Jung Woo Sung Confirmed as the Lead for Noh Hee Kyung’s Drama Padam Padam

Okay folks, my December is reserved now. Every other drama out there airing during that time, to the left please. It’s been confirmed finally that my Jung Woo Sung is back, baby! And in a Noh Hee Kyung-penned drama no less. It’ll air on SBS in December and is tentativelyย called Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat.

Oh glory hallelujah. This is like the exact opposite of the flashy piece of crap entertainment that was Athena: Goddess of War, and instead is an introspective piece pondering human interactions in the most subtle of ways.ย Noh Hee Kyung’s Goodbye Solo ranks as one of the best K-dramas I have ever watched. While I still can’t finish World’s Within, it’s not for the script or the story, but because I hated the presentation wrought by PD Pyo Min Soo. BRB, off to cry tears of joy first.

The rumored leading lady is Han Ji Min, who has been attached to Padam Padam for over a year now, though never officially confirmed. I have my reservations about Han Ji Min. I don’t dislike her, I just never connect with her performances, even when she is admittedly doing a solid job like in Resurrection and Capital Scandal. At this point, I chalk it up to “it’s me, not her.”

I’m also extremely leery of the foot and a half height differential between the two leads, as Jung Woo Sung is one of the tallest leading men in K-ent, and Han Ji Min is one of the most petite. Such disparate heights always makes me think of a giant dating a dwarf. I know, I know, it’s just me being weird. Or as Mr. X said to me, and I paraphrase: “height doesn’t matter when they are laying down in bed.” Touche, sir.

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Jung Woo Sung Confirmed as the Lead for Noh Hee Kyung’s Drama Padam Padam — 23 Comments

    • If your 14 year old dongsaeng can write a better script than what 5 writers are doing for SMW right now, then a MONKEY can write a better script than what passed for one in Athena.

      Still the worse drama I may have ever watched, because it sucked AND it wasted so much money and talent all around. This coming from me, who has watched The Restless countless times for my I Lub You, and I still can’t finish Athena.

      • Unfortunately, all you say is true, unni. Ah, Athena – not only did you sin in wasting my unni’s ILU, but also Siwon! Which is just unforgivable.

  1. YESSSSSSSS!!! Sorry for the caps (know you hate it). My Captain Koala, definitely with you on this one. Jung. Woo. Sung. ’nuff said.

  2. Finally. Noh Hee Kyung is coming out with a new drama.

    I hope it doesn’t fall through like Shower did. I’m still bitter about that one…

    • I am thrilled to hear about Noh Hee Kyung’s new drama. Absolutely loved The World They Live In/Worlds Within-I thought the it was brilliant. After watching it I went to see what else she had written because I was so impressed with her.

      Her writing is very thoughtful, and more cerebral than the majority of writing out there. Completely believable characters…

      Can’t wait to see the new drama!!!

  3. Squeeeeee. ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean I’m so happy for JWS to be able to rebound after the Greek mess.
    I’m with you on height because the drama will not be aired on cable network so they won’t spend much time laying down in bed – unlike in “I need romance”. It’s gonna be a tough job for the cameramen to fit them in the frame. ^^

      • I vote for Kim Suna instead. She is a tall solid actress and has managed to spark chemistry with all her lead partners. She and Lee Dong Wook are unbelievable right now in SOW. Never thought I’d think so after her alchemy with Cha Seung Won in “City Hall”.
        Plus she will be available in December, she still is single, a tad younger than our I Lub you (lol) so it would be a delight to see them together, wouldn’t it? ^^

      • Hmmm…maybe they will just put a soap box under her, like they do for Tom Cruise when he has to do scenes with tall actresses (he’s really short)

        Plus, I’m sure she will have killer heels on which will help with height.

        They will make it work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OMG , o m g ….just one more time ” MH MY GOD ” !!
    I am crazily happy to death right now . i adore this guy and i think i am one of those who watch ATHENA despite it’s stupid script only to see his breathtaking face …
    Han Ji Min ….NO ,PLEASE NO ….what the hell i am gonna do with it ?

  5. I have a good feeling about this drama. Won’t it be great if Ha Ji Won is the female lead? But alas, don’t think HJW is returning to drama any time soon. She is still filming Korea and has another movie waiting for her after that.

    I really hope that she and JWS will get a chance to work together some day. I think they will look great together.

  6. Yay! I love JWS and adore adore adoreHan Ji Min, plus Worlds Within is my favorite kdrama of all time.

    This will erase Athena out of my mind finally ๐Ÿ™‚

    And as someone who married a man a foot taller than she is, vive le height difference, say I (butchering some French in the process). Trust me, kissing isn’t that hard either ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I agree-I’m almost a foot shorter than Mr. and kissing is not problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

      P.S. Worlds Within was one of my favorites as well. Loved it!

  7. i <3 jung woo sung since a moment to remember i think or maybe even love… i think he's a great actor and have watched everything he's been on since early 2000's.

    THIS NEWS excites me! i'm so glad that woo sung is choosing to grace us with his presence in the small screen.

  8. Just a note, it’s not SBS, but jTBC. It’s one of the five new “hybrid” channels (์ข…ํŽธ, short for ์ข…ํ•ฉํŽธ์„ฑ ์ฑ„๋„) which will launch in November-December-January — the others being CSTV (Chosun Ilbo), Channel A (DongA Ilbo), and MBS (Maeil Gyeongje). Parent company of the Joongang Ilbo, so you know what its political slant will be. And with CSTV and Channel A coming from the same mold… basically it’s Korea’s own neo-cons (New Right) attacking the airwaves.

    Basically it’s like a normal network channel broadcasting everything from news to sports and dramas, but on cable and in very convenient slots (some say they’ll take numbers in the 10s or even stuff like Channel 1, that is now held by a home shopping network). And of course being funded and founded by one of the top newspapers in the country, it has financial power on par with SBS (if not better), so at least at the beginning they’ll try to pad their timeslots with bold projects. CSTV already announced ํ•œ๋ฐ˜๋„ with Yoon Seon-Ju, and Kim Soo-Hyun is writing a four episode special there as well.

    • Can I express my undying love for Anal Retentive Feline? ๐Ÿ˜€

      I thought jTBC was the production company. My bad, and your invaluable correction is much appreciated.

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