Spy Myung Wol to Air Special on Monday as the Dispute Between KBS and Han Ye Seul Heats Up

I already posted about the recently made public behind-the-scenes conflict between the production of Spy Myung Wol with Han Ye Seol and her agency Sidus HQ here,ย so I won’t repeat any already stated facts. The latest developments continue to head in one direction – a downward spiral that has now resulted in KBSย confirming that it’s airing a SMW special on Monday. Clearly the supposedly completed 40% footage was not enough to scrape up a new episode on Monday, and my gut tells me unless Han Ye Seul immediately shows up on set on Monday August 15th, there won’t be enough footage to air a new episode on Tuesday as well. As of Monday noon Seoul time, Han Ye Seul is still a no-show on the set of SMW, and KBS is holding an emergency meeting to discuss its options.

I was actually thinking of completely dropping my SMW posts (baby recaps and previews) because much as I want to give back to courteous fans of this drama, someone still felt the need to tell me I have bad taste because I had the temerity to love Lie to Me but don’t like SMW. Put aside the faulty logical argument behind that correlation, it’s like coming to my house and enjoying the dinner I cooked, and then slapping me in the face before leaving. Yeah, it doesn’t make me eager to spend my precious free time producing work for people like that. Ergo, this SMW kerfluffle unwittingly answers my dilemma for me. I’m out everyone. Good luck to this drama – cast, crew, and fans.

KBS has elected to use very harsh words for the media, stating that it is weighing all options, including the possibility of taking legal action against it’s leading actress for contract breaches. Uhm, based what I gleaned from all the he said-she said, Han Ye Seul probably has an equally valid counter-claim and possible defense. Wonder when both sides will accept their share of the blame for letting the situation deteriorate to this point.

Based on everything I’ve heard, I do have to point out that the now public and very heated discord between Han Ye Seul and PD Hwang (who she has requested be replaced) is probably the key reason why she’s not on set (as opposed to the being sick – which no one is buying, and Sidus HQ ought to be ashamed for trotting out such a lame and completely transparent excuse).

The drama has been filming nights and days pretty much from the get go. Asking for humane work hours is perfectly fine, and ought to be the case. But the reality is that it’s not (which is why when a star goes A-list at Chungmuro, he or she doesn’t come back to dramas – this is one reason for that). Airing no new episodes this week will probably also impact SMW’s episode count, likely dropping it back down to 16 episodes again.

All I have to say is – in my (few) years of K-drama watching, this is the craziest behind-the-scenes meltdown between production and cast I have personally witnessed. It might be nowhere near the insanity of what goes on behind many drama shoots, but those things never get reported so we’ll never know. But for dirty laundry aired in the media? This is by far the most sensationalized spat I’ve seen (though East of Eden still takes the cake on scope of the on-set conflict for that drama). In situations like this, no one wins, and both sides are only going to emerge with eggs on their faces. And for Han Ye Seul, some damage to her reputation akin to what Lee Da Hae suffered after she quit EoE.

[Credit: Nate news]


Spy Myung Wol to Air Special on Monday as the Dispute Between KBS and Han Ye Seul Heats Up — 53 Comments

  1. You are free to post what you like and what not you like, if people have problem, they can go read somewhere else.

    As to the show, i feel bad, coz i really liked to see the second lead.

    Now who on earth sane director will pick up this actress again? i bet there are tens of next level actresses who will show up any time of the day to the set if they get to be lead actress on a drama, and thousands of newbies if given an opportunity. so as you said, no one wins in this fight, may be one side gets money, this is still a failure in long term.

  2. Hey! I love following your stuff and I think this is my first time commenting but thanks for sticking with SMW up to this point, it was nice hearing your thoughts. I do have my own issues with the drama, as a seasoned k-drama fan, but I also have an extremely hard time dropping shows (they have to really, super SUCK…but then again, I don’t recap either so it’s easier for me to stick with them).

    To the person who made the rude comment to you about Lie to Me versus SMW, shame on them! Everyone is entitled to enjoy whatever it is they want to, and it doesn’t always have to make sense. I will admit I am curious as to why you do love Lie to Me so (apart from the lead actors, who are fab) as the plot was (in my opinion) extremely flawed and a big disappointment in later episodes…which surprised me since from your other reviews and such you seem to have a great taste for quality versus appearance. Of course, I’m not trying to flame you or anything, it’s totally fine that you love that drama (I just had major issues with it) and I’m only curious ^^

    Anyway, I think it is a good idea that you dropped SMW if you don’t like it. Now you can continue watching it (if you choose) and not have to think too hard about it.

