Ekin Cheng Steps in for the Injured Louis Koo in the movie Saving General Yang

Since news broke a few weeks ago that Louis Koo, who was to play the eldest Yang brother in the upcoming Saving General Yang (or as I call it – “that hot men go to war movie”), took a tumble down the stairs at home tearing his achilles and injuring his right wrist, I’ve been reluctant to believe producer Bakmin Wong‘s insistence that Louis will (could) still do the movie. Maybe if he played an invalid.┬áIn a war movie where he rides horses, shoots arrows, AND wields the famous Yang family spear? Yeah, not blooding likely, Bakmin.

Apple Daily has broke the news via director Ronny Yu that Louis has officially backed out of the role and Ekin Cheng (who initially was slated to play Second Brother, then asked to play the villain Pan Ren Mei) will be stepping into the most pivotal role in the movie. This actually got me more excited. Louis is fine and all (anyone who has ever played a version of Yang Guo gets lifetime bonus points from me), but I’m inexplicably fond of Ekin. I’m baffled myself.

The movie can’t afford to wait for Louis, because it’s nearly impossible to get such a huge cast of big-name actors simultaneously about to clear their schedules for a multi-month shoot. Ekin will now be leading into war his cadre of hot younger brothers played by Vic Zhou, Wu Zun, Jerry Li, Raymond Lam, Fu Xinbo and Yu Bo, in an effort to saving their daddy General Yang played by Adam Cheng. I think I’m going to swoon when I see the first picture of my Vic wielding a spear. No news yet on who will take over for Ekin’s original role of villain Pan Ren Mei. Just writing that name gives me the heebie jeebies. The Pan family is totally the Song Dynasty equivalent of…..name your power-hungry back-stabbing royal pains in the arses from any historical period in any nation.


Ekin Cheng Steps in for the Injured Louis Koo in the movie Saving General Yang — 13 Comments

  1. Ohh… I’m sorry to hear about Louis Koo but I think Ekin would do a fantastic job!
    I too, have a soft spot for Ekin… been watching his dramas and movies since my teens day and well, he can certainly act better than Louis Koo IMO.

    • I agree madqueen. My initial reaction was, oh noess! no Louis? However, Ekin is the stronger actor and may leave a deeper impression in this role. There should be a “The Hot Yang Men Go To War” 16 months calendar. Because with all the talent on that list, 12 months isn’t enough to capture all the hot. Thanks Mz. Koala for the update.

  2. No wonder my dad spot Adam Cheng going to gym very often lately…he’s playing General Yang, that’s why XDD

    And Ekin doesn’t look like villain to me at all, good for him that he’s now changed to play the eldest Yang brother. I remember how he’s supposed to turn as villain in The Zu Mountain Saga (oh I love this series) but he still appeared all righteous to me lol

    • Me too! I love both actors but I do think that Ekin is a also the better actor. I use to LOVE louis, both the pale boy-next-door hottie and then the fit-and-tanned hottie, but the movies I’ve seen him in, he just keeps on churning out the same character in the same type of HK rom-comedy script. That, of course, may be just indicative of what type of movie that I get to watch or just that he’s backing himself into a corner with the type cast, which would make it a shame for him not to get to do something so big and different

      • Well, go check out the movie Overheard. You’ll get to see a different Louis Koo. Although I’m not a big fan of him, I do think he’s improved a lot throughout the years and he’s actually willing to try out different characters (while also doing the rom-com characters you mentioned).

  3. I think Ekin will do a fantastic job… I am actually prefer Ekin to Louis. can’t wait for the movie… and love your alternate title ‘that hot men go to war movie’ for the movie.. LOL.

  4. Hmmm, interesting. I’m rather fond of Ekin myself, so yay for him. I’m looking forward to the movie. Hot Asian men, arrows, war. I’m good.

  5. it was like a dream come true for these actors to come together for a movie.. but really i am also wondering if there are female characters in this movie? i really mean the female cast..

    it’s sad louis koo won’t be part of it. i was actually okay with the previous casting as long as everyone is involved. Louis Koo and Ekin Cheng movie again….so not happening.

    but i also really like cheng’s movies. go cha ho nam!!!:D

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