the last scene on the last episode day.
    I want to see they calling each other “Yobo”, so sweet 🙂

  22. BTW I am do we know if a special is going to be aired? How will it be announced?
    I watched PK much later than it was aired and the special were already there..

  23. thanks for this …i hope this was filmed..ltm ended days ago but im having a hard time letting go… i keep re watching the shows…reading this is like a manna from heaven…he he he

  24. Thank you. This just fullfill my weekend.
    I remember there’s photo of AJ KJ & Kid (I thought it’s a girl).
    Waiting for box set.

  25. Sooooo cute! And that is my fix of the day! It gives me enough high to tide me over until the next craving hits me again like a brick! Oh, LTM! You should be illegal.

    Love, love luuurrrvvvv this! I can picture the scene perefectly, and can even imagine KJH and YEH acting it out in their sweet adorable way. I would still like to see it in reel though.

    Kamsahamnida again, Mz. K, you are truly awesome!

  26. wow! V sign ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Ms. Koala , my heart blossoomsssssss.thanks! but ,have they filmed the film and cutted?that was so perfect and maybe so lan and JB ‘s baby? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    wonderful if they have done the filming and sbs is so bad to cut it out!
    bad sbs!

  27. omo these were all adorable scenes… too bad they were not shown… Thank you madame K for always bringing us the goodies… am having a hard time with my withdrawal I had to watch LTM again that’s why I did not visit the playground earlier… I miss LTM badly and our OTP… waughhhhhhhhhh I wish they would decide to have a YT version episodes (like PKs)…

  28. thank you! started my withdrawal process early and restrained myself from going to the playground since the finale but these scenes are great! sure hope they were able to film it. ^_^

  29. Man! This feels like a normal Sunday night with spoilers. If only SBS will satisfy us by giving us a video preview of those two scenes!! Hahaha… Those two scenes wld have been perfect as an after-credit surprise! Too bad!! Bt just reading it and imagining it is good enough. Though I do wonder… Wasn’t it reported that YEH and KJH had some last-minute filming on Monday itself? Unless they had to re-shoot some Jeju indoor scenes… Hmmm.. I want the DC nooowwwwwww!!! Though those DCs usually don’t have English subs right?

  30. what a best thing to end my weekend. you certainly fulfilled everyone dream weekends ms koala..hehehe. this has been my daily doses, the first blog i opened when i started surfing 🙂

    wishing for our OTP HwanHye for real thing! let’s pray for the good news soon 😉

    have a good week ms koala!

    • Sites in Japan conducted a survey recently for the ‘Most want watch drama’ participated by 1,206 people. Lie To Me got 46% (410 votes) with comment like ‘The romcom is Japanese Favorite Style’. Followed by Miss Ripley 25% (301 votes), City Hunter 17.7% (213 votes) and Best Love 17.2% (207 votes) in fourth place.

      • If that type of hype continues, maybe they’ll release more BTS and uncut versions for the international release of LTM!!!

      • thanks for the info rainbow… glad to know LTMs gonna get more love in japan!!!

        keep the bits coming…

  31. “(BACK HUG!, the only thing missing from wuri OTP’s skinship scenes)”

    But we DID get one (and a half)! Not fully drawn out in a sexy scene like that but still…

    Remember the first Jeju trip and how HKJ scoots up behind AJ while looking out onto the view? I consider it half because I still got butterflies at the smoothness.

    the full one was in the last episode where they’re on the couple date and Jae Bum takes pictures and KJ/KJH steals a kiss.Wish the PD showed more action and one more still of that where YEH actually gets bashful and covers her face.

    Also, rewatching the latter half, I can’t help but think how YEH got all the public dating she’d been wanting for a while now… And how maybe KJH held her hand as often as a scene would allow just so she can have her hand held and he can have some skinship… Heehee, probably just part of the scene but I can’t help smiling imagining them pull a Dokko Jin-Ae Jung guerrilla type date on screen but secretly doing it for themselves because they like each other.