    Oh, and I just wanted to let you know: I am a HUGE fan of Drunken to Love You now because of you!! XD I wasn’t going to watch it–despite my love for Rainie’s other works–simply because the story didn’t sound all that interesting to me and I wasn’t familiar (or attracted to) Joseph. But after following this blog I found that I share the same opinion as you on many things and since you love DtLY I figured I should give it a shot…yey, addiction!

    Thanks for all you do! Every time you post an update my day is always a little bit better! ^___^

    • Hi purty!

      Psst – DTLY ep 18 recap be up soon….. Heh. I really enjoyed that drama.

      As for Lie to Me. Here’s the deal. I completely agree with you on the plot of the drama going from middling to horrific by the end. But I genuinely was so emotionally attached and invested in the OTP that the plot (however much it was evident that it was just filler and stupid) didn’t bother me much and ultimately did not take away from what I did love about it – namely, the palpable chemistry between the OTP. Does that make sense?

      I can’t say whether the plot of SMW is as nonsensical as LTM (probably the same level of stupid, but SMW has bigger shoes to fill since it has the politics and intrigue it has to rationalize, whereas LTM could be as stupid as it wants), but because I don’t connect with the OTP in SMW, that is the only reason why the latter drama doesn’t keep me riveted and want to recap it.

      I think many drama viewers feel the need to insist that if they like/love a drama, that drama must be good and everyone else who doesn’t think so must be wrong or have bad taste. The sooner viewers find ability to enjoy silly fluff without needing to rationalize it as substantive fare, the sooner I’ll get less inane comments. Not yours, of course, but just the general “this drama is so good, you are stupid for not thinking so” variety.

      I’m an egalitarian viewer – everyone should have the freedom to like what they like. What I hate is the need to force objective quality on what is ultimately subjective taste.

      • Hi! I for one was really glad you decided to stick with recapping Lie To Me. While the plot was sinking faster than the Titanic – I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two leads…to the point of sheer addiction. So thank you…I would read both Dramabeans (until they canned it) and your recaps. Am so glad you didn’t fold.

        With you all the way on SMW. While I love watching Eric (most of the time anyway) – SMW is going nowhere. Haha if they were truly in the North, I wonder if they’d be all put to a lifetime of hard labour as punishment!

        Thank you for sacrificing your time and lovingly putting this blog together. I enjoy reading your recaps and short write-ups.


      • I feel I must comment!

        I did not know Korean dramas existed until I stumbled upon Lie To Me-I believe it was EP 8 on youtube. The particular clip wasn’t even at the beginning of the ep-just midway through, and I kept watching, and watching, and then realized I was watching the next ep, and finally got smart and realized there had to be English subtitles somewhere. When I found them and started at EP 1, I thought I had hit the jackpot.

        Yes, it had incredibly goofy parts, and was nothing like anything I had seen here in the U.S., but I think that is why I loved it so much. I was totally smitten with the leading actors and their interaction.

        While I agree I don’t know what the heck happened after the writers switched (though I watched it to the end), it is one of my favorite Kdramas, because it was the first one I ever watched, and I felt the rawness of falling in love all over again. I can’t say enough about how much I love that drama. Since then, I have become a total kdrama fanatic. I think I have watched over 25 of them. (do the math). That means I have watched many episodes in the raw, and then scrambled to read the recaps, (and then watched when they are subbed), watching some eps after the Mr. goes to bed up until wee morning hours, at one point he thought I was nuts after 3 days of this late night behavior so I actually set the clock back a few hours so he wouldn’t think I had been up until 4.am…, I know that is really bad…) because it is like a super long, fun movie marathon. I love it.

        Sorry your taste was insulted by that person. We know you don’t get paid to recap, and it is out of the goodness of your heart, and dedication to the dramas. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

        P.S. I can’t believe the craziness going on with the Spy fiasco! Wow!

