Reunited and It Feels So Good

It sucks when your favorite drama ends yet you want to spend time with the onscreen pairing that captivated you. I go through these withdrawals periodically, which are usually ameliorated by the fact that I have an attention span of a gnat. Though when it comes to my GeunGeuns and HwanHye, I’m in it for the long haul. People keep asking if onscreen couples can work together again, and the answer is yes. It does happen. Not often, but not completely rare either.

There is no magical forumla, and great chemistry doesn’t mean the right opportunity will pop up again. Regardless, we can all dream, can’t we? With that said, I’ve compiled a list of the notable co-stars who have worked together more than once. It’s a pretty awesome list, and the key component really is the same – each couple had chemistry the first time around so the cards were dealt so they had the chance to work together again. Keeping my fingers crossed for my GG and HH couples. And lastly, I end this post with my own dream list of awesome couplings I want to see again.

Stars who have done more than one project together:

Uhm Tae Woong and Han Ji Min Resurrection and Wolf. Currently rumored to be leads for an upcoming drama, which I’m dying for.

Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul 90 Days, Falling in Love and 7th Level Civil Servant/My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent (movie).

Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Heon – movies Il Mare and the upcoming Thieves.

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings.

Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae Robbers and Chuno.

Ryu Shi Won and Choi Ji Woo – Honesty and Beautiful Days.

Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi.

Kim Jae Won and Ha Ji Won Hwang Jin Yi and 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (movie)

Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye Sweet 18 and My Boyfriend is Type-B (movie).

Lee Byung Hyun and Choi Ji Woo Beautiful Days and Everybody Has Secrets (movie).

Other notable re-pairings outside of K-ent:

Yamapi and Horikita Maki Nobuta wo Produce and Kurosagi (dorama and movie).

Hayami Mokomichi and Aibu Saki Regatta, Zettai Kareshi, and Rebound.

Ming Dao and Chen Qiao EnPrince Turned Into Frog, Ying Ye 3+1, Come With the Sunshine, and the upcoming wuxia The King’s Woman.

Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu Meteor Garden 1, 2 and Mars.

Mike He and Rainie Yang Devil Beside You and Why Why Love.

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin It Started With A Kiss, They Kiss Again, and Love and Bread.

Hu Ge and Ariel Lin The Little Fairy and Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008.

Yuan Hong and Liu Shi Shi Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008, Clothing the World, the upcoming Bu Bu Jin Xin.

Koala’s Dream List of Onscreen Couples I Want to See In Another Project:

Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young (Mary Stayed Out All Night) in a fusion sageuk.

Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye (Lie to Me) in a Kim Eun Sook-penned drama period drama ala Fashion 70s.

Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won (What Happened in Bali) in anything that involves lots of crying and heated stares. Preferably set nowhere near the vicinity of Bali.

So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung (MiSa) in anything that does not involve crying or ramen.

Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah (City Hall) in a spy thriller that is not stupid like Athena.

Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung (Smile, You) in a Hong Sisters-penned drama.

Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin (A Moment to Remember) in A Moment to Remember 2: She Remembers! (yes, I’m still traumatized here).

Rain and Gong Hyo Jin (Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School) in another Lee Kyung Hee-penned drama. I can handle any ending for them, because they are simply sublime together.


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    • Hwan-Hye if given a chance which one to choose, a chance to work again or to be a real couple, im going to choose the later. Reality is better than fantasy and its long lasting (in some cases)

      • Hello,

        Can you tell me which drama Hwan-Hye is? I don’t remember park shin hye in any other drama with a guy name hwan? Please tell me I would like to watch it 🙂

  1. Hi Captain! 😀

    This post does make one feel good! (^__^)

    Like you Captain and many GG shipmates, I too would like to see our favorite Geun-Geuns in another drama: a saeguk or fusion-saeguk would be awesome!

    I’m also a fan of Han Ji-min so I’m excited to read your mention of rumors. Really, there are rumors of upcoming drama for Han Ji-min and Uhm Tae Woong?!! Oh, drama gods please grant our wish… UTW is currently my favorite from the “1 Night 2 Days” series, and who I secretly routed for in QSD instead of the popular “Poor Bidam”.

