Two Lie to Me Reviews and Some MVs

I promise this will be my last Lie to Me post. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I do, however, need to give myself kudos for at least trying to regain a semblance of drama-watching sanity when it comes to other offerings. Turns out I wasn’t the only blogger mad about LTM, Michael (who did sublime recaps for Secret Garden over at Thundie’s) also loved it. Click here to read his mega-review of the love story between Ah Jung and Ki Joon.

Not to be deterred, since I can hardly hold a candle to Michael’s wisdom and eloquence, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my own LTM review for Thundie. It’s been far too long since I wrote an entire drama review (almost six-months to be exact), which really is a medium that is near and dear to my heart. Click here to read Koala’s bird’s eye view of LTM after all is said and done. With the drama wrapped, MVs are starting to trickle down. Sere sent me some which I have embedded after the jump. Enjoy some more LTM goodies, everyone.

Lie to Me MV 1:

Lie to Me MV 2:


Two Lie to Me Reviews and Some MVs — 83 Comments

  1. Your review is awesome! 🙂

    Hee, the MVs you embedded were my favorites! 🙂 I really need to hit Tudou and see if I find others. Something tells me that there’ll be more there. *g*

  2. Thank youfor constantly feeding our hunger.

    I swore to myself that i will stop hunting on this ground the day i read that KJH and YEH are dating in real life.

    whom am i kididng, i will come back for more and more after that.

    i am just saying i am waiting for that post. we miss them so much, wonder how much they must be missing each other, not seeing now that the shooting is over.

  3. I was watching the movies about and somewhere in the middle they show the scnene where the brothers go to visit their parents grave. I really loved the bromance, someewhere in the show, the writer forgot that they were brothers and forgot to show them interacting together, even when the KJ was going thru shit, SH forgot to show his support to his brother, would have loved to see them together more.

    • i totally agree with you, isabelle. in fact, i really don’t think SH’s role is all that important in LTM…except to get both leads into the lie.
      the bromance between KJ and SH was definitely lacking, but of course i would have rather spent more time watch KJ with AJ!!

  4. lol, you know you will post new about LTM dvd release and promotion. Maybe they will have time to promoted the drama in Japan so I’ll look forward to the day when AJ and KJ reunited just like M3 cast.

    • That is quite true!

      Ms K, you can promise that this will be the last post on REVIEWs, but cannot be the last post on LTM or OTP..hehehhe

  5. thank you !! i live for these….so feel free to keep posting about LTM!!!
    i haven’t gotten over the drama yet….i still haven’t started anything new.

  6. i LOVED your review….thank you! makes me miss the drama more….i think it’s time to rewatch. i really didn’t like the first 4 episodes, maybe i’ll start from ep 5

  7. Dear Miss Koala,

    kyaaaaaaaa, :D.(happy..happy..happy..happy) at last i could see the news about LTM again here, i had twitter account and i foolow yoon eun hye twitter account, she tweet about hawai, and she said that she loves hawai….. but still there is news about her with kang ji hwan :P….. hehehhehehhe…… pherhaps there will be a news between them :(…… anyway, all the best also success always for Miss K…. and all the fans of LTM…. hope all the best for my best OTP (kang ji hwan and miss yoon eun hye) by the way may i know when will be the dvd will come out, i lived in indonesia… thank you so much….. (for not always sad thinkin about my monday and tuesday, i’m starting to watch heartsrings and drunken to love you…. :)……) i really really really miss this couple miss koala….. miss their action on screen and offscreen, i download alot of their MV on youtube whose made by LTM fan … hiks hiks hiks hiks 🙁 crying looking forward for their project together again, see their on screen together and off screen was my wish…. 🙂 …….. GBU all here always

    • oh yes i forgot, pls pls pls pls plzzzzzzzzzz dont let it will be the last you post about LTM and our fav OTP…everyday i always see this site to see the latest news about my favourite OTP… yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan… plzzzz Miss koala….. missed them and still waitin for the dvd came out in my country and i will surely buy it…….

    • DVDnya dah keluar tuch…aku dah nonton berkali-kali….seruuuuuuuu abizzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

      I saw an intense journey LTM in BTS or photos that came out afterwards there are things that make me believe among them are going love the location. consider the camera is in use at the rap party Yeh same with cameras that are used as in eps 16, then rest Yeh journeying to Hawaii he used the same camera. in eps 16 they take pictures for the first time at the airport, if this is just acting or something else of intent in it only….I love them be together….

  8. It was just so awesome!! Thank you Madam Koala! Just what we all needed to overcome the withdrawal syndrome….to give us more LTM and HKJ/GAJ!!
    How I have been so looking forward to more and it has been so dry and depressing that nothing seems to be able to fill my emptiness. The little more we have on LTM is like water in a dessert! Once again….THANK YOU!
    You are the BEST!!