      • Just wanted to say that Koala, while I totally agree with the majority of your statement, I must disagree with you being an “egalitarian” viewer. After all, this is your blog, and as such, you write whatever you like, so sometimes it seems to me that you are quuuuuite harsh about some dramas or your perceptions of them. Of course, it is entirely your right. But as I have seen with this blog and with Dramabeans and others, your opinions tend to clash with my own or with my friends, and sometimes your statements about a particular drama or episode are worded sort of “objectively”. What I mean is, you make some statements about dramas leaving no room for opinion, i.e. “the plot is steadfastly downspiralling” or something. However, as I have said, this is YOUR blog, and you can hate/rave about a drama as much as you want (not that some of your sentences don’t hurt the fangirl inside me a wee bit when you do).

  3. “…someone still felt the need to tell me I have bad taste because I had the temerity to love Lie to Me but donโ€™t like SMW.”

    Honestly, I just don’t understand sometimes. Is it that some people get so wrapped up in their own fanboy/fangirl-dom that they can’t handle it when someone dislikes their beloved drama?!?! This is right up there with the people who demand subtitles from fansub groups. In that instance, the sense of entitlement is really amazing.

    Anyway…doesn’t this situation seem a bit odd? I mean, Han Ye Seul has to realize the damage this is causing her reputation. Not that I am trying to defend her actions. It just seems that there must be more to the story than what is being played out in the press

    • Exactly, ‘to each his own’, right? why must we condemn another if their taste is not similar to ours. -_-

      This is what I feel so confused about too. There must be something happening that causes HYS to decide to forsake her reputation and responsibility to leave for the US that we don’t know about. In fact, she knows that the whole country will be in turmoil due to her absence so she left for the US. Ok, that sounded a bit too dramatic. but people would be freaking out back in Korea, like when Kang Ho Dong and Na PD announced their intention to leave 1 night 2 days.

      sigh, recently there has been so much drama about dramas, like the accident pushed Heartstrings back one episode and when the actor who’s acting Poopy-seok in Scent of woman almost got written out of a show due to drunk-driving. Ugh.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that someone had the stupidity to criticize your CHOICE of likes and dislikes. You are so good at your writing and always allow people to voice their opinions without ever deleting anything (vulgarity only) that is why I love your blog but yes it is your house and if someone doesn’t like the place, they should leave. I will not miss the SMW minis since I did lose interest but I am sorry for the remaining fans. Have a good week Ms Koala.

  5. I love ur recaps and if u choose to stop these thats ok cause it just leaves more room for u to recap something new.
    P.s I love u for using kerfluffle in a normal sentence!

  6. mmmm… since you’re dropping smw… you should consider watching scent of a woman…. its really really good…just a thought!

    ps…i love your recaps! so if pple don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Shame on that reader who questioned your taste and not appreciative of your effort. Hey, it is indeed your home and your dinner party.

    Sorry to read that you are dropping SMW, but who can blame you? This live shoots kills. And such shame to production team if they are indeed not honoring HYS’s contract or for not ensuing some semblance of humane working condition. I think the saddest part is that the cast and crew are working so hard, but alas for a badly developing plot. If the plot and storyline is of their intended quality, perhps their fatigue may be easier to endure. Shame on the director and writers of SMW.

    Thanks again Koala.

  8. Oh I am sorry to hear that you had someone comment like that.Some viewers are just bad ill mannered.How can they come to someone’s blog and insist that their opinion are the only way to believe.Goodness,they should start their own blog then.

    I actually feel terrible for the 2 male leads this being the 1st drama post MS.What a terrible way to come back.You just know they are wanting so hard to please their fans.

  9. My first time posting here though i’m an avid reader of your blog. Like many have expressed, it’s your free will to do whatever you want with your blog. If others cant take it or dont like what you write about, well, they can pack up and leave.
    Please dont be bothered by such people, there are many more who love you as you are. Like me! hahaha! I enjoy your recaps, previews and opinions. And i find myself nodding with your every sentence. hahaha! Thank you so much!

    Oh please, LTM was fantastic!I enjoyed the leads’ chemistry. Sorry to drag this in but I also endured Marry Me Mary coz i love the actors so much, just not the story. LOL!

    Hwaiting Koala!!

    • Is princess man really nice? my friend recommended it to me but i am quite busy now. If koala does recap and it turns out good, I would watch it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • it is really nice. breathtaking. i cant sleep. the ost and bgm kept on occupying my mind. i cant read chinese or understand korean also i watch as i cannot wait. and i rewatch when the eng subs are ready.

