Protect the Boss Extension Buys Tree with Deep Roots an Extra Week

I have faith in the writer for Protect the Boss, who hasn’t let me down yet. SBS just confirmed that it’s giving a two-episode extension to PTB, which has settled into a comfortable ratings groove of around 15%. It’s not so stellar as to automatically consider an extension, so I’m guessing the decision is tied to giving its follow up drama Tree with Deep Roots an extra week to film. I think it’s a good decision, and will allow more time to develop the secondary OTP of Moo Won and Na Yoon, if the drama wants to go that way. I’m also happy Tree gets more lead time, because a good sageuk can’t be rushed. Bringing more stills from the drama, where Jang Hyuk is looking all sorts of intense.


Protect the Boss Extension Buys Tree with Deep Roots an Extra Week — 21 Comments

    • I think it’s about the creation of hangul (korean writing?) but I’ve also read that it’s about a murder mystery of serial killings in the royal court… not sure, but our beloved Song Joong Ki is also in it!


  1. Heh! I’m all for it too (moar, moar!). The producers did say there is so much more stories to tell.

    But if was the writer, I would focus more on Na Yoon – she needs to grow and find herself. I feel that there is so much more room for her in this “other” world that she has just recently discovered. But how does she fit in here? Where is her niche? How important are relationships to her now? As the series progressed, I have come to realllly love Na Yoon as a character. It’s so atypical of the k-drama norm. She is not evil, not scheming, she’s not (or no longer) chasing after the main lead, and OMO, no one is in love with her? And yes, she is endearing and lovable (now). I would like to see more girl bonding between her, Eun Seol and Myung Ran, please. And in the end, for her to find her very own happiness, whether that be from Moo Won, I don’t care anymore. So long as all our leads – ES, JH, MW, Na Yoon and even Myung Ran, all become the best of friends forever!

    • Love Na Yoon too. In a way, I think she relates to many people in real life, a bit of this and that. So we can’t help to see her grow bigger and get better as a person and friend or lover ^^. NY has’t realized her passion/love in a man yet. All chasing after JH is more like a responsibility not love. It would be nice to see her fall in love again, out of passion.

      Also the role of MW’s secretary is so small, it’s disappointing. We were hyped up as she was described as being secretly in love with her boss, but nothing yet to show. I hope the remaining episodes will give her chances to shine too.

    • I totally agree. As of now, I find Na Yoon’s character very interesting & there so much more interesting story to tell yet. Most of the time, the main OTP becomes the screen huger at the end & the secondary characters gets shrove aside/ or becomes unnecessary. In NaYoon’s case, every time she’s on screen she’s leave an impression to remember.

      All in all, this drama does a great job of making all secondary characters relevant to the story line.

  2. I love the character E. She is an astounding actress. I think it really struck me in ep 8 where she just lays it out to JH. It must have been hard to remember those lines. When she comes on the screens, she just sizzles. It is nice to see her smiling now after all the angst these guys put her through. I can’t wait till E and JH starts dating. I can’t believe how obsessed I am with this show. I am so glad this show got an extension. I can’t wait to see E and JH’s next project.

    • I am so glad that finally the audience outside Korea got to know Choi Kang Hee through PTB! She is a fabulous and well-beloved actress in Korea, also known for her 4-dimensitional personality and charity deeds (she even donated her marrow). The scene you mentioned at the ending of episode 7 and the beginning of episode 8 will remain to be one of my favorite scenes in Kdrama. She is simply amazing in that scene with her worrying and yet slightly angry look, and how she carries out the speech is subtle, well-controlled and yet powerful.
      I have always known CKH as a great actress since I watched many projects of hers, but in PTB, I think she demonstrates an even wider range of acting than her TV dramas before. I think it’s even harder to play an ordinary and level-headed character but she does it anyway–with a lot of ease and confidence.

      • Fei, after first discovering CKH here in PTB I watched her film “Petty Romance” and I was pleasantly surprised. She is a true gem! I think what makes her so effective is her total abandonment to the role she is playing and her face is so expressive not in overt ways but more so in subtle and silent ways. She is doing an excellent work here not only with her scenes with Ji Sung but with the whole ensemble. Her chemistry and timing is amazing!

  3. argh i just hope they don’t include MORE of Moowon. I know, JJ is hot, but I often find his scenes to be lacking. In the last few episodes, i feel like he’s getting too much screen time. I prefer Eun Sol’s scenes with JH. They have soooo much chemistry together, but NOT ENOUGH SCENES lately. I also would love more Na Yoon. She’s such a cutie pie!

    • I understand that u wanna see more scene of ES-JH, because i feel the same way. But is JJ’s screen time TOO much? Ok, everyone has their own taste and if u say that just because u don’t like something about JJ i can understand. But, to the story, I don’t think it’s too much for MW. He’s a part of the story and in the last eps, we have that “love triangle” so I think we need time to resolve it. ^^ And don’t worry about JH-ES’s screen time, I believe in the writer that she won’t disappoint us *can’t wait to see them DATING >.< *

    • NO i need MORE moowon
      i find him more compelling as a character
      and i want him to atleast inherit the company in the end. Cha Cha Gere’s nepotism aside he has earned it!

  4. Some people are so butthurting regarding of MW screentime, so I desperately hope that the PD will focus and use those extra time to focus on more MW to be worth all the bashing he’s receiving! XD

  5. Ohhh, Tree looks so very gorgeous. Sageuk is my favorite genre and Jang Hyuk is amazing in the right role, so I have very high expectations.

    As to PTB extension, I don’t have a strong opinion one way or another but I think that it is almost sitcom-like in structure (I don’t mean that in a negative way) so it can sustain an extent ion a lot better than a heavily plot-driven drama.

  6. I just started watching PtB, and in many ways it’s a good thing I started late because I don’t have to wait for new episodes. But I also miss out on the episode recaps and discussions as they happened.

  7. This is the BEST news ever! Yey!

    We want to see more, more, more of this amazingly harmonious symphony of gangster dads, petty moms, sharp n witty grandma, childish men, clueless heiress, and kick-ass heroine with her likewise kick-ass BFF. Coolest rom-com ever!

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