First Sneak Peak at Thousand Day Promise as Alex Joins the Drama

SBS‘s Warrior Baek Dong Soo, which has been a steady ratings champion for the network on Mon-Tues, got a logical extension two weeks ago, which means it’s follow-up drama Thousand Day Promise with Su Ae and Kim Rae Won will enjoy more time to film prior to its premiere. These days that is a luxury any drama production will welcome with open arms.

Nothing official has been released so far other than some behind-the-scenes look at the two leads filming separately. I know folks are eager for their first look at post-MS Kim Rae Won, and I can confirm that military service does do a body good. Man looks great! As for the drama itself, SBS just announced that singer-actor Alex will be joining the cast, playing Kim Rae Won’s best friend.

I think Alex is a great add for the drama. He’s not quite leading man material in terms of acting prowess, but he has charm and a palpable onscreen presence that adds depth to any character he plays. His last drama I watched him in was Pasta, where both second leads were non-entities but at least he managed to make an impression with me.

[Credit: all pictures as labeled from Baidu Thousand Day Promise bar]


First Sneak Peak at Thousand Day Promise as Alex Joins the Drama — 17 Comments

  1. yeah i liked alex in pasta too:DDD i dont know but the character of him in Pasta was very lovable by me and he was kinda cute in that character:D good to hear he is a friend of KRW in this drama:D

  2. yey! i enjoy watching alex in a drama.. and i also agree that he’s not quite lead role material, but he’s got enough charisma that pulls me in when he’s on screen.

    uhm, wasn’t his last drama “smile, donghae”? could’ve sworn i saw him in it.. ^^ unless of course, you don’t count daily dramas into the mix.

    • Mrs. Koala said “His last drama I watched him in was Pasta”, not “His last drama was Pasta”. maybe she didn’t watch Smile, Donghae?…

  3. Looking forward to this! Love Alex. Been smitten with him since i saw him in the reality show We Got Married. He’s adorable :))

    • Oh – that’s where I saw Alex. I read this and he looks soo familiar and I knew I had seen him in something but it was none of the ones that anyone has mentioned yet. It was WGM 🙂 ty… I liked him.

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