  10. “Iโ€™m an egalitarian viewer โ€“ everyone should have the freedom to like what they like. What I hate is the need to force objective quality on what is ultimately subjective taste.”

    Right on the dot Koala. I really do not understand why there are so much squabbles as to which drama is the best, in the end; it is just matter of personal choice. I’m so sorry to hear about SMW self-destructing. Your decision to discontinue re-capping is perfectly understandable.

  11. I like SMW and I feel really dissapointed with the probelm arising now. Last week episode was so far the best and I was (we were) looking forward to upcoming episode this week and it was such a sudden to hear a news like this. Sigh.. I don’t blame HYS on this, although are you said, this would have damage her reputation as an actress..but I just feel sorry for the other casts and crews. Please, I’m sure everyone has been working hard on this drama (esp, our super-hot Eric)….and this outcome is not good, plus with super-lame excuse.

    • Eric has been waiting on standby for 16 hours. He’s at home, but apparently can’t sleep or rest because he doesn’t know when a call is going to come at anytime calling him back to set.

      I feel bad for the cast and crew, people working daily to make this drama and not involved in this dispute personally, who are affected by it. Not just Eric, but everyone on staff on set.

      • tho am not a huge fan of Eric…i do feel sorry for him. and by knowing his good deeds and professional attitude with stand by 16 hours waiting a call for his next scenes….I do more appreciate him and salute him. i can imagine sad and maybe frustrate him over this drama. not only bad rating..but worst now wit internal problem ๐Ÿ™

        fighting Eric and other casts…fighting SMW crew!!!

        btw…is it possible for KBS / production house to change HYS’s role to other actrees? I mean, they can’t continue or stop the drama just like that, right?

  12. Ms. koala, you know what?? I am so thankful you recapped LTM. I was so happy to come across someone who enjoyed the show as much as I do despite all the flaws. Just stand your ground, for in the end you are the one with the final say. Those that make such comments are having a mentality of a 5 year old *justsaying*. So, why bother?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Would you consider recapping the Princess’ Man instead? There’s no one does this yet. And I am one of the people that’s looking forward to someone recapping it.

    • You’re definitely not alone. I, too, wish someone would consider recapping this great drama. I doubt if Mz. Koala will have time for that though since she’s already recapping Protect the Boss, which is another Wed-Thu drama. Pity. T^T

      • yes TPM is a great movie. there is no one recapping this. but no pressure Miss Koala. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Of course you’re entitled to work on what you like! I know how tough it is to recap something you’ve just lost interest in. It’s a waste of time and energy that could be put to better use.

    That being said, I’m sad to see this level of wreckage in a drama that I’ve liked so far. The Korean live-shoot system is frankly crazy and more than a bit money-driven, but I suppose the cast, being veterans, must have seen this coming. To me it looks more like an agency/broadcaster battle, but it seems as though Han Ye Seul is going to take a whole load of flak whether she’s fully to blame or not.

  15. All this BTS drama with Spy reminds me that entertainment is a business after all and it can be so incredibly messy and ugly. I feel terrible for the Spy team and hope resolution will come soon.

    I echo the sentiments of others ockoala- it’s your house, you do as you wish and write about what peaks your interest. I’m always baffled by those who resort to personal attacks regarding someone’s intelligence, preference, or decisions simply because there isn’t a shared appreciation for a particular drama. We can’t all like the same things; that’s why variety exists in our vocabulary. And if we don’t enjoy the same things, there are other ways of expressing differing opinions without having to be mean and vicious. One of the reasons why I love your site so much ockoala is that you are an example of how you expect your readers will interact: play nice, be respectful and open-minded. For those who feel personal insults are the way to go, then hang out at blogs that condone that behavior. If you need to feel superior by textually attacking those who disagree with you, go elsewhere bc that ain’t gonna fly in this playground. I think it’s kind of nice that we have differences in our drama experience – keeps things spicy and interesting.

    To make this post even longer, gonna chime in on the LTM bit because I’m still in love like that. I didn’t care much for the writing in both LTM and Spy but what captivated me in LTM was the OTP and it kept me hanging on until the very end (and post-the end). That’s something I didn’t feel with Spy and ended up dropping after a few episodes but still read bits and pieces because well…Eric is in it. Here’s hoping next week will bring better news for the folks who are working so damn hard to keep Spy afloat.