    • @HwanHyeShipper…actually they’re already dating! haha & it’s public…watch closely the scene 🙂

      I want mooooooorreeeeeee!!!

      hayyy will not be able to sleep again early because of our dearest couple….How many PATIENCE should i BUY before they reveal the real SCORE! heheh

    • Oh, and I just remembered, thoughit wasn’t a full-on back embrace, the scene where Ki Joon feeds Ah Jung water when they exercise is equally as adorable and how they sit there surrounded by ajummas was just as intimate, with Ki Joon hiding behind AJ and AJ leaning on KJ with her arm on his thigh.

      How often do you get the OTP sitting on each other’s lap???

      • All the moments you mentioned were lovely and omg, the scene when they were looking out of the balcony? You’re not the only one who had butterflies in her stomach!

        BUT, I assume what people think was missing was a full backhug. That’s, like, a thing that every kdrama does and when it doesn’t happen, it feels like something is missing. I think this is the first time I haven’t seen a backhug in a kdrama. It’s as if…can you imagine if a kdrama doens’t do a piggyback ride scene?!? XD

        Omo, speaking of scenes-that-all-kdramas-have, did we ever get a Shower of Angst and ManPain for Ki-joon? Cos I don’t remember. Why don’t I remember? *ponders*

      • Lol, @Sere… There must be some clausE in KJH’s contracts because I don’t think he’s ever done a shower scene… And correct me if I’m wrong since I’ve yet to fully watch 90days or Be StrongGM… But he hasn’t been shirtless in anything either since BSGM. Not even in Rough Cut where he had plenty of opportunities…

        As far as YEH, she said herself that as an actress, there shouldn’t be anything she can’t do, but she draws the line on anything too revealing only because she isn’t confident enough to pull it off.

      • @Sere, you’re right… like HwanHye Shipper said, if the PD showed footage of KJH wrapping his arm around YEH and giving stealing a kiss for the picture like Jae Bum said, that could’ve been half the romantic back-hug this epilogue would be.

        *sigh* the likelihood of them filming that though is very slim. I am really curious what YEH filmed until 7am the day of the finale… Unfortunately those scenes mentioned above would require a whole bunch of staff and cast members and not just the OTP.

      • @HwanHye Shipper

        Huh. You might be right about KJH. I’ve been thinking if I’ve ever seen in a shower scene before and I honestly can’t remember.

        There isn’t a female equivalent of the Shower of Angst and ManPain. Unless you think running a fever out of the blue and just because they’re sad as such, which may actually be IT. Then again, even kdrama guys fall to that mysterious disease so maybe not. How shall we call it anyway? The Fever of Torment and Burning Disappointment?

        Re: Rough Cut. You know what I actually remember about that movie besides SJS’s pretty angst? KJC’s car-sex scene. I remember how so NOT hot it was and the second-hand embarrassment. I would have traded that scene with a Shower of Angst with no second thoughts or regrets. And now I can go hide somewhere…

        @Best Luv.
        Why are you destroying my happy thoughts about the Director’s Cut?

      • @Sere: sorry about that… I just couldn’t help but think the potential storm that kept the LTM crew in Jeju is at fault! But if the PD and DC LTM+Japanese/Chinese fans have any say… maybe they’ll pull a PK and add the scenes, then pull a Coffee House special and have 13 beautiful BTS videos… I mean if anyone understands fan-preciation, it’s YEH and KJH.

        Or I’ll settle for YEH going to KJH’s fanmeet in Japan with him so they can talk candidly about filming and giggle together forever (like YEH did for Gong Yoo’s fanmeet after Coffee Prince).

      • @Sere!!!

        OMG, yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I wish I’d never seen that infrared video of KJH in his van. I appreciate how Rough Cut shows his versatility… but I just really didn’t want to have to imagine all that dirty side to a haughty actor. It’s the one thing that pushes me back onto the YEH-GY ship.

        lolz, wonder if Ms. Koala wouldn’t mind creating a KJH discussion forum. Haha.

        Also, if I wanted to see KJH sans-clothing, I google his Rocky Horror pictures. Total noms!

        And now that I’ve reminded myself of GY’s hotness… time to rewatch Finding Mr. Destiny (to erase the awkward KJH car-scenes… cuz even the one in the dark had me bothered in not a good way).