    The description of your next project wish for So Ji Sub made me laugh. I’ve only seen a couple of his works and both did involve crying so yes it would be a welcome change if in his next project he does not cry… 😉

    Happy 4th! 😀

    • You all got me very curious. Is the M3 couple still together? I haven’t watched M3..was going to, but couldn’t let go of LTM yet…hahhaa

  2. “Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Ming Jung (Smile, You) in a Hong Sisters-penned drama.”

    These two actors had such adorable chemistry on-screen w/ Smile, You and if they did a Hong Sisters drama they would be so cute and funny again. basically A WONDERFUL TREAT FOR MY OTP-ING FANGIRL LIFE.

    • Yep, those two had the BEST chemistry of any kdrama couple I’ve ever watched. The pairing never felt forced and it always felt natural.

      In fear of all the Geun Geun and HwanHye followers out there, I won’t say that this couple for me puts those other pairings to shame. Oops…I just did 😉

      But seriously. Most realistic chemistry EVER.

    • I totally am with you. These two were just adorable together! I repeat their scenes over and over again yet I still get the giddy feeling. They have the chemistry you’ll just never get sick of. Waah. I miss them so so much.

  3. Some are so great :
    “Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu – … and Mars.” I’m shorting. It’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Damn I really like this one, Mars is so moving, the story is original, intense, and Zai Zai is amazing. But well, he’s Zai Zai, and he’s kinda always great.

    “Mike He and Rainie Yang – Devil Beside You and Why Why Love” Arg, I like the two. Usually I don’t really care about actresses (except Kim Sun Ah, Gong Hyo Jin and a few others but I don’t actually remember their names) , but I really like Rainie Yang, like always in all her drama, and Mike He is SO hot in Devil.

    “Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah (City Hall) in a spy thriller that is not stupid like Athena.” WellI’ll add Gong Hyo Jin. That leads us to CSW nickname parade (silly thoughts rondo).
    0. Cha Seung Won and… a gorgeous/ugly woman ? a dragon ? a trans-sexual ? a potato ? a 7 years old Ding Dong ? talking to himself while grocery shopping ? No matter what, guess I’m buying.
    1. LOL didn’t watch Athena, because of My-eyes- are-Cha-down (this is so lame it might be private-me joke) . Well, I like him so much (my City Hall withdrawal didn’t work I guess), I would have let him put the earth on fire, so how am-I suppose to rule against him as the bad guy that lost at the end ? He can eradicate the humanity as I’m asked : CSW is Wonnie !
    1 bis. Wonnie ! You watch, you’re caught.
    2. City Hall is one of my favorite of all… It results with some BL between, that :
    – my-heart-is-Cha-cha- cha (sounds funny in French, like a “going on Rumba” or any latino dance)
    – “The Hotness” CSW (search him, BL and Charisma on DB, so accurate description) (vs “His Sweetness” who is some adorkable other BL dorky-hot!-sweet-shy-hot-guy I have to talk about, because just discovered him and planning to let him be uncovered)
    – Pantyman [lol, make me ( or us, right?) thinking strep-tease? Damn he is pretty from head to toes] or any BL other related nicknames ! He’s the Ultimate Gamja, right ?
    – Car-Kiss Killer, aka CKK. Favorite nickname (back from City Hall). Ya… He own this one and HOPE he keeps up with it. (As a certain KJH is a total BK, Bandit-Kisser)

      • arg suppress my last (and this one) comments please, I’ve just figured out how it works. yes, I’m slow. Well not really, in fact, I’m just a bit drunk.

      • LOL I love green….your funny can you be my Chingu???? 😉 I like earth friendly people ahahaha ROFL !!!!!

    • Oh it’s ok. ATHENA was the worst drama of 2011 hands down! But I sat through it. All of it. Why? CHA. SEUNG. WON. Only CHA. SEUNG. WON. My drama buddy and I watched together and I threatened every week to stop if his character died(before ep 19).

      But it’s true, I could definitely go for spy thriller or assassins. I’d eat that up!

      • Love you !
        “Oh it’s ok. ATHENA was the worst drama of … But I sat through it. All of it. Why? CHA. SEUNG. WON. Only CHA. SEUNG. WON. My drama buddy and I watched together and I threatened every week to stop if his character died(before ep 19). But it’s true, I could definitely go for spy thriller or assassins. I’d eat that up!”