    • if this is true, oh my gawd!
      i know her reasons must be valid, but even then, i think she should act reasonably, too, like finish the drama first and then go after kbs or the pd legally. I mean, I think this is incredibly unprofessional…?

    • o_O

      @Koala. Dude, I still don’t get why ppl leave such comments. *hugs you forever* Whatever happened to “You like what you like, I like what I like, let’s all be friends and respect each other”? Seriously, I don’t get it.

      • @Sere People are just douches. When something is important to them they get all myopic and shit.

        But Koala, keep doing it your way, haters will always hate. And im not saying this because i oo dont like SMW–because i still read he recaps. They are jus mad, because they like how you write, but there are plenty other people who recaps SMW. And I cant believe people say LTM was bad. I mean I watch drama purely for enjoyment, i dont analyze it but I understand when some people dont like things. LTM gave me so much emotional connection and just real-ness that i loved it. Im still baffled tha people dislike that drama. But w.e. I think i went off tangent bt what im saying is, dont do wha you dont like for the sake of people because you don want to become a people pleaser n lose sight of what you want to do. which i dont think will happen o you. heheh

  16. Just know Koala.. that there are still those who love you and your site for bringing (us) the latest news, recaps and just about anything that yells entertainment..

    On another note, THANKS A BUNCH for posting about Zenkai Girl! I’m really glad to follow another awesome dorama… and that’s all due to your site and awesome recapping. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos! >;P

  17. Koala, really appreciate with the latest news you put on your blog on SMW.
    Well, I think this is really up to you whether you would like to continue putting in preview / baby recaps on SMW. If you don’t really like SMW, that is your right and personal opinion, people shouldn’t be complaining on that.

    Personally, I like LTM very much, where as for SMW, to be honest, the acting / the scene there is not something that glued my eyes to the screen, but I am still curious about the ending of the story / drama. Well, the funni-ness on the scenes there are not so natural in my opinion, different from Protect the Boss. I kept on laughing watching PTB, be it due to the dialogue / face expression / body movement there.

    Hence, by coming here and reading your recap on SMW, is good enough for me (I could afford to not watching few episodes of SMW, but that was not the case with LTM..heheehe….). For LTM, die die I had to watch every scene, rewind if necessary…..LOL

    Anyway, let’s see how this progress….if in the end, they could not reach agreement and continue shooting, that would be disaster then. First time in Korean drama history I read behind the scene situation like this.

    Thanks a lot…..

  18. wow… what this is one hot mess. dropped it awhile ago since it didn’t keep me interested. do feel a little bad for hys as she has to know what this means for her. negative and all… at the same time they don’t seem to be respecting her at all either.

    as for rude commenters… best thing is to ignore… they are very immature leaving comment like that here. we appreciate your work and reading about what you enjoy.

  19. As much as I would like to placate you and tell you to don’t mind other people, sigh, they’re really irritating. I mean, don’t go to my blog if you don’t want!

    Fighting, ockoala! <3

  20. Drop the drama after 4 Episode. But this news is so upsetting. This is worse than Lee Dahee EOE scandal.

    It sucks being Han Yeseul. Not a fan of her, she is not the most talented actress in my eye. I wonder how is she going to redeem herself, even if her grievances were totally genuine.

    Eric fighting. I love you man, but i have like only one of your drama so far. Next time i hope you get really lucky.

  21. I like LTM , up to today, I still watch LTM. Although the story is rubbish
    KJH and YEH are so good . I enjoy the way they look at each other, so
    comfortable ——– as real.
    As you say, you feel fall in love.
    Just do what you want to do, we support you. Keep on flighting for what
    you like ———–
    I watch most of K drama , first and final (last eps), not like LTM, I watch it
    again and again.

  22. I think Han Ye Seul did this for a “reason”. I’m not going to condemn her cause right now, she hasn’t aired her side yet. I don’t think she’s being a diva for no reason at all. I’m not a fan but I just feel like there’s a reason behind this huge mess.

    For someone who said mean things to Koala, I hope you will be struck by lightning. Why are you so damn mean? I understand that each people are entitled to their own opinions but it doesn’t mean you can just go and insult people. Because of your immaturity, some other readers is now affected with your actions.