  9. thanks madame K… this is your last post about LTM? do you want to hear me dead??? am so far away from being healed from this addiction… i need every trickle of information that you so generously supply… not being able to get that means cutting the very air I breathe… please oh please even as a joke don’t you ever utter such words…………… inhale…exhale…….wow!!!!! I do think watching K dramas paid off huh… i do believe am now better in this line deliveries….
    tee hehehe kidding aside, madame K you’re THE BEST!!! Off to read your review then……….. muwah!!!

  10. From you LTM Review:

    “Too bad it was billed as a drama, because it turned out to actually be a 16-episode Season of We Got Married starring Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. WGM is a scripted reality show that has two stars pretending they are a couple. The scenarios are scripted each week as to where they go and what they do, but the rest is primarily the stars being themselves onscreen putting on a reality show.”

    Nuff said.

    • if i had enough money to shoot,i will create a couple of these reality shows.

      can we just ask them to shoot free for us, kjh and yeh can be their real selves, and we can follow with our videocams,no editing, no NGs, no retakes, no story , so script( these two do not need one they can adlib whatever they want)

      what say?

  11. Dear Koala, please don’t let this be the last post of LTM. My LTM addiction’s not abating and you’ve just provided me my fix for the day. As always, thanks for the updates on my favourite on-screen (and hopefully off-screen????)couple.

  12. Oh dear Ms. Koala,

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    Seriously though, comparing reactions from LTM and how it divides the masses to Sense and Sensibility??? Soooo freaking brilliant. I can’t even…


    • PS – MV1 would be fantastic but I wasn’t feeling the music. The editing was fantastic though… But MV2… holy cow. Amazing. Just seriously amazing. I actually cried watching it. And it did more justice to both sides of the beginning of the love angst than the actual PD/writer did.

    • I agree with you HwanHye the MV is perfect..watching it is just like watching another story of LTM ( though I don’t like to see all those sad scenes again ) but overall it great!

  13. Your last Lie to Me post? *crosses self* don’t ever joke like that motherK. That’d not even funneh 😆 I still haven’t read Michael’s piece. Trying to save that for later. Halyuyooneunhye makes a daebak Ahki MG too.

  14. I just came back from reading your recap at thundie. Your review is captivated with your awesome writing skill.

  15. Hi LTM-ers,

    Just here to ask that comments about the LTM review itself be left at Thundies. So that people wanting to know more about what you think about the drama can find it there. Most of Thundie’s readers likely haven’t watched LTM, so perhaps this might convince them to give it a chance. 😀

  16. Loved your review – as always. While reading it, I again experienced what I love about this drama. I realized I just had a silly smile on my face the whole time.

  17. OMG! YEH is here!!! in Hawaii… fair skin… skinny & tall… Pretty! She look different in real person & on tv… autograph… please…………..

  18. Thanks Madame K! I am still having such a hard time trying to get over and move on to another drama. But Heck! I can’t. I just can’t have enuh of this two and rewatching the drama again and again. What’s worse is that I am on the LTM thread all the time (Fr DC to baidu and all the time refreshing Koala’s playgrd to read about the comments) til am having a hard time to concentrate on my work!!!!! If my boss find out, I will be in deep deep trouble! Afterall, I am the good girl in her eyes. Hahahha! Thanks for the post!!

  19. Koala,
    thanks so much.
    Left my comments at Thundie’s…
    You practically expressed exactly my feelings for LTM in your review.

  20. I also love the MV 2 posted. Have watched it before and saved it on my PC.
    Very well done… Coveted the struggles and heartbreak if KJ and AJ so perfectly.
    The author of the MV also made another LTM MV that uses the song “Walking in the clouds” and showcases all the sweet moments.
    Check it out in YouTube.

  21. Thank you for this post Ms. K..last post? Oh please don’t say it again 🙁 Honestly, watching the MVs left me with a heavy heart..maybe because the momories LTM left on me are all the happy ones, I don’t try to recall the crying Ah Jung and the “cold-hearted Yoon Joo”..*sniff* *sniff*… Now I’ll visit our nook for some insane conversation to lighten my heart 🙂

    • hi again ms. conie, san po ba ang studio nila malay mo pwede ko rin silang puntahan kc mdalas kmi sa korea ng asawa ko eh. san po ba ang studio nila?

      • Hello! I think korean stars are not like our stars here in Phil. Sometimes they stay in one station for a period of time but once the contract is finish they find another one..I think its more on the agency.. YEH is from The House Company so I guess if it is allowed for you to visit her agency you can go there…lets’s ask HwanHye Shipper about this, she might have something to share..paging HwanHye Shipper your unni needs you here 🙂

      • tnx so much ms. conie kc po me business ang husband ko sa korea minsan nakakasama ko sa knya, sabit lang hehehe! by the way, san po kyo dito sa pinas?

