Thousand Day Promise Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Trailer

Next Monday sees the premiere of Thousand Day Promise on SBS, starring Su Ae, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sang Woo, and Jung Yumi. My interest in this drama has been on a bell curve, ramping up as the cast was finalized with actors I love, and then gradually decreasing with each new trailer that made it appear this drama might be so overwrought it would fry my brains. Sad I can handle, but the amount of screaming, pushing, slapping, wailing, and shouting in the long trailer officially makes me worried. I was expecting lyrical and sad, but instead it looks makjang and weepy. At least everyone looks decent at the press conference.

Kim Rae Won and Su Ae look stunning together, which was a given, but couldn’t he smile a little bit more? He’s looking really dour, which might be an attempt to stay in character.

Jung Yumi is adorable and I love her entire look, and finally Kim Rae Won is smiling.

Looks like there will be bromance in this drama. I’m always good with some well cooked up bromance.

The two leading ladies appear to get along in real life, which is good considering they fight over Kim Rae Won in the drama.

The Mon-Tues drama competition is currently very soft and a great place for TDP to slip right in. It’s predecessor Warrior Baek Dong Soo led the ratings, and Gye Bak hasn’t proven to be a powerful sageuk rating king ala Queen Seon Deok type popularity. Poseidon is barely treading water in ratings and plot, so it’s a clean shot for TDP to premiere in the solid teens and build up its viewers from there. Check out the long preview and decide if the drama interests you. I’m still going to watch it, but I don’t have this burning urge anymore.

Three-minute preview for Thousand Day Promise:


Thousand Day Promise Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Trailer — 12 Comments

  1. I’d be fighting over Lee Sang Woo, myself. That man has a seriously developed body…but maybe they will both take their clothes off…that will be a bonus for me.

  2. OMG I knew KRW was going to be in the drama but i totally missed out on the part of Lee Sang Woo. I first saw him in the daytime daily drama Don’t hesitate (which drove me batty have the time but i stuck to it because of LSW!) Ok totally on my to watch list NOW.
    My only other k-drama is The musical and A thousand kisses. So this one is totally going on my list!!

  3. Woah. That was one of the most dramatic trailers ever. The first 30 seconds looked amazing but then the wailing and shouting started. Idk, hopefully it’s just the way they put all the dramatic scenes together in the trailer and the show won’t actually be like that. From the earlier previews the tone of the show looked a little more serene and quietly tragic. I’m officially confused.

    Anyway, I’ll just wait to watch it and find out. The cast looks great. Park Yoochun’s little brother looks pretty good in that trailer! He’s such a cutie.

  4. holy cow…this has Lee Mi Sook, Kim Hae Sook (damn nice hair cut), Moon Jung Hee and Ding Dong??? I WANT!!!!!!…yes the trailer is dramatic (which I think may only be because the trailer is showing all the dramatic parts ) but I think in a good way and it has got me intrigued rather than turned off… least all the hair pulling and screaming is not over birth secrets and the like…plus I really need a good melodrama right now…also the acting look fantastic on all fronts

  5. WOW after watching that trailer my ears hurt and my head is going around in circle. Srly, that trailer is the most dramatic trailer I have seen all year long. I knew this was a melodrama and I knew I needed to get my and tissues ready, but after watching that trailer, I can honestly say/write i’m scared of watching this drama…way way TOO MUCH!!!!!..DRAMA!!

  6. I love how the ladies look bright and cheerful together, but the men are like “I’m not quite sure where I’m suppose to put my hand”

  7. These trailers/teasers are REALLY making the drama look atrocious. Each time a new one is released, I find my interest decreasing…

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