        Or maybe I’ll just replay the hilarious bedroom scene from “My GF is an agent”.

      • @Sere, @HwanHye shipper

        I agree with you guys… That’s why all I do in that movie (after having seen it once) is rewind and repeat the one seen where KJH is working his butt off. Hot and sweaty goodness.

      • @Best Luv
        Wut? HwanHye Shipper and I said we wish we’d never seen that scene! XD

        @HwanHye Shipper

        OMG Gong Yoo was so hot in Finding Mr. Destiny! I love dorks! 🙂

  32. Thank you Ms. K. I love your site and I also love lurking into your site to see if there is any new updates about LTM. You never disappoint me =) After watching LTM, I can’t seem to get in the groove of watching any other Kdrama. I really miss LTM. I really hope the DC comes out soon!

  33. Hi Koala,

    Thanks so much for the translation…although I don’t really understand the new hotel license part…is KJ going through back-door to get it??? lol.

    These two scenes are super cute and it matches with the first episode of World Hotel!!! Argh….I have doubt that even it was on the script that it ain’t filmed since LTM crew has been rushing to finish Ep 16…

    Pls drama God…let LTM do a youtube channel thing like “Playful Kiss” so we can at least get to see one more episode of AJ and KJ in married life scene….this can really fulfil my fantasy !!!

  34. i just died. I love the second scene…teay must’ve been soooo adorable…haaaa!

    my brain is exploding from the cuteness. this seriously made my week. thank you!

  35. Promise if I’m a Billionaire i’ll give and provide the budget they need for them to shoot and film these scenes, it’s totally worth it!

    • When you do become a billionaire, my simple request is to please throw a big meet and greet for wuri HwanHYE. Of course, all the happy campers should be invited here in the playground should be invited. Don’t forget to send us plane tickets or a private plane to ick us up…=)….and don’t forget the goodie bags…LOL

  36. I died from the cuteness it would have been BUT i came back to life (yey) TO say thank youuuuuuuuuuu.
    I really hope the dvd would be avaliable soon

  37. Oh my goodness I am calling for miracles of all miracles. May that both scenes were taped fully so that we people left with empty heads may somehow recover our sanity back.Those scenes would have made a perfect addition to the ending of that very exciting kissing scene overlooking JEJU sea.
    May i ask please with skinship what does it mean and how far the word covers in actuality?
    Che Rowley

  38. Thanks so much for sharing this. I would give up chocolate and coffee for a year if these scenes were released. In need of a little reinforcement at the moment. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to watch LTM multiple times with different sets of subtitles from the various teams of translators out there. Cos, ya know different translators use different terms and it’s of utmost importance to sample all in order to appreciate our OTP’s sexy interactions. For me that’s the norm, those around me, not so much. They’re telling me to move on bc everyone is sick of me acting like I’ve just lost the love of my life. So I trying other dramas but always end up feeling like I’m cheating on my couple. And I am sooo against and refuse to have a drama affair. I’m about thisclose to going to build-a-bear to buy a bear couple just so I can name them Mr. and Mrs. Kang — oh I mean, Mr. and Mrs. Hyun.

  39. Miss Koala thank you so much for not giving on us hungry souls. Please keep them cute scenes real or not coming.I dont know about you guys but it keeps me grounded rather than really crazy.HEhehehe!!!!
    Che Rowley

  40. Oh, beautiful MGY!! I miss her!!

    Thank you so much for the translation Koala, I long to see these scenes!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Completely satisfying the LTM-fan in me.”

    I feel the same! What a couple! I feel like the’re for real! I never felt that before!

    how about the female leads? will the movie investers want to know how we support hwan hye match in order to finish our wishes for the Lieto me unfinish missery? to shows my support , I will definity go to the movie house , buy the cd and if the lietome have all the directer cuts and also the cutted scences! so many fans 3 wants to see them in another sets of dramas,so will the production listen?

  42. Your Highness , thank yo very much for the banner! MGY is gorgeous here.
    I am re-watching LTM bcs YEH and KJH are so good together! But I really did not have enough of a happy ending aired in the drama. I wish they could add these cutest epilogue scenes at the end.

