Fighting Spirit with Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk Gears Up for Premiere

I really love Kim Sun Ah, but even that love couldn’t get me into Scent of a Woman. However, the project she did before SoaW was the movie Fighting Spirit with Kim Joo Hyuk, which held it’s press premiere this weekend prior to wide release in Korea next week. Kim Joo Hyuk plays an immature and ill-tempered baseball player with Kim Sun Ah as his even-handed and steady wife alongside his professional athletic journey.

I LOVE a great sports movie (trying to find time to go watch Moneyball) and this one looks absolutely up my alley. It’s funny but ultimately uplifting, at least that’s what I’m getting from the teaser and trailers below. I’m thrilled with the pairing of Sun Ah and Joo Hyuk, both of whom did separate Kim Eun Sook dramas at one point in their careers. I like that this movie attempts to be serious even with all the slapstick humor, because a great sports movie needs to be about redemption and validation.

Cute Teaser for Fighting Spirit:

Heartwarming Trailer for Fighting Spirit:

Slapstick Trailer for Fighting Spirit:


Fighting Spirit with Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk Gears Up for Premiere — 7 Comments

  1. kim sun ah is stunning here, the hair and dress so pretty
    and of course her acting also wonderful as always!
    kim joo hyuk…! i have to watch running man in china while waiting for this movie ^^

  2. KSA FTW!! I’m so looking forward to seeing her comeback to the big screen. Her Pusan accent is soooo cute~!

    Have been reading a lot interview articles of KSA lately and I love how she said she has always wanted to do a supporting role (cos in Fighting Spirit the real deal is about Kim Joo Hyuk’s character) because she believes she can learn something from the character and she has always been acting as characters who “take action”, this time she can really try on those who “reacts”. Truly admire her attitude.

  3. Read that KSA said after doing this drama she thinks she can’t think in marriage anymore LOL
    And she said she would never marry someone like the main guy?

  4. Wow! I love Kim Sun ah and this movie seems great!!! I will have to wait until is uploaded on the internet or the DVD available for purchase… that´s the bad thing about loving everything from korea but living thousand of miles away!! ;(

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