Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yi Feng Reunites in Beijing to Promote Lovesick

It’s rare that a currently airing small screen couple will simultaneously have a big screen collaboration released at the same time, which is what is happening later this month when Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen’s movie Lovesick comes out. The three leads, Ariel, Bolin, and Li Yi Feng, are hitting multiple cities in China for fan meetings and media events on the eve of their rom-com’s release.

Their first stop is Beijing, and here the cast sits down for an interview with Sina to discuss making this movie. Ariel revealed that she shares a kiss with my Feng Feng in the movie, who plays her ex-boyfriend. Oh, and the reason my boy is wearing a beanie is because he shaved his head last week. He’s currently filming a Qing Dynasty drama for producer Yu Zheng, which I do not want to talk about other than to say ugh. As for Lovesick, it looks really cute, and the three leads revealed they had a blast filming it. Continue reading