Sony Music Asks Fans to Pick Rainie Yang’s Upcoming Album Cover

If I say Rainie Yang is having the hottest year of her career, starting from when she was crowned the Best Actress winner at the Golden Bell Awards in October 2010, that would be an understatement. The girl is on fire, with her two dramas currently airing both winning the time slot in its respective market.

Drunken to Love You is number one in Taiwan, and Sunshine Angel is number one in China. After a year and a half hiatus from singing, Rainie’s new album Longing For is getting ready to drop. Sony Music spent over NT 2 million for the album jacket shoot alone. Because the pictures turned out so amazing, Sony is holding a fan vote for which of the two pictures above will be the album cover. Click here to vote. You’ll need to enter your name, telephone, and email in that respective order in the three boxes before hitting submit.

I personally like the angelic Rainie, but that is always her image, so perhaps she ought to showcare a more passionate and intense Rainie for this album. Sony also solicited fan storyboards for the first MV off the album, for the song “We Are All Fools” off the Drunken to Love You OST. Apparently the majority of the submitted stories all involve cheating or getting cheated on.

Rainie was in Europe last month to shoot the album jacket, and she confessed that she actually strained her neck muscles doing the shoot because she had to maintain a look of “longing” for such a prolonged period of time she couldn’t move her neck afterwards. Poor Rainie. I love every single preview picture from this new album. She looks stunning and luminous.

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Sony Music Asks Fans to Pick Rainie Yang’s Upcoming Album Cover — 17 Comments

  1. I like the one with the stars it’s sophisticated…the green one looks an imitated….she passed the animated image 😉

  2. ok i’d be the first to profess that i was so totally not a fan of rainie in her early days (ie. Devil Beside You and all the assorted cutesy acts) but lately, this more mature Rainie is growing on me thanks to DTLY. and I find that I adore her relative frankness when speaking to the media and behind the scenes with her co-workers. While she’s not the greatest singer ever, I do appreciate her attempts to not follow the tried and tested like the other pop princesses (cue Cyndi Wang and her forever cuteness in image and work.) really looking forward to see what she pulls out of her hat next.
    and just wanna say thank you for this awesome blog which i find insanely awesome cos it dips its toes into the tw, c, k, j scene, just the way i like it.. =)

  3. I most definitely prefer the angelic Rainie, simply because it irks me that the lighting on the night picture is so off…. terrible photoshop work. But for the close-ups, the night one with the stars is really pretty.

    • hahaha actually it is irritating the red background, it should be more softly night effect not the end of the world sunset ahaha…. they could have changed hues and balance….rgv and so on photoshop…. 😉

  4. I don’t know if it’s her mole or must be her eyes… she kinda resemble Natalie Portman. They have that kind of beauty that’s ethereal and passionate… 🙂

  5. I would have voted for the night picture except for her hand – the way you can’t see any fingers is weirding me out!

  6. I personally like the angelic Rainie, but that is always her image, so perhaps she ought to showcare a more passionate and intense Rainie for this album.
    I think you are absolutely right but the white just looks better. And I think its the time period(season appropriate). It’s summer, it’s breezy, it flatters her haircut, etc. I also think she also looks sexier without trying. There’s a mystery behind her eyes in the first pic where in the second there’s wonder… I like mystery.

    Can’t wait to see how it all shakes down! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Why do you need to go to Europe to shoot next to stone walls and having a sunset as the background? Aah.. Maybe the whole sets of photos will show the Europe a lot more.
    anywaay… She looks gorgeous on both pictures. Hard to chose, but I’m gonna go with the night version. Lovely 🙂

  8. Rainie Yang has really grown into a beautiful woman hasn’t she…
    I still remember her pubescent look in her first drama “Meteor Garden”.

    Love the angelic shots… the night shot is not good.

  9. I say use the dark/blue nightsky close up of her face for the front, and the light angelic full body for the back jacket. Both close up’s of her face are gorgeous, but I like the starry night background. The blue dress and it’s whole expensive box design does not do it for me… don’t they pay professionals to validate these dresses?

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