Newlyweds Eugene and Ki Tae Young Light up Paris with their Love for InStyle Korea

These two together redefine the word breathtaking. Newlyweds Eugene and Ki Tae Young took a month long honeymoon to Europe, and while they were in Paris shot a pictorial for InStyle Weddings Korea. I almost forgot to breathe for a second when I scrolled through these pictures. The couple not only look gorgeous together, the love they have for each other fairly leaps off the page and thwacks you over the head, leaving you stunned and muttering “but I want a love like that, too.” Looking at these pictures was like a ray of sunshine straight to my heart, leaving me smiling from watching two people so in love. 

Their honeymoon pictorial was featured in InStyle Weddings, but they also did another pictorial when they got back to Korea, which showcases their bright and lovely home. Their home reminds me of Eugene’s personality – cheerful and lively without being overly feminine. I love how it actually looks functional and lived in, albeit still arranged artfully just for this photoshoot. Wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness together, because they look so ridiculously in love it’s infectious and just makes me happy.

[Credit: InStyle Korea]


Newlyweds Eugene and Ki Tae Young Light up Paris with their Love for InStyle Korea — 31 Comments

  1. Eugene has always been beautiful,but being in love just makes her more WOW (^.^)
    Wishing these 2 lovebirds eternal bliss 🙂

  2. Love the picture with the walk sign. I’m so glad they got together – I thought they looked really good together while watching Creating Destiny, so I’m happy that they’re so much in love. ^_^

    Thanks for sharing these! It makes me smile to see how much they love each other and gives me hope for the rest of the people in the entertainment industry.

  3. I’ve been Eugene’s fan since I can remember that I’m soooo happy to see her getting married. You’re right, these pictures are so infectious you want to go cuddle someone too. lol XD

    I hope they’ll be happily in love always. ^^

  4. Ah they’re too pretty *___* so jelly!
    T_T I want a love like that too! You really could see the love in their eyes, and how happy they are. Ah~ I wish they’d appear on We Got Married! 😉 I wanna be a fly on the wall and just gaze at their lovey dovey-ness.

  5. I love Eugene .I’m french and i never saw someone walking in the street and dressed like them especially during the day ,they must have attracted the attention of many people.But perhaps it’s just because they are so beautiful

  6. Eugene was always gorgeous. But looking at her honeymoon shoot, she’s radiantly beautiful. A month long honeymoon in the city of love? I’m so jealous!

    And I like her living room! That bookshelf and blue couch is something I would totally buy.

  7. They are just so beautiful and look so much in love. 🙂 I’m so happy for them!!! I have yet to watch Creating Destiny but I will get to it eventually. When I first saw the photos of their bedroom (from another site or something), I thought to myself… I seriously need a bedroom like that. Plain, simple and clean!! Our bedroom does not look like that. I also need a closet like that too. Cause if it’s not toys everywhere on the bedroom floor, it’s clothes.

    Anyhow – love their home… it’s really cute.

  8. leaving you stunned and muttering “but I want a love like that, too.”
    THIS. SO MUCH! lasjdlkasjdlasjd God, sometimes being single burns. I’m okay with it most of the times, but then I see shoots like this and I feel jealous! The way they look at each other…alskdjaldjasldas! *sighs*

  9. They look soooo amazingly happy together it’s just awesome. Loved them both in Creating Destiny was so happy when I heard they’re getting married.

    Btw, I want their sofa and cushions!

  10. ive always loved eugene and those pics of them radiates with so much happiness…wish we could all have a love like that…

  11. Gosh they are soo adoreable. Gosh damnit, I swear all I want id to see YEH married to someone she totes lobe *cough* Kang Ji Hwan *cough*…..and I’ll be set!! I’ll be all happy again. Gahhhh. First that MinMin couple now this? How much more am I suppose to take.

    • Our HwanHye are probably snuggling up for a weekend night in to watch movies and chill. 😀 That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • @ Leishers

      I second your post! Geez, how long shall we wait? I want to see their story featured in the playground up until they’ll have their kids… * crossing fingers*

      Hi ms. K! I’m sticking to our story too! …hope it ain’t gonna take forever to wait 😉

    • I’m third!!
      I wish wuri Hwan-Hye have the same happy story as Eugene-KTY.
      And thank you for Koala-san for your faith in our OTP. Since we all are still waiting for the good news we do not know when it will come.

  12. wow!!! they look good together… they are undeniably so IN LOVE with each other…ahhhhhhh the look of LOVE……. 🙂

  13. they look so cute. I’m so jealous! But i love all the photos and their photo are so colorful.
    Still wishing them a happy marriage!

  14. Every time I browsed KTY & Eugene’s wedding and honeymoon pictures, what followed next, is I can’t help myself and watch Creating Destiny for the nth times lol. As I watched Creating Destiny many times, I came to realize that their seamless acting in that drama was not for reel, but it was for real, Even the simple glances to each other was a reflection of real love. And I made a joke to my friend that maybe the reason why the wedding scene in the drama was assumed because the writers had in mind that they will end up in real life, that wedding scene must be for real.

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