Lovesick with Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yi Feng to Premiere in October

Ariel Lin is currently starring in the beyond lovely TW-drama In Time With You, but her body of work is about to expand by one more come next month. The long-completed rom-com movie Lovesick (the title is better translated as Love Phobia) is slated to premiere next month in Taiwan.

Before Ariel and Bolin Chen filmed ITWY, they actually made Lovesick first, which also co-stars my beyond adorable Li Yi Feng playing Ariel’s ex-rocker boyfriend and the reason for her fear of love. The movie looks cute enough, nothing more substantive than a guaranteed entertaining date movie. Take a look at the trailers and stills below.

Whoever had the brilliant idea to cast my Feng Feng as a bad boy rocker, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the OTP of this movie is Ariel and Bolin. But don’t mind me and my fangirling of Li Yi Feng. I do love Ariel with Bolin, as evidenced by their remarkable comfort with each other in ITWY, so I’m sure they’ll make this movie sizzle.

If you want to see even more stills, click on the Lovesick tag on the bottom of the post, which will take you to a post from earlier this year where I shared tons of early stills from this movie.

Teaser 1 for Lovesick:

Teaser 2 for Lovesick:


Lovesick with Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yi Feng to Premiere in October — 17 Comments

  1. Um…is there any way we could get the boys to split Ariel? ‘Cause I like both of them, though honestly of course I love LYF more – who wouldn’t? He needs a leading role, STAT, preferably one where he has all his hair. Preferably opposite me, though maybe that will only ever take place in my dreams. Sadly.

  2. wow more Ariel i’m in…loving her acting in “Time With You”….she is so natural when she acts, that as an espectator you can’t help get emotionally involved.

  3. I like Ariel’s outfits in this, and love Ariel, Bolin and LYF… though I’m not expecting much more than a basic, over-the-top rom-com. I guess it’ll be a complete change of pace from ITWY, which is good in a way. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s hard to shift any of my focus from ITWY to this right now, because I’m just sooo absorbed with how beautiful the drama is.

  4. oooh i see! they made this one first before in time with you! no wonder they act so natural as friends in ITWY! but surely this movie was great and lighthearted too. dont expect too much that it would be as good as in time with you but if you love the couple, you will watch this one! they’re so cute heeeere! and btw, chen bolin looks so hawt being a doctor 😉

  5. Omo!! i really love ariel lin xiao jie^^ oohh….. Bolin…. heheheh.. i first saw him i tink in kung fu dunk… he was cool.. but the most handsome is Li Yi Feng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha…. i really support him even if back then when he was starting and joined my hero! ^^ waaahh… he was really totally shuai!!♥ jia you! li yi feng!

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