Donghae Wraps Filming on Skip Beat and Returns to Korea

Skip Beat (Extravagant Challange) is nearing the end of its filming, and this week Donghae wrapped all his scenes and tearfully bid farewell to Taiwan. He was given flowers by the crew and he started crying because it was such an overwhelming experience for him. He promised to join the cast and crew in Bali to celebrate when the drama airs. Choi Si Won, who has not yet completed his scenes, jokingly teased that Donghae should stop crying and everyone should go home because he has to film tomorrow. I still rewatch the first teaser trailer frequently, each time it blows me away. GTV also release two official stills this week, and I still get the impression that its Donghae’s chemistry with lead actress Ivy Chen that will make this drama sizzle.

[Credit: all pictures from GTV]


Donghae Wraps Filming on Skip Beat and Returns to Korea — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks for the update! I just marathoned the Skip Beat anime on crunchyroll and now I can’t wait for Extravagant Challenge. Ivy Chen looks like a pixie with the short hair. I can’t wait to see the bright pink coveralls, too.

  2. haha i also marathoned Skip Beat manga after looking at the first teaser…

    kinda wonder if Choi Si Won can really give us the air of Ren. Hmm.

    • yeah so trueeeeee!!!
      I really really love REN!!!
      so i REALLY REALLY hope siwon can pull this character off!!!
      *praying silently*
      and as for Donghae, i think i can already feel the vibe just from watching the teaser.

    • I really really like REN and I love siwon oppa.
      Can’t wait for SKIP BEAT.
      Koala unni please recap it….pretty please!!!

  3. so, is that mean donghae oppa is really gonna come to bali ? wow we’ve been so excited here , since its been a trending on twitter.. we hope he really come to bali indonesia

  4. donghae!!! i regret so much not to care about u more!!!
    you are so damn handsome and i was stupid!
    forgive me!

  5. πŸ˜€ yay! he has finished all his work and can head back home and rest.. and prepare for 5th Jib!! Im soo happy beyond words! Donghae u worked hard for months im sure all ur efforts will be paid off! πŸ™‚

    skip beat is an anticipated drama by many from different parts of the world. cant wait for it to air! πŸ™‚

    β™₯Super Junior Donghae Siwon Hwaiting!!β™₯

  6. I wonder how they’re ending it because in the manga they are just starting to address how “Ren” is in reality another role that Kuon has immersed himself in to hide. The irony bring when Kyokyo realizes that she is probably just going to be awed and angered by his ability to live the role for years only to realize she did the same all of her lifr until acting. *reading too far into the future lol*

  7. O.O Skip Beat in to K-drama?? i thought Taiwan would do this. with Jerry Yan as Ren.

    hmmmmm Choi Si won…. ca he really act like Ren? hmmmmm……

    don’t dissapoint me K-drama, because i love the manga soooo muchhhh!

  8. I recently watched an interview. Suju members was saying that donghae cries often. So it is really true πŸ™‚

  9. i feel the same way koala, when i watch the preview of the show, i was impressed by donghae’s acting and i can feel that there must be some good chemistry between donghae and ivy chen.

  10. Skip beat is one of my favourite anime of all time. I really hope donghae can handle playing Sho, he better not ruin him for me!

  11. Omg I seriously hope that they are not gg to dub donghae & siwon’s voice in mandarin like what they did for park shin hye’s Taiwan drama. I always find that weird.

  12. Please don’t fail me drama πŸ™‚ I love this manga so much and am so glad that it’s finally gotten filmed. Really hopeful that SW and DH can pull off their characters well. I too also was looking forward to it back 2 years ago with Ariel but I also think Ivy is quite good so I hope with all these lovely younger actors, it will go well. Jia You! I don’t want to anticipate it too much since it’s not airing for awhile.

  13. OH YEAH. You know we are all going to be counting down the days until these drama airs. This will not bode well for Soluna.. Haha. Can’t wait to watch this!

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