  43. T.T
    Thank you so very much!! OMG, you dont know how happy I am. I am soo vera vera haepeh. T.T.
    I still cant get over LTM, and this is so crazy to me. I mean, how much time can I rewatch a show you ask or my fave scene? Apparently A-plenty. But these two scenes are soooooooo sooooooo cute. I love when they PDA in public, and I would have really appreciated that world hotel scene. I miss world hotel and Ki Joon’s home.

  44. i would pay a million bucks for the DVD set if it includes the 2 scenes….just reading the script made me die from sweetness.

    • I would burn that cd jacket just for having a full spread of HKJ and the ex and no spreads of the ice cream or cola or Jeju or bedroom kiss!!!

    • OMG laskdjlasdjkalsd alksdjlkasdhlkasd

      I bought the ost and I’m constantly checking YesAsia to see when it ships out. OMG I hope my copy will be like the Baidu pics. I mean, that’s the official OST, right? That booklet is in the official OST, right? omg I can’t wait! laksdjlsjfgkdfhg

      Koala…ohmychingu, you’ll probably get it before me since it usually takes 3 weeks (or more, aarrggh) to get any YA order to my place. When you do get it, you gotta tell me how awesome your cd is, okay? I need to know if that photobook exists or if I should expect something like the SKKS OST, regular version.

      • @Sere, you should check out the finalized DC LTM fanbook for YEH and KJH… mind-blowingly amazing.

        Also, is that list the finalized OST? Lovin’ Ice Cream and Just’s song don’t appear to be on it… unless I can’t see it well.

      • @Best Luv
        Link, pretty please? Do you think it’ll be available at YA? I hope so. This is crazy, though. I usually don’t buy photobooks and here I’m contemplating getting LTM’s and by contemplating I mean, I’m 99% sure I’ll get it. XD


      • I should get mine in a few days, so will let you know how much I squee over it.

        Also, my sweet but clueless sis bought me M3 stuff when she was in Taiwan last week. I told her “but I have everything!”

        Then I tried to convince her to watch LTM after her jet lag dissipates.

      • @Ockoala

        Mine hasn’t shipped out yet! *shakes mad fist*

        Ooooh what stuff? DVDs? Collectibles? Do you need to get rid of them? If so, I have paypal. I’m just sayin’ 😉 Yes, I’m so not subtle! XD

        I failed to convert my little sister to kdramas. :((( She thinks they’re silly and totally lame even if she hasn’t watched any. She didn’t even give Coffee Prince a chance that’s the drama that converted me and that helped me convert friends! Why can’t I convert her? Whyyyy?

  45. waughhhhh I just woke up and it’s Monday morning here and the first thing I did was visit the playground hoping to get previews and other news then it hit me— no LTM tonight!!!! oh noooo!!! what will i do to my Mondays and Tuesdays????? God, I missed it so badly… sniff sniff

    • mizweng…

      me too.. my eyes pop out and widely open when I read the new posts from Ms. K…
      and suddenly the scenes is playing in my brain..while reading it…
      how can i get forget this??

    • Everyone!!! Vote for YEH.

      News from MariYEH @ Soompi:
      MNET is busy rigging the poll again. The winner has already been pre-decided and they wanna give it to Gong Hyo Jin. They’ve been busy rigging the poll espescially today, doing it while people in Korea are asleep. In just 3 minutes Gong Hyo Jin’s score went up 20’000 an hour ago she only had 38% now she is 43%.

      Mnet 20’s is doing this with CyWorld. CyWorld is own by SK Corp, who owns (Korean portal). SK Corp also owns IHQ (formerly Sidus) entertainment which owns NOA entertainment who owns Woods Entertainment which is Gong Hyo Jin’s agency.After i saw them cheat…i searched their stock info and got all the ownership down.

      Mnet also increased 20,000 votes for Gong Hyo Jin to close the gap between her and GDragon for ‘hot style icon’. Mnet desperately wants her to win.

      Fans called Mnet a couple of days ago to complain and the Mnet representative was shaking, they were so obviously guily for manipulating the scores.

