Sunshine Angel to Premiere on TTV Next Week and Wu Zun Attends the Press Conference Solo

The TW-drama airings are really driving me insane. I just wrote that Sunshine Angel will be following Drunken to Love You in September on TTV, but suddenly it’s announced that SA will premiere next week on August 4th. Buh? With zero promotion and fanfare, TTV is just dumping SA in a Thursday night time slot. I don’t understand. This drama is cute, and likely Wu Zun‘s last idol drama. And with Rainie Yang so hot right now, why not give it some more attention.

Wu Zun made a whirlwind trip to Taiwan to attend the press conference for SA by himself, since leading lady Rainie Yang did not show up with the reason attributed to a scheduling conflict. Supposedly Rainie and Zun had a falling out since she heard the rumors that he might have been married when they filmed SA, because apparently she had a crush on him back then. Don’t shoot the messenger, just reporting what the media is speculating. The fact that Rainie is showing up with Joseph everywhere and can’t do one press conference with Zun for SA is indeed odd if you ask me.

Wu Zun looks amazing in these pictures. Can you believe he’s one of the oldest of the TW-idols, with only Jerry Yan older than him. It’s astonishing, Zun is four years older than Mike He and Joseph Chang, and two years older than Ming Dao and Vic Zhou. I know, it’s like he’s hit the fountain of youth. Or as I like to believe, he’s really content and happy with his life, and that gives him the ageless glow. I can seriously just stare at him all day long.

Anyways, the China and Taiwan production partners for SA had a huge falling out (and potential lawsuit forthcoming) earlier this month when Hunan network aired SA without getting the consent of the Taiwan partners. And the Hunan airing butchered the drama by cutting almost 30% of the scenes so the result really didn’t made much sense. I stopped watching because of that, and was waiting to watch the TW-airing. I’ll definitely be watching SA again to enjoy it properly this time.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Sunshine Angel bar]


Sunshine Angel to Premiere on TTV Next Week and Wu Zun Attends the Press Conference Solo — 42 Comments

  1. I’ve always wondered what Zun’s popularity would be if he had Calvin Chen’s looks. You know, the same background, the same personality but a different, less attractive look… Since he’s seriously lacking in the talent department, would he even be popular?
    I love staring at this guy (like you, I could spend hours just looking at him), but I can’t stand watching him act (I’m glad he decided to stick to acting, though, since his singing is even worse than his acting). I know he tries hard, but he’s just no good. It kinda annoys me that he gets so many opportunities when there’s a lot more talented people who don’t even get a chance to shine. This was random. Sorry.

    Anyway, I have a feeling that the lack of promotion for this drama and its time slot has something to do with GTV still being pissed with Zun. Too bad Rainie has to be dragged to the mess he created alone…

    • I totally agree with you, this guy can’t act…I don’t watch a drama just for tasks are far beyond that…It’s so painful seeing him try to act…what a waste of screen time. Not everyone is catering to his schedule..OKAY!

    • No, the timing is because Hunan TV jumped the gun and aired Sunshine Angel in China without consulting with the Taiwan broadcasters, so Taiwan has to rush the airing or else the drama is toast if the China DVDs start trickling out. The SA mess is a dispute between production partners, completely unrelated to its stars or anything else going on behind the scenes.

      GTV may be pissed at Zun for dropping Absolute Darling, but SA is airing on TTV who makes the scheduling decisions, and Thursday is the first slot opening up. I still hate the lack of promotion, because they are basically allowing it to get buried.

    • “It kinda annoys me that he gets so many opportunities when there’s a lot more talented people who don’t even get a chance to shine.”

