Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won Attend MNET 20 Awards Show to Receive Drama Awards for Best Love

I really do not follow awards shows, except to check out the fashion, because frankly it’s all pointless and mostly backdoor manuveuring at the end of the day. But I like them for pure entertainment purposes (pretty people, shiny things, me likey). MNET 20 is the only Summer awards show in Korea, intended to be nothing but a popularity contest plus pat on the back. The hottest ratings couple of the early half of the drama year has been without a doubt Cha Seung Won‘s Dokko Jin and Gong Hyo Jin‘s Gu Ae Jung, of Best Love fame.

Both naturally got awarded the hot actor and actress award from MNET, with the results determined by 30% fan votes and 70% MNET deciding. Which if you know your percentages and statistics, means that MNET decides the winner. Period. So please don’t comment about who was robbed of any award. That annoys me. Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won are two of my favorite actors and I’m happy to see them looking mighty fine and accepting an award on a rainy night in Seoul.

Kim Gab Soo ahjusshi presented Hyo Jin with her award? Complete and total love. Awwwww, they need to work together. With both of their impressive and hella long resumes, I’m surprised they’ve never been in a drama or movie together yet. Hyo Jin looks absolutely perfect for this award show – edgy, hip, and cool, with her rockerish top, sleek fitted jeans, and Timberland-esque booties. She also won some style icon award, which she is, even if her style is edgier than most Korean ladies are wont to wear. She belongs in Paris, with her tendency to go either way avant garde or strangely retro.Β Conversely, I’mΒ not sure why Cha Seung Won is dressed like an ahjusshi when he normally is so casual hip. A plaid suit, Seung Won? No no no, I do not approve. Still, love his happy doofy grin.

The hosts of the show were Suzy of Miss A and Song Joong Ki. Love their youthfulness, though a part of me would have loved to see Suzy host with Kim Soo Hyun. Nevertheless, this MNET awards thingie reminds me of the MTV Movie Awards. Win or lose, it’s just another entertainment spectacle at the end of the day.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won Attend MNET 20 Awards Show to Receive Drama Awards for Best Love — 42 Comments

  1. I was going to say how I don’t like Gong Hyo Jin’s outfit at all. XD

    Song Joong-ki in that sleek suit looked mighty fine. Oh boy, my noona crush is getting worse. ^^’

    Btw, I’ll never get used to Cha Seung-won without a hint of his typical goatee, the way he sported it in City Hall?

    • I lub her outfit! It’s more sane than half the odd but memorable stuff Hyo Jin wears. Or maybe cuz I secretly wore something similar and don’t want to project your dislike of it on myself….. πŸ˜‰

      • Haha, true. Her fashion sense is…well, unique. πŸ™‚

        Which reminds me I kind of miss JGS’s weird outfits. ^^

      • Wow actually I have a similar shirt….but mine was a lot revealing the holes are bigger no pins I bought in Bugis SG….fun! Never though pins will be the in thing…. huh the guy is consistent with his character huh ahjussi???? πŸ˜‰

      • well actually as soon as i saw her full pic, i was in love with her outfit! good sense of style in my opinion πŸ™‚

    • lol I just saw that same shirt featured in a DIY project in Cosmo this month. Apparently the design was on the runway, but for a cheaper alternative you could cut up a black shirt and put in safety pins yourself.

    • I loved it too…she looks awesome…everytime i see all i can see are her never ending legs, they are just soooo long, lucky! πŸ˜›

  2. Thanks Mam….congratulations to all the winners……I must agree with sere..don’t like GHJ’s outfit n she looks too skinny!! CSW looks younger…love it…xixixixi…

    • I do like her outfit ^^ I think she’s naturally very slender, but her legs do kind of seem very skinny. But she looks radiant and healthy, so everything’s all right!!! ^^

      I have no idea why, but I like Suzy a lot!!! XD She just has something really lovable to me, and I’m happy she hosted this. I can’t get over how she’s so young, though! O_O

  3. Sorry, but i just want to get this out of my system.

    Why does Mnet do a Public Poll if they already decided the winner, what’s the point exactly?
    This just irks people and create misunderstanding among fans of different artists. It just plain STUPID I say.

    • 1. MNET runs the award. They can do whatever they want. They can decide the person who shows up first gets the award. It’s called arbitrary and capricious. I deal by not taking this seriously.

      2. MNET said public votes count for 30% of the total. That is miniscule. Someone would need to almost quintuple the second place winner’s fan votes to even have that overtake MNET’s decision.

      If guy 1 gets 500,000 votes, and guy 2 gets 300,000, guy 2 can still easily win because MNET’s choice counts for 70% of the total. Statistically it’s just that simple. Not sure where the disconnect is. The public poll is pointless for sure, but hey, so is this little shindig.

      This is clearly the Dancing With the Stars voting system. Which is about as fair as letting one horse start 5 lengths ahead of the others for the running of the Kentucky Derby.

      • i don’t know about other categories but i do know that CSW was winning by far in the public votes (btw i vote for him) so if the public vote for him and mnet too… well i guess he deserved to win.

  4. Why is the stig at the awards show…..?

    Aside from that, I LOVELOVELOVE Gong Hyo Jin’s outfit. I wish I could pull off more edgy stuff like that *sigh*.

