2011 Mid-Year Roll Call: Who is In and Out of the Military

When I was watching episode 1 of Spy Myung Wol today, I noticed TPTB (The Powers That Be) not only made recently released from the military Eric do the obligatory shirtless shower scene, it also made him do an even more gratuitous swimming scene. All in the same episode. Considering second male lead Lee Jin Wook is also freshly six-packed and back from MS, I’m surprised he didn’t (yet) take his shirt off. I bet it’ll happen in episode 2. TPTB will never let a good six-pack go un-ogled by the viewers.

This got me thinking that I ought to do a once a year sweep of the K-entertainment scene, akin to a roll call of the actors who are currently serving their country. I hereby bring you a list of the guys currently in military service and recently released within the last year or so. Expect the ones who went in without any visible abdominal muscles to suddenly return as a mini-Hulk, and the ones who were already fit to return appearing completely chiseled from stone.

Locked Up and Away From Koala’s Grabby Hands:

Lee Jun Ki (less than one year remaining)

Hyun Bin (a year and a half remaining)

Kim Rae Won (will be out next month – start hyperventilating, ladies)

Im Joo Hwan (just enlisted)

Kim Ji Hoon (a year and three months remaining)

Kim Nam Gil (less than a year remaining)

Joo Ji Hoon (out in November 2011)

Lee Dong Gun (less than a year remaining)

Lee Wan (less than a year remaining)

Jung Kyung Ho (a year and three months remaining)

Kang Dong Won (recently enlisted)

Back to Koala’s Warm Embrace:

Jo Hyun Jae – first post-MS project: 49 Days

Jae Hee – still has not picked a post-MS project

Lee Dong Wook – first post-MS project: Scent of a Woman

Kim Jae Won – first post-MS project: Can You Hear My Heart

Ryu Soo Young – first post-MS project: My Princess

Lee Jin Wook – first post-MS project: Spy Myung Wol

Eric – first post-MS project: Poseidon (uncompleted) and Spy Myung Wol

Jo In Sung – still has not picked a post-MS project

Kim Jeong Hoon – first post-MS project: I Need Romance


2011 Mid-Year Roll Call: Who is In and Out of the Military — 99 Comments

    • I so I agree with you!!!hahahahah…this is just ockoala’s excuse!!!better if she posted their chiseled body instead:)

      • truly I love men in uniform ripped them off and make them dance the lambada…..R18….joke I’m harmless ;-D look at my name I Love Bumble Bee LOL πŸ˜› anyhoe the guy Lee Dong Wook looks like an older version of the guy who ripped my heart out for the 10th power I’m sayin and I’m hatin the feelin grrrr…..so where’s Hyun Bin huh???? Odi Odi Chingu? πŸ˜‰

  1. Now, come to think of it, the stars/idols and the military have a mutual service going on. MS buffs them up so that when they come out they become ogle-worthy…

    Still, it’s tough being in the military. VERY TOUGH.

  2. ohhhh madame K you do know how to make this halmoni’s heart goes pitter patter…. yeahhhh you should do a roll call each year… and I can check out the mandatory post MS shower scenes…bwahahaha yunno buffed youthful bodies always a good cure for hormonal imbalances…

    • Thank you for mentioning Kim Jae Wook….one of my favourites….I had no idea he had enlisted….but that would be just like him to go in quietly. I loved his note to the fans…..and of course he looks GREAT with short hair….he’d looked great with any kind of hair πŸ™‚ Going to be a LONG two years….:(
      But on a brighter note….I am glad my Kim Rae Won is FINALLY out…been having withdrawals for the last two years….all my dvds of him are nearly worn out….welcome back KRW πŸ™‚

  3. Heeee. I appreciated this opportunity to ogle a lot πŸ™‚

    And Jo In Sung better pick a project quick, before I expire from anticipation.

    • I hear he’s leaning towards a movie. He’s so uneven for me – awesome in WHIB and A Dirty Carnival, middling in Spring Days and A Frozen Flower.

  4. I thought Kim Jae Won was excellently cast for his comeback drama CYHMH! He matured and transited well into his character that totally kicked his character in WF out of my mind. (Though I really liked his character in HJY)

    I thought Jo Hyun Jae did okay in 49 Days because I felt that Jung Il Woo shined more.

    Kim Jeong Hoon is doing okay for being such a bad guy in INR. His second lead is shining more for me.

    I am looking forward to Eric (so far so good in MW the Spy), Kim Nam Gil and Jo In Sung.