      I really agree with this, personally, I’m a business student, and I have to say professionally, he should not have gotten as many opportunities as he got. if i were his boss, I would say he has seriously gotten an attitude problem. Fahrenheit’s rumor mill mostly revolve around his problems with each of the other members. and with him leaving Fahrenheit and Absolute Boyfriend out to dry, and making Jiro and his other band mates shoulder all his blame, I have gone from loving the guy to kind of hate him. it’s just a professional thing I have with contracts, and loyalties to your business partners, I know boy bands do not stay together for long, but with the other three’s contract up in just a year, it really bugs me he just up and left, when he could’ve stuck with it for another year and disband properly.

      he’s like almost 32 now, and he really look like he has bathed in the fountain of youth, and God bless him for able to ride on his good looks now, he is seriously getting on in age (and marriage rumors). can’t say he can sing any more than he can act, point for trying, but without Fahrenheit, please, please don’t sing ever again. I can’t stop you acting, but from every single MV’s behind the scenes i’ve seen, he can’t actually sing or play drums (his drums are so bad they don’t even bother hiding it anymore, they can’t).

      and I find it really ironic because GTV had gotten him back into dramas to boost their rating, and now they’re just trying to get it out of the way as fast as possible…

  2. What I like about Wu Chun is that he’s so gentle but has the muscle power to balance. I like his attitude, hard to say, but people are more sexy, lovable when they don’t seem to know they are awesome. It’s like he doesn’t know how attractive he is. Where as some others, they are pretty cool, but they act like they are #1, and that decreases their points.

  3. Man, is he good-looking! Wow! I guess I would be pissed too if I spent an entire movie shoot flirting with a hot guy I thought was single, only to find out later he was happily married with children! Ackward!!!

    • And I am wondering where you got this statistic.

      And further wondering what’s the point of your comment to begin with.

      • If Zun’s pictures look middle-aged to you, why would that lead to you saying his fan base are all middle-aged women?

        I’m not getting the correlation, either linear or extrapolated.

      • You mean the ladies surrounding him? Sure, they look their age, whatever it may be.

        But again, those handful of ladies in one picture does not ALL his fans being middle-aged make. But clearly that is something you are seeking to point out. So, uhm, okay, he’s got middle-aged fans sitting next to him in one picture. 😀

        Yay for Zun, cuz those ladies logically would have more spending power than a bevy of teenage fans combined.

      • well I’m glad there are middle aged women who like him. He appeals to all ages of women and not just stuck with a certain teen group. And that helps because then he’s not stuck doing only teen idol dramas.

      • I REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT LOOKS shucks have you ever had someone when you hear his voice it’s like you hear their soul crying out to you, Aaron makes feel that way when he sings and it makes me feel ageless it’s like I’m floating, all my worries are gone and my world starts to be so light I’d probably sleep soundly in his arms 😀 MINCHIN MINCHIN MINCHIN!!!! Wu Chun seems contended….I want him to be happy, I don’t ever want to see him skinny and miserable….CHUN please be happy it breaks my heart to see you miserable 🙁

      • Yes, Chun’s fans are mostly mature since I guess they followed Chun for long time, Chun seems to be a very mature person compare to other idols too so his fans should be like him. Having majority of fans are not teen agers are good too, they would spend money and effort to support him and his works.

  4. He’s hot! lol I’m still wondering though if the rumor about him being married is true. I hope they’ll just admit the truth. Yes they’ll break lots hearts out there but like me, I will still be happy for him & will wish him the best. He’s getting old already so he should settle down & start a family. I can’t wait to see cute little wu zuns!! 😉

    • LOL! yeah you’re right about “those ladies logically would have more spending power than a bevy of teenage fans combined”..these middle-aged women have money to pay for the membership to his private website so they can hear him whisper “good night” to them almost every night…LMAO!

      • Just wondering if that’s a serious statement?
        Does he really have a private website? 🙂 *purely curious here*

        I’m part of Rain’s fans club, and the fans that I knew are ranged from primary schoolers to grannies…
        But the one that I met personally in his world tour on various countries are generally 25+ yo – and mostly are “middle age women”… most of the Japanese fans that I knew are grandmothers.. and I know for sure they are not people with so much free time, but busy career women, succesful ones, and of course that’s where the spending power from too. You can’t travel to several countries every weekend without it 🙂

        So I agree with Koala, one picture with the fans can’t justify the range of fans age, unless you do have the statistics ^^

  5. The fact that Rainie is showing up with Joseph everywhere and can’t do one press conference with Zun for SA is indeed odd if you ask me.
    Agreed. It would be petty, though. :/

    Haven’t seen him act nor hear him sing but he sure does look attractive AND way younger than his actual age. Can’t believe he’s older than Joseph Chang – my current TW flavor of the month. ^^

    • Nah, Rainie was in Tainan for an autograph session for her new album on the same day. I think TTV screwed her over with their scheduling the press conference for SA at such a last minute. It’s okay though, Rainie is all over the media these days for various reasons, so fans who like her will hopefully tune into SA regardless of whether she attended the press conference.