  22. mrs. K thenkiyu for another LTM post…and yes i love both the MV:)

    btw i want to know the Tittle Song from MV 1 coz i like that song..please mrs.K can u tell me??

    btw guys keep on ur comments coz i luv reading each of ur comments coz its make me giggly everytime i read it;)

  23. wow .koala.i have to commend you on this review for manage to say everything that i feel for this can you do that.i’m amazing .

  24. wow .koala.i have to commend you on this review for manage to say everything that i feel for this can you do that.i’m speechless .

  25. Koala, this can not be your last LTM post. It just cant. For some reason I have this urge to call you Koko and IDK why. Just like how whenever I want to say cola kiss, I immediately type its as Koala kiss. hahah You got me hooked Ockoala.
    But I love the first MV Mani Mani Mani!! Its so perfect, even though I wanted to cringe at the Yoon Joo parts, but it really was awesome. Whoever made did good. The scenes, the songs, the color overlay, it all came together nicely.

  26. i waited for this….. so happy that ms. koala post again here…. so is there anything news about our love birds hehehhehehe….. miss them a lot…

  27. I read the news from that Wuri Ah Jung, (YEH) is on her vacation to Hawaii after wrapping LTM, she sure know how to have fun after long and tiring work, hahaha.. She seems not alone, because from the picture she was taken a picture but she still had the camera in her hand, so who snap the picture? hehehe Just a thought everyone.. I wish KJH is with her now.. 😉

  28. My love for the review has been dutifully parked at thundie’s. Now I need to declare my love for the MVs! I haven’t really been youtubing MVs but man, that second one took my breath away! The fast-paced editing for the first half of the first MV gave me a little of the headache but I liked how the story was told! Bt there has to be a second part to that right!!?!? You can’t end off with wuri-Jungie all sad and walking away! Where’s that happy ending? Second one was also testament to the wonderful OST! Man! That was such an apt song! Credits to all these great talents from the writer *waves to Koala* to the MV-makers!

  29. Wow! such a nice MV…. angst and romantic vibe ^^
    Can someone make LTM MV with cute and sweet scene & happy song? Such us KJK’s sarangsurowo because our OTP is so lovely, isn’t it? he3

    Kudos to MV makers and Ms. Koala for their treat to us…TLM shippers!

  30. Thanks Koala, you never disappoint. I left my comment at Thundie’s. The second MV is great. @ Sere – thanks!

  31. lovely reviews from both of you…I love that both reviews showcase the love and time you’ve obviously spent with LTM…I also love that I can immediately tell which is witten by a male or female not because something is lacking in either one but because we all share an unspeakable coonection called woman’s instinct which I can’t explain and won’t attempt to

    I understand that you both wrote the reviews on personal levels but the main difference is that Michael’s was poignant and funny and yours was passionate

    again, thank you Ms. Koala for sharing your love of LTM…it was insightful, entertaining and it really brings put the romantic in me

  32. Ms Koala, please don’t make this your last post on LTM.

    I will continue to visit your playground looking for news on LTM, YEH & KJH. I enjoy reading all your thoughts and thanks to everyone who share their thoughts here. I’ve been listening to the OSTs too. I specifically love the 2 songs “I Belong to You” and “Pouring Rain”.

    And these are the 2 MVs which I watch everyday:

    “Pouring Rain” MV created also by ps3hlproductions:

    “I Belong to You” MV created by conpanna07:

  33. Hope I’m not duplicating someone else here but last night I discovered a vid on KJW’s home. I was actually disappointed as it was really small and not very attractive. Also different strokes for different folks but he had a few things in there which I thought was childish.

    • Yup, agree with @madqueen….it looks like typical bachelor house. And this vid was from 2006. Now, he’s already moved. No vid from his new house. Btw, I think. Every person always have a little childish side. Hehehe…..

      • Was it a 2006 video? I hope so because that would make it 5 years ago. A lot of things can change in 5 years.

    • I saw a short video which show KJH at his home, which looks bigger and different… this could be his current place.
      Will try to find the link…

  34. Does anyone know what is the brand of the watch that KJH wore on their last scene in the cliffs of Jeju? 🙂

    Thanks much!

    • I like the one Kang Ji Hwan wore when he visited Yoon Eun Yeh’s (AJ) home in ep16! He has wore lots of very stylish watches in the LTM.

  35. Ah, ockoala, you are not only kind but modest to no end. I will post my opinion on your review of LTM at Thundie’s instead of here as you requested, but just know that your review has touched a different, yet-untapped cord on LTM that I didn’t know existed. It was like being in a different world and unique perspective and yet we have all watched the same drama. That’s the kind of magic you wield, and I bow in deference for that.

  36. I do not even know the way I finished up here, however I thought this submit was good. I don’t recognise who you’re but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger if you aren’t already. Cheers!

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