        Good night !

  4. OMG, I can’t wait for Thieves anymore! It’s the movie I’m most excited about!

    Word on your dream couples. I’d like to see them together again!

    I’d like to add a few myself

    -Song Joon-ki and Yoo Ah-in (yes, yes, not really an OTP, but it’s close, okay? Shut up, I’m in denial here!) in another epic bromance, possibly one that doesn’t end in tragedy, not that SKKS did, but still, I want the boys to be happy BFF, okay? If the drama involved mistaken identities and sexual/identity crisis, I’d be a happy camper.

    -Lee Sun-gyun/Gong Hyo-jin in another romcom, but please for the love of everything that’s good and just one isn’t a snooze-fest like Pasta was. Omg they had such great chemistry!

    -not a pairing, but can we please sign a petition or collectively pray the kdrama gods in order to have Bae Soo-bin get a girl? Or boy? Whatever, I’m not picky about the gender as long as his character gets to have his happily ever after? Finally? Because I’m frankly tired of seeing him playing the secondary lead although one can argue he got his happy ending (sort of?) in 49 days. But I want him in a romcom and I want him to be happy in the end. I honestly don’t care what kind of character his could be: someone like wuri Ki-joon? Or maybe someone like Jun-sae Oppa? Note: I’d like to sign a similar petition for Ryu Jin, too. The man needs more romcom in his life and we need more of Ryu Jin in our lives, too.

    You know what? I was going to add Gong Yoo/YEH in this list, but I’m afraid KJH/YEH have ruined me forever for any of their future -or even past- pairings.

    And there are maaaaaany more actors I’d like to play togehter again. So many, omg!

      • WORD. WORD! WORD!!!

        YamaKi is honestly one of my absolute favorite pairings Of All Time.

        Someone did an MV of BB where they substituted all of Keiko’s scenes for Maki. ROFL, I love Keiko, but YamaKi is the holy grail of onscreen pairings. Nothing going on in RL, but the onscreen chemistry is $%&^&%$^%%#%.

        I can watch the NwP episode where Akira stalks Nobuta on her “date” on endless loop.

      • Akira is my favorite jdorama character EVAH! He’s just…akslkfjdksgjkdf gkajdsksahdfskjdf I agree: he he was so cute when he stalked her!

        PS: I’m still in denial about Kurosagi, the movie. The movie never happened as far as I’m concerned.

      • I used to ship Yamaki!!! XD I was such a fan of them together, I’d watch all those awesomely made fan videos where they actually really ended up together ^^

    • – Lee Sun-gyun/Gong Hyo-jin
      I agree ! I like “The Voice” a lot and a lot, and I like this actress really.
      – “in order to have Bae Soo-bin get a girl? Or boy? Whatever, I’m not picky about the gender as long as his character gets to have his happily ever after? ”
      I agree again. Liked him in 49 days (as the bad guy he’s intense and as the good guy he remains as the “I don’t want to be an oppa to you, etc. Namja ! Hell of a speech).

      • Bae Soo-bin can do the cold jerk or the perfect Oppa (think Jun-sae in Brilliant Legacy) well. I honestly don’t have a preference because in the end both types of characters converge into the latter sooooo…

  5. I have seen a few of the double projects, however Yamapi and Horikita Maki would be my pick for need to do another (or rather as many as needed until I’m satisfied). I would just love to see them do a real love story or rom-com cause they are simply wonderful together. I was hoping I’d like Kurosagi but I absolutely hated Maki’s character so that was totally ruined for me.

    Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung were a breath of fresh air but I’m concerned they may fall in love if they do another project together. They have great onscreen chemistry though. I truly haven’t seen them work with anyone before or since(for her), that compares.

    I’m not a Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young shipper per se, but I think it’s kind of undeniable that he had a crush on her. In what way, I’m not completely sure (professional, star, fanboy) but I’d relish the chance to see them do a successful and sane project together. As fusion sageuk vigilante bffs? Deranged psychopath and high profile prosecutor? Mystical fantasy warlord princess and neighboring village slave? Look, I don’t care! Just gimme. Gimme. GIMME!

