Yoo Seung Ho Teams up with Kim Ha Neul in the Movie Blind

I feel like Yoo Seung Ho has such a similar career trajectory as Jang Geun Seok it’s astounding, minus the seven year age difference between them. Especially now that both guys have starred with Kim Ha Neul in a movie. Both are child actors revered for being pretty much the best of their group, and both tend to play older than their age in many roles during their teens years. Yoo Seung Ho is currently starring in Warrior Baek Dong Soo on SBS, but his thriller movie Blind with Kim Ha Neul will be released on August 11 and that will give him a double whammy of a successful Summer. Below are some stills and the full trailer for the movie.

In the movie, Kim Ha Neul plays a blind woman who witnesses a murder, presumably by hearing, smelling, sensing the crime since she can’t see. Yoo Seung Ho plays a rebellious teenager (yay, he plays his age), who is also a witness to the murder. Both of them become the murderer’s next target and they must team up to escape his clutches and bring him to justice. I think Korea makes great tense nailbiting movies like Blind, and this one definitely looks good.

Trailer for Blind:


Yoo Seung Ho Teams up with Kim Ha Neul in the Movie Blind — 14 Comments

  1. Dang!!!! Nice!!! Totally!!! LOL

    I so hoping to go to the movies!!! To bad this movie wont get to my country movie theater!!! That sucks!!!

  2. Ms Koala, I totally agree with your statement that Korea makes the best nail-biting movies around. I recently saw ‘The Man from Nowhere’ and ‘I Saw the Devil’ and these were great movies. I like that although some scenes are heinous, there is no gore. This movie looks awesome. I am dying to see if her acting is as great as they say it is since I have only seen Piano and I was bored. I have to wait til Netflix gets it so a long time.
    I changed my moniker because of an event that I am proud of not to deceive since you know who I am. Hope it’s ok.

  3. Yoo Seung Ho is sooooo talented and cute like a lovely puppy!!! This movie looks pretty cool to me hope I’ll be able to watch it later on this year.
    Gosh he is like a creamy chocolate cake on the 3rd day of a diet: you know you should’nt have it, but you still want it…

  4. Oooh,the trailer looks good. I guess I should go watch the drama FIYAH to catch our cutie pie YSH’s performance(I know…I’m probably one of the rare few who has YET to watch that wonderful drama,hehe)
    Also,is the detective(??)in this movie the same great actor/detective/assistance in my fav drama-Joseon X Files?

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