      They were saying “i dont care who gets the award, just let us vote without you rigging it”

      DCYEH and DCLIE were chanting “let us win the poll fairly and you can give the award to the one youve already decided on”


  46. Happy 4th of July!!!

    Other than that – it’s a depressing Monday.

    As for the back hug – I’d take a “full frontal, mash you up against me and just suck you in” type of hug any day – which KJ did lots of!!!
    But I’ m good as far as pseudo back hugs go – Jeju window hug – sexy and heart thumping; squat hug – AJ up against KJ – spooning in public – can’t get more intimate than that; AJ on top of KJ on a bed (1st time) – fans self!!!; AJ sitting on KJ! – brb after cold shower.

    Wonder how many of those KJH needed – cold showers I mean. 😛

    • Actually I have been wondering about that too.
      With those passionate kisses and intimate closeness, and with the feeling (that we all believe) he has for YEH, I could not imagine how hard for him to control himself. He is a man, after all.

  47. I don’t mind if the script contains these two scene… ^^

    Or a 2nd season of Lie To Me… Even if it’s just their normal-everyday life. Really really don’t mind

  48. yeah, last night when i voted YEH has 49 % of the total votes. and now she went 43 %.This is ridiculous. Why do they have to conduct polls if it is already decided who to give the award to. Its so unfair. Even if LTm has ended, im still voting all online polls for LTM, YEH and KJH just to show my support for this drama and our OTP.I hope everyone here will do the same.I don’t want LTM to become one of those forgettable Rom COm dramas, because its such a waste to not place LTM as one of the most romantic and feel good drama of all time ( not to mention Best Kiss) ! just like Goong and coffee prince which is consistenly in top 10 of most watched drama.

  49. OMG, i just posted here a few seconds ago and now the gap between YEH and GHJ is 5,000 votes. whats happening?

    • It’s so weird.. I was just voting for YEH this morning but instead of seeing her votes increasing, I saw GHJ votes increased instead.. is there a glitch in it or something… I want YEH to win this!

      • yupp me too, have the same thought with you, why everytime i vote for yoon eun hye ghj increased instead… this like some of the game that they had decided who will be win this award….. hmmmmm big question mark………………..

      • every time I vote for YEH, 2nd placer’s votes increases as well…. STRANGE so so Strange!!!!
        I’ve been voting everyday & this AM I was so surprised that they’re tied …. HELLO!!! what’s up w/ MNET 20? tsk tsk tsk

    • Is Mnet really huge there??this is unfair…why they manipulate the voting??? where’s Mnet credibility??this is ridiculous!!

      • What’s the point of voting when they have already fixed who to win all along, it’s just so unfair and meaningless.

  50. LTM chingus I visited Mnet a while ago and I can’t believe it, now they both have 44%..yesterday when I vote it was 43% in favor of YEH versus 38% of GHJ and now they have the same percentage? wow! Mnet deserve backlash!!! grrrrrrrrr

  51. That poll thing is just stupid..someone’s manipulating the votes!!!!!!!!!
    Anyways..we’ll keep voting and Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Long live USA!!!

    • Does it seem like all of YEH’s votes are being rerouted to GHJ? I tried several times and while YEH’s numbers stayed the same, GHJ’s increased by 5, 10, 15 votes as mentioned above. So all of our hundreds or thousands of votes are going to GHJ? That’s a shame. I’m a fan of both actresses and even though GHJ most likely has nothing to do with how the polls are conducted, it’s another blemish associated with her name.

      • guys I think if ur votinh on the same IP its not counted even how many times u vote. it should be diff. laptop or com.

  52. Anybody noticed that everytime GHJ get exactly the same amount of votes as YEH….. she would alway be leading and it is never the other way around….. that interesting…..

  53. I think that they are doing something. her vote is not increasing. Something fishy is going on with voting. it is so shame.

    • ya…something is really fishy..loll..i remember something similar happening to Kim Hyun Joong last year….he was leading in some kind of a poll but he still didn’t get the award…his fans were going crazy..some of them were planning to sue the organizers!

      • you can win the online poll but it only counts for 30% of the total tally. the rest is by “experts” or something… double check on allkpop/soompi. They had a roundup of how it works.