    • I can live in a world where every single dorama ever made stars YamaKi. Better yet, every single damn dorama rom-com and melo. Where they make out A LOT. In every other scene. Kurosagi was a giant middle finger pointed at me and every YamaKi shipper out there. Still waiting for third time’s the charm. Johnny – dude, get on it. Pi is old enough.

      • And we aaaaaaaaaaaaaall saw he’s not a boy anymore!

        I vote for Pi kissing Maki the way Naoki kissed Riko in BB except they should do it more often than that. A lot more often. And I also want the the piggy-back ride and backhug.

      • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one cursing every episode of Kurasogi. I barely made it through.

        Just thinking of them makes me want to quote Ariel, I don’t when. I don’t know how. But I know something starting right now… Watch and you’ll see, someday YamaKi will announce their new world

    • I doubt so for Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung.
      They work together for 1 mv in 2007 and nothing happens.
      Nothing happens when they work together for ‘smile,you’ as well.

  6. Narimiya Hiroki
    As Seun-gi is a puppy, who has a puppy (‘damn this is the best description ever), well, Narimiya Hirokis is my favorate puppy : cat ! I look at him and I think “‘Neko Neko !” since Orange Days. He has a freking neko face for me; rrruuuu Kissu kissu

  7. for me, i would like to see the following pairings again:

    joe chen and ethan ruan (fated to love you)

    Japan: the OTP of Nodame

    park shin hye and lee wan (tree of heaven)
    gong hyo jin and yong kye so (best love)
    park shin hye and jang geun suk (yab)
    yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon ( goong)
    gong hyo jin and lee sung gyun (pasta)
    hyun bin and song hye kyo ( the world that they lived in)

    • I’m so with you…

      Love Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi in Nodame Cantabile. I wonder what they’ll be like with a different script.

      Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan, sizzling chemistry in FTLY.

      Another fave of mine – Rainie Yang and Show Lo in Hi, My Sweetheart.
      Also James Wen and Sonia Sui in, well just about every drama which they have acted together.

    • I’m with you sistas! I totally was rewatching MiSa this past weekend actually and still haven’t made it past Episode 13 because I literally couldn’t take anymore of my OWN crying. Im Soo Jung really just needs to do another drama period and So Ji Sub needs to do one that is actually good!

  8. Question:
    Would you recommend the above dramas to watch? Or are the couples the only good thing about them (though we all know how that can elevate any drama)?

    And on a side note: I’m a huge fan of MaoJun. I always remember them touching more than they actually did. I think it is because they had such good chemistry that I assume their was physical contact; but, on every re-watch, I’m reminded that they didn’t.

  9. I’ve become a die-hard HwanHye fan. So, I’d love to see them collaborate again – or even better, to end up a real pair.

    However, I’m very worried about the impact of the dimal rating of their first series together, LTM has on the chances of a reunion. They waited a couple of years before their wish to be co-stars materialised and must be disappointed with the rating results.

    Experience has taught me that professional actors and actresses can generate sparks between them, on-screen and even off-screeen for series promotional purposes. So, I tend to allow time to reveal the truth. Most speculations eventually fizzle out to nothing.

    Watching the wrap-up party for LTM, the cynical me sees a tired, not-very-happy and distant pair of co-stars. KJH folded his arms, looked at his watch (as if he couldn’t wait to get away) and did not really interact with YEH who was just standing beside him.

    I feel a tinge of disappointment but I really hope that time will prove me wrong – ie. that they will get together again – for reel, even if not for real. Keeping my fingers crossed and will be back scouring for more of my favourite Cola Ice-cream couple. For that opportunity, I thank Koala and all of you contributors at this wonderful Playground.

  10. Wow, ockoala! Kim Eun Sook of Secret Garden writing a script for our HwanHye couple? Exactly my wish!!!!!! If not, the Hong Sisters! Ireally pray for an excellent script for the two although I am hoping to team up YEH with Lee Min Ho and Hyin Bin.

  11. thought I was the only one traumatezed w/this movie(moment to remember) cried the whole day after watching. my children was so worried they thought I’m just missing their dad.

    • true! cried the entire movie… as in whenever i get to recover from sobbing from one scene, something will trigger the tears again! and i get the same emotional breakdown with every rewatch! T_T sure hope we see another Jung Woo Sung-Son Ye Jin paring in the future.

