First Look at Flower Boy Ramyum Shop with Jung Il Woo, Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Ki Woo

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop premieres in two weeks on cable channel tvN, starring Jung Il Woo, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Ki Woo, and Kim Ye Won. I’m looking forward to it, not really for the cast but more for how interesting and different the tvN dramas have been. While both Manny and I Need Romance faltered in the last episodes, I still enjoyed watching both dramas to a certain extent. I love the shorter 45-minute per episode running time, which forces the story to stick to the important elements and shuck the draggy parts. Above is the poster for the drama, and below is the first teaser. It looks genuinely adorable, with charm and sass all around. I would have never considered ramyun to be a stand in for love or as a setting for a trendy young drama. Goes to show I lack the creativity to write a drama.

The entire cast looks very promising. Now if only the story will be good, and stay good, and finish good. See, it’s so hard to do a great drama from beginning to end.

Teaser for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop:

Jung Il Woo has the sweetest smile in K-ent. It’s so warm and crinkles his eyes. Not digging his red hair, but loving the general conceit of him playing some pretty boy.


First Look at Flower Boy Ramyum Shop with Jung Il Woo, Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Ki Woo — 13 Comments

  1. Hooray!! Yeah, I’m not liking the hair either, but oh well. Hope the drama does well! (Then I can add it to my long, never-ending list of ‘to-watch’ :P)

  2. Is it just me, or does the long-haired guy in the back seem like a nod to Coffee Prince? Are we seeing the beginnings of an archetype, where you must always have at least one reticent, too-cool-for-school, long-haired guy in the cast?

  3. I have a feeling I’m going to adore this. I hope I do, anyway. I love JIW, but I haven’t loved any of his projects since Return of Iljimae. (I never was able to finish 49 Days, even though I adored his Scheduler.)

  4. I have this strange feeling that this will be a big hit. x) I’m really excited for this drama! Pretty boys, yummy food, and Lee Chung Ah! 😉 Though I’ve only seen here in Temptation Of Wolves (My all time favorite movie), and Tutor Friend 2, I just love her ;). Ah I hope it doesn’t rely on the hot guys as the base line of the story. Like I hope there’s an equal amount of fanservice, angst, and awesome writing. But I wouldn’t mind if it was like Hana Kimi ;). Ah I better stock up on ramyun before it airs.

  5. Jung Il Woo! It looks like he’s going back to his character in High Kick though probably more mature (though both characters are in high school – chaebol heirs are generally rude and immaturely mature). I love his character there and I think he fits this type of character (same as the gruff Scheduler) better than that in My Fair Lady or Iljimae (even though that drama was spectacular and he was quite good too). I’m hoping that it will be great! 🙂

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