  54. i’m sure i left this poll few hours ago just for usual seep on the night with a gap between YEH and GHJ approximately 120.000 vote. i could assure you i see YEH vote around 320.000 and GHJ 220.000.
    And i checked first on YEH soompi and shocked when i read everyone posts there. This is absolutely cheating, manupulating….

    Gosh, i have a feeling its some kind of trick of agency between Mnet and idk.. but i can not deny that it influence me to think bad towards GHJ…

    gosh, its funny when you click the vote, YEH vote will be add and so do GHJ. GHJ vote will be always 1 vote behind or 1 vote above her. Their position always switch up and down between no.1 and 2 when i keep refresh the page so i could know the poll progresing.

    Its a shame for GHJ, Mnet, and those certain agencies. Hahahaha, aside all of these, i do feel really happy how fair YEH fans is.

  55. *giggles*

    The forum is almost ready…….

    My HSI abilities are astonishing. *pats myself on the head and chugs more champagne*

    It’s just an award, guys. Please don’t turn this into Geun Seok v. Hyun Joong part II. I love both ladies (like I love both guys last year). I could care less who wins.

    • Mrs. Koala, the thing is, even though it’s only an “award” and that we already know that it was predetermined that Gong Hyo Jin will win before the voting started, and that the online votes only coountfor 30%, we still wanna win at least the online vote fairly even if YEH doesn’t get the award. Even just one part,we wanna win it fairly…

      • @vegaspink
        Uhmm…look at it this way, In this poll, YEH won. If the other lady seems to be leading due to “alleged” cheating then it’s an empty victory right? Any award achieved through corrupt means does not really count.

    • Hehehe… you are always the voice of reason, ms. koala. That is why you are our captain, our sifu and our mother bear. Thanks for calming us down.

    • These “awards” are meaningless. It’s purely a pyrrhric victory whether Eun Hye or Hyo Jin wins. Almost every single award in any country is influenced by BTS lobbying.

      It’s nice to win, but ultimately not a validation or a blow to the self-esteem to lose. George Patton didn’t turn down his Oscar for nothing. If anyone thinks the awards was anything but this exact same manuveuring, I’ve got some gold in Nigeria to sell you.

      There is no such thing as fairness in awards. 99% it’s a popularity contest. If Hyo Jin wins because MNet wants her to attend with Cha Seung Won who is the current hottest leading man since sliced cheese, then so be it.

    • *bows* hails to the queen!!! Finally were gonna have our own place. Thanx Motherkoala, cant wait till its here!!!

  56. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    claps hands for ockoala! 🙂

    can’t wait to see the HwanHye forum!

    hello to everyone 🙂

  57. i can’t wait to see these post wedding epilogue. i really hope it was filmed.

    still can’t get over LTM 🙁 i wonder how long i’ll be like this. it’s great comfort though to know that i am not the only one 🙂

    i just love this playground! thanks again ockoala!

  58. i already love how LTM ended. i think it was perfect but i sure wouldn’t mind seeing those scenes in the director’s cut. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it’ll be there.

  59. What?Am I in Apollo team and just travelled to the Dark side of the Moon?What have just happened?The scripts of my favourite HwanHye happy marriage?

    Oh, Koalas mama, what can we do without you…this is just heaven food for hunger souls (starvation for 30days)..hahah.Love it…definately the cutest dialogue and image of me remains for HwanHye. I just hope the same that they have managed to film some part of it for us to watch and keep that sweet, tender, happiness and loving feeling from HwanHye..How can I go back down to Earth now Koalas?any vehicles? Or just even a bus to travel back now with loads of news, goodies, pictures and moments of HwanHye for me to take that journey and before I’m reaching home perhaps a breaking news that they are finally married..then I’m happy to be back to Earth.

  60. thanks a million for posting this Koala…that is really sweet…I kept on smiling reading the dialogue there. How nice if we could see that on the screen….hopefully it is in the Director’s cut.

    • Yow Mamita…

      i’m here.. still randomly reading the comments.. been busy last weekend and now catching up what i’ve been missing… looks everybody got mad with the Mnet polling results
      well…what can I say..Korean has different taste with others *sigh* they take it sometimes too seriously.. i mean, hellowww…this is entertainment business..all of people whose got involved in to this industry are fake… the best thing to do is just enjoying the show and have fun wit it..