    • i really like this movie like notebook younger version this where i like so je jin and i feel in love with joo wong sung

  12. Lets see
    I’m with you with the HH pairing again. Though something much more adult and seductive. No, not soft core porn. But a movie. A movie. Hell it could even be a short film.
    Ha Ji Won and Kim Jae Won, hells bells YES!! In anything!! I’ll watch them in anything. Even a cf, I just love them together,
    Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung, Ya darn tootin YES! I’d watch them walk from if I could. They’d make it so interesting and so good.
    Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin–Ahh If she remembers in part 2 im on board. That was a lovely movie!! Seriously. But what I liked about it is how, she looks so different to me when she’s next to him. I mean, yes she’s a good actress, but paired up with Jung Woo Sung, theres just something there. Something that he brings out of her. And not chemistry, but something else. When I first saw A moment to remember, I just thought she looked so different. She looked so vulnerable and just real! but IDK.
    I’m still waiting around for soulmates part deux. Should I hold my breath or finally let it go? It’s unlikely that there will be a part 2 but…I just cant stop hoping.
    I dont wanna even go to the ArJoe arena. I’m already K.O. Ahh Ariel is evil. She’s a crusher of my dreams hehe. I still love her though.

    • Oops I forgot to add. I’ve never really shipped any J-actors because…well, because I dont. But I do know that I would love to see My Japanese husband Oguri Shun constantly. I really dont have anyone I would like to see him with again(complete jealous in this relationship–im not secure at all.) I just like to see him in movies like Crow, YUMMEH!! So bad A@#$#

  13. My wish is
    -yamapi and keiko in another drama.they are cute and hawt together beside they are dating in RL
    -Won bin and song hye kyo.gorgeos on screen ever and this time I want them end up together
    -hyun bin and song hye kyo.can’t deny how hot their chemistry are
    -geungeun.yes this one is my biggest OTP and want them in lots make out,hawt chemistry and awesome plot.
    -won bin and moon geun young.geun always had chemistry although she paired up with much older male so I want them together and see the sparkling chemistry and awesome acting because both are good at it.
    Ps: I’m waiting for drunken to love you,koala shi

  14. Good morning,

    Hallo Miss Koala, hallo everybody…. :)…..before im going to do my daily activity i want to check my favorite site first is there any latest news about my favourite couple hehehehehe 😛 KANG JI HWAN and YOON EUN HYE….. but there is no news about my favourite couple progress, still hope to see there is a news that they end up together in real life or atleast working on the same project again which make them more closer :P…. i choose HWANHYE …… 😛 …. anyway MISS KOALA i loved all your pairings and all your written… have a wonderfull morning and day to Miss Koala, for everyone here …. :D……GOD BLESS YOU ALL….. 🙂

  15. Hello Koala! I’m in awe of your extensive knowledge of Asian dramas. I only recognize Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu on the list! I feel comforted at the thought that on screen pairings can happen more than once in Kdramas. I was under the impression that they have iron clad rules prohibiting this. The HwanHye couple deserves another shot,
    I hope this time armed with a great script.

  16. waah!! jung woo sung and son ye jin!!!! i wanna watch a drama with the two of them as leads!!! i don’t care what genre…i just love them…they we’re so hot together in a moment to remember…rawr.

    “if you drink this…we’re going steady…”


  17. Japan: Kimutaku and Yamaguchi Tomoko (i know this is nearly impossible but their chemistry in Long Vacation is simply unforgettable… what a classic dorama)
    Ueno Juri and Eita (I simply want a dorama or movie where 90% of the screen time shows the couple interacting, i don’t even need make-out scene, come on)

    Korea: Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah, period. I totally like your spy thriller idea and even something similar to Duplicity would be fun. Some steamy scenes needed.

  18. Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah (City Hall) in a spy thriller that is not stupid like Athena.

    If only!!

    Actually, I’ve given up all hopes of any of my fav pairings being paired up again. It almost seems like the golden rule of kdramas to avoid pairing the same people together, unlike their counterparts in China/TW, whereby the OTP is milked to death even in CMs. As for Japan, it’s kind of in-between, perhaps nearly to the kdrama way of doing things..

