Scent of a Woman Releases Five-minute Trailer before its Weekend Premiere

Scent of a Woman with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook premieres this weekend, and I’ve got the five-minute trailer below that appears to summarize the first two episodes. I love Sun Ah, but I hate her aegyo voice, and she’s dropping it left and right in the trailer. I’ll grit my teeth and bear it, hoping it’ll stop soon. Seo Hyo Rim has the psycho bitch face on already, and she’s about the cutest girl in person so this will be interesting to see her so nasty onscreen.

Eom Ki Joon does cold and bastardy like no one, and Lee Dong Wook doesn’t really make much of a impression on me other than in a “oh, look at that hot guy” way. The drama visuals look really pretty though, and when Sun Ah cries, a piece of my heart crumbles. Looking forward to checking this one out.

Five minute trailer for Scent of a Woman:


Scent of a Woman Releases Five-minute Trailer before its Weekend Premiere — 25 Comments

  1. Oh I hope this doesn’t disappoint… I’m excited for KSA’s comeback! The rest of the cast… we’ll see.

  2. First I gotta say, why does the picture poster at the end look that “My lovely Sam Soon” poster with the dancing pose and didn’t we also have that in City Hall? Is this a trend for all her dramas now?
    Secondly, this better not be a revenge from the doctor because of some childhood torturing he got from her. If so, he better lose his license in the end, cause that’s just so low.

  3. Yikes. The only way to watch Kim Su Nah is silently, only subtitles, no audio. That’s why I dont’ understand why everyone raves about Sam Soon when the only thing she did there was whine.

  4. I’m really excited for this drama. I like the pd and writer’s previous drama Dr. Champ a lot. I hope Scent of a Woman will have a similar slice of life to feel to it.

  5. I’m afraid Sun Ah will probably use this voice throughout the drama… I got the feeling that she has picked this voice for this Yong Jae… anyhow, personally it won’t affect my viewing experience at all.

    The scene of Yong Jae throwing her resignation letter to her boss is just heartbreaking… and her look at the hospital when Eom Ki Joon told her the diagnosis, wow. I think her acting has evolved again and I really admire her for this. Now waiting to watch it tonight!!!

    LDW’s performance in some way gave me the impression of Yi Kyung in 49 Days, because his character is also supposed to be losing the desire to live. I’ll have to watch him more though because this trailer is giving out too little information on Ji Wook his character.

  6. If they can get the right mix of pathos and humor this one might just be a winner…but then I have recently made a vow to not get my hopes up for any new drama. I’ve been burned too many times! 🙂

  7. hmmm, why do I get the feeling that this story line kind of resembles ‘Queen Latifah’s – The Last Holiday’? Well looking forward to LDW.

  8. When it first started I was like …what the heck? Why is the Lord of the Rings score over this drama preview? I still don’t get it, but whatever. It’s good music. ^_^

    This looks interesting, as long as KSA’s aegyo voice doesn’t make to frequent an appearance. I’m with you, unni, on that and in regards to LDW. He’s never been my style, so he gets a ~shrug~ until something changes my mind.

  9. KSA’s voice is starting to irritate me. i hope she tones it down in future eps. meanwhile, LDW is hot! HOt! HOT!

  10. O my GOSH, right towards the end when I thought I was going to see more of the couple time 2gether…. It END. !!!!!!!!! (T^T)

  11. :~(I don’t like much about it. I’m attracted to LDW in LDV, here he’s too vampire that needs 400yrs of more sleep for me if I’m going all shallow.

    Suna…whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Not only the voice, but it’s the trying too hard.

    For me, at least, fr the trailers, OTP2 is stealing every bit of my interest.

    *SADDD* But then it can only get better fr here *pleaseee*

  12. I think the chemistry is good between the leads, all four. I hear you n understand the points but will to overlook as I feel the characters each will portray gives me enough interest to watch it.

  13. Will give this one a try because KSA has been away too long…if I get disappointed, will watch my City Hall DVD again. Plus, looking at LDW with that great body is a treat.

  14. Watched episode 1 although I didn’t know a word from it 😛
    I am not disappointed at all – great acting of KSA, good pace, pretty cinematography, background music not bad.

    I’m all over Lee Yong Jae now.
    And we’ll be off to Okinawa tomorrow. Woohoo~

  15. Have watched the 1st 2 episode. Loved it! Love the fact that Yong Jae didn’t dwell in her own misery for too long, how she retaliate for the mistreatments and her pretty makeover!! =)

  16. I am watching this now (also re-watching City Hall for like the nth time…hehe). So far so good. It kills me that the leading man is not CSW, LOL! I will have to force myself to adjust. I still can’t get away from City Hall. I must watch at least 1 episode, 1-2 MV’s or read an article about to fall asleep.

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