Spy Myung Wol Episode 9 Baby Recap

All hail the return of baby recaps. Okay, I kid, the existence of baby recaps for Spy Myung Wol probably chafes since it means a full recap isn’t forthcoming for this drama. But if you look at it from another perspective, this allows me to finish the journey with the Spy fans, and doesn’t require me to “think” too hard about this drama’s plot and just type away at what happens. It’s a win-win situation in my mind, and I hope Spy fans enjoy it, and non-Spy fans get a kick out of following along with the continued insanity that is SMW.

Baby recap for episode 9:

To no one’s surprise, it was In Ah who recorded the cell phone video of the conversation between Choi Ryu and Myung Wol, and she promptly went to Kang Woo to drop her trump card. Kang Woo is understandably pissed at being played by Myung Wol (really, why is he that pissed, because the alternative is that Myung Wol is batshit insane, and I think even he must find it preferable to accept that Myung Wol is a golddigger rather than a psycho).

He says he doesn’t marry just anyone, and tosses the ring at her, telling her to get lost. Again. He informs Agent Kyung that he fired Myung Wol, and she informs her fake spy parents that she got fired. The parents think this might be the end of their mission, bemoaning that it’s not just death on the line but their honor and lives of everyone related to them.

Choi Ryu goes to a book drop which turns out to be a trap set by Chairman Joo, who captures Choi Ryu. But our super hot spy tells the Chairman that he already has two original books, and recently got a third one, which was the one owned by the Chairman that he switched out. He asks the Chairman to work with him and allow him to find the final book, because they have the same purpose. Once the four books are reunited, it will change the future of the Korean peninsula. The Chairman agrees to work with Choi Ryu, but is wary about his true motives, sending his lackey to find out who is behind Choi Ryu.

Myung Wol gives herself a makeover to become “Myung Wol Croft, Kang Woo Raider”. Kang Woo, In Ah, and Agent Kyung are judging KBS auditions for new talent. Myung Wol gets up to audition with a kick-ass martial arts routine. When asked to demonstrate some acting, she hilariously makes the EXACT SAME EXPRESSION for happiness, sadness, and anger. She pleads with Kang Woo that she just wants to become an actress so that he cannot reject her for being unsuitable for him.

Chairman Joo keeps Choi Ryu on as In Ah’s bodyguard, plus he’s now spying on the fake spy parents Hee Bok and Ok Soon. Kang Woo decides he wants to train Myung Wol himself, both acting and physical scenes. It feels like he wants to torture her to make her give up, but also gives him an excuse to spend time with her. He puts her through grueling training on building up her endurance and watching dramas to learn how to act.

Choi Ryu confronts Kang Woo on what he’s doing with Myung Wol, telling him to stop if he’s not being sincere with her. Kang Woo postures back to Choi Ryu. During a filming for an action scene where Myung Wol plays an extra about to get offed, Myung Wol is so exhausted she faints after the scene, and it’s Choi Ryu who grabs her first from a falling prop and then whisks her away. Kang Woo can only look on.

Choi Ryu goes to another covert meeting and ends up injured in a fight. He goes back to the spy headquarters and Myung Wol is there resting. She bandages his wound, and who arrives right then bearing a fruit basket to check on Myung Wol but Kang Woo. He leaves without making his presence known and drops the fruit basket on his way out.

Kang Woo meets with other financial backers to get out from under Chairman Joo’s thumb, and the Chairman is not pleased when informed. Kang Woo watches as Myung Wol and Agent Kyung rehearse for Myung Wol’s upcoming audition. He flashes back to when he was a kid cleaning the studio as a bunch of idol kids are rehearsing, and how desperately he wanted to become Hallyu Star Kang Woo. After Myung Wol passes out from rehearsing all day, Kang Woo picks up her script and reads it.

Myung Wol and Kang Woo head to the studio the next day. She runs off to her auditions, while Kang Woo meets with Agent Kyung and finds out about a breaking news story about him possibly fabricating his background. Agent Kyung is upset because she warned Kang Woo not to piss off Chairman Joo. Kang Woo tells In Ah to call the media, he has even more explosive news to reveal.

Myung Wol sits before studio execs and discovers that Kang Woo marked up her script with helpful notes. Her audition is a success because she thinks back to her past interactions with Kang Woo and uses that to summon the right emotions.

Myung Wol passes the audition and she’s thrilled. The spy parents show up to congratulate her but she takes off to tell Kang Woo herself. She finds him in the lobby surrounded by the media, who have descended to ask about the breaking news story that he is dating In Ah. Kang Woo makes direct eye contact with Myung Wol, before confirming that he is dating In Ah, and they are considering marriage. Myung Wol drops her script and stares at Kang Woo.


Spy Myung Wol Episode 9 Baby Recap — 33 Comments

  1. le sigh.
    this doesn’t sound like a bad episode. it just sounds like it doesn’t belong in this drama….
    but maybe that’s just me.

  2. Wow! I didn’t expect this coming… lol Thanks for the effort Koala! ^^ The only reason why I’m somehow sticking to this drama is because of Ryu. I’m kinda in love with him. Weeew! ^^

    • I love Ryu. Why, why can’t he get the girl? Why. I didn’t bemoan Pil-Joo’s losing out. And I don’t bemoan Dr. Poopy-seouk from Scent of a Woman. There’s likeing a second lead as an awesome second lead, and then there’s hoping the second lead wins over the lead.

      Obviously Ryu is in the latter category. You cannot tell me that Myung Wol’s not the least bit attracted to him. You cannot.