    • Ah yah!! KIM JAE WON, he pick the best drama for this yr. I can’t believe how he has mature for this drama(cyhmh) plus the chemistry of bromance on this drama is so good.hats off to Nam goong min too.

  5. Kim! Rae! Won! yesssssss

    So sad to see Im Joo Hwan go without his campus drama finding a network to air it. Darn you broadcasting companies!

    2 years seems a lot but it goes by pretty quick. Seems only yesterday that Lee Junki, Lee Dong Gun and Kim Nam Gil enlisted. I cannot wait for all the gratuitous shower sce….i mean, dramas that will pick up these post military stars next year.

      • oh, thought EOE was before his MS. did not watch that yet, thought it was MP as there was a shower scene hahaha

      • My Heon oppa is 35 already. He was in the army many many moons ago, got shipped off with Jang Hyuk. Boy did that do them good. Anyways, he did do many shower scenes in MP, but since it’s not his first post-MS project it doesn’t merit a mention here.

  6. You missed Kang Dong Won, touted to be the best actor in his age group. And the hottest. Gosh, he is yummy all over. He\s also pretty smart I hear and comes from a chaebol/like background.

  7. I read that Im Joo Hwan is currently in the hospital. They said he fainted during his training and is currently hospitalized.

  8. Kim Rae Won next month!!!! my tall dark and sexiness Kim Rae Won… Excitement bubble inside me every time I think of Rae Won long lean sexy thighs…roarrr ..I cant wait for his obligatory shower scene..

    • ..tall dark and sexiness Kim Rae Won… ..INDEED!!!!…..what I like about him is that he’s not good looking in that pretty/flower boy type of way that is so rampant for SK actors/idols…..

      • he’s a real man! UGH he’s SO CHARISMATIC. *melts just thinking about him*

  9. So many to look (to look at and to look for) but Ill stick to my fav. Lee Dong Wook :))) ShirtLESS or no…i like big time πŸ™‚

  10. Can’t wait for JGS to enlist. For that overstaying-you’ve done your job-rocker-pretty hair ‘DO to go. And for him to grow real abs.

    **JGS, I adore you to bits but you shirtless is just not adorable. I don’t understand the tendency to lift the shirt as if to tease in some photos (and a couple of scenes in Mary) because honey, there aren’t enough abdominal muscles to show off.**

  11. sigh…I miss Binnie…so glad Joo Ji Hoon will be coming out later this year
    It’s sad that the one person that I’ve been waiting to make a come back still hasn’t, and the chances of Jae Hee making one thiis year, with that back, now are pretty slim

  12. Lee Jun Ki, Hyun Bin, Im Joo Hwan, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Nam Gil, I could go on and on…. these korean hotties are seriously giving us heart attacks! I miss them guys in kdramas/ kmovies.

    • Thanks for posting the pics – wished there were some naked chests/abs to be seen, but guess we’ll have to wait cos they’ll save it for the dramas they’re going to act in once they’re out. I hope Lee Minho won’t get shipped off soon too. At least not until Hyun Bin, Joo Ji Hun & Lee Jun Ki is out.

  13. Lord, no wonder I check this blog several times a day. I can count on you to post smexy pics of hot guys. *spazzing over Lee Jun ki pic* πŸ™‚

  14. Be still my heart….Those are mighty fine specimens. Wonder if JGS might get some muscles when it’s his turn?!! hehe. Well, if anyone’s asking… Rain’s going in end of the year πŸ˜€

  15. I almost asked about Gong Woo (First Shop of Coffee Prince) but he got out last year, didn’t he? Any news of any projects he’s signed up for?

    • I am glad I wasn’t the only one who was going to mention Kim Ji Suk. He went in pretty much the day after Personal Taste wrapped, so May 2010-ish, which would give him a little under a year to serve.

      Seems to me we are missing a couple of others as well –
      Kender, as much as I adore KDW, I’m not foolish enough to fight that battle.

  16. Lets say this: Love this post.
    1. Can’t wait to see Jo In Sung(my hubbies best friend) do something. Though i doubt i’ll watch it.
    2. Kim Jae Won–He’s just amazing
    3. Jae Hee–How can he be such a pretty boy and be so Sexy at the same time?
    4. Kang Dong Won–ugh I cant wait for him to cone out of the Military. He’s so good. This may not come to fruitition, but I really want to see him and Ha Ji Won do a drama/movie together. ONE was not enough!!!
    5. Lee Dong Gun–He gives me this I’m-an-asshole type vibe, but I really like him. I mean its like he’s looking at you with an I-Dare-you-to-not-like-me smirk on his face. And so, how can you not like him? I cant wait for him to get out.
    6. Hyun Bin!!!!!!–nuf said
    Joo Ji Hoon–I wanna see him again. i want him to come back so big and cool. I loved Antique Bakery so muc. It was just so good.

