Kim Soo Hyun and Eunjung for the Fall 2011 Spris Ad Campaign

I miss the Dream High gang, who created memorable high school characters and made their friendship and rivalry feel real and relatable. Of the six leads, only Kim Soo Hyun is an actor foremost, and he’s also currently the only one doing an acting project, the big-budget heist movie Thieves. Eunjung is on We Got Married but I don’t consider that acting insofar as it’s just charming entertainment. They’ve been the spokescouple for Spris, a youthful sporty clothing line, and recently reunited to film the Fall ad campaign. They are beyond adorable together, and I’m looking forward to watching the next acting project from either of them.

[Credit: all stills from Spris via Baidu Kim Soo Hyun bar]


Kim Soo Hyun and Eunjung for the Fall 2011 Spris Ad Campaign — 16 Comments

  1. I LOVE EUNJUNG! She is the number 1 idol actress! She is stunning and very talented! Can’t wait for her next acting give (and for her to go solo).

    Woojung Couple is the best WGM has ever had and can’t wait for next week!

    (you should talk about Eunjung more ^^ this post made my day)

    Thanks for the post! Keep up the great work! (Keep recapping Protect the Boss ^^)

  2. Love their spris campaign stuff. I think eunjung was recently in a kbs1 weekend saegeuk that ended in may but is currently focusing on her singing promotions instead of acting.

    I love her and Jangwoo on WGM but it’s always good to see her and Soo Hyun together because they are close and adorable. I hope they can be an otp eventually because they have chemistry in spades based on the BTS of these shoots and both can act.

  3. So cute! Eunjung and Soo Hyun have great chemistry, would love to see them as a couple in a drama:) But I still prefer the Woojung couple on WGM 😀

  4. Nice but I found it disconcerting as their mouths are opened all the time as I scroll down… it’s like they are wearing plastic smile … liken to a pair of mannequins. Or the photographs is just not skilful enough to bring out more from them…

  5. Somehow, to me, she seems like his older sister XD He looks so young, and they give off this sibling-vibe and comfortableness ^^ They’re really cute, but either they were laughing all the time because they had so much fun, or they should try different expressions or something XD

  6. Could someone tell me the ending couple in DH? I really dont feel like completing it but i would love to know the ending 🙂

  7. i finally got to watching DH this summer, and i am lurving it to bits!! the drama is making me fall in love with this boy with the adorable smile that can melt your insides and turn you into a pile of goo, and simultaneously, wring your heart out from his intense and broody acting. i cannot explain how many times i’ve imagined kim soo hyun serenading me with his swoon-worthy voice, or how actively i’ve been staking my claim on my KSH oppa. the way he completely absorbs his character and plays every little scene with such sincerity–makes me want to fly over to korea right now and marry him. and on top of that, he’s a damn fine and good-looking boy with a tall, lanky frame?? oh, my heart! be still!

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