      • Totally true!! Just enjoy!!!

        I’m being busy too, family affairs, you know!!!

        LTM, suck everything of me!!!

  61. Not sure if this is posted already…

    Apparently, someone managed to decipher and translate what JB said during the Wrap up party:
    “FYI: JB = Ryu Seung-Soo, SR = Hong Soo-Hyun
    Emcee: yes, don’t speak too long. something short.
    Ryu: ok, in short Kang: you summarize.
    Emcee: yes please say very short.
    Hong: Oppa, you summarize
    Ryu: ok, then I will say briefly. everybody,
    (someone): wow awesome body!! (laughs and claps)
    Ryu: you guys know what I want to say, right?
    Kang: (translator cannot hear)
    Ryu: they already took a picture. (Yoon laughs)
    (someone): I cannot hear you!
    (someone): we don’t know~
    Emcee: Ok time’s up, next, Hong Soo-Hyun


    • Methinks Ryu (JB) obviously has insider information, the above is just before YEH turns and smile in embarrassment behind KJH.
      And I think the photo that he is referring to is the one which he instigated KJH to kiss YEH on the cheek.

      • When I read that they already took a photo, I though that he meant a wedding photo.

    • omo this is getting so interesting haha.. i wonder if there is any fan account during the wrap party.. i saw a post from baidu saying that park hoon left dc a message saying about he is unable to attend the 2nd wrap up party due to his movie commitment? not sure though since I can’t understand korean. if there is, i hope yeh & kjh can have some alone time together lolol

  62. thank you very much koala…ha ha This post could cure my homesickness at LTM.suppose this scene in the movie’s probably all of us fans very happy LTM.
    let the SBSJust imagine this scene I was crazy let alone watch it hear our request,LTM make a special episode…
    OMG I’m really addicted to LTM,who knows how long this madness will go away ..

      • what?? how could?
        what is she doing over there?
        she’s jumping to one island to another like wow, so fast…. what makes YEH onnie so rush like this, i won’t deny in respect to her workaholic though.

        but its just.. is something wrong that make her so intend to keep her body and mind busy?
        or maybe, perhaps she just in a vacation.

      • @mell She’s more likely to be there for work… At least that’s what a lot of people think. If she stays long enough, she might get to see fireworks for the 4th f July..

  63. Check out KJH’s expression, he only has eyes for her…
    (add http://)

    Credit: queeninee8 from Baidu EH bar

    Think Koala posted still shots of the above in one of her earlier posts if I’m not wrong…

  64. wow! I really love the office scene. I hope they filmed that so we could watch it in the Director’s cut. 😀 Thanks, Koala! 🙂

  65. So woori YEH been busy traveling all over continents the second the series wrapped huh? Certain someone’s phone bill is gonna be so high for sure because of that, LOL

    • lol they can each take turn since both of them can very well afford. they must be missing each other because they have no obvious reasons to see each other without us fans not getting suspicious bwahaha. they need to shoot another drama or movie so they can date while at work and us fans can stay put and pretend “yeah it is all acting” and “d@mn what good actors they are”, NOT.

      • You mean to say KJH & YEH go to a place together
        after the Lie to Me filming or before LTM ends,
        which place is that?. Wow!, I am so happy for them
        together…Please reply me I am just so curious…

  66. Wow. Why in heaven’s name did they not include this? Like you said it IS the cutest thing and I would have been so much happier, goodness! I badly wanted to see that cute child with mom and dad! Thank you so much for this ockoala unni!!!

  67. omo! Love the office scene! Too bad it wasn’t shown but still hoping for the DC of LTM! That’s all I need to totally get over with LTM, AJ & KJ but not with YEH & KJH! Hahaha! Autumn is fast approaching! Lol!

  68. OMG! really YEH is here??? In Hawaii??? I don’t see in KBS news Hawaii that she’s here… Let me go Waikiki to stroll and look for YEH maybe she’s on the beach or something.. or calling all the hotels hahaha… what a stalker hahaha…

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