    Although I’m sad, I understand your decision Koala. I think I’d do the same if I were in your shoes.

  23. Question. How can HYS just leave for LA without worrying about possible litigation for breach of contract? That means that there must already be a breach of contract from the producers, no? That’s the only sane reasoning I can come up with.

    And the issue of contracts. It’s been a few years since I’ve been watching dramas, but more so now than before. But I’m still not really all that knowledgeable about the industry and don’t really follow gossip even now, other than the blog posts on the three blogs I read.

    So I have another similar question about contracts. From what I’ve gathered Lee De Hae left East of Eden before it finished (for whatever reason). Again, how is that possible if there are contracts?

    • I really think there’s a huuuuuge happening that triggered this. It’s so sad. I’ve read somewhere that KBS will replace her character. >.<

    • Big hugs for my Captain Koala…Honestly, please do not let other criticism get you and bother you much.Is it that their whole intention to bought you down by pointing at your taste?..(And thans for letting us know that there are fans that made comments as such)…Indeeds, I’m a big LTM fans even my nickname shown it;), I enjoyed watching it no matter how other dislike or let down by the plot.The drama is entertainning in its own way.But I and I’m sure there are lots of fans out there love LTM but not criticise other dramas and of course not criticising the person that’s recapping it???(I mean the busiest mother who has such a kind soul in doing recap). On this news, I was just caught on your recap and watch abit of here and there of SMY, read everywhere…i mean headlines on the leading actress is no show.Must be big news and this thing is normally covered up as it is bad for all sides.Despite whatever valid or good reasons from the leading actress, I personally think it is a let down to the whole cast and crews-her fellows who have to suffer and perhaps loosing all the chance. In a normal dignity, she should try at least to carry on til it finish. How can a leading actress asking to fire the PD?cause she is better than the PD if that is so true??

    • @ lkdramalvr Maybe she knows her legal rights that’s why she dared leave the country. I heard the filming schedule can be crazy so I wonder if it can be classified under a ‘slave’ contract… i heard she requested for a five-day work week but prob didn’t get it in the end, despite promises that they would comply with her requests. just a guess. So maybe the other party breached the contract before she did. if they breached first, then i think the contract would not be valid…

  24. dearest koala, you write these recaps so well because you choose to discuss dramas that speak to you. you have no pretenses nor reservations when you share your opinions. don’t ever let sharp words affect you. it’s always a pleasure to find fresh perspectives on these stories knowing that they come from your heart. with just that, we, your readers, are deeply grateful. fighting! ^_^

  25. The news strike me that may be we should appreciate other actors/actresses more who is working so hard, not demanding for no of working days, not living by rules…who are flexible enough to accomodate others and work around it to come to the end or reaching the goal…And also the actors and actresses that have been working so hard to make it big but not yet reaching or not yet having the opportunities…

  26. OMG they just had to do this while everybody is eager to see ep 11?! Lol ugh! This is frustrating! They are all grown ups and need to act like it! Running away isn’tgoing to solve any problems. HYS needs to think about all the innocent staff and actors on set who cant do their job because shes unhappy with ONE person. Its not fair

  27. can someone explain in like 3 sentences what happened with East of Eden? i never heard anything about lee dahae in this drama! haha i must have tagged on after all that behind-the-scenes (though apparently not so behind…) happened. all i ever knew about EOE was the actual drama when it aired, and i only watched it because of SSH ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Koala explains it in today’s Myung Wol update. E0E just became a horrible mess with infighting and writing craziness. The most-publicized incident was Lee Da Hae’s request to be written out as she (as the lead character!) was getting only 5 minutes of screentime and one line of dialogue per episode. That really got the netizens riled up (unfairly, I think). In this case, I don’t think Han Ye Seul is TOO much to blame, but she’s going to take a whole lotta flak anyway.

  28. Thanks for the update. I really do wonder what the director did/say to make HYS into such.. Brat. I enjoyed SMW from your recaps, though watching it for myself was… A painful experience. I really REALLY symphatize eric… After Poseidon, this happens.

    HYS should speak up if she isn’t in the wrong before he image gets completely ruined. It’s making things difficult for everyone else involved. Though now, HYS is being very selfish. While she could rest on the plane and sleep comfortably, the rest of the cast and crew has been put on standby and is in crisis mode. Sad.

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