  19. I would love to see Choi Ji woo pairing up with Bae Young Jun again.. I love them.. Goong Yo and Kim Sun Ah, agreea with this couple: Hwan Hye, MinKyung (Lee Min Jung & Jung Kyung Ho, they had a great chemistry together. I want to see Oguri shun and Horikita Maki in another Jdorama, I also want Yamapi and Horikita Maki on screen together again, this time should involve a lot of kiss,hehehe… And for last Rainie Yang with Mike He, Ariel Lin with Joe Cheng.

  20. Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin -> hope they will be paired again….
    They are the couple that I can stare all day…..
    The man is handsome oh-so-manly, and the woman is so pretty oh-so-lady..
    Sigh…wish they can play a drama together..

  21. I’d give anything to see JIS and HJW on-screen again!!
    And I do hope for a geungeun reunion… a fusion sageuk would be nice.. as long as the script is sane, any genre would do actually.

  22. Miss K, you are so addicted!! LOL,
    How you do it? Remember all the faces, the names, the passion?
    OMG, I’m totally a newbie, so I take out my hat, before you Miss Koala Unni, you don’t cease to amaze me!!!

    • BTW lurve these movies, I found it so fascinating!!! LOL, I don’t even know why!!! They are so full of passion, and comedy!! It is insane…

      Kim Jae Won and Ha Ji Won – 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant:

      When he jump, to grab her in the bungy, I was like, dang, we lost him! LOL, ewww, when he drinks the totally disgusting thing, *shiver* gross, just to protect her… Oh he broke my heart, when he say that all was only a game, just to find out that he did it for her own good!! He was an antihero, and I lurve him for that!! LOL

      Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye – Boyfriend is Type-B:

      Oh he was so gross, he was a nightmare for boyfriend, but at the same time he was sweet!! Living life so recklessly, and when he accept the money from his friend, I really wanted to kill him, really I don’t, just a few punches in his face, but when he, get on the bus, despite, his “busphobia” OMG, I cried!!! Oh and when he give her a walkie-talkie, because he didn’t have a cell phone, pure genius! LOL

  23. I’m absolutely, positively, undeniably (couldn’t find anymore words) sure that the Geun- Geuns will work together in more than one project together in the future and it absolutely helps that they are both such wanted actors…plus they are so young and have their whole career ahead…now all we need is for something more to happen between them…@notorious noona…..i so agree that JGS had a crush on her when they did the drama together
    also it makes me kinda sad to see BSB’s name up there with Han Hyo joo …sigh…what I wouldn’t do for him to get the girl for once

    • Totally agree with you. I believe that the Geun Geun would have another project together. They are such great actor/actress and have so much chemistry together..I’m sure there are tons of directors out there planning another project for them. Just this time…please read the entire script before agreeing to sign the contract.
      Would also love another project between Won Bin and Song Hye Gyo.

    • you said “i so agree that JGS had a crush on her when they did the drama together” do you know JGS personally to say such rumor?hahahahahahaha GG shipper are in lala land and in denial hahahahahahaha JGS only consider MGY as a friend only, he said so in one of his many cri show hahahahahahaha

      • hey! its their opinion….please respect others opinion….

        thank you captain, again, for refreshing us….always coming back to one of your OTPs… heehee….

        me too, i have a strong feeling they will make another project in the future… and yes, i hope they would know better now in choosing a project..

        oh, plus I also wanna see them in “We Got Married” that would be awesome! ^_^

  24. i would love to see Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun ah in ala TRUE LIES kdrama, wouldn’t they be perfect =) They’d be perfect as Harry and Helen=)

  25. I love to see Lee Byung-Hun and Choi Ji Woo again. It is my very first kdrama. Still in love with both of them. The on-screen chemistry is really amazing and LBH looked so cool.

    Another on-screen couple that I would like to see is Won Bin and Song Hye Gyo (Autumn in my Heart). And Micky Yoochun and Park Min Young.

    and another drama/movie by YEH/KJW.

  26. Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Ming Jung (Smile, You) in a Hong Sisters-penned drama

    THIS!!! Is there a petition I can sign or pool of bribe money that I can contribute to? Though truthfully, I would be happy with any romantic comedy/drama as long as we get our sweet funny moments and everybody lives happily ever after (i.e. no dying of cancer!) I could see them both in a Sungkyunkwan Scandal-like fusion sageuk.

