Additional Unaired Scenes from the Mary Stayed Out All Night D-Cut Set

I brought two cut scenes from Mary Stayed Out All Night in an earlier post here, but now I’m bringing the remainder of the scenes that were not shown in the broadcast but added back later for the Director’s Cut edition of the M3 DVD. To be honest it’s not absolutely necessary that these scenes were added, but every little additional moment between Mae Ri and Mu Gyul is precious to me.

My favorite of the cut scenes is after Mae Ri does her absymal kale bouquet dance while handcuffed to Mu Gyul, set to the performance of “Take Care, My Bus”, the band tells her she did well. Mae Ri says she’s beyond mortified, but then Mu Gyul smiles warmly at her (remember they are still rather frosty at this point before the big “you told me not to like you” epiphany) and then pats her on the head and tells her she did well. I swear he treats her like she’s his personal cat. All the cut scenes after the jump.

Cut Scene from episode 3 here

Mae Ri and Mu Gyul in his van after they go dumpster diving to decorate his house.

Cut Scene from episode 5 here

Jung In brings box sets of dramas to Mae Ri and they discuss her helping with the script for Beautiful Day. Mae Ri has a conversation with her friend So Ra.

Cut Scene from episode 8 here

Added scene after Mae Ri does the kale bouqet dance onstage.

Cut Scene from episode 9 here

Jung In and Mae Ri in the car. She tells him she won’t pick him, he tells her he won’t give up on her.

Cut Scene from episode 16 here

Mae Ri, Seo Jun, and Jung In sit in a coffee shop and catch up after the one year time jump. Jung In suggests they all get together to make a sequel to Wonderful Day.


Additional Unaired Scenes from the Mary Stayed Out All Night D-Cut Set — 34 Comments

    • you beat me to the first comment….wahaha anyway I haven’t seen this drama….will I ever with all the buzz in mah life ryt now sesh… 😉

  1. I’m guessing there is no BTS footage of the ally kiss? *sigh* Of course not, that would make us all too happy. (and I still believe the writers, directors, PD’s and everyone on this drama with the exception of the actors wanted us to be miserable. ROFL!)
    Makes me glad I didn’t fork over the money for the DVD though. I wonder why they never released anything … Ah well. Thank you for continuing to provide info about our Geun/Geun couple! Still miss them.

    • there is actually. but it’s the alley kess bts for the first part of episode 9, not the one at the ending of episode 8 which is the hottest kiss scene in the history of korean drama…i think it’s too hot for TV. lol

      • let me correct my spelling. it’s “KISS”. got too excited typing…kkkkk

    • There is a BTS of the alley kiss. In fact they rehearsed in different angle, shots. I tell you they are so sweet while rehearsing that scene. 😉

  2. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I miss Mae-ri and Mu-gyul (and our GeunGeuns together onscreen!) so much! I really hope they do another project together soon.

    • They once said in an interview recently, they promise each other they will work again in the future. Hopefully it will not take too long to happen. 😉

  3. I just checked all the links. Every video is correct and working. If you can’t access it, then it means Sina video is blocked whever you happen to be.

    Which does make me curious which country(ies) block Sina vids?

  4. Hi Koala!
    I know you are not recapping the k-drama You’ve Fallen for Me, but I gotta say that it’s getting better. Starting at episode 4.

    Your fan~

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Miss the Geun Geun couple very much, hoping to hear them dating for real (hey, one can always dream right).

  6. I watched only one cut scene (kale dance) and it made me miss the couple again. I love how she says she has two left feet when in reality the lady can dance. That Geun Geun ride was fun and painful but Wi Mae Ri and Kang MG will live on in my heart. Thank you always for keeping them alive.

  7. thank you x57899990000098978 for sharing this with us :]

    Mae Ri’s boquet dance is still a HILARIOUS classic ;P

    i hope GeunGuen gets to work together again in the future <3

  8. The two of them can be doing laundry for an entire hour for all i care as long they share the same screen. 🙂

  9. waaaaah!!!!! jung in… he really took a piece of my heart, no, actually big chunks of my heart… the geungeun pair is fantastic but still in my eyes JGS can’t compare to KJW. this is one of the few dramas wherein i can’t decide who to ship. i suggest that there’s atwinn of mae ri here that way jung in won’t be sad…

  10. Thanks a bunch Captain for this! I have the DVD set and have seen all those. This post will surely give happiness to those GeunGeun/MSOAN lovers who were not able to get the copy. Now, what i’m eager to see is your post of the interview of the 3 leads 🙂

    GeunGeun fighting!

  11. alamak i am unable open the unaired scene, pls kindly addd in again, tks.

    also VERY VERY VERY URGENT = lolo geungeun lovers keep voting our
    darling mgy and jgs – jgs currently no.2 and tho mgy no.1 but min young park seems to be close PLS PLS PLS LOVERS VOTE VOTE VOTE KEEP VOTING.
    as dont want them to lose this grand prize. hoping they can be together to recd the prize. PLS MAKE IT HAPPEN

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