Written Preview for Episode 15 of Drunken to Love You

Just when it looks like smooth sailing from here on out, the drama gods simply have to throw one final wrench into the relationship of Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. I’m okay with that, because Song Jie Xiu will never let anything get in his way of creating the perfect family with the woman he loves. Swoon, the man is complete and utter love. Drunken to Love You, I hope the final few episodes rocks, because I would hate for this cute little drama to fall off the cliff at the last minute.

Written preview for episode 15:

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru finally end their fake marriage based on a mistake, taking a step towards becoming a normal couple. Having escaped from their painful past, these two people find their love reborn. Just as they are enjoying their honeymoon phase, Daniel discovers the truth about what happened in the past from the orphanage, rekindling his hope towards Xiao Ru. He decides to engage in a man-to-man battle with Jie Xiu…..

On the other hand, Avril has lost both her career and her love, paying the price for her selfishness. But in this darkest hour, she finally sees the one light which has been protecting her, Rickie. Even if Avril’s life has reached its Winter, her feelings for Rickie bring the first stirrings of Spring in the air.

Daniel has cleared up all his misunderstandings towards Xiao Ru and no longer can contain his feelings for her. When he needs support most, he clings onto Xiao Ru as his only source of comfort. Faced with Daniel’s confession, Xiao Ru doesn’t know what to do. Like a thunderstorm that hits when your roof has a leak, Daniel’s sudden kiss is witnessed by Samantha! What waves will disrupt Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu’s budding love now?


Written Preview for Episode 15 of Drunken to Love You — 13 Comments

  1. Daniel is what we call in mysteries a red herring. He’s just going to sidetrack us for a bit, then we’ll get on with our lovefest of JX & XR. Remember the pics we saw a while back of their second wedding. Nothing’s going to keep our OTP apart because their love is what’s keeps us watching and lovin’ DTLY.

  2. The trouble is samantha.not that JX will obey her to leave XR but she just going to make JX possesiveness arise and be mad with XR.that daniel really cham!
    finally that Avril girl out the picture and she got what she deserved.now we left to 4more episode?

  3. Well, Daniel is one thing. Apparently, XR is going to have her own jealousy fest too..

    Ep 15 other preview

  4. Hi! Thanks for the written preview. When is Episode 15 showing? Im just wondering how come there is a break from the regular schedule.

    Thank you!!!

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