Kang Ji Hwan and Uhm Tae Woong for the Fall Indian Summer Collection

If it seems like there has been a slew of clothing endorsements and/or fashion photo spreads lately, it’s because it’s September! Heralding the stampede towards Fall fashion and bringing 400 page Vogue issues that I can use as a bench press. For this season of Indian Summer menswear, Kang Ji Hwan is joined by Uhm Tae Woong as the face of the classy brand. Ji Hwan + UhmForce? That is like double the angsty hotness. Nomnomnom, please sir can I have some more? Both guys have their own movies lined up next, which coincidentally will be shooting this Fall.

[Credit: Indian Summer via Baidu Kang Ji Hwan bar]


Kang Ji Hwan and Uhm Tae Woong for the Fall Indian Summer Collection — 47 Comments

  1. Uhm-force! I still cannot reconcile the charismatic leading man looking so yumm in a suit on screen with the dork with two left-feet on 2d1n and the man-boy with his noona Uhm Jung Hwa and the devoted dog lover missing his dog….. what an enigma…

  2. omo the only man who can break my silence… my KANG JI HWAN!!!! be still my heart… these pics keep me drooling…oh dear what an awesome piece of meat… tsk tsk tsk

  3. My oh my! *breathe breathe*

    Kwan ji Hwan aka Kwan Ji MINE! In a suit….swoon

    All that hotness it’s a wonder the clothes did not fall off (not that I would mind one little bit!)

    Curious I find that I had to look twice at a lot of the shots to tell who was KJH / UTW, they look like if they could be brothers, even twins. Loving this post – thanks koala just made my day!

  4. Thanks Captain again…Oh my Ji Hwan, where have you been where have you been….all these hotness, is that because it is still summer or is it just me…So hot n kool..drooling…and of course can I have some more?

  5. KJW clothes seem extension of his character in LTM and Coffee house, but who he cares, its EYE CANDDDYYY.

    Love him in this new look.

  6. KJH where have you been?
    Your facebook states that you take an undercover role in a new movie and costar not
    Miss you and hope to hear from you soon

  7. The grown and sexy Uhm Tae Woong. I drool and clap my hands when I see him. Kang Ji Hwan, well what can I say… I am in heaven right now. Whomever cast these two men together for the photo shoot, I love you. Ockoala, you ROCK it every hush your mouth time!!!

  8. Oh my flailing goodness. *is completely incoherent* KJW and UTW? In suits, no less? *dead*

    Seriously, there is something about a good-looking man in classic, well-tailored clothing. YUM.

  9. KJH is simply the best…. Oppa saranghae….hope to see you and YEH in a pictural too. Love you both hope to hear more news on what’s happening to your lovelife… Thanks K for posting….

  10. Uhm-force, indeed! Hard to believe that this adorable dork is not as suave as the gentlemen he plays in movies and dramas; and certainly not as *HOT* as he is in these pics!

  11. hi koala! luv! luv this post! but i cant help but noticed you a “little” biased towards KJH….its like 70 KJH/ 30 UTW gallery above!

  12. whaaaaaaaaaa ji hwan oppa! you dont know what you did to me after seeing these photos of you! no words! love everything!!! 🙂

  13. KJH is so gorgeous whatever he wears is really hot!… KJH & YEH is really so hot! hot!
    with their new photo shot!… I love HwanHye they are both busy… I really miss the drama
    “Lie to Me”… Hoping for the best of the two of them!… Cheers

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