      • I was thinking the same thing! Whats with The Stig? And why isn’t anybody saying anything about The Stig…Sorry…just have to say The Stig few more times…
        And CSW…got to watch some more CSW soon πŸ™‚

  5. Are those real safety pins on GJ’s shirt? Interesting… although I’d be afraid that they might stab me πŸ™‚

    Definitely reminds me of the MTV movie awards… or People’s choice awards or kids choice awards or whatever those are just not completely choice. It’s good fun and fashion — who can deny that GJ and CSW had the most recent hottest ratings drama hit πŸ™‚

    • the lady wearing the peach dress is Suzy from Dream high. i love Suzy’s dress as well. the guy beside her isn’t the one from Paradise Ranch, it’s Song Joong Ki from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

  6. I want her entire outfit ! So snazzy cool! Especially d timberland with heels!
    Hmm , where to get..?
    Oh! CHA Seung Won ,I like , NO! I LURVE whether sunny side up ( tanned skinned) or poached ( fair ). Goatee on Seung Won is a must-have cos , for me, he looks smokin’ hawt!* heart palpitating fast!* OK OK , its 1.30am in d morning & I can’t get too CHA-ed up! * gotta think sweet, unsexy things..muffins…kids…my fish tt likes to swim upside down…* Snore zzzzzzz

    • Since the ceremony was held at a swimming pool at the Walkerhill, I think GHJ is dressed perfectly appropriately, considering co-host SJK was dressed like he was attending a rock hoedown. It was genuinely a very casual event. Just like the MTV Movie Awards or the People’s Choice Awards.

      • ockoala, i love that you keep defending her outfit. i love it too! she looks great. =)

        thanks for posting this. i’ve been having ding-dong withdrawal. choong-jun!

      • I wonder if those guitar works…yep so People’s Choice they have surf boards and MTV has pop corn….

    • I think she looks great. This ceremony looks less formal and more like a fun summer awards show. It has the feel of the MTV Movie Awards or maybe the Teen Choice Awards (where the trophy is a surfboard!!). BTW love Cha Seung Won’s outfit…he’s looking very young these days.

  7. gotta agree with you, the dress up is similar to the MTV Movie Awards or the People’s Choice Awards. It’s MNET 20 show and they added the polls as an afterthought to hype people to watch. Interesting results.

  8. i’m so happy for GHJ and CSW… congrats to you both!!!!
    an CSW looks so young and happy… love him!!!
    thanks for sharing

  9. I agree with ockoala that GHJ looks great in that outfit and it is very fitting for this type of event. That outfit is actually better than most of the outfits she wore as Ae Jung on Best Love. I mean, that outfit she wore for that game show she was on that first ep was CRAZAY with the weird pads on the shoulders. I wonder how much input she had in her character’s style for the show.

  10. Maybe the winner gets to pimp their ride? Or someone’s taking cues from transformers (vrroom vrroom vroom) and Stig is taking them for a ride in one of those fancy wheels??

  11. not fan of CSW outfit BUT LOOOOVE GHJ style as usual. She has her own style, doesnt seem to be dressed: she knows what she likes, what fits on her & she always adds a personal touch also that’s what I call PURE STYLE
    she reminds me Alexa Chung

  12. I totally love her outfit too, I wish i had the money and the body to fit into that.. totally stylish, but what happened to his outfit so plain and boring… and MUSTACHE! its gone again.. i thought it came back? but hUH??

    anyways, thanks for posting lovely pictures! πŸ™‚ Too bad they weren’t next to each other.. I wish! πŸ˜€

  13. me too, i love GHJ outfit, so appropriate for the event..hype and edgy, that’s her personal style and she pulled it off so well…..i wish though that CSW was also dressed casually with sockless shoes (like he did in best love), i find him sexier and hotter that way…anyway, congratulations to both of them, they deserve the award…more awards, please

  14. Actually, I read in a few articles that 30% was based on the online poll, 50% was based on a survey done of people in Korea, and 20% was MNET.

    Honestly, I’m just happy to see Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin win. I must be in the minority because I actually like Cha Seung Won’s outfit. LOL! GHJ looks gorgeous.

  15. I love Gong Hyo-jin’s outfit, except maybe the shoes – the idea of them was OK, but in practice they look more hip-hop than punk rock.

    On the other hand, Cha Seung-won looks like he raided Kim Gab-soo’s closet πŸ˜€

  16. Love Best Love. I’m so glad they won and I’m glad song joong ki got to host. But what i really want to see is joong ki in another drama. I loved him in SKK Scandal.

  17. Hehehe yup and my constellation agreed with meh…..this BL drama had a good thing coming awesome and superb… πŸ˜‰

  18. To anyone who loved Best love & has not had d pleasure of watching City Hall. Please go watch it! CSW may look slightly older there, but more manly , less dorky & so so swooningly romantic ! His reel chemistry with Kim Sunah was spot-on & scarily real. I came straight from that to Best love.
    He does look extremely refreshed & younger in BL. Well, he is well-known for being a super hot ahjussi so very probably he did some minor stuff to his face in a land famous for facial upgrading procedures.No matter , he’s really good in both shows! I enjoyed him in d role in CH more tho…(*_^)
    As for Gong Hyo Jin, I’ve always enjoyed her natural & down to earth acting.
    One of my favourite actress of all of Kland. Her dressing , well ,most often its not well coordinated in the shows , dunno why.

  19. I love GHJ’s outfit. Her outfit is so unique and different, she has her own sense that makes me really really impressed .. πŸ˜€

  20. i love GHJ’s outfit…it rocks..so cool and edgy…different from the way korean actresses dress up, her sense of style is unique and she pulls if off very well here..i also think that she is appropriately dressed for this event…

    AS for CSW, well, i also wish that he was dressed up more casually like those unique style of his in BL…anyway, he is still hot and sexy…

    for both of them, congratulations, you deserve those awards and i expect more to come out of their BL drama…

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