Preview of Drunken to Love You’s Followup Drama Office Girls with Roy Qiu and Alice Ke

All good things must come to an end, and with that said, next week comes the grand finale of Drunken to Love You which means Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝) premieres in two weeks. This drama flew completely under my radar, mostly because the only actor in the cast I’m a fan of did all C-dramas for the last two years so I wasn’t expecting to see him back doing a TW idol drama, and finally getting his due as a leading man in Taiwan as well.

Welcome back to my embrace Roy Qiu. TW-dramas are not known for its second leads, either male or female, so the few rare times I second lead ship, that usually means the dude is something special. It’s only happened twice for me: Chris Wu in Autumn’s Concerto and Zhong Wu Yen, and Roy Qiu in Woody Sambo and Easy Fortune, Happy Life. I guess two years in China did Roy plenty of good, because he looks wonderfully charming in the preview for Office Girls. I might actually check this one out.

The four leads of Office Girls are Roy, Alice Ke (whom most will probably think she’s familiar looking – she had a guest starring role in My Queen as Ethan Ruan‘s deceased girlfriend), James Wen, and Tia Li. The drama looks like a cross between a Japanese OL (office lady) drama mixed with breezy Taiwan family stories.

Coincidentally enough, Alice playing a plucky hardworking girl whose sole purpose is to work and make money and Roy playing the son of the boss, and they are forced to work together, totally reminds me of Protect the Boss, which is quickly becoming my K-drama crack of the Summer.


Preview of Drunken to Love You’s Followup Drama Office Girls with Roy Qiu and Alice Ke — 17 Comments

  1. i miss roy qui and his team up with joe chen….i watched their C drama The girl in blue and he was brilliant there ( just dont like the ending) that they really dated during the filming but sad that the relationship ended with the filming..they look good together (but then, i think joe chen looks good with anybody paired to her)…

    • Joe/Qiao En Chen is bestest with Ming Dao! MingEn!
      Roy Chiu looks GREATTT ever since Easy Fortune, Happy Life.
      BUT. James Wen needs to do something with his hair…it looks bad in The Fierce looks bad here.

  2. Whoa! It’s like the whole cast of The Fierce Wife transplanted themselves into this drama. Roy Qiu is pretty darn cute, I might just take a look into this for him…assuming the overused cute and hardworking girl ploy doesn’t get redundant.

    Which reminds me of dramas that subvert the norm…Koala, are you going to recap MQ ep 8 soon? I hope so! 🙂 Would love to know your thoughts on it!

  3. Thank you Ms Koala for this! 🙂 Always love your take on tw dramas (as well as kdramas & jdramas).

    Anyhow – OMG – Roy has totally fallen off my radar after EFHL and W-O-W – has he matured and looking mighty fine. I don’t know… I barely recognized him. I remember when I first watched his drama with Rainie back in the day (a long time ago, even though it seems like yesterday) – and now looking at this, just how much everyone has grown. I’m glad he’s a lead now – and look forward to seeing this now. I didn’t really like OL that much – I think this might be a drama that I have to marathon to love but I can’t pass up seeing at least ep 1. The trailer is quite funny.

    James Wen hehe… I wanted to beat up his pathetic character in The Fierce Wife (my fave TW drama this year). But curious about him here.

  4. I also liked him in Easy fortune but i was more attracted by Blue Lan.James Wen is so hot ,hope his character will be interesting .

  5. I love Roy’s hair, although I still have a lingering Thor image in my head with his long hair in Easy Fortune with Blue is that right and Que En….arghhh names so hard to remember….. 😀

    • same here….I didn’t recognize him now…cuz I remembered him from the Easy Fortune. He is still good looking. I think Roy is one of the good looking asian actors, not to mention he can act. too. Looking forward to this drama.

      Thanks Ms. Koala, appreciate ur hardwork.

  6. Yeaaaaah! Give me Roy Qiu anytime of the day over Mike He I don’t understand how he isn’t bigger than He at least he can act…

  7. Roy reminds me of Mike He. They have some facial characteristics that are similar. The girl lead sometimes reminds me of Ariel…just look wise in some light.

  8. I’ve never seen Roy in a twdrama before, but I’m looking forward to this one after watching his two cdramas this year. He looks so darn good with short hair.

    And someone tell me why Tia Li keeps getting cast in stuff…

  9. Would it be bad if I just watched this drama for the three Fierce Wife cast members here?

    I am having terrible withdrawals from The Fierce Wife. T__T I finished it a week ago and I still miss it.

  10. Roy is handsome. He has a pair of smiling/charming eye. Get to know him after watching “love wake up”. He is so cute and naughty in “office girl”. Very boyish look in this “office girl”.

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