Video Preview for Episode 5 of Spy Myung Wol

I knew the preview at the end of episode 4 of Spy Myung Wol wasn’t the real deal. But it’s odd for a K-drama to show non-previews this early in its airing. I can’t believe SMW is already on a live-shoot system four episodes in. Which lends credence to the rumor that the production is scrambling to fix issues viewers have with the drama so far, hence possible re-writes and re-shoots already. The real preview for episode 5 is out, and it leaves me intrigued. Actually, every preview from before the drama even premiered until now, have always seemed really interesting and cool. My issue is that when it’s all assembled, something just doesn’t feel right to me. Anyways, preview below the jump, and my summary.

Preview for episode 5:

Myung Wol wonders if Kang Woo recognizes that it’s her. Myung Wol tells Kang Woo to be careful when handling a weapon. He wonders why she appears to handle a gun so well, which she claims it’s because she grew up in a place with lots of army folks. Kang Woo asks Myung Wol who is she really?

Kang Woo and In Ah prepare for the premiere of their drama. In Ah overhears Myung Wol and Kang Woo bickering about how they kept each other up last night. Myung Wol thinks Kang Woo seems like a good guy. Choi Ryu says he didn’t anticipate this would happen. Myung Wol touches her heart and says she feels it. She stands up and yells out that she feels it!


Video Preview for Episode 5 of Spy Myung Wol — 14 Comments

  1. Woooooooow ockoals onnni u never dissapoint me i saw this preview on fb and was thinking why its not on ur site and refreshed the page and tada !!!!!!! The preview is there with translation in english u r so fast love u so much

  2. Yes can’t wait for tonight! Hope this drama can get more love! Wonder how the casts and crews are going to catch up with the overwhelming schedule right now.. HYS is still gorgeous but I noticed fatigue in the recent episodes.. her eye bags >.< … SMW hwaiting!

  3. Hi Ockoala! *waves* Thanks for the vid and translation! You’re the best! Don’t know why, but I’m just crazy about this show. I think it’s mainly cos Myung Wol takes her “mission” so seriously. Just watching the preview made me giggle.

    • woah!!! omg!!! am i really seeing post of my chinggu mayssenger?! annyeong, chinggu! it’s been ages since our last post exchange and it was mp heyday. heheh!!! hope everything is fine with you. 😀

      and once again, thank you ms k for the preview. 😀

      • alleniffffffff!!!!!!!!! My chinguuuuuuuuu!!!! Haven’t watched anything I liked since MP until Spy Myung Wol. Are you watching this as well? It’s great fun…so happy to see you again *doing the Jae Wook wave*

      • of yeah chinggu, am watching this. this is a must for me. i’m so happy you’re into this too. heheh! btw, your avatar changed. it’s now blue. ahahah! you just reminded me of our dear wookie who’s about to enter ms i guess this year.

  4. i’m still hoping this drama will get better. I do like it in general and intend to follow it all the way through, although reading episode recaps has become more exciting than watching actual episodes. Something to do with the pacing probably. Oh well, looking forward to tonight’s episode! 🙂

  5. As somebody who adores this drama as it is (it’s a rare romcom that works for me, that almost never happens), I don’t want rewrites and ‘fixing’ – I think it’s perfect as it is – both funny and with potential for melodrama. ARGH! Really bad news for me. I hate that kdramas aren’t all preshot – if they were, I wouldn’t have to worry over it.

    Also, let’s face it, whatever the quality of MW, the ratings aren’t going to get much better – it’s going against two sageuks, it’s toast.

  6. I kinda like the female lead’s personality. She is cool, somewhat naive and completely clueless about love. Please please please don’t turn her into a lovesick idiot. Please.

  7. did you stop doing the recaps?
    I really like your recaps of this drama, since they come out sooner than any other.

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