      Thank you for the baby recap, ockoala. Much appreciated.

    • Ryuuuuuuuuuuuu, at this point, he’s the only character (of the main 4) I even like in this drama. Kang Woo is a micro-step away from pitching into irredemable asshole male lead category, Myung Wol’s just going in circles and allowing her awesomeness to be muted, and In Ah needs to GDFO.

      • HAHAHAHA! Love what you said about In Ah. XD At first I like Kang Woo (as the male lead) but as the story progresses, I’m starting to find his character a little mean and yea, an a**hole. Ryu’s character on the other hand keeps on being awesome.

        @lkdramalvr I wish by some kind of magic, he will get the girl too. My heart is going to break into pieces once I saw him cry. >.<

  3. Koala, thanks for the recap. I don’t see much difference between SMW and LTM. Both are badly written and fun to watch. It’s fun to see if a new team of writers can salvage this mess. (Before this, my fav bad KDrama was Style. The unintentional laughs were great.) The only thing missing in SMW is a cola kiss. OOPs spoiler! It’s coming up in Ep.10.
    I’ll bet KJH and Eric are both saying: “How many more dogs do I have to act in?”

  4. O goodness, is this drama pulling a ‘Lie To Me’ on me? It’s veering so far off its course. Where are the NSA agents??? I actually would rather see more of the North Korean vs. South Korean spy action than this nonsensical Kang Woo loves me, loves me not stuff….>_>

  5. What a happy surprise! Thanks for the baby recap. While it’s not the best drama I’ve seen, I am enjoying it. (it’s my first Eric show, so I’m a teensy bit enamored). I’ll stick with it to the bitter end, no matter how ridiculous it gets. *sigh*

    • Agree with you, same with me.
      Eventhough this drama kinda boring for me coz KW keep back and forth,
      but i’ll watch it till the end. This drama also had a fun side to wtch
      This is my first eric’s drama too.

      Hope this drama can get better.

  6. Koala….thank you so much for your recaps! I wasn’t expecting you to, after your last posting 😀 Bt the way, I check out your postings all this time as my Korean language skills are zilch. I enjoy reading your opinions and insights on various dramas. Hwaiting!!!

  7. no no jojo.There is a big difference between smw and ltm.first off you can’t compare the lead actors in ltm with smw lead actors.secondly,the chemistry of the otp in ltm was fire.Their is no spark between kw and mw in smw.

    • Yes, yes, Val…I consider Eric and KJH equal as actors…the leading ladies aren’t bad either. Both dramas are poorly written/bad plot. (take your pick) You need more than a couple of kisses to make a good drama. If you think the chemistry in LTM is “fire,” you should check out CSW and KSA in City Hall.

  8. I don’t agree about the comparison of this drama & LTM, while both have problem with writers, SMW has a good plot going for it despite the sporadic flows of how it’s delivered.

    Of course there’s no spark between KW & MW cus they’re not dating, in fact they’re both suppressing and pushing it off so no real affection or skinship between the 2

    I have yet watching it with sub but from what I read at Soompi’s SMW thread, the plot is rolling in this episode (the books & Chairman Joo relationship with KW). From the recap, I guess since KW was bullied / looked down when he was young that makes how arrogant he is today.

    Thanks for the wee recap. I guess I have to dash over to Dramabeans for the full recap later. I’ll watch this drama till end since there’re still many unanswered questions for me + it’s wickedly hilarious for the most part and that’s enough to keep me watching 🙂

  9. forgot to mention, MW wants to become an actress isn’t ridiculous at all from the scope of the drama’s plot. She has to carry out her mission, so what better way to get closed to KW but being in the biz and get her game rolling again?!

  10. Awww!! Thank you! When I first read your earlier blog, I was disappointed as I often look forward to your recaps on Mondays and Tuesdays, even though I absolutely understand where you were coming from. This baby recaps are indeed treats. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you!

  11. Thank you for doing this!

    I have a question about the ring. Why do you think he even bothered to give her one? Was it out of a vending machine or real jewelry?

  12. Thanks so much for the baby recap, Ms K. *glides toward Ryu, cup his face with both hands, gaze tenderly into his eyes, and gently kiss the tip of his nose.

  13. omg! thank you koala sistah! you have been very generous to us for allowing even this baby recap and continue with SMW… we really appreciate it.

  14. I’m disappointed because today I did not get a recap of the koala.I do not care even though many do not like this drama,for me this drama has its own uniqueness and depending on the taste of each.
    for those of you who do not like this drama negative comments do not love you better go to a drama that you really like it.I really appreciate your struggle koala, if you stop my recap will understand but I still expect a preview of your news ..
    fighting koala..!!for me what you write is the best of any blog,I will not recap the best apart from where you.
    thank you for your hard work….^^^

  15. At this moment I’m asking myself when the writers are going to make our heroine attractive. Until now, she only has been a rug for Kang. Please don’t make her look so pity. It’s making me mad……..

  16. I have stop watching this drama after 4 episode. Every week reading the recap i question, can this drama get crazier…. And it never fail. 4 book changing korean peininsula. My political degree tell me it was 38th parallel, that divided north and south. Whatever geographical demarcation was there before Cold War don’t really serve a point in today’s era.

    And WTF… now we have a ‘be’ a hallyu star mission.

  17. i falling in love with this drama.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…eric mun&han ye seul.really love them!!! 😀
    crazy in love!!!!!(said Han myung Wol)hahahahah

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