    I know you guys probably think im unstable, but im not. I categorize. You cant blame me. Gong Yoo is #1 all the way.

  17. Hi Auntie K,
    I’m so happy that my Oppa Gong Yoo isn’t still in captivity I mean the military now if only Binnie-Oppa could be released then my world would be complete. Sidebar: does anyone know of a great website to watch Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy Aka Hello My Teacher , I want to rewatch it but my old website doesn’t have it anymore *sad face with tears .
    Hello playmates hope all is well over in your sandboxes πŸ™‚

  18. Whoa. Big juicy pic of Kang Dong Won. Are those eyes gazing into mine? (not Kender’s and not Thundie’s)

    Thanks Ockoala! Never thought 9-139 was a hot number.

  19. Is there any better way to start a busy day (with heaps of work at office) than having many hot manly eye candies as stress-relief medication on the computer screen?

  20. What about Jo Han-seon? I saw him in the movie The Wolf’s Temptation and another one with Choi Ji-woo (forgot the title)

  21. waaaaah JOO JI HOON!! he’s going out in November which is a perfect gift for my birthday! I wish he will get back his clean reputation and star in a drama with Yoon Eun HYe!!!! I wish, I wish , I wish.. πŸ˜›

  22. mmhm Kim Rae Won, I am fan-girling so much. The man never takes a bad picture. Thank you for the banner. Drooling.

  23. ahhh, so many men, so little time. What is a girl to do?…Godspeed to the boys still in MS. To the one’s who just got out, Welcome Back! The ladies have missed you!

  24. I am so looking forward to Kim Rae Won’s post-MS projects! It seems like yesterday when he was off to do his service. He’s one of the few who can do both heavy dramas and comedy. I’m glad it’s almost over. Yes, I’m actually starting to hyperventilate mwa ha ha ha! Ooooh Jo Hyun Jae looks mighty fine! Thanks for this post ockoala unni!

  25. koala, you forgot kim jae wook.. he just enlisted last july 5… hehe… hmm… i’m super excited for kim rae won’s return…… but i’m totally thrilled that lee jun ki will be out feb 16, 2012… his return date is the only one that i remember out of all the dates of return of my oppas.. haha.. i miss junki oppa’s gaze that just pierces through the screen and his perfect jaw line… waaaaaaaaah…..

    • oooh… i forgot to mention kim nam gil… anyhooo.. with rain going to enlist later this year and knowing he has this rock solid abs, biceps and triceps and perfect muscles in all parts of his body, i can’t imagine how she’ll like like after the enlistment… waaah… a super saiyan witha perfectly tanned skin perhaps? faints**

  26. Thanks for sharing, great reminders on who’s gonna be out soon.
    How about a list of who’s due next? for 2011 anyway~~

  27. I’m wondering when Lee Min Ho will be shipped off. I hope not just yet! I am so hooked on City Hunter right now that thinking about him out of the screen for two years is, well, really unthinkable. His absence would totally make a void in kdramaland! He’s totally hot and awesome that I always rewatch his action scenes. Sure I’ve watched him in BBF and Personal Preference but I’ve never gone crazy over him until he became City Hunter!

  28. OH! Koala, I love this post because you make me to know many Korean actors who I don’t know yet. Thanks you for your great work as usual.

  29. I need to talk more about Kang Dong Won. Do you guys know of any updated blogs or forums (or s dens) glorifying his hotness?

  30. Don’t you feel that you can really see their ‘pretty’ faces much better without their massive mop hairdo that encroaches on their foreheads? And nothing like unimaginative standard issue military tees tt allow us to appreciate their abs,triceps,biceps without any photoshop help?
    * goo-goo eyes glistening wt ….ahem..*

  31. Ms.koala or rather Mrs.Koala ( frm ur lie to me post ) doesn’t Mr.koala mind ur obsession with korean guys or u do it to make him jealous πŸ˜›

  32. Just dropping by to say i love this post! ahaha..

    Lee Jin Wook..nice that you’re out!

    Lee Wan..a few more months to go yay!

    Kang Dong Won… I can’t recognize his cuteness there in glasses..sucks you still have a long way to go… πŸ™

  33. HAY PAPACITOS!!!!!
    *nose bleed*
    *fangirl scream*
    *deep breath*
    Miss Koala Unni, where in heaven I can find one of those??

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