  6. Hehe… I didn’t realize that he’s even older than I am. 🙂 He debuted late so I always thought of him as younger – like the rest of his former group mates. But oh yeah, he looks really young. And with an infant (if rumors are true), that’s just super incredible!! 🙂

    I’m not one of his fans but I think he has that star appeal and I hope it all works out the way that he wants 🙂 Too bad that this drama is kinda getting the shaft but I can understand why TTV has to do that… once the DVD comes out, the ratings are going to be lower in TW. It’s just all sucky all around when something like that happens in post-production. I am looking forward to watching this as I think it will be really cute 🙂

    BTW – to the poster Jen 🙂 I can see what you are saying, although, it doesn’t really matter what his fan base is like — are younger fans better than older ones? Older ones have money LOL 🙂 I think he has a pretty well rounded fan base. Plus younger fans grow up and change their tastes fast and he’s getting away from idol stuff so it makes sense. Good luck Chunnie!

  7. As much as Zun’s career is likely going to become a trainwreck from this point on (according to how the media’s taking the news), I definitely want to watch Sunshine Angel (even with his not-so-impressive acting skills) because Zun is effing gorgeous! And I’m dying to see Rainie’s chemistry with Zun since the media is speculating that she had this big crush on him…

    If he is married, it’s kinda sad coz then he’s no bachelor anymore but at the same time, the thought of him holding his little girl makes me gush… I love him either way…

    • “And I’m dying to see Rainie’s chemistry with Zun since the media is speculating that she had this big crush on him…”

      I think she had big crush on all of her male co-stars but most of her dramas are suck becaust it has with no substance just hype.

  8. He is so dreamy:). His complexion is perfect and he seems like such a gentle spirit. Who wouldn’t love him? Doesn’t matter what his fan base may be, old or young all go ga ga for good looks and a nice personality to match, he’s got my vote:)

  9. I love Wu Zu beyond logic.. It’s good I don’t need logic for him to entertain me. He provides a healthy dose of cuteness and hotness… Hotty-hotty-hotty!!

  10. OT but Jen, I’m sure you’ll reach middle age at some point in your life. By then we will all wonder on this website why the artists you look up to have middle age fans hehe 😛

  11. we should give him a chance…he’s the head of the family now and I may have read that he’s tried to quit the biz because of the family he left behind.
    we can’t judge him since we have no right and we don’t know what’s going on with his personal life.
    I am looking forward to SA with Rainie Yang and I think that Rainie would not have gotten the Golden Bell Awards for Best Actress if she’s not any good at her craft. I applaud her for being where she’s at right now, she worked hard and continuing to work hard. (for her family and her fans)
    Some people have the wrong misconception that she falls for her co-stars, she is a single girl and if the other guy is single, why not? She’s just very friendly and always make it a point to make her co-stars more comfortable so they can work better and the end results better because of the built up chemistry they’ve made.
    Fighting SA!!!

  12. I used to like him a lot, but i don’t know what happen in me that I am not so like him much anymore lol! I’m going to be honest, he’s not the best actor in the world, but I agree that he i s very handsome. But I think all this mess with the rumors and the lies is trouble for me 🙁 I don’t care if he is married or have children. His career is a trainwreck from now on 🙁 so sad because he is so handsome and i know if the rumors are true that he made that lie on behalf of his career.

  13. I will wait until this drama finished airing in Taiwan to start watching. That way I don’t have to wait a week before watching the drama. Drunken to Love You left me exhausted. Jaja.

  14. I’ve been wondering, is there an unspoken yet steel rule that one has to like a star that is within 5 years of one’s age to be moral or respectable? I’m old but can I still like Disney movies such as “Tangled”? Or when I reach 70, do I have to find dramas/movies with just old 70 year olds? I like to think art & beauty have no limitation to their admirers. Entertainers are there to entertain us, to fill our lives w/ more color & fun. I like child actors, handsome idols, pretty actresses, old sweet grandpas, and I like the Redwood forest…do I have to be a tree to like a tree?

