Koala Goes to KCON 2015 This Weekend, Acting Idols and Drama Remakes Look Out

I’ve been so busy the last few months, on top of a major computer meltdown whereby my beloved trusty PC up and died on me and took all my work with it, there was a moment of wanting to just quit blogging and return to the idyllic days of just watching. Ultimately I stuck with it because these fingers just want to type, but decided not to stress out about all the ongoing writing projects and tackle it when I have the time. Then I got invited again to KCON to speak at the 2015 convention, adding more work to my load but in a breath of fresh air way that necessitated more planning and less writing in solitude.

This year’s convention moves from the more urban Los Angeles Sports Arena over to the indoors LA Convention Center for the conference itself and the more slick Staples Center for the two night evening concert. Anything indoors is immediately on my good side, I almost had a heat stroke last year and don’t quite remember much of what happened after finishing my back-to-back panels. This year I’ll be speaking on two panels again – on Saturday will be a panel on “The Rise of the Acting Idol”, while Sunday I’ll be discussing “K-dramas: Remakes v. Originals”. If anyone is headed to KCON and run into me, don’t be shy and stop me to say hi. I promise I don’t bite. ^^ Continue reading

The Guys of Koala-land Celebrate the Second Anniversary of the Playground

Two years, 2144 posts,and over 20 million views later, the Playground celebrates its second anniversary today by doing nothing whatsoever. In the US, a second anniversary is marked by cotton, so I’m going to whip out my comfy t-shirt and … Continue reading