InStyle Korea Photospreads for Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Nam Joo

The three lovely cover ladies for InStyle Korea‘s 100th edition, Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Nam Joo, also graced the inside pages with their own photospreads. Bringing you all three sets of pictures, which are very different, and yet so stunning in their own way. Geun Young rocks a edgy Gangnam-girl with-a-Hongdae-attitude, Tae Hee does a lady-takes-a-Route 66-roadtrip concept and runs with it, and Nam Joo is the essence of a rock-star-chaebol-wife-with-edge. All three ladies are currently between projects, so it’s extra wonderful to see something new from them even if it’s just stills.

Moon Geun Young:

Kim Tae Hee:

Kim Nam Joo:

[Credit: all pictures from Instyle Korea]


InStyle Korea Photospreads for Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Nam Joo — 25 Comments

  1. Love Kim Tae Hee’s shots. Absolutely stunning.
    Kim Nam Joo is so beautiful…
    Moon Geun Young looks gray but somehow does not own the camera as much as the other two… she needs a few more years.

  2. Thanks Captain for sharing the spreads. All the three ladies looks great!

    I’ve seen all photos of my fave girl MGY in the mag, definitely deserve to grace this special issue. She is just awesome!

  3. I will never be that skinny, I can never reduce my freakin rack no matter how I lose my weight it’s such a bug…. frustrated…. anyway I love Instyle, it’s so chick rather than vogue….hmmm better hit the treadmill soon shucks tennis ain’t gonna make me this slim…. 😉

  4. Is it just me or does Moon’s cover look incrediblely over photoshopped she looks great in her spread but the cover ugh

  5. KNJ’s make-up is awful. She looks older than she is o_O.

    And MGY still is sporting her “Looking like a young Teenager” theme. Woman, you have to grow up or you will age early. At least a bit more food would do wonders.
    I really like her but seeing her get more and more skinny and now anorexic looking just to stop becoming a woman, it makes me anxious.

    KTH photos are pretty. I like the clothes and they fit.

  6. The older the actress , the more photoshopped she gets! Thats a reality.
    KNJ more than KTJ & both , more than MGY. Everything goes south with age! But the end product makes everyone here look like flawless
    wrinkle-less Venus-es on print !!
    Actually ,we’d all would look great too with THAT much help fr d pros! YES!

  7. Wow Kim Tae Hee is looking gorgeous. I love everything about her shoot!
    I haven’t seen MGY photoshoots before, but is she always like this, blending in the background?
    KNJ is a beautifull woman, but the hair and make-up don’t look flattering on her. But she does own the camera, didn’t notice anything else around her.

  8. I’m gonna have to say that KTH’s spread is my favorite. The palette is bright and fresh and she looks sporty and chic. Whereas for me it seems like the backdrop in MGY’s shoot is gonna eat her up. It probably has to do with the dreary looking palette and that the fact that MGY looks so small in these shoots. And I must say, for a 40 something lady KNJ is KILLING it!

  9. Looks like KTH has got more votes. What can I say… except that she is gorgeous or maybe after her “my princess”, I am more taken in by her…

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