Han Ji Min and Kim Bum Join the Cast of Padam Padam

I’m stunned. While Han Ji Min being confirmed as the leading lady opposite Jung Woo Sung for Noh Hee Kyung’s Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat was pretty much a done deal and par for the course, the other casting knocked the wind out of me. Kim Bum has also just joined the drama, and I’m hoping he plays Jung Woo Sung’s younger brother or something, because love rival will be hard to fly with me.

I guess I better start getting over my weird height disparity hang up, or pray that Han Ji Min’s character has an all-abiding love for five inch platform heals. Like me! I also adore Bummie, always have and always will, even if his acting can be….uneven at times. Directing will be PD Kim Kyu Tae, which strikes me as an interesting choice since he did IRIS and A Love to Kill, one more action-packed and the other a Lee Kyung Hee straight up melo. PP will be airing in December on jTBC, one of the five new cable channels launching starting in the latter part of this year.

The brief synopsis of the drama given states that Jung Woo Sung will play Yang Kang Chil, a rough guy just getting out of prison for time served that was caused by a friends betrayal. He crosses paths with Jung Ji Nah, a cheerful veterinarian, and from there starts a love story that I pray will be more hopeful than potentially heartbreaking. Please no terminal illness in this drama, Noh Hee Kyung. Or terminal forgetfulness. Oh wait, that’s the Kim Soo Hyun-penned Thousand Day Promise. Whew. Don’t want my ILU dealing with a woman losing her memory. AGAIN.

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Han Ji Min and Kim Bum Join the Cast of Padam Padam — 22 Comments

  1. Kim bum!??!!!…BUMMIIIIIIEEE?!!!!!.holy friggin….this insomnia RULES!!!!!..ok..i’ll go read the rest of the article and come back

    • wow….that totally blew me away too…Bummie’s joining this cast came from nowhere…now I am psyched….already was interested ‘cuz of NHK but this sorta seals the deal….but this is a cable drama??….not that it matters to me anyways….also don’t know what to think of Han Ji Min since I haven’t seen her in anything yet….maybe I should marathon something with her in it first….I think I’ll try Resurrection since Madam Koala mentioned her being solid there…sometimes staying up till 4 am can be so beneficial…this has been an awesome day for drama news casting….first JWS joining this then Jang Geun Suk’s new drama that sounded interesting and now my Bummie

  2. Bummie? oh u r so sweet !!
    lucky han ji min …pair with two hot guy ….i DO not like her but i am gonna set her picture as my desktop background in order to get used to her face.In that case i might love her …

  3. Kim Bum! Mmmm Tasty. The only actor that makes me feel like a bad woman for wanting a young man. Who else did you say? LOL. I will watch this only for him cause he has been gone too long. Can’t wait.
    Thank you.

  4. After a long wait finally bummie is back, after LTM i wonder what k-drama will i watch next then came the news about bummie joining padam padam, i’m gonna watch this only because of bummie 🙂

  5. HAN JI MIN is good actress I really like her in Cain & Abel drama, it was the first drama that I had watched her. I’m looking forward to watch this drama. While waiting for this drama maybe I will try to watch her other dramas.

    • And I second your “please no terminal illness” and “please let ILU and Bummie be brothers and not love rivals” prayers.

      • acoording to his facebook account he will gonna play Jung Who Sung’s brother… “Kim Beom to cast as Jung Woo Sung’s brother in the upcoming Korean drama called ‘Padam Padam’. Make sure to keep your eyes open and stay tuned. ^^”

  6. another drama to watch out for… I just love that noona killer named Kim Bum… I wish he is the main lead… hehehe this halmoni loves Bummie more than JWS… 🙂

  7. does anybody knows what this Padam Padam” story about, is there any manga or book on this story, i really don’t have any idea, pls help..so that i could search/read it first.

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