  27. JGS – MGY a.k.a GeunGeun = they are my biggest OTP ever..n i’m dying to see them act together in drama or movie or else..coz i just can’t get enoug of them..

    my wish n hope Kdrama God may grant so that someday i can see them in one project…
    MGY – Jo Woon ==> Eun Jo vs Ma Jun, that will be awesome…
    MGY – Micky Yochun ==> they are so cute..
    MGY – Lee Min Ho ==> Summer Desire Korean version maybe
    MGY – Lee Seung Gi ==> i lile both of them, very talented
    MGY – Wonbin ==> wish they will be act in a movie
    n my biggest hope is MGY, YEH , JGS n LMH will be pair together in one drama…

    • JGS – MGY a.k.a GeunGeun = they are my biggest OTP ever..n i’m dying to see them act together in drama or movie or else..coz i just can’t get enough of them..

      my wish n hope Kdrama God may grant so that someday i can see them in one project…
      MGY – Jo Woon ==> Eun Jo vs Ma Jun, that will be awesome…
      MGY – Micky Yochun ==> they are so cute..
      MGY – Lee Min Ho ==> Summer Desire Korean version maybe
      MGY – Lee Seung Gi ==> i like both of them, very talented
      MGY – Wonbin ==> wish they will be act in a movie
      n my biggest hope is MGY, YEH , JGS n LMH will be pair together in one drama…DAEBAK..:)

  28. Although I have been watching kdramas for the last 3+ years, I did not realise that there were not many repeated OTPs unlike the Taiwanese, etc dramas. I am still discovering “new” lead actors, the latest being Cha Seung Won. My wish for a favourite OTP reunion is CSW and KSA. I loved their chemistry and acting in City Hall. I can’t get enough of CSW. Even in Athena with eye candy in the form of Jung Woo Sung, my eyes kept straying to that hot baddie CSW.

    Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin (A Moment to Remember) …. must track this down to watch.

  29. My fave OTP is definitely KJH-YEH but I have a few OTP(s) that I would love to see working together again.

    1) Bae Yong Joon – Choi Ji Woo (these two single handedly making me believe in love based absolutely on emotional attachment. Nothing physical required).
    2) Jo In Sung – Ha Ji Won (Bali chemistry is mind-blowing).
    3) Fukuyama Masaharu – Matsushima Nanako (an unlikely pair but they look good together).

      • Beauty or Beast (Bijou Ka Yajuu). Nanako played a “Type A” News Producer and Fukuyama portrayed the role of a playboy entertainment director who got transfered to news department (due to some scandal). The best bits is – he is her unlikely first love and only boyfriend and they met after 10 years since they broke up.

        The cuteness between these two is definitely “opposite attract”. She’s stubborn, he’s jovial but deep down, he cares deeply for her.

        They make cute couple and they are physically compatible.

    • Masa and Nanako did Bijo ka Yajuu together in 2003.

      She was a top-level news producer, he a more easy going entertainment program producer.

      This drama had shades of World’s Within, but set in the J-world.

      The drama was good. But I think Masa’s best chemistry in ANY drama was in Meguri Ai with Tokiwa Takako. I thought Takako had better chemistry with Masa than she did with KimuTaku in the classic Beautiful Life.

      • Agree. I love the pairing of Fukuyama Masaharu – Tokiwa Takako.

        KimuTaku best on-screen partner is IMO Matsu Takako.

  30. Wow. Look at the header! I miss Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-ni all of a sudden, although I want them to be Baeks forever. Well, I’m hoping to see more of the Geun-geuns together and my favorite OTP (in real life, I huwope!!!): Hwan-Hye!!!

  31. Any comment with jung kyung ho – lee min jung makes me happy. Lol.

    I love your idea of ‘Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Ming Jung (Smile, You) in a Hong Sisters-penned drama.’

  32. “So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung (MiSa) in anything that does not involve crying or ramen.” ROFL

    Dear drama gods, my humble and only (atm LOL) requests are repairing Jang Geun Suk – Moon Geun Young, Cha Seung Won – Kim Sun Ah and Kang Ji Hwan – Yoon Eun Hye in any drama/movie regardless genre.