    • LOL, is this directed at Jen or simply a vague question about the mores of liking something?

      Like has no age-requirement or specificity. But Jen’s point clearly is not about who can like whom, but that she noticed tons of middle-aged ladies (oh the horror, oh the shame, to be *gasp* middle-aged) liking Zun at that press conference, ergo, somehow that’s a negative connotation.

      I can’t begin to grasp her logic or purpose, but hey, whatever she says reflects on herself, so go right ahead and say it.

      I’m a Koala and I like human entertainment, so clearly miscegenation is at work in my own life. I fully encourage the diversity of “like”.

      • Guys the people behind Disney like John Lasseter are passed middle age….Do you really think some young rookies can handle world wide marketing strategies and awesome story lines and graphic wonders….let’s not box ourselves in our thinking or else creativity will die!!!! 😉 Creativity and art is for everyone….admiration is ageless 😉

    • Ah I’m not happy with Tangled Toy Story was awesome!!!! Oscar deserving!!!! I’m looking forward to Puss in Boots by Antonio Banderas 😉

  15. I always thought he was pretty good-looking, but DAMNNN HE IS SO FINEEE lolol I don’t really follow Taiwanese entertainment, but I like reading the articles/reviews/recaps on your site 🙂 I love that you provide news from other entertainments! I’ve actually started watching Black & White because of your love for it (first TW-drama ever? lol). Maybe Sunshine Angel will be my first fluffy TW- drama? I just need to make time since I always have Korean dramas to watch and occasionally Japanese dramas. GAHHH There needs to be more time in a day lol I’ll probably tune in with zero expectations. Well, except for the fact that I’m expecting to see this gorgeous man on my screen with adorable Rainie… hehe

  16. Sorry i’m so late but i just had to LOL at Jen! I agree with blue ocean’s do i have to be a tree to like a tree. Then everyone’s overaged for something of some sort at some point in life!

    I personally like both Chun and Rainie, true his skills need polishing but he’s a pleasure to watch. Rainie on the other hand is an expert with emotions. Oh well, point is if all you have is to criticize overaged fans, why are you here reading about someone you have no interest in? Haha Jen, Jen.

    Anyway good job Mrs Koala.. Time to mourne next wkend when DTLY finishes… Bye my fav OTP to date 🙁

  17. SAY WHAT??!! He’s older than Mike He, Ming Dao and Vic Zhou??!! I NEVER would have guessed~~ It’s just a bit of downer that his acting is so weak when apparently he’s quite old and experienced 🙁 His wide eyed stare kind of reminds me of Hyunjoong’s, lol.

  18. At first I watch this drama because Rainie, and yeah I was curious with this pairing too, their chemistry on screen/off screen. Especially Rainie once said that she wanted to have drama with Wu Chun for long time. Wu chun is definitely an eye candy for sure! LOL..Although I am not really finished his previous drama because in his early acting not that great, but I did finished SA and I must say Wu chun’s acting skill improved a lot here. His emotion, facial expression much much better than his previous drama. And because of SA I became to like him too :)). It’s very pity that there were much promotion and the airing time was very late, I have watched the BTS and they showed how much Wu Chun and Rainie worked very hard for this drama and love their chemistry off screen. About Wu chun already married, I think it was false news, it was already clarified many times by Wu Chun. The girl and the baby they mentioned were his sister in law and his nephew. Sometimes the reporters just can stop spreading false news..geezz. Hope Rainie and Wu Chun will have another collaboration, love them both now 🙂

  19. *sorry i meant there’s were not many promotion for SA. And the main reason Wu Chun gave up his singing career it was because of he changed his life priority now. His family especially his father stays in Brunei, Wu Chun said he just want to have more time to spare with his old man, his father is getting old and he doesn’t want to have regret one day just because he cannot spare time for his dad, and that wish won’t come true if he is still in Fahrenheit, so he had to choose. So I think people just misunderstood him. He is very thoughtful and wise man for sure. For me I love to see his acting career than singing.

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