Written Preview for Episode 13 of Drunken to Love You

I’m so happy I looked beyond my general preconceived notions of TW idol dramas and went into Drunken to Love You with a very relaxed mindset. It’s such a mellow drama, but one where each hour spent with it just fills me with a sublime feeling of contentment. I’m at a point where I’m not rushing Xiao Ru anymore, because I love watching Jie Xiu fight for her. Doesn’t watching that man do everything he can for the woman he loves leave you breathless?

Written preview for cup 13:

Just as Xiao Ru is teetering on the brink of life and death, Jie Xiu arrives and manages to rescue her. But then a throwaway remark by Jie Xiu makes Xiao Ru remember a painful memory she wants to forget. It causes their simmering relationship to take a plunge into freezing temperatures.

Watching these two lovebirds dance the tango of one step forward two steps back, Samantha finally gets fed up. She decides to join forces with her son and force Xiao Ru to say what she really feels. Jie Xiu must’ve have been an ice-cream cone in his past life, because he’s about to unleash even more sweet tactics that will melt Xiao Ru and even Samantha.

Jie Xiu finds out from Meng Jun that when Xiao Ru was adopted, she accidentally caused an accident that injured her adoptive sister. This accident is why Xiao Ru refuses to accept Jie Xiu and ignore Avril’s pain. To help Xiao Ru deal with this unresolved issue, Jie Xiu finds Xiao Ru’s adoptive sister to try and help the two work through their pain. Except this task is turning out to be harder than Jie Xiu expected….

Can Jie Xiu help resolve the hurt between the two sisters and allow Xiao Ru to finally regain her courage to fight for her own happiness? One the other hand, Xiao Ru decides to play a prank to get back at Daniel for the one he played on her. Daniel, feeling guilty about what he did, can only grit his teeth and enjoy the special “meal” Xiao Ru prepared for him. Just when he’s enduring Xiao Ru’s flavor bomb of a meal, Xiao Ru suddenly discovers Daniel’s real identity, leaving him stunned…..


Written Preview for Episode 13 of Drunken to Love You — 19 Comments

  1. “Doesn’t watching that man do everything he can for the woman he loves leave you breathless?”

    Yes…Absolutely. This drama has me in the palm of its hand. Like everyone else here, I’ve watched a lot of dramas, but there is something special, gentle and wonderful about this particular one. To me, Jie Xiu is right up there with Darcy and Thornton. And trust me. I don’t say that about just anyone.

  2. Thank you Ms. Koala for your re-caps! Your re-caps got me to watch Taiwan dramas again. Now I can’t wait for my next DTLY fix.

  3. I don’t think they made daniel’s storyline good enough tbh….. but I’m going to enjoy the upcoming episode! A lil more melodrama since it was starting to get on the cheesy side…. Thanks for the preview~!

  4. Thank You!! for this tidbit to tide us over until the actual showing,

    I wish they’d do something about Daniel’s hair.

    • dan’s hair is hot, okay D:<
      spesh the bit when he gets punched away after saving Xiao Ru from drowning ;D

      • >>> spesh the bit when he gets punched away after saving Xiao Ru from drowning ;D

        Yupz about the only time it was acceptable (for me at least). 🙂

  5. haha I especially love the simile of Jie Xiu being an ice cream cone in his past life XDD
    how true!! at this stage the real enjoyment of this drama is about watching how JX tries to win his girl!

  6. oooh yeah, mrs koala, have you found the extra helipad scene from Sunny Happiness? I’ve searched practically everywhere and still haven’t found it D:

  7. Jie Xiu’s character is very well written. The OTP’s storyline is the only thing I look forward to in this series. The introduction of Daniel’s seems unnecessary and Samantha’s character seems forced although necessary.

    I hope the writer does a good job of handling the adoptive sister’s backstory.

    Thanks ockoala for this snippet of preview. ONE.MORE.DAY.

  8. ” Doesn’t watching that man do everything he can for the woman he loves leave you breathless?”

    Yeah, it does. And it makes me wish that he’s pursuing me instead. hahahahaha I so like his character in this drama and the way he stares at her! AHHHHHHH

  9. Quick question, I read that this show is 20, 15, or even 25 episodes long, which is it really? I’m really confused, is this the halfway point of the last leg of the journey?

  10. You see, this is why I lurve and crave Drunken To Love You? Why you ask? You dare to ask why? I can’t believe you!!! Shame on you!!! LOL

    Because is a refreshing, big romantic, great comic, low drama, that doesn’t deal with EVIL antagonists, who want to “die baby die” the lady character, no, no. In DTLY all the trend is to deal with all the spectre of human emotions and how we deal with them! It represents:

    *Betrayal = Yian Xi (fountain throwing thingy man) and how can a mistake, can “crash” the rest of your life (I want to say another word, but we are PG!)

    *Forgiveness = Peggy (well, when Xiao Ru only wants her and the baby happiness, and how Jie Xu is trying that Xiao Ru can forgive herself, and start “living” without any regrets, obviously with him)

    *Deception, selfishness = Daniel,( he can’t forget Xiao Ru, nor forgive her that she move on without him) Avril ( every time she “freak” the life of Jie Xiu, putting herself before every thing else, hurting Jie Xiu on the process, but he move on, and at the end, the one who get hurt the most was Avril, because Jie Xiu can love again, and with more density and intensity than before, but Avril, will never be love, the way Jie Xiu lurve her!! Shame on you bad actress, this time, is your time to lose, accept it damn it!!! *sighs* Samantha, welll she won bad parenting award, what else could I say, (look Ajhumma, Oba-san **sorry don’t have the Taiwanese word for middle age lady**I still don’t forgive you for hurting Il Mio Picollo Amore (my little love), oh uh, that is a NO NO!!!)

    *Weakness, lack of courage, confusion = Xiao Ru, despite the fact that she is a wild boar, and fight like a LION when it comes to others, but when it comes to “issues of her own heart” she doesn’t have a clue, I mean, “she cant take what is from others” WTH? Newsflash to you, little lady, you don’t own people, that is called slavery, and there where wars to end slavery, who actually was ended in 1833, you know almost 200 years ago, jeezz, did you know any history!!! You can fight for the happiness of other, but when it comes to your own, you don’t do it!!! You are what I call an auto destructive emotional terrorist ( a homey emotional terrorist). Please free your self!! One of the greatest composer/writer/singer Bob Marley have a song that says : “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds”… you are the only one, who can put a stop, to your suffering, only you, can do that, no one else!!

    *Determination, vulnerability, sense of direction = Jie Xiu Il Mio Piccolo Amore, what else can I say, you don’t only know what the hell you want, you have the courage, the strenght, the determination to go after it!!! And you know well that in the end, you are gonna win, why, because, you put your heart and soul, in the line, and when you do that, despite the result, you ARE a winner!! PS, if Xiao Ru, doesn’t want you, give me a call, I will be waiting!!! I LURVE YOU LONG TIME!!!!!! LOL

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