    Also please return my Song Hye Kyo to small/big screen and if not too much get her back with Hyun Bin. And if its ok to be greedy then let JGS-MGY and KJH-YEH be real soulmates. =)

    • 2nd with u chabj..mero mero^^
      i wanna see JGS – MGY on MARS KOREAN VERSION REMAKE or it will be lovely to see both of them in Saeguk Romance…GEUNGEUN DAEBAK…

      • heehee…. me three!

        wishing and praying for them to be together again!

        in WHATEVER, i’ll take it!

    • Echoed you Chabj!! My day and night prayers are to see GeunGeun repairing again.. They are so sweet together.. Amazing chemistry.. and both talented!!

      I want GeunGeun in saeguk, MARS, anything that is romanceeeee!!

      JGS and MGY FTW!!!!! Mero Mero!!! 😉

  33. my all time favorite actress korean is kim sun ah … and all her leading men any repetition is welcome …. but with csw in city hall i cant get over with especially the proposal scene and her laughter when he poke her on her side that was epic for me ……. yeh with kjw ….. penned by hong sister………… park si hoo and ma he ri forget her name ……. in japanese i like to see jun matsumoto and yankumi im still frustrated i want romance ……. and in taiwanese i want rainie and joseph chang again or ariel lin and joe ….. or ella and joe

  34. “Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Ming Jung (Smile, You) in a Hong Sisters-penned drama”

    I totally wish the Hong sisters were reading this right now and would take you up on that one! T’would be magical indeed.

    I think Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won should be reunited too.

  35. OMG – I love you gals (/guys) and Ms Koala – thank you for this post! 🙂

    Jung Woo Sung & Son Ye Jin — in anything!! But a rom-com or romantic something would be super great cause AMTR is one of my favorite K movies. And this time with a happier ending. I love this pair!!

    Geun-Geun – in anything better than M3. These two are seriously super cute.

    HJW and JIS – wow! I will watch anything with them in it. Bali was a real surprise for me. I can’t believe how much I liked it as melo-drama’d out as it was. JIS in any drama!! come back to the small screen please 🙂

    HJW and KJW – this was surprising for me. I didn’t think I would like their pairing but I did. Love a rom-com drama for them.

    YEH & LMH – Don’t know why but they would be super beautiful to look at onscreen, in those few minutes on PT.

    Vic Chou & Ariel Lin – in a drama

    YEH & Eric – In some sort of mature series. Still holding out hope with a drama with them together.

  36. “Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin (A Moment to Remember) in A Moment to Remember 2: She Remembers! (yes, I’m still traumatized here).”

    OMG! Me too! Me too!
    Still traumatized too.. T_T
    But then maybe because of how it ended that it carved a deep impression here in my heart..

    Their love story was just so beautiful in this movie that they successfully made it to my all time favorite movies list.. I’ve watched this movie like 0123456789 times already, and I think I’m about to watch it again..

  37. I would like to see Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji hoon again.. I do love our HH OTP,but I really would like to see YEH and JJh act together again!~♥
    or if not, YEH partners in Basic House ad, YEH and Hyun Bin or YEH and Kim Hyun Joong ( did I spelled it correctly, the one in playful kiss?) oh, but on the other hand the latter may not work. (i dunno, they just look good together but acting wise? not sure) maybe they could do something like a musical/dance drama? hahahah

    ha ji won and kim Jae won? they looked cute in 100 days.. but it lacks the onscreen chemistry BEFORE in that movie. I want to watch them again to check 😀

  38. super late comment but i was creeping through your posts today.
    and i wanted to add my favorite pairing of all time would probably be eita/ueno juri they’ve starred in 8 productions together. 8!

  39. I would love to see Rain ang Gong Hyo Jin in a drama again.. maybe after rain’s military service
    and a happy ending this time

  40. I’ve learn several just right stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much attempt you set to create such a magnificent informative website.

  41. oh, I know it’s late but a pair that have worked together many times? YOO SEUNG HO and PAEK EUN BIN. since yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon pairing seems to be impossible at this moment, I totally ship this OTP! I love the recently concluded Operation Proposal! I love their onscreen chemistry, and it felt like their acting was not for 18 year-olds actors. I mean, considering their age, they were very good and professional. 🙂 I wish to see them again in a